Chapter 2 Planning

Ren, Karai, and Anko were walking through the underground tunnels that were under the temple and they finally came to a door as he opens the door and there he saw three women kneeling on one knee.

The first woman has long jet black hair, crystal blue eyes, and is usually seen wearing an all-white tunic as well as white no lace high heeled boots as she wears red glove; this woman is Myousai Kakouen and one of Ren's personal bodyguards and his best assassin.

The second woman has red eyes and maroon hair that is to ears length as she wore a revealing Chinese dress; this woman is Lee Mayfeng another bodyguard to Ren and another Assassin to his cause (Lee Mayfeng outfit).

The last woman that was in front of them has yellow eyes and black hair that is past waist length as she wore a skin-tight outfit that showed off her curves, breasts, and ass; this woman is Annerose Vajra, the last bodyguard & his other assassin.

How did Ren find them? Well, it happens last year when he and Karai were out looking for more followers and they found a Bandit Camp and that's where they saw them being tied up while they heard the Bandits were about to rape them. This piss both Ren and Karai. They went in and killed off all the bandits and saving Lee Mayfeng, Annerose, and Myousai as they were thankful to him and they vow to him to be his personal bodyguards and assassins. And also gave their virginity to him which they enjoy very much with him taking them in bed with his Uzumaki stamina.

"Myousai, Lee Mayfeng, and Annerose rise," Ren commanded.

They did as they followed him to his throne chair as he sat down on his chair with Annerose stood behind him and both Myousai and Lee Mayfeng were standing by his sides. Myousai on his right and Lee Mayfeng on his left.

"Anko I manage to make you a Jounin with some paperwork that the dumb monkey signed," Ren informed.

Anko pumps her fist in the air and cheers which made everyone sweet drop at her jumping around the room.

"So I get foxy?" Anko asked.

"Yes you will but knowing the old fool he'll put you in a joint operation with Kakashi to have him to 'watch' you and make sure Naruto won't get stronger," Ren said, sharing the good and bad news at once.

Karai snorted at this as Naruto was the Jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tail Fox meaning he needs to be trained in both as a ninja and using the power of the tail beast but the dumb monkey decided to spit on Naruto's father wish of having the village seeing his son a hero. They saw him as a demon and have the villagers and ninja beat the boy to death and make him weak by sabotaging his ninja career in the academy.

The 4th Mizukage carried the Six-Tail (Rin still carries the Three-Tails so the fourth carries the Six-Tail) and knows how to use their power but he started to kill bloodline users and became a tyrant.

The girl in the Waterfall with the Seven-Tails knows to use it and ninja arts but she is hated.

The two in Iwa can use their beasts power but both are weapons and treated like crap.

The one in Suna knows but the girl is also treated like crap and can't sleep at all.

The two in Kumo are treated like people thanks to Minato telling A how to treat their Jinchuuriki as people and Rin is treated with respect by Ren's cousins and his cousin's people.

"So who is my other two little Genins?" Anko asked, wondering what Ren has in mind.

"Actually you're getting three more and an extra back up sensei," Ren replied.

"Really? Who are they?"

"One is Yakumo Kurama and two others are my chosen with your back up sensei."

"How did you do that?"

Ren gave her the look 'really'.

"Oh, right tricking the old monkey. So do you have the pictures of them?" Anko asked.

Ren pulled out three pictures and gave them to Myousai which she took them and headed toward Anko. She gave her the pictures which she took while Myousai went back to Ren's side as Anko was looking at the picture.

"Well now the girl with the scythe and chain looks cute but really the second girl is wearing that as she's not wearing a bra and her panties are exposed," Anko pointed out.

"She told me that she move more freely without pants," Ren dry said.

Anko shrugged at this until she saw the last picture as her eyes widen on who her back up sensei is.

"How in the nines hell did you get her into the village?" Anko asked.

"She and the other two appeared to Hiruzen and wants to 'join' the village yesterday. The old man fell for it as they are spies that were sent by cousin herself," Ren informed.

"Damn your cousin must be badass if she has this woman on her side," Anko said.

Ren chuckled at this as it was true.

"Yes she is but right now you need to go as a team assignment is about to happen," Ren pointed out.

Anko gave Ren a two-finger salute and left the throne room with a skip in her walk and leaving the others alone.

"So Ren what's the next task on your list?" Karai asked.

"Right now we make some moves first and I know where to start," Ren answered.

"And what's that?" She asked.

Ren looked at her and said, "What is the most powerful business in the Elemental Nations."

Karai was thinking about what her lover until someone answer Ren's question.

"It is Gato's Company as it's the most powerful and richest company in the Elemental Nations and it's was in third place," A female voice spoke.

They all looked and saw a girl that was the same age as Karai and has the same body figure as her as this girl has ginger hair and blue eyes as her outfit is the same as Karai but in yellow as she has a tanto blade behind her waist; this girl is April O'Neal and part of Ren's harem.

Ren found April a year ago as she was an orphan and was on the streets stealing anything she can get and she tries to steal from Ren but failed badly.

Ren saw her skills and offer her to join him as he can give her a home, training, and friends. She agrees to join as she soaked up everything that Ren taught her as she became best friends with Karai and Shini and lover to Ren in his large harem.

"Very good April, very good," Ren said, being impressed with her skills.

April smile at Ren's praise as she stood beside Karai and did a short bowed to him as she gave Karai a short nodded which she replied back to April with her own.

"I see then. Take Gato's Enterprise and make it your own," Karai said, catching on what her shared lover meant.

"That is right Karai. With Gato's Enterprise in my control, I can fund my Foot Clan and help out the Kiri Rebels with my cousin in money while buying Suna," Ren said, sharing his plans with his girls.

"But that will bring Jiraiya and having him snooping around about the new leadership of Gato Enterprise?" Annerose asked.

Ren scoffed at hearing that perverted fool.

To Ren, Jiraiya is a leech that sucks off of fame as he knows that he did that with Minato when the man became famous when he did everything else. Jiraiya just copying everything that Minato did and just sport off that he did it, telling everyone that he train Minato.

"That man will be to focus on my cousin Nobunaga. Since she unified both Nadeshiko and their vassal the Kagura Village to her cause. Of course, he will put a few spies on me but he'll be using too many resources on her," Ren said.

"I'm surprised that Nobunaga doesn't invade Konoha and gotten rid of the village. Sparing the Clans?" Lee Mayfeng asked.

"Because she's letting me do this. She's allowing the curse that the Uzumaki put on Konoha when the ROOT Nin attack them from the back," Ren answered.

They all looked at Ren and was thinking about the cruse that the Uzumaki's put on Konoha and Ren saw them looking at him so he decided to answer them.

"When both Iwa and Kumo were attacking the Uzumaki's from the outside while the civilians were evacuating ROOT Nin that was disguise as Konoha Nin as they were brought to 'protect' them. So when the dying Uzumaki heard them talking about taking the Nine-Tail Fox for themselves. Th dying Uzumaki told them that he put a curse on them as the one that wields the Nine-Tails will take everything from them, telling them to beware of the Foot just before he used his powerful explosive seal on him. He killed all the Root Nin's around him so they won't tell both Hiruzen and Danzo," Ren informed.

"And how does she know this curse?" Myousai asked.

"It was Rias Uzumaki (DXD), Nobunaga's mother, that overheard everything when the said girl was young," Ren replied.

"So that's why Nobusada Oda didn't invade Konoha and wanted payment instead. He heard about the curse while getting ready for the big day for Konoha to fall," Lee Mayfeng said, catching on.

"That is correct and the time is now for us to make our move. Myousai, Lee Mayfeng, and Annerose I want you three to go to Aishwarya Ray first. Tell her that I sent you three as you want to be Gato's personal bodyguards and she sent you three personally."

"Understood my lord anything else?" Annerose asked.

"When everything is settled send me a letter that you have his trust and anything else that he does. Karai, April, Shini, and I will come to you and join in as well as his personal bodyguards. I leave Chikara here to be in charge of my spies as well," Ren answered/ordered.

The three nodded their heads as they left the throne room and gather supplies for their mission that their lord gave them.

"Well, Karai and April let's get something to eat as I know that Mitico Fleuretty made one of her best meals that she always makes," Ren offered.

The two nodded their heads at this as they loved Mitico cooking as they followed Ren to the dining room that is under here.

Hokage Office

Hiruzen Sarutobi sighed in his office while he was sitting down in his chair as everything he has done the first was that he denied Ren on taken Naruto into the family but now Naruto is on his own team and not Team Seven as Kakashi wanted. Oh, Kakashi was upset about not getting Naruto as the said man wanted to know who was getting Naruto. Hiruzen told him that Anko is taking him and she became Jounin. She has Naruto with three other students and a back-up sensei to the team but he did tell Kakashi that they'll be working together and wants to make sure that Naruto doesn't get any stronger.

"I'm getting too old for this crap!" Hiruzen thought but he felt a familiar chakra behind him.

"What do you want Jiraiya?" He asked out loud.

Jiraiya is one of his students and was supposed to be Naruto's godfather. He came out of the window and was now in front of his sensei desk.

"I see that the paperwork is getting to your sensei," Jiraiya said, pointing out.

Hiruzen glared at his student which Jiraiya scratch the back of his head but his face became serious which Hiruzen notice.

"But joking aside the Oda Clan made an alliance with the Nadeshiko Village and also got their vassal the Kagura Village, uniting both lands into theirs," Jiraiya informed.

Hiruzen sigh at this as that wasn't good news at all. He might have to call a council meeting today because of this.

"Is there anything else should I know about?" Hiruzen asked.

"I manage to sneak in their lands and take something from their weaponry but I was caught and I nearly died in the process," Jiraiya informed.

Hiruzen looked at his student with a raised eyebrow as Jiraiya took out a scroll and unrolled it and unseal the weapon he manages to steal. A poof of smoke appears on the table and when the smoke cleared a rifle was on Hiruzen desk and this made the aged Hokage eyes widen. The rifle as he can tell that it looked like a Matchlock but it was different as it has a strange metal bolt behind it. (Note: It's the Karabiner 98 Kurz German bolt-action rifle as Nobunaga phase out the breech loaded rifles that her father was using to make her army modern)

"Is that the Oda's new rifle they're using as I remember Nobunaga grandfather Nobusada Oda was using Matchlocks during his time?" Hiruzen asked.

"Maybe it could be as the Ootomo Clan did give the Oda Clan 500 Matchlocks when he orders them but I think the Ootomo Clan must be making new ones to replace them," Jiraiya replied.

What Jiraiya doesn't know is that Nobusada Oda did order 500 Matchlock during his youth and used them effectual he wanted more. But when he got to his age the Ootomo Clan gave him new rifles that were better than the Matchlock' as they were breech-loaded rifles (The version of the breech-loader rifle is the Springfield Model 1865) and new cannons known as the Parrott Guns where they were still used by Nobuhide Oda until his daughter took over where the new Clan heiress of the Ootomo Clan showed her new weapons like the bolt-action rifles the Kar 98k, Carbine Rifles that can produce volleys of accurate, rapid and deadly fire as she made into the Carbine Cavalry with the help of the Takeda clan and the Tokugawa Clan to help put, Armstrong Guns, Gatling Guns and Revolver Cavalry but Nobunaga still used the breechloader rifles and Parrot Guns as she didn't want to waste them.

"Can we make our own?" The Third Hokage asked.

"Can't say as this rifle don't use the iron balls as they used new ammunition so us making our own will be long and cost money to build and that is something that we have to use to stay afloat after what Nobusada Oda did to us after you lied to him that you never receive any messages from the Uzumaki and give him a very good sum of money we had and the rest for us to stay alive until the Third Ninja war happens."

"I had no choice but to betray the Uzumaki as they wanted to take Mito back and give the Nine-Tails to one of their one and Whirlpool will have their own Jinchuuriki and making us defenseless and they were about to become the 6th major village."

Jiraiya glare slightly at his sensei and spoke, "And you pissed off the Oda Clan since Whirlpool was their vassal of that Oda Clan and when Hashirama Senju married Mito Uzumaki and wanted an alliance with Whirlpool with Nobusada telling Hashirama that if he marries Mito then Konoha becomes Konoha ally and protect Whirlpool as well."

Hiruzen sigh at this and sometimes on what Hashirama was thinking at the time as he put Konoha in a very dangerous position and with the surviving members of the Uzumaki Clan going to Owari and told Nobusada Oda what happened. He got word when the Oda went to war with both Iwa and Kumo and defeating them both and shacking them and leaving them alive instead of wiping them out with the Oda army coming to Konoha which Hiruzen had no choice to lie and give money to Nobusada just leaving Konoha enough to stay afloat.

"Just try to get spies into Owari and have them report anything else on what Nobunaga does," Hiruzen ordered.

"It won't be easy as they can tell on my spies," Jiraiya said before he jumps out of the window, leaving Hiruzen alone in his office but he summons his ANBU and told Neko to summon the council for an emergency meeting.

Time Skip

Konoha Academy

Naruto was sitting down at one of the desks next to a girl that has long brown hair and light brown eyes as she has CCC-cup breasts and a firm ass as she was wearing a pink kimono, a red mesh shirt underneath her kimono, violet baggy pants a wore orange sandals; this girl is Yakumo Kurama from the minor clan of the Kurama Clan.

Yakumo has no beef with Naruto or picked on him at school as she frowns at the students and teachers that do all this and hates the villagers that hate him. The other students kept glancing at Naruto and wondering why he was here as he failed the test but their thoughts were broken when Iruka came in and he notices the glance's that the other students. (Note: All the students are 16 years old)

"All right everyone it's time for team assignment. So please pay attention when your name is called and what team you're on," Iruka said. (Again Note: Canon Teams for 1-6)

"Team 7 will be Sasuke, Sakura..."


Iruka was cleaning his ears while Ino shook her head at her former friend. She never had a crush on Sasuke but she has a crush on someone else.

"And Sai. Your team sensei will be Kakashi. Team 8 will be Shino, Kiba and Hinata as your team sensei will be Kurenai, Team 9 is still in rotation, Team 10 will be Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji your team sensei will be Asuma. And Team 11 will be Naruto, Yakumo, Hanabi, Ana Medusa, and Ushiwakamaru as your senseis will be Anko and...Minamoto no Raikou?" Iruka said which his eyes widen at the last name. He saw this name in the Bingo Book and the other two girls must be new students that are the last moment.

Before anyone can say anything a blur came crashing through the window and a banner appears saying "The Sexy Anko Mitarashi and Sensei of Team 11" but the door open and four people came in one was Kakashi. He was being dragged by a woman with long purple hair and eyes as she was wearing a purple skin-tight suit that showed off the curves of her body as she has large breasts that were bigger than Tsunade's' and a big ass.

Iruka can tell that she wasn't wearing both a bra and panties.

The other girl was wearing a cloak but underneath the cloak, she was wearing a skin-tight leotard that showed off her CCC-Cup breasts and nice ass as she has armor arm gauntlets and was carrying a scythe with a chain connected with it as she has light purple hair and eyes; this was Ana Medusa.

The second girl was wearing something that makes any men look at her as her blue panties were expose and her top only cover her breasts but she wasn't wearing a bra as she has black hair and light-blue eyes; this girl is Ushiwakamaru.

"Damn girl you brought Kakashi here as this man is always two hours late for anything," Anko said.

Raikou smile at the Anko and said, "Well before I and my students here became Konoha Nin I heard this man is always late. So I went and found him and beat the crap out of him and dragged him here for his team. You must be Anko?"

"You damn right miss and you must be the backup sensei and these two girls must be my cute little Genins?" Anko asked.

"Girls introduce yourselves," Raikou said which they did so.

"My name is Ana Medusa."

"The name is Ushiwakamaru it's an honor to meet you."

All the boys sans for Sasuke were shock is that Naruto is going to be in a team with six women. They groan saying it was not fair to them while Hinata sigh in sadness as both Naruto and Hanabi weren't on her team.

"Alright Team 11 meet me on the roof," Anko said which she disappears in a poof of smoke as Kakashi finally got on his feet.

"Team 7 meets me on the roof as well," Kakashi said which he left in a swirl of leaves while both teams and Raikou went towards the roof.

Council Room

The Council Room is a place where all meetings take place if it's an important meeting or wartime as the Clan Heads take the right side of the room, the Civilian Council take the left side of the room, the elders take the head of the room as they were advisors and they were next to the Hokage chair where he or she listen to both sides but they have the final say. Right now they were all here as they were all called in for an emergency meeting that Hiruzen order which they were all shock as the Hokage only calls in an emergency if there was a problem at hand as they all notices Hiruzen walking in the room and taken his seat right next to the elders.

"Now you're all are wondering why I called this meeting," Hiruzen said.

They nodded their heads on this.

"Very well I'll get straight to the point as Nobunaga Oda made an alliance with the Nadeshiko Village along with their vassal Kagura Village and united both into Owari."

This made both the Clan Heads and Elders's eyes widen at this while the Civilian Council members were afraid.

"We must send ANBU to assassinate her as she might declare war on us," Danzo said, having the other two elders and the Civilians were agreeing with him while the Clan Heads look at them thinking they were stupid.

"No we will not do anything," Hiruzen said.

This shock Danzo, the elders, and the Civilians while the Clan Heads understood why Hiruzen is saying no is the smart thing to do.

"No Hiruzen? But we need to do something," Koharu said.

Hiruzen looked at his teammate and spoke, "The reason why I'm saying no is that the Oda Clan has new weapons to use."

Hiruzen decided to show them the Kar 98k rifle and everyone looked at the new rifle in awe while Danzo was looking at it with greed.

"This is their new weapon as I can believe that they don't use Matchlock's anymore as I believe that the Ootomo made a technology achievement during the years and this is one of them so killing her is out of the question as if we go to war with them we will lose to them," The Third informed.

Then he looked at the elders and they know that look as the Oda has the Uzumaki Clan in their lands meaning they might get Naruto if they did go to war.

"But I also have some more news as well."

"And what is that?" Shikaku asked.

"Onoki is dead as he was killed by his own granddaughter as she and her followers overthrew Onoki and his followers, winning the Civil War between them. Kurotsuchi was named the new Fourth Tsuchikage," Hiruzen replied.

This shocked everyone in the whole room as they knew about that small civil war in Iwa but the granddaughter now being the new Tsuchikage at the age of 16 meaning the girl was now pushed over none whatsoever.

"Damn I'll give that girl some credit for this as she's now a leader of a whole nation she has my respects," Tsume said.

"Maybe it is logical to send someone to make a truce with them cause she wants Iwa to walk a different path," Shibi said.

"I will think about it for now until I make a final say."


Four days have past and right now Myousai Kakouen, Lee Mayfeng, and Annerose Vajra were in Gato's hideout after they got their letter from Aishwarya Ray and headed here. When they got to the front doors of Gato's hideout the guard just looked at them with lust but they told them they're we here to meet Gato and has a letter from someone he knows which allowed them entrance. They saw more guard looking at them with lust until they met the short midget which he as well as looking at them with lust until Annerose gave him the letter which he took and read and found out it was from Aishwarya herself.

"So Aishwarya sent you three to be my personal bodyguards as she is paying you three instead well now I can tell she has some good taste in picking them but tell me why did she do this?" Gato asked.

"She believes that some of the Jiraiya spy networks got into her and some of your business as you know that she has here women spy on others that are a threat to you and her," Annerose informed.

Gato nodded him as he understood this as Aishwarya was his number one spy in her brothels and some secretary's in his business to keep an eye out on anyone that is a threat to him and with Jiraiya getting some spies the business that wasn't good news for him.

"So tell me how good are you three?"

With Gato's question, the three jumped into action as Annerose gut two of Gato's men don with her sword. Myousai killed a few with her fists, feet, and the wire that Ren gave her. Lee Mayfeng used her two sais.

With that down, they were covered in the blood of 20 of Gato men that they killed in less of 20 seconds impressing the midget.

"Well now it's going to be a pleasure to have you three as my personal bodyguards but I will let you know that three Kiri Nin are coming here as well," Gato said.

"And who are they?" Lee Mayfeng asked.

"Ameyuri Ringo and Hasaki Momochi along with a girl by the name of Haku Yuki as a fake Hunter Nin."

The three exchange looks with each other as this was new information to them as these three could be useful to Ren's plans. They will notify him when they are settled.

Ren's Hideout

Ren: So the fat man Gato is hiring both Ameyuri Ringo and Hasaki Momochi to kill a bridge builder that goes by the name of Tazuna.

While sipping his tea that Mitico Fleuretty gave to him, Karai and April as the said maid stood behind him as she has blue/green hair that is shoulders length and has purple eyes as she was Ren's personal maid but don't let that follow you as she is very dangerous. She was trained to kill people to protect her master. He was reading the letter that Annerose sent him by her Phoenix Summons, Myousai Kakouen has the Tiger and Lee Mayfeng has the Komodo. Ren has the Dragon Summons with some others. The Dragon was the most powerful summons out there with the Yamata no Orochi in second, the Phoenix in third, the Komodo in fourth, the Tigers in fifth, and the Wolves in Sixth.

Both Anko and Karai have the Yamata no Orochi summon as the said goddess respect the two as she removes the curse seal from Anko and gave her the TRUE Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi or it was once called the Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi and the goddess gave Karai the Tōkijin (From Inuyasha).

"So you want to hire these two along with the fake hunter Nin?" Karai asked.

Ren: Yes as these three will be great to my cause as both Ameyuri and Hasaki became missing Nin for a reason as they were ordered by Mei the leader of the Rebels as she orders the two to kill the 4th Mizukage but they failed their task and they took the fall to protect their leader.

"I see then so when are you going to leave?"

"Soon very soon."

With that, they went back on drinking their tea and setting up their plans for a better world.



Ren's Harem:

TMNT: Karai (2012), Shini (2012), April O'Neal (2012), and Chikara (2003)

Naruto's World: Temari, Izumi (female Itachi and will look like Medaka from Medaka Box), Mikoto, Tsunade, Konan, Shizune, Mei, Samui, Yugito, Karui, Karin, Anko, Kurenai, Hana, Yugao, Rin, Ino, Tenten, Nojiko (type in female Neji Hyuga Hentai in Yahoo images with the safety off and it's the 12th picture), Tsume, Shizuka, Kurotsuchi, Hanabi (Hinata's twin sister and will look like from the Baruto show), female Haku, Kagura Kaguya (female Kimimaro), Kaguya (Ren freed her early), Setsuna (female Juubi and female Sesshomaru), Ameyuri Ringo, Hasaki (female Zabuza/type in Naruto female Zabuza in Yahoo images with the safety off and it's the first picture), Fuu, Kushina (she's alive and was rescue by Ren when she was in a coma in ROOT's underground base), Pakura, Ryuka Tenro (From Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive), Gaia (female Gaara/the second picture in Yahoo Images with the safety off) and Guren

Dead or Alive/Ninja Gaiden: Kasumi, Ayane, Rachel and Momji

Ikkitousen: Myousai Kakouen (Ren's Personal bodyguard)

Senran Kagura: Yumi (She will be from the Yuki Clan), Asuka, Homura (It will be Homura SK:), Ikaruga, Miyabi, Athena Asamiya, Murakumo, Fubuki, Yagyu ,Katsuragi and Haruka

Koutetsu no Majo Annerose: Annerose Vajra (Rens personal bodyguard), Mitico Fleuretty (Ren's personal maid), Lee Mayfeng (Ren's personal bodyguard), Miki Otonashi (She will be like the anime counterpart but carry Sai's for close combat), and Aishwarya Ray (Ren's spy and she owns all the Brothels all over the Elemental Nations)

Fate Series: Nobuyuki Oda (Archer version/Nobunaga younger sister), Okita Souji (Stage 3)/Both her and Oda will fuse together into their Alter Ego name Alter Okita, Miyamoto Musashi, Tome Gozen, Suzuka Gozen, Nezha, Nagao Kagetora Kenshin aka Lancer of Eight Flowers (Uesugi Kenshin sister but blood), Qin Liangyu and Ana Medusa (Medusa Lancer child but around Ino's age and part of Naruto's team)

Dynasty Warriors: Wang Yuanji, Xin Xianying, Lu Lingqi (Dynasty Warriors 8 version), Zhurong, Daiochan, Yueying, Zhenji, Wang Yi, Sun Shangxiang and Lianshi

Samurai Warriors: No, Naotora Li, Aya, Nene, Okuni, Kai, Ginchiyo Tachibana, and Koshosho

Orochi Warriors: Nuwa, Athena, Da Ji, Kyubi aka Kurami (Female nine tail fox)

Battle Girls: Time Paradox: Oda Nobunaga, Akechi Mitsuhide, Uesugi Kenshin, Imagawa Yoshimoto, Ootomo Sourin, Date Masamune, Mori Motonari, Motochika Chosakabe, and Takeda Shingnen

OC female characters for the other clans: Shimazu Takahisa (Will look like Miya from Sekirei), Hojo Ujiyasu (she will look like Yoko Littner), and Hongan-Ji Kennyo (She will look like Xuanzang from the Fate Series and leader of the Ikko Ikki)

Sengoku Koihime~Otome Kenran: Oda Saburo Kuon Nobukane or Kuon as she likes to be called by that name (Nobuyuki twin sister)

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Oda Nobuna (Nobunaga second eldest sister but Nobuna is two years younger than Nobunaga), Niwa Nagahide, Azai Nagamasa and Shibata Katsuie

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: Yubel Yagyu (her Alter version), Gisen Yagyu, Keiji Maeda, Sen Tokugawa (Ieyasu Tokugawa older sister), Hanzo Hattori (Kasumi, Ayane, Rachel and Momji are her friends), Uesugi Kagekatsu (Uesugi Kenshin sister) and Charles d'Artagnan

Final Fantasy 7: Aerith and Tifa Lockheart Note: Yuffie, Aerith, and Tifa are Bounty Hunters

Note: My friend picked the Fate girls from Japan and China era of time but with both Okita and Oda will fuse together into their Alter Ego name Alter Okita as it's a Fusion Jutsu that the two only knows while Ana Medusa will a traveling assassin that works for Ren as she's from the other side of the world. And he also swapped the Nobunaga from fate for another Oda to another as he told me the Nobunaga Oda from Battle Girls: Time Paradox is a redhead and it gave him an idea.


Naruto's Harem:

Naruto's World: Hinata, Shion, Koyuki, Ryuzetsu, Yakumo, Tayuya, Kin and Akari Tatsushiro (From Naruto Shippuden: Dragon Blade Chronicles)

Senran Kagura: Ryōna, Ryōbi, Renka, Fuma, Rin, Hibari, Himetsubaki, Rindō, Imu and Senko

Fate Series: Ushiwakamaru and Minamoto no Raikou

Dynasty Warriors: Xingcai (Dynasty Warriors 8 version), Guan Yinping, Bao Sanniang, Zhang Chunhua, Cai Wenji, Daqiao, Xiaogiao, and Dong Bai

Samurai Warriors: Oichi, Ina, Kunoichi, Gracia, Ranmaru Mori (This person will be female just like Haku) and Chacha

Orochi Warriors: Himiko, Kaguya (OW after her name), and Joan of Arc

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: Matabei Goto, Yukimura Sanada, Araki Mataemon and Naoe Kanetsugu

Battle Girl: Time Paradox: Ieyasu Tokugawa and Yoshino "Hideyoshi" Hide

Final Fantasy 7: Yuffie

Note: The girls are from Senran Kagura are a minor village and allies with the Nadeshiko Village and the name of the village is Kagura Village and for Myousai Kakouen she and Lee Meyfeng were saved by Ren from being raped and they became very loyal to him and they became his personal bodyguard.


Anko's team: Naruto, Ushiwakamaru, Yakumo, and Ana Medusa the first four Genin Team as Minamoto no Raikou as a backup sensei