Chapter 1: Where it all began;

Prince Henry Swan-Mills smiled as he made his way over to his favourite armchair in his family's sitting room. His grandchildren all clamoured around him in eager anticipation to hear the promised story of how their great grandmothers met and their eventual election to rulers of the entire Enchanted Forest. Henry sat down and gingerly reached over to pick up his beloved prized possession, the leather-bound gold embossed book entitled; 'Once upon a time.'

He was proud of this book and his contribution to it. Being the youngest born son of the two most powerful alpha and omega couple had its perks and its downsides. Being the youngest meant he didn't have to worry about providing heirs for the throne to their kingdoms, from which his mothers' came from. He did, however have some anyway from his loving alpha husband; Prince Adam. He too was the youngest in his family, so they were able to live happy normal lives. Well, as about normal as you can have belonging to two different kingdoms and two different royal families that came with their own respective expectations.

Henry, having been born with true love magic, like his older siblings was given the chance to become the sorcerer's apprentice and subsequent author of the books that chronicled the history of all the realms both magical and non-magical. It was on one of his travels to the magical world of the land of untold stories that he met his husband, the sire to their three wonderful children. His husband's story, funny enough; is misrepresented by the non-magical author Walt Disney. Even though Walt had met both Henry and Adam and saw just how much they were in love, he still chose to have his beloved Adam be with their family friend Belle.

Not that it ever mattered to them, but he still found it worrisome that out there somewhere other stories about his family and friends were told incorrectly by people of the non-magical realms who happened to meet them. However, the story he planned on telling to his grandchildren today was one he was very fond of. "Gather around kids, it is time to hear the story of how your great-grandmothers met…" Henry said eagerly. He waited for them all to find a comfortable spot to rest in before he began to read out loud; "Once upon a time, there was an ambitious alpha who's dream was to one day rise above being the local village's miller's daughter…"

Cora was dragging the donkey that was supposed to be pulling the cart full of flour, when she came across a lovely young woman. Who, upon noticing with her keen alpha senses was on the verge of going into heat. Being close to time for her rut, the young omega's scent was very attractive to her. And it also seemed distracting, for in her distraction over trying to reign in her inner alpha, she failed to notice that the hitched donkey had run off leaving the cart full of flour sacks overturned.

The omega, who Cora later found out was Merida, cheerfully helped to fix the cart and wrangle the runaway donkey. As an optimistic thank you, Cora offered to escort Merida back home as she was worried that the young woman would find herself in trouble, from other less controlled alphas, once they got a hold of her enticing in heat omega scent. "That would be most appreciated, as I really need to get home. My first heat is about to come in the next few days, and I don't want to be suddenly accosted by a bunch of alphas all vying to be my mate. My ma, told me that I shouldn't be out so close to my heat, but I was far too stubborn to listen." A grateful Merida said. She too could tell that Cora was an alpha who was close to rut, but was curious enough about this alpha who's scent smelt so lovely to her.

It almost smelt like she could be her true mate, but it didn't feel like it was. Not at all like how her parents described how it should smell and feel. But she supposed since this particular alpha seemed kind enough to offer her a lift home, even though she had the flour delivery to do and all.

"Oh, it is no problem. It would be wrong of me to leave you like that after you helped me and everything. Besides what type of alpha would I be if I didn't make sure to keep you safe from alphas who would take advantage of your situation?" replied Cora, trying her best to not seem predatory in her tone of voice or body language. She desperately wanted to be the one to take care of the beautiful Merida through her heat.

"A pretty bad one. You know we might have to stop at an inn on the way to my kingdom. My heat has come earlier than I expected, and we are still two days away from reaching my parents castle." Replied Merida, who was now clutching her stomach in pain, her body starting to sweat clinging to her long dress.

"Yes dear, it would be the better option I would say, as I unfortunately have a raging erection at the moment. I am sorry about that, your scent, it is just so enticing to me. But please don't fear me, I wish you no harm." Cora agreed, as she steered the donkey in the direction of the local tavern she often frequented, and sometimes worked at when things were a little rough with her alpha father.

"Thank you, I do appreciate you deviating from your delivery for me, be sure I will compensate you for it." said Merida flirtatiously. The alpha beside her smelt just as enticing to her. Her inner omega was screaming at her to have the in rut alpha fill her up and give her the pups she most desired.

Merida was well aware that her current state of mind was due to the innate biological imperative for her to take on a willing alpha and procreate. Sometimes she hated the fact that she presented as an omega, especially now. With the searing pain in her abdomen, the natural lubricant between her legs beginning to run down her thighs. She knows that her pheromones are what trigged the beautiful alpha beside her to go into an early rut. But she didn't feel guilty in the slightest. For she just knew that this woman would treat her right for her first time.

Cora led the donkey and cart over to the stable hand just outside the tavern. She then offered her hand to Merida, which Cora was thankful that the young red headed beauty took, and threaded their fingers together. Cora's hand at this precise moment was the only thing keeping her sane. She felt the moment they stepped through the tavern doors that all eyes were on them. She felt highly nervous as she could sense there were many unmated alphas in the room, she being the only unmated omega who was in heat. Cora sensed the tension in the room as she felt the challenge every alpha in the room presented. She then walked over to the bar and asked for the keys to her usual room. The barmaid willingly handed them to her. As the only beta in the room, Marion was eager to send the two women upstairs as fast as possible. She was so not in the mood to deal with alpha antics, she had more than enough to deal with at home.

Cora then led a nervous Merida upstairs to the room she usually stayed in whenever she took on some shifts at the bar. When they entered the room, both women were able to somewhat relax as the scent of other alphas and omegas weren't permeating this particular room. Instead, all Merida could smell was Cora and notice the fully erect penis that was currently tenting Cora's riding pants.

A small coy smirk spread across Cora's face when she noticed Merida's eyes flick down to her crotch. "Would you like some help with that tent in your pants?" asked Merida shyly.

"Only if you would like to, I don't want you to do something you aren't ready for." Replied Cora, who was trying very hard to not let her inner alpha take control of this situation. At least not until she was given the go ahead from the red headed beauty before her. Whose heat and arousal were a heady combination for the relatively new alpha to resist for much longer.

"Yes please, I would very much like to have you out of those rather restricting looking clothes, and for you to take me right here, right now on this bed, my big strong alpha.", replied Merida enticingly. She was eager to get Cora's alpha to come out and take control. Her inner omega was desperate for the alpha before her, and Merida was going to let her omega take over and be the willingly submissive that her mother told her she should be when she finally had an alpha to get her through her heat.

That was all the permission Cora was waiting for, so she as quickly as humanly possible removed both of their clothing. Then once they were both naked, she took in the sexiest sight Cora had ever seen in all of her eighteen years of life. After she had gotten a decent look at Merida in all her naked glory, she then leant down to give her a passionate kiss at first, and then she began a slow trail of kisses, licks and bites down Merida's body. Making sure to give her perky breasts the attention they deserved. Then from there she travelled down further down the petite body that she worshiped with a fervour Cora didn't know she possessed.

Not at least when it was her alpha that was running the show. When Cora felt that Merida was more than ready for her, she lined up her cock to the red head's entrance, before slowly penetrating in as far as she was able to go. Stopping briefly to let Merida adjust before she broke through the hymen. Causing Merida to cry out in slight pain and discomfort before encouraging Cora to continue. Which prompted Cora to thrust in earnest, they both moaned in pleasure.

As their bodies met in blissful passion, when Cora was getting close to reaching orgasm, she felt the base of her cock grow as her knot began to form. Cora, then began to thrust harder and faster until she felt the satisfying pop of her knot entering Merida's wet from orgasm pussy. Once she felt they were secure, she felt her cock release her load in thick streams of life-giving essence. When she felt herself no longer coming, she gently moved them both into a more comfortable position so that they could ride out the wait for her knot to go down. And then they could go again and again. Only stopping to get some food and water, some brief amount of sleep to regather their energy to continue their sexual adventures.

Finally, five days later when both of the women had completed their heat and rut for the month, they emerged from their room in the tavern. Cora paid what she could of the bill, and promised to work off the remainder when she got back from escorting Merida to her kingdom. While on the road, neither of the two women talked all that much, except to offer some small talk or platitudes. As neither woman knew exactly what to say to each other after the experience they had just shared. Though Cora dared to hope that she would see Merida again when her rut came around again.

She was not looking forward to their separation in the slightest, as she rather enjoyed the red haired woman's fiery attitude in the bedroom, as well as her sweet yet confident personality. It was a rare find in an omega as they mostly tended to be timid and completely submissive in all ways whenever in the company of alphas. That wasn't deep down the type of mate she wanted to spend her life with. She wanted someone who could hold their own in and out of the bedroom. Someone sho knew what they wanted and was willing to go to any length to get it.

Cora desperately wanted to get out of the way from under her drunk of a father's thumb. How she was going to do that she wasn't sure, but Cora did hear about a magic user who granted people favours. Perhaps he could be of help? Eventually they pulled up in front of a large stone castle that didn't look like much from a distance. But when up close, you could see that it was quite formidable.

"Here you go, I hope we can see each other again sometime?" said Cora, as she stopped in front of the castle gates. She didn't want to dare to attempt going through them, for fear that the guards holding arrows pointed at her head would let loose on the imposing threat. She may be an alpha, but she wasn't stupid. Cora knew when to fight and when to back down. And right now, backing down was the best option. She took a small breath as she waited to hear Merida's response.

"Thank you Cora, for getting me here safely, I am glad it was you who got me through my first heat. I hope we get to see each other again. But I am uncertain that I will be able to do so. My parents are very strict about who I can or cannot be with." replied Merida with deep sadness in her voice.

"It's okay Merida, I understand. You are of noble or royal birth. I am merely a miller's daughter. But I will cherish our short time together if that is all that we get. Take this parchment, it has my address on it. Write to me please. If we can't physically be together then at least we can be friends by letters..", returned Cora, tears welling in her eyes. As she tried her best not to let her emotions show. It was one thing her late mother taught her to do.

"I don't feel the way they do about social rankings. I will write to you, it is the least I can do.. goodbye Cora.", said Merida before she pulled her in for one last desperate kiss. Merida then leapt from the cart landing spritely on her feet. She waved to the guards to let her through, not even daring to look back as she knew she would crumble under the weight of her grief in knowing she would never get to see the alpha again. Even if their time together resulted in a child, her parents would never let her be mated to a commoner.

Upon seeing Merida walk through the castle gates, Cora then flick the reigns to get the donkey to move once more, she had to find somewhere to sell the flour. As she doubted the original buyer will want it still. Almost a week late. Instead, she hoped the king in the nearest kingdom would be willing to buy it. His name was King Xavier, if she recalled correctly. So, she slowly trotted on, not wanting to push the temperamental donkey too much.

Inside Castle DunBroch, Merida was finding herself on the end of a severe ear bashing from her mother, who after taking on a whiff of her scent, was furious with her. Merida tuned out most of what her mother said, as her mind was on the alpha, who she noticed was heavy with unshed tears and sadness at their separation. Merida felt like a part of her soul had just been ripped from her body. She didn't think she would ever find someone like Cora ever again.

She definitely dreaded meeting whatever royal alpha her parents had lined up for her. As she was sure that whoever he or she was, would be able to smell Cora all over her, and it would most likely lead to war with whichever royal clan they came from. "Mother, I know you are angry with me for not making it back home before my heat started, but I couldn't have predicted when it would start. You know this! You're an omega yourself. Surely you remember just how unpredictable your first heat was?" complained Merida, already tired of hearing her mother's lecture.

"That is beside the point! What if that alpha you have been with got you pregnant hmm? Tell me he was at least of noble blood?" demanded Queen Elinor, while King Fergus remained silent in his chair, waiting to hear his daughter's answer. Personally, Fergus didn't mind if the alpha Merida was with was a commoner, but tradition dictated that the heir to the throne be male or female, alpha or omega. They had to be mated to an alpha or omega of one of the noble clans of their kingdom.

He himself had to give up his first love for tradition and responsibilities to his clan. Merida will have to do the same. He was even sure that his first love was pregnant with their child, when he had to say goodbye to her when his parents arranged his marriage to Elinor. He did eventually find love with Elinor, but it just wasn't the same. He often wonders about the child he had out of wedlock. Did he or she present as an alpha, beta or omega? Are they happy? He longed to find out, but knew that he would never know now. He tried to get in contact once, but she never replied.

"If you must know, she is a miller's daughter about two kingdoms away from here. I accidentally caused her donkey to tip over the cart full of flour sacks. She was kind enough not to get mad at me, and she offered to give me a lift home as she noticed from my scent that my heat was coming. She wanted to protect me from any of the unmated alphas that could take advantage of me when my heat comes. I could tell she was controlling her own alpha…look it was consensual, she made sure to double check that I wanted it with her. I did want her very much. Her scent called to me. Like you said the alpha who I was meant to be with would do." Was Merida's pleading response.

"Well, if you are pregnant then you will give the baby up to the alpha to raise. We can't have a child sired of a commoner be an heir to this throne. Right Fergus?" stated Elinor, as she looked to her mate and husband for him to give the final word on the subject.

"Your mother is right lassie, you have responsibilities to the clans to produce legitimate royal heirs to the throne. Young Paden Macintosh will make a fine alpha to rule by your side. I know how much this hurts you lass, but it is for the best you ken." said Fergus. He knew his wife was right with this. As much as it pained him to see the hurt and disappointment on his daughter's face.

"Fine, but I don't have to like it. May I be excused now?" replied an exasperated Merida, who on the inside was heartbroken as she knew that she would never get to see her firstborn child grow up. Her mother gave her the go ahead to leave the room. So, the first thing she did was head down to the kitchens for something to eat, knowing that the head cook would no doubt have kept a little treat for her like she usually did. And she could definitely go for one of those little jam tarts right about now.

A few days pass and Cora has finally arrived to the kingdom next to the one she grew up in. This particular kingdom was ruled by the tyrannical alpha, King Xavier,who was well known for not respecting female alphas or male omegas. Even though word has it that his youngest son had recently presented as an omega. He still very much looked down on them in general. As he saw male omegas as weak. When it came to female alphas though, he didn't like them as he saw them as a threat and competition. He was a proud man, who didn't like to lose. So, whenever an unmated alpha be it male or female visits his castle, he always treats them with disdain.

If they are lucky, they might be granted with the bare minimum of respect a person is deserved to receive. However, that only ever occurs if they are at least born into a noble family. The commoners of his kingdom are not as fairly treated. From what Cora can see, there are far too many starving children in the streets of the village she has entered. The market stalls are barely full of any food, the people are wearing ratty clothes that are hanging of their thin and worn bodies.

Which had her thinking, that if she ever were a part of a noble family, she would make sure the common people like herself lived better lives. She didn't know how to go completely about it, but she assumes that whoever the omega is that she eventually mates; knows about sorting those things out. All she could do now though, was take the flour to the local noble families' bakers and cooks, who were no doubt needing good flour that wasn't infested with weevils.

It was when she was lugging the last bags of flour into the storage crate, which the king's baker demanded her to load in the cate after purchasing the flour at above the normal rate, that none other than Snow White, the newly presented daughter of King Leopold from the very kingdom that Cora was from no less, bumped into her causing one of the flour bags to rip open. "Oh, I am so sorry! I should have looked where I was walking" she said to Cora, while making a hand signal to Graham, one of her beta bodyguards. "Help this lady pick up those flour sacks will you?" said a very apologetic Snow.

Cora picked up on Snow's omega scent and was curious as to who was the alpha she could smell all over her. As there was no word in her home village or local tavern on who the princess had been seen courting. Considering King Leopold's knights were notorious for being big gossips whenever they came into the tavern to spend their hard earned gold. You would think that she would have heard all about it. The alpha must not be from their kingdom, or it would be the news of the Light Kingdom.

As Graham was just about done helping with the flour sacks, King Xavier and his youngest son Prince Henry walk past them. Henry sniffs the air as the intriguing alpha scent he noticed earlier down in the kitchens when he visited, was present in the room they were currently in. He looked around until he was able to figure out who the scent belonged to. And to his delight it was the miller's daughter, whom he noticed before when visiting one of the local taverns in the Light Kingdom.

He just so happened to be sitting at one of the corner tables at the tavern, the night she took the red headed omega upstairs. He could tell the omega was in heat, and at the time he thought that she must be the luckiest omega in the kingdom, to snag a prize alpha like Cora. Not that he would ever mention that around his father, who barely tolerated him now since he presented as an omega. Xavier was a king who only accepted alpha male and omega female pairings. So, when Henry turned out not to be a proud alpha like Xavier or his older brothers; his father was now keen to marry him off to any alpha who could provide for him.

As he couldn't wait to get away from him, he secretly hoped that Cora would be able to impress his father at the masquerade ball being thrown in his honour. It was no doubt in his mind the only honour his father would ever bestow upon him. But he would take what he could get. His mother was no help, as she had long succumbed into being a doting submissive omega wife, which Xavier had groomed her into being.

"You there, with the flour sacks! Come here, I want to speak with you!" declared King Xavier, pointing in Cora's direction.

"Your Majesty?" enquired Cora after walking over to the king and curtseying like her mother taught her to do when in the presence of royalty. She silently mused in her mind about how she probably should have done so when she met Merida, but found herself not being able to feel guilty about that. Since Merida never divulged that she was a princess until they got to her family's castle.

"You are an alpha yes?" questioned Xavier, not really caring for Cora's response but asking none the less.

"Yes my king." replied Cora with her most respectful tone of voice and body language. Doing her best to hide her disgust for the strong intimidating alpha pheromones that the king was exuding.

"Good, then you will attend the masquerade ball that we are hosting tonight in the honour of my youngest son here presenting as an omega. Be sure to dress to impress, you just might be lucky enough to win the bid for the right to mate my son." stated the king, not bothering to stick around to hear Cora's response to his invitation. He took notice of Henry's small smile upon his face after he issued the invitation to the young alpha to attend. Normally Xavier wouldn't approve of female alphas, but he was willing to overlook that reality if said alpha could provide enough gold to meet his sale price.

"Yes your majesty, I will be there…" said Cora, even though the king wasn't interested in hearing her answer to his request. She did however notice the change in the prince's scent. He smelt pleased at the thought that she was going to be at the ball.

Once the king and prince left the room, Snow's face brightened significantly. She was giddy at the prospect of attending a masquerade ball. "This is going to be so much fun! Oh! Do you have a dress for the ball tonight?" asked Snow, as she turned to face Cora to get her answer.

"No your grace, I didn't anticipate being invited to a royal ball. Being a lowly daughter of a miller." returned Cora, looking slightly embarrassed about not having a suitable dress for a royal ball. The only dress she has is only suitable for a dance or two in the local tavern but that is about it.

"Well then, we will just have to rectify that! I noticed that Prince Henry was staring at you. Do you think he is interested? Wouldn't it be just so romantic if you got chosen to be his mate?" rambled Snow, her giddy excitement was endearing to Cora, though it was also very irritating when her voice became shrill and squeaky.

"Thank you, your grace. I appreciate any help you can give me." says Cora in as polite a tone as she can muster, when she feels embarrassed to take the charity from the princess.

"Don't worry about thanking me, it is the least I can do really." said Snow, before leading Cora up to the chambers she was staying in while visiting Xavier's kingdom for the ball, and to get easier passage to see her beloved Charming. Not that her father King Leopold would approve of him. Since he was only a lowly shepherd, Snow wasn't too sure what he would say about him or if he would approve. Which is why she snuck out off the castle as often as she could. They hadn't done all that much beyond a lot of kissing.

But it was nice being with him, having his scent all over her. Snow just knew he was her true love and was determined to have him take care of her through her next heat when it came around. She unfortunately had to spend her first heat alone locked up in her chambers, as Leopold wasn't going to let his only daughter be vulnerable to every unmated alpha in the Light Kingdom.

However tonight she just wanted to enjoy a ball that didn't place her at the centre of all the attention. Snow was a naïve woman, who wanted to help others but wasn't entirely sure how. Until she came to King Xavier's dark kingdom that is. She wanted to help all the starving citizens, so while she was here she dressed as a bandit with a mask to obscure her face, as she is rather well known in the Enchanted Forest.

She robbed the rich and nobles in the villages throughout the Dark Kingdom as well as in the Light Kingdom, since her father was also neglectful of the common folk. He kept the noble families happy, while overtaxing the peasants. Snow had earned herself a nickname, she is known as 'Robin Hood.' Most people believe that the infamous robin was the Robin Locksley fellow who owned the local tavern near the dark castle, the one that was often frequented by the Dark Kingdoms' dark knights.

Not that Snow cared if other people thought that, as it allowed her some anonymity. Snow took Cora by the hand, then led her up to her room to find the right ball gown for her new alpha friend. Once there, she pulled out numerous dresses with a variety of masks that would suit the dresses' styles.

"Does any of these dresses suit you?" probed Snow hoping that she could please Cora, as much as Snow loved David and Red. She very much wanted to make new friends. And having a strong alpha among her friends would definitely come in handy.

"I think so, do you think the red and black one will suit me?" replied Cora, trying not to be too needy as her inner alpha was baulking at the idea of having to bow down to the omega princess. Cora however was brought up to respect the royals, even when they had wronged her. Such is her station in life to serve the royal family. A miller and a tavern wench were not high ranking societal positions, but she did secretly enjoy the work.

"Oooh! That one would look so lovely on you with your complexion and figure. Try it on, let's see how it fits." returned Snow, a bright smile on her face. As she encouraged the polite woman standing dumbfounded before her.

"Yes your grace." said Cora, before taking the dress behind the privacy screen. She carefully put it on, bar the laces of the dress at the back. She came out from behind the screen with a silent plea for help clearly written on her face.

Snow nodded her head in agreement as she approached Cora from behind to tie the laces for her. She then walked around taking in how the dress looked on the lithe brunette. Cora twirled slowly, enjoying the feel of the quality fabric embracing her skin.

"Just as I thought, you look absolutely stunning in that dress! Here, take this mask, it will compliment it beautifully." exclaimed Snow, the excitement back in her voice.

"Thankyou your highness. I hope this will impress Prince Henry. He seems like he would make a good mate don't you?" responded Cora, with a small hopeful smile on her face.

"Yes, he seems like a gentle soul. I think he would take good care of you. I really hope you can get the chance to dance with him and maybe something more later…" answered snow with a sly wink.

"I do hope so, his scent was very pleasing. Speaking of scents, who is the alpha that has made sure to mark you with theirs? If I may be so bold to ask that is." retorted Cora, her own sly smirk crept across her face.

"His name is David, he takes care of his family's farm just on the boarder of the Light and Dark Kingdoms." replied Snow anxiously and softly, so that Cora could only just hear it.

"Isn't that located in the middle of the deep woods? I heard that he had a twin brother that got adopted by King George, who wanted an heir to his throne. Not sure why he couldn't give his mate any children of their own." uttered Cora, being sure to keep her voice soft and quiet so that the servants couldn't overhear their conversation.

Snow indicated that they take a seat on the armchairs by the fireplace in the room, so they could be as comfortable as they could in the ball gowns they were wearing. "Yes, it is. But it doesn't bother me. I like to explore whenever I can get away from the castle. My father is often occupied with either my mother or kingdom affairs. I have a friend in the woods who lives with her Grandmother. She is a werewolf and an alpha, she makes sure I am safe when I am visiting." disclosed Snow, as she took a sip from the hot tea that the servants had prepared for them to enjoy.

"Oh really? I don't think I have ever met a werewolf before. But I am glad she keeps you safe. If anything bad ever happened to you, the Light Kingdom wouldn't be able to survive. Not with the rumours of a dragon being sighted in the Gold Kingdom recently." revealed Cora, taking a sip from her own cup of tea.

"I have heard those rumours as well, I just hope King Midas doesn't send a hunting party after it, as most dragons nowadays are just dragon witch shifters. They don't harm anyone. I don't think an actual dragon has been seen in the Enchanted Forest in centuries…I am sorry to cut this conversation short, but I have a few things I need to do before the ball later." replied Snow with a sad tone as she got up out of the comfortable chair.

Cora got up politely, then made her way to the ballroom to await the time for the ball to begin, since she wasn't given a place to stay. It was while she was sitting near the fire in the ballroom that she felt her hair stand on end as a puff of dark red smoke appeared in the room beside her.

"Hello Dearie, it looks like you are in need of my services." declared Rumplestiltskin with a flourish.

"Who are you?" asked Cora, as she gave him a full once over. She detected that he was a beta, a bad rotten smelling one at that.

"Rumplestiltskin! Here to make your dreams come true." stated Rumple once more with a little giggle.

"What dreams are you referring too?" replied Cora, not liking what he implied.

"Why, to get you out from your drunk father's thumb of course. And to get you a prince for a mate while I am at it." said Rumple with his trademark smirk firmly plastered on his face, and a dark twinkle in his eyes.

"What is the catch?" asked Cora with a bit of scepticism in her voice and attitude. She felt like this offer was too good to be true. And that she would have to pay a hefty price for it. One she wasn't sure she would like, or be willing to pay.

"I will ask a favour from you at a later date, at my discretion. So what do you say, do we have a deal?" replied Rumple, as he conjured a contract with a peacock feather quill and ink ready for Cora to sign.

Cora took the contract to read it first, she wanted to check it for any loopholes that she could use, or ways in which Rumple could be able to trick her with. Not seeing anything untoward in the fine print, she readily signed the contract, then handed it back to the Dark One. "Great! Now shall we seal it with a kiss?" asked Rumple with a devious smirk upon his face and the gleam of victory in his eyes.

With the deal struck and sealed with a kiss, Rumple then conjured his spinning wheel and some straw. He was about to spin the straw into gold before Cora stopped him. "Wait! Would you teach me how to do this myself? I would much prefer to learn for myself than just have you do it all for me." Stated Cora.

"Certainly dearie, step on up over here and I will teach you to wield magic." replied Rumple, who then proceeded to teach Cora how to use the magic required to turn the straw into gold. When done he left in his signature puff of smoke, but not before letting Cora know that he would return for that favour soon enough.

Cora gathered the gold twine together in neat piles ready to present to the king. A few hours go by, and the masquerade ball begins. Cora presents the gold twine when given the opportunity. Cora and Henry dance a little, then the king called everyone to attention as he was going to announce who he had chosen for his son.

"Thank you everyone for coming to our special event. I now have the great pleasure to announce who is the lucky alpha to be my son's mate. Now, normally I wouldn't approve of a commoner being accepted into my family but this particular alpha is different. Cora from the Light Kingdom, you are the lucky woman to be chosen to marry and mate my son Prince Henry…Everyone! Let's celebrate this happy union by eating well, dancing and drinking to our hearts content." Declared King Xavier proudly, as he exuded his strong alpha pheromones to encourage the guests to pair up and enjoy themselves.

He prided himself on his ability to control others with his presence. He believed in power above all else. While the ball was going on in full swing, Xavier waited for his personal errand boy to come back from the fact finding mission he sent him on. When the boy had come back what he heard put a creepy smile upon his face.

With what he learned about Cora, he knew that she was powerful. With her use of magic, the gold twine she presented him with that night; he would get his kingdom out of debt. He planned on using this knowledge to leverage the DunBroch kingdom into providing extra protection from any potential wars from other kingdoms.

As well as in payment to keep his mouth shut from the clansmen of DunBroch, whose eligible alphas were to be presented to the DunBroch princess for marriage. The ball ended with Cora being given permission to stay at the castle. The space she was given wasn't anything fancy.

It was then when everyone else had left and Cora was alone in her room that Xavier came in and gave Cora the ultimatum.