Chapter 1 The Uzumaki

AN: Inspired by Sith'ari challage stories that have Naruto becoming Shredder and here's my story on one of them. Also big thx to my friends and bros for helping me with this story. And now enjoy it.

A pair of eyes watch over the Leaf Village with promise and beyond anything one can imagine. Lightning strikes the sky with the promise of rain coming.

"In this weak world filled empty promises and a cycle of hatred, only the strongest can change it, gaining it from great heights and rise above others."

A lone figure stands on one of the Hokage faces, the fourth one, wearing armor and lightning strikes the sky to see what the person looks like.

"I will control this village and soon others through force if I have to. I will bring down on those that harm me as I won't be anyone's puppet or demon they can control."

The figure jumped off the head and lands on the ground, having the lightning to strike and shows his looks on time.

"Nothing will stand in my way. Not the Third, Toads, Old pervert, War mongrel & his Root, or anyone!"

A figure is a young man from what his armor shows. Dark silver samurai armor, that was covering a pure black bodysuit, with multiple spikes and blades present on its shoulder armor blades and also on his leg armor plates. On his hands, we can see armored gloves that were covering his hands and also a pair of a larger gauntlet. Their design matching the armor's, inside the said gauntlets were present a pair of twin claw-like blades, ready to be unleashed to slice anything or anyone that stands in his way.

Around his waist we can see a gray belt that was let loose, making it look like a tail in some ways, with a silver badge attached to it with the symbol of the Foot Clan on it, the symbol being red as blood itself.

However, the most distinctive piece of the armor was its helmet, the Kuro Kabuto, the menacing silver helmet covering his face along with a silver face mask made of the same material as the helmet itself, leaving only his bloody red eyes to shine in the darkness of the armor. The eyes of a true warrior, a beast ready to feast.

"I will crush them all!"

The red-eyed samurai brought up his right arm which a pair of claw-like blades shoot out from the gauntlet as the lighting strikes and shines down on them, making his red eyes as a true beast of the wild.

" Shredder!"

Then out of nowhere, five ninjas jump out of the shadows, wearing black clothing and masks that ties to the group/master they follow as mindless drones.

Shredder smirks at this and saw a fight.

The ninjas rush at him, thinking he was just samurai and his armor will make his movement slow but they will find out the hard way very soon.

They all jump and swing their choice weapons towards the red-eyed samurai.

Both blades of the gauntlets shoot out and counter-attack begins.

With four strikes from his gauntlets, all of the ninjas' weapons were destroyed by the speed and strength of the Shredder's weapon.

Before the black-masked ninjas could recover or gather themselves, Shredder moves fast and strikes the ninjas with speed, unlike anything they ever have seen before.

Shredder strikes the first two ninjas in the chest with speeding punches, breaking their rips, and destroyed their lungs.

The third one was destroyed and crashed into a wall as the Shredder grabbed him by the throat and throw him with his inhuman strength.

The fourth was cut into pieces by the Shredder's claws and stood little chance.

The last one was being choked to death but was spared that death with a quick and painless one, head slice off.

Shredder then laughed seeing the carnage he unleashed to a small group of a certain war mongrel's followers and vows to give him the same treatment one day.

"You will be next Danzo for the crimes you have done to my family and clan. I promise it," Shredder said as the blades go back and walk away from the scene, vanishing in the night and storm to home.

Time Skip

Leaf Village - Uzumaki Clan Household

Within the Leaf Village, in one of the clan households, the Uzumaki, we see our samurai meditating to calm the body and mind before doing his daily morning training. He has red hair that reaches down to his mid-back with black streaks which he keeps his hair in a low ponytail and sky blue eyes. He wore a white work shirt, black jeans, combat shoes, and has a bag on his side that carries a few types of equipment. This was Ren Uzumaki, head of what's left of his clan and leader of an assassin organization that takes multiple bounty hunting which the name of the side organization will be told later.

Ren took a breath before relaxing and got up for the day. He walked to his home, a nice temple house that his parents once lived and pass down to him.

The temple has red and yellow designs to it with the Uzumaki Clan symbol flags and carved symbols on the walls. And lastly, a flag that has a red-blooded symbol in a room, a three-point foot that marks the organization that Ren is the leader of.

Ren is the leader of the Foot Clan, a clan that house orphans, lone ninjas, or anyone that were cast out or need a home. The clan was a sub-clan created by the Uzumaki Clan and now follows onto the young warrior leadership just as his parents before him.

Ren became the leader and gain the title of the Shredder after finding his clans' secrets that were close to being stolen by thieves. The thieves didn't get as only an Uzumaki can unlock the secrets and understand the sealings to read the scrolls safely. And who sent the thieves were members of the elders to the civilian council and Danzo himself.

To push that rage and hatred further, it was Danzo, the man who murdered his parents because they saw the truth and also made sure to get his cousin under his control for the sad dream of a great village. He will fail like all the rest and will make sure they all pay for their crimes.

Ren also found an ancient relic that started his path to being the Shredder and leader of the Foot Clan, the Kuro Kabuto. An Uzumaki samurai named Koga made the helmet and become the founder of the Foot Clan. He forges it through the tokens of his defeated enemies and created the helmet stronger than steel. It was also given a special sealing mark by Mito Uzumaki herself for the honor and loyalty that Foot Clan has done for the Uzumaki Clan.

Before thinking more, Ren started to sense he wasn't alone and someone was watching him. He then pulls a shuriken out of his bag and throws it behind to hit who was watching him but so much and caused the young man to smirk.

"If you are going to spy on me, try to calm your breathing and heart rate before going in," Ren informed his trusted friend who is a lot more than that.

The figure jumps out of the shadows and out of the temple, who is a young girl in her mid-teens, 16. She has short dark black hair that has a large portion of it dyed blond in the back with two long hair strands on the right side, bright red eyeliner over the tips of her eyebrows, and is quite athletic for her height. She often wears a distinctive black and silver armored ninja outfit now but wears some civilian clothes outside the clan home or missions. This was Karia, member of the Foot Clan to its second in command, and one of the people Ren trust with his life on to more.

"I wasn't spying on you, just looking foward to enjoy the view," Karai commented with her usual smirk.

Ren smiled a little with his eyes rolled, knowing what she meant by that and would leave it at being for now.

"Status," Ren ordered, wanting to get a few businesses down before relaxing.

"Yes, the Foot Clan will be ready to reveal themself soon and we have already 100 members in training with new members on the way. I also give the task to Shini to watch over the fox," Karia informed.

Ren nodded his head and said, "Good, very good. Let me when the time comes to bring him in."

Karia nodded but a look on her face that she wanted to say something and Ren saw it.

Ren sighed, knowing that Karia is trouble about something.

"What's on your mind?"

"Nothing as much but are you sure it's wise?"

"To bring the only family I have left in the clan that should have housed and given him everything that family should have given him? My parents wanted to raise him but that damn fool Third didn't and wanted to keep him as a weapon for the village's uses. No, I won't allow that and give my cousin a home & family."

Karia smiled at that, being glad that Ren didn't lose his way and kindness is still there. His hatred for Danzo and others runs like fire but can be calm down by his special girls in his life.

Yes, girls as in more than one and will be a story for later, but back to the story.

Ren turns his full attention to Karia and hugged her which she returned in kind.

"I understand your concern, Karia. I know my personal rage might get in the way and won't allow it to consume me. That rage destroyed the original Shredder and lead to his downfall but I won't and keep my path clear," Ren said.

"I'm glad Ren or I will have to pull you back with force," Karia said.

Ren chuckled at that threat and said, "I expect nothing less, Karia."

"Also Anko has come," Karia said, almost forgetting.

Ren smiled at that and know who was here which he saw a little jealousy in Karia's eyes. To calm her down, he kissed her forehead and made her blush on the close touch.

"Don't be jealous Karia, that color doesn't suit you. I care about you and the other girls, my heart and feelings are shared with you all. I promise to make it worth your wild one day and be very special," Ren said as the two got off their close moment and headed to greet their special friend.

"You better," Karia said.

"I promise, no spoilers," Ren teased with a smirk.

"Such a tease," Karia commented with a smirk as well.

Ren and Karia enter back in the temple house to see who decided to make herself at home and both know who it was. Shre was an average-sized young woman who has a slender frame with light brown pupil-less eyes and violet hair is styled in a short, spiky, fanned-out ponytail. She wore a fitted mesh bodysuit that covers her from neck to thigh. Over this, she typically wears a tan overcoat with a purple in-seam and a pocket on each side, a dark orange mini-skirt, a dark blue belt, and pale grey shin guards. In addition to the typical forehead protector, she also wears a small pendant that looks like a snake fang and a wristwatch. This was Anko Mitarashi, one of Ren's special girls in his life and a member of the Foot Clan.

Now both Karia and Anko have a history as a certain snake bastard have them meet and later share the same hate for that bastard. And they also meet Ren down the line who didn't hate them but cares about them and show them kindness in their hard times.

"Glad you keep the place are nice, Ren-kun. Lady can enjoy herself," Anko commented as she lays down on the sofa and relaxed with a smile on her face.

"Glad you are enjoying yourself, Anko, and making yourself at home as always," Ren commented as well.

"A bit too much," Karia added.

Anko shrugged her shoulders and said, "Been working hard lately and making the blonde kiddo was taken care of before little Shini took over."

"Ah, I see. Civilians been giving you a hard time?" Ren asked, knowing the trouble that comes when watching his cousin.

"Most of them and some dumbass thought it would smart to attack him but lucky Neko and I dealt with him. Hahahaha, that guy shit himself so hard after I was done him," Anko laughed, remembering the torture she put on the bastard who thought was a smart idea to attack her favorite little fox/little brother figure.

Ren and Karia shared a smirk on that, knowing it to be true and the fools that cross them pay.

"So what's the next big move, metalhead?" Anko teasingly asked her shared boyfriend.

"Well, my dear Snake-himes, we have a lot of work to do...and let's get started," Ren said, putting his black coat on and replace his bag for his belt that stores better ninja gear.

Ren is on a mission and will get started with helping his cousin out.

Pairings in the next chapter will be posted.