Chapter 6: Storybrooke here we come?

Two years have gone by since Regina and Emma got married and shared a true love's kiss during the wedding ceremony. The constant fights with the Dark Kingdom's king and the occasional taunts from both Blue and the Dark One, made the last two years of marriage stressful. The only saving grace in the last two years was the birth of their first child, a beautiful daughter named Cordelia. She had dark hair like Regina with Emma's forest green eyes. Little Cordelia was a loveable prankster, much like her uncle Flynn. She liked to place booby traps around Hartdwell Manor, where Regina and Emma had chosen to live for the time being, until their own estate could be finished being built.

With the help of Flynn, Cordelia was currently setting up a bucket full of tree sap over the doorway of the main study. It was the pair to the bucket full of chicken feathers hanging over the doorway of the inner library door, where Cora was well known to go into every afternoon once they had finished their lunchtime meal. Each bucket was set with an invisible trip wire in place that only Cordelia and Flynn were able to see. As it turned out Flynn was quite adept at using practical magic, the kind that enhanced his senses, placed enchantments on his weapons of choice. While Cordelia could wield an even stronger magic than either Regina or Emma were able to use.

Cordelia's magic is the reason why Blue would taunt Regina and Emma with threats to remove their daughter's magic from her. Prompting them to create powerful wards and shields around the estate to prevent either Blue or the Dark One from magically entering the estate. It also prevented them from being able to use their magic once within the boundaries of the wards. Only blood relatives of Regina or Emma were able to use their respective magic within.

Cordelia and Flynn then quickly took a seat on one of the lounges and pretended to read, as they heard voices heading their way. "Are you and Emma going to need the anti-pregnancy potions this cycle? I only ask as we are low on stock with the potions and need to know if I need to brew more than the usual amount this month." Said Cora before being coated in the thick sticky tree sap, after unknowingly setting of the trap. She shook her hands a bit to shake off the sap. In her preoccupation on the sap she did not realise that she tripped the second magical wire. Naturally, she found herself covered in chicken feathers and none too amused.

"Oh, mother did you fall for one of Flynn and Cordelia's pranks again? You look utterly ridiculous!" said Regina while trying to contain her laughter but failing miserably. Flynn and Cordelia were laughing just as hard as Regina was. Cora took one look at her laughing family and joined in with their laughter a little reluctantly. She was ashamed of herself for managing to fall into another of their pranks. And if she were to count them in her mind, she would have fallen victim to their pranks six times including this one.

Though secretly she is proud of her son's and granddaughter's ingenuity and ability to use magic. With Flynn's seventeenth birthday coming up soon, they should know for certain if he is a beta as they suspect him to be, or if he is either an alpha or an omega. As it seemed from the last few weeks his presentation was coming up fast. Cora honestly thought they would get at least one more year before that happened, but it seems that Flynn was maturing faster than expected. "It looks that way…Now Flynn, I think it is time you cleaned up this mess." Said a calm and collected Cora, her voice firm.

"Yes mother." was all Flynn could manage in his fits of laughter. He got to work straight away, while Cora used her magic to properly rid herself of the sap and feathers.

"Cordelia darling, I think it is now time for your nap hmm?" said Regina as she swoops up the now yawning toddler.

"No, mummy, me no sweepy. Me no nap time." grumbled a tired Cordelia, slurring her usually articulate speech for a two-year-old. Regina just held the protesting Cordelia close to her body as she took her to her bedchambers in the manor. Knowing that by the time they reach the bedroom on foot Cordelia will have fallen asleep. It is a tactic that has worked many times before.

Halfway to Cordelia's bedroom, Emma stepped out of their bedroom, she noticed Regina was carrying their daughter and she smiled brightly at the sight. Cordelia had snuggled in as close to Regina's body and soothing scent as is humanly possible. It was clear as day that the toddler was sound asleep. "Hey dear, how did the prank go?" asked Emma in a hushed voice to not wake their daughter.

"It went very well; mother had no idea what was coming. It was great to see Cordelia and Flynn be able to laugh so good-naturedly. Especially with the Blue Fairy trying to steal Cordelia's magic any chance she got. I am glad that the wards are holding the gnat at bay for now. I just hope we don't find ourselves in a position where they fail and Blue comes through with her threats." Replied Regina just as quietly.

They continued walking towards their daughter's bedroom; "You know what I don't get? What does Blue want Cordelia's magic for exactly? Don't fairies have enough magic of their own?" continued Emma in a hushed tone of voice as they had now reached Cordelia's room.

Regina and Emma tuck Cordelia into her bed gently with her favourite stuffed horse toy, that she has named Goofy, which they both think is adorable. After giving their daughter a kiss on the cheek, Regina and Emma quietly leave the room to not disturb her from her sleep. Once they left the room, Regina and Emma stop to briefly speak. "So do you think it has been enough time for us to start trying for a second child?" questioned Emma.

"I think so, yes. Though do you think you can handle being pregnant with a war brewing again?" replied Regina, concern in her voice over whether Emma could handle the stress of being pregnant with Blue's threats hanging over their heads. As well as whatever the Dark One had planned for them since Cora broke the deal with Rumple.

"I will be fine Regina, I am more worried about you. Considering you would have to pick up the slack, magic wise, if we join in on any wars or have to deal with Blue or Rumple. Also we will need to think of something to tell Cordelia when I begin to show." Replied Emma before making a move to walk on towards their bedchambers and rest for a while, until Cordelia wakes again.

"Well then, we should stop taking our anti-pregnancy potions from tomorrow onwards. Since the ones we took this morning will wear off by then. We will think of something when the time comes. I can handle the magic side of things fair enough with mother, Zelena and Mal helping. I am sure your brothers would pitch in as well. And Flynn with his own type of magic will no doubt come in handy." Replied Regina once they reached their bedchambers. She then lit the wood in the fireplace using one of her signature fireballs.

She then took a seat in one of the armchairs by the fire. Emma sat down in the other one next to hers. Emma then conjured a tray of hot steaming tea and biscuits. "Our next cycle is in a few days, what chances do you think we have after two years of taking the potions?" asked Emma.

"I am not certain, but we will keep trying until it does. And even then, we can still make love to be sure." Replied Regina, with a seductive smirk.

"Yes, we could! How about we start trying now hmm? Do you feel 'up' to the challenge?" teased Emma, knowing full well what effect she would have on her by leaning forward slightly giving Regina a full view of her cleavage, while placing one of her hands on Regina's upper thigh; allowing her fingers to brush the tip of Regina's cock through the material of her pants. She felt Regina's shaft twitch with her touch, making her feel like she could get Regina to do just about anything she wanted her to do.

Regina moaned at the sight and feel of Emma who was now straddling her lap. Regina then placed her hands on either side of Emma's hips. To better help guide Emma in a more pleasurable position for the both of them. Emma however was tired of them both being clothed in this instance, so she used one of her hands to remove all of their clothing with her magic, allowing Emma to rub her pussy directly over Regina's clearly hard dick. "Oh gods! That feels so good. Mmm…" both moaned out in unison.

Regina then lifted Emma up enough so that her centre lined up with the tip of her shaft. Emma lowered herself taking it in fully. Regina smiled broadly when she felt how wet Emma was. She then began to move up and down, with Regina helping to guide her hips. Regina moaned deeply at the sheer pleasure from the sensation of Emma riding her hard shaft. Once they found themselves in a steady rhythm Emma moaned in Regina's ear, as the angle they were in was hitting Emma's g-spot on every thrust. "Oh fuck, that feels so good…" moaned Emma into Regina's welcoming ears. Giving her every reason to thrust harder and faster to help bring them both to a mutual pleasurable outcome.

A few quick thrusts had both Regina and Emma moaning each other's names as Regina came inside of Emma. Just as Emma came hard squeezing out every bit of cum she could from Regina. Then she collapsed heavily onto Regina's shoulders. Clinging onto her for dear life as she came down slowly from her orgasmic high. Regina holding her close as she too came down from her high. "Gods I love you." Said Regina once she caught her breath.

"I love you too…I certainly enjoy our moments like this. You definitely know how to reach all the right spots." Replied Emma before leaning in for a kiss. Which Regina willingly reciprocated. Emma brushes her tongue across Regina's bottom lip, seeking entrance. Regina lets her in wholeheartedly and deepens the kiss. They only break away from each other from time to time to appreciate each other's loving gaze.

When Regina's dick recovered its rigidness they disentangled from each other and moved over to their bed. This time Emma kneeled and used her hands for support encouraging Regina to make love to her from behind. Regina then placed herself behind Emma and started rubbing the glistening tip of her dick over Emma's clit, coating her shaft with Emma's wetness, enjoying Emma's anticipation and desire, making her moan with every stroke. Regina started teasing her opening with a series of soft raps done with her cock, requesting to be let in. Emma moaned again preparing to surrender to that unspoken request, but she wanted Regina to wait for her signal to drive her shaft into her with a vengeance. Regina grabbed Emma's hips firmly, wanting Emma to push her hips back and impale herself on her stiff dick. But she's not moving, she teasing Regina too.

As soon as Regina felt that Emma was ready for her once again, she pushed herself all the way in. She slowly pulled nearly all the way out again, so that only her tip was still inside. Then she thrust back in once again. When Regina felt her slick muscles clench around her dick she started thrusting, creating a steady rhythm. With slow movements at first and speeding up once Emma got the rhythm and started moving her hips in synch with her thrusts. With each thrust Regina made Emma whimper, fuelling her own arousal. Regina loved smelling Emma's musk when they were having sex. She drove her shaft deeper and harder, causing them both to moan at the feeling of the wet flesh meeting over and over again. The sounds and smell of their mutual pheromones mixing in the air, had them focused on giving each other pleasure. All other thoughts and responsibilities were put on hold, leaving their minds focused on their lovemaking.

When they both orgasm for the second time that afternoon, they collapse in a heap of sweaty limbs and bright smiles on their faces. For the last two years getting time to be alone just by themselves, has been hard, with their growing two-year-old and the taunts and threats from Rumple and Blue. So they make the most out of every little bit of time they can get to be together without distractions; this moments are the most special. Their in-sync cycles being the only guaranteed time for intimacy and privacy. During those few days Cordelia was taken care of by either of her grandparents, or one of her aunts or uncles.

"How long until our own Manor house is built do you reckon? I mean I love living here with all of our family, but I am very much looking forward to having a place of our own. Where we don't have to worry about your parents' or Mal and Zelena's cycles clashing with ours, so that we can make sure Cordelia is being looked after." Asked Emma as she snuggled up to Regina's side.

"Last I heard from the master builder, he calculates it will take about two more months and it will be complete, with all our requested modifications and furniture. As well as books, a secret potion room, a place to train and practice our magic, including the stables we wanted for all our horses. They were already working on the barracks and training yard for our royal guard to train and live. It's everything we pictured and wanted. My mother has screened the tutors and caregivers for Cordelia for the periods when we go into our cycles. She has also made sure our house staff is good with dealing with magic. I too am looking forward to living in our own house. Having that time and privacy for us before your parents pass on the throne to you. It will be crucial for us and our daughter and all the future children we will have before then." Replied Regina as she held Emma close to her body.

Meanwhile on Captain Hook's ship the 'Jolly Roger' Millah was currently trying to get away from an unhinged Rumplestiltskin who is desperately trying to convince her to help him find their lost son. "Rumple you don't have to do this…" said Millah. As she backed herself into captain's quarters.

"Of course I do dearie, you abandoned me and our son. It is only fitting you help me find him. And what was your pathetic reason for abandoning a child you profess to love? Truuuuuuuuue love?! Bae deserves better than a mother who would abandon him to go galivanting across the sea being used by filthy pirates." Replied Rumple, his voice dripping with evil intent.

Hook tried to creep up behind Rumple, but failed to take in account his acute senses from having magic and being the Dark One. Rumple uses his magic to stop him in his tracks. His hook held high at an awkward angle, that if Rumple were not the Dark One he would no doubt be dead by now. Rumple then flicked his wrist and transported Hook to one of his dungeon cells in his castle. "Where have you sent him? TELL ME!" yelled Millah getting agitated at seeing her alpha be sent away from her in a blink of an eye in a cloud of red smoke.

Rumple didn't respond at first since he was too busy trying not to succumb to Millah's omega manipulation pheromones. Though once he was able to get himself under control, he finally responded; "Worry not dearie, your precious pirate is unharmed and safe. What you should be worried about is what I will do if you don't do as I asked." He didn't give her time to respond instead he grabbed Millah's hand and yanked her towards him. He then cloaked himself and Millah in his signature magic smoke and transported them to his castle.

When they reappear, Millah finds herself in a dank cell separate from the one where Hook is locked in. "Now dearies, don't even bother trying to escape, I have made it impossible. Only my magic and my permission will unlock these cells." Said Rumple with his trademark giggle and flair.

"What are you going to do with us?" asked Hook as he shook the bars of his cell in frustration.

"That dearie is something I can't share with you, but I'm sure you'll love what I have in store for you two." Replied Rumple cruelly and cryptically before making his way up to his spinning room. He needed to think and he always thought his best while spinning straw into gold. When he got to the room with his spinning wheel he picked up a large pile of straw and set it down near the wheel. He took some of it and began to thread it through using his magic in the process. At this point in his life and with his magic being stronger than ever, spinning straw into gold is second nature to him. In fact it is quite relaxing. 'I have all the ingredients now to cast the curse.

Now, how do I make it so that Princess Emma will break the curse? Should I make it so that she alone is aware of the curse or should I include Cora in the knowledge so that she feels the pain of her family not knowing who she was? Hmm decisions, decisions. Anything that makes Cora suffer will be the right way to go, same for that wretched Millah. She deserves every bit of suffering, misery and pain for daring to cheat on me with that filthy pirate.' Thought Rumple as he spun the straw.

As Rumple spun the straw, Blue watched him from her perch in the rafters up in the ceiling of the room. She was doing all she could to conceal herself from him. She wanted to find out what he was thinking without him finding out. This plan of his has to work; it just has to. 'It seems he is out of ideas. It's time to use this dust once and for all. I need both Regina and Emma to retain their memories from the Enchanted Forest so they can break the curse. Only then will I be able to extract Cordelia's magic from her. Then I will be the most powerful being in all the realms, not even the Dark One could defeat me then.' Blue then flies over to the other side of the castle where Rumple had been slowly brewing the curse. She poured in the dust and then chanted softly; "this curse will allow Princess Regina and Princess Emma to remember who they are. And magic will return after a true love's kiss between them."

After she finished, she used her remaining dust over Rumple's head. This time using it to project her thoughts into his mind. She then quickly flew back to the fairy grotto. Feeling prideful that she accomplished her task and that it will all go down the way it is supposed to be. Little does she know that things won't go entirely according to her plan, with the dust having a mind of its own. And the unpredictability of the person who will cast the curse will make all the difference.

Rumple spun straw for the rest of the day and into the night. He had some torture to do with the pirate in his future. Suddenly that thought made him feel giddy. He then transported himself down into the dungeon right into hook's cell. Hook was for the time being fast asleep on a mouldy mattress full of straw, clinging to the ratty blanket for any small amount of warmth he could get. Since he had long run out of rum from his metal flask, withdrawal symptoms had started to kick in. This drew out an even creepier smile upon Rumple's face, he quite enjoyed seeing the pirate in pain.

He took him into one of the tower rooms, flicked his wrist to remove the pirate's hook and locked the tower door. He didn't need Belle poking her nose into where it didn't belong. It was bad enough that she would have her werewolf lover come over to satisfy her heat cycles. The smell of omega heat pheromones and alpha rut stink made him glad he turned out to be a beta. From what he could smell out from the pirate, he was clearly going into his own rut on top of going into withdrawal from his alcohol addiction. These chance circumstances were going to make this all the worthwhile.

"Wakey, wakey dearie. It is time for us to have some fun…" taunted Rumple in the most creepy and eerie voice he could muster.

"What do you want crocodile?" replied Hook in a mock version of his usually cocky manor.

"What do you think I want?" taunted Rumple once again, not bothering to give what Hook wants in response. Instead he conjures up a set of so rudimentary, yet sharp tools, to torture him with. Rumple picked up a tool that looked like a corkscrew. What made it even better is that it was rusty in some places where caked in blood could be seen. He then sauntered over to Hook, tool in hand. Rumple used his magic to bind hook in a spread eagle pose, exposing the vulnerable parts of his body to Rumple. With a wicked delight, Rumple pushed the corkscrew into Hook's body over and over. Delighting in the loud screams that could be heard from Hook as he endured the torture that Rumple subjected him to.

A few days later at the Hartdwell Manor, Regina and Emma were spending as much time as they could with Cordelia before they needed to lock themselves away in their bedchambers. In time for their heat and rut cycles. "Ma, why can't I come into your room over the next few days? What if I have a scary dream?" asked a pouting Cordelia, as she clung to Emma's chest. As they sit together in the main study room in the manor's library.

Red was currently visiting them at the Manor as Belle was currently at Rumple's castle spying on him, as Cora and Snow had asked her and Belle to keep an eye on him for them. Ever since Cora broke her deal with the Dark One, they have all been on edge waiting to find out what he had planned for them. With all his threats over the last two years they had to stay vigilant. Red and Belle's daughter, Scarlett, were visiting Hartdwell, so that Cordelia would have a distraction to keep her occupied during the upcoming five days.

"Well kid, your mummy and I need to have some time together to do boring adult stuff." Replied Emma, giving Regina a look that said; 'help me!' Red and Regina gave Emma a look in return that said; 'you are kidding with that excuse, right?'

"But what about the scary dreams?" replied Cordelia, still clinging to Emma. Who was giving out soothing pheromones hoping to calm her down.

"You call for Aunty Zee or Grandma Cora, alright sweetheart? They will take care of you and get rid of your scary dreams." Continued Emma, giving Cordelia a kiss on her forehead.

"Okay mama, can I go play now?" said Cordelia seeming satisfied by Emma's explanation for the time being. Emma then let her down off her lap. Cordelia ran over to the box beside the coffee table. She started pulling out the toys and books from within. The adults in the room smiled at the cuteness of the young toddler. Scarlett walked over to join in with what Cordelia was playing. "Hi Cordelia, can I play with you?" asked Scarlett.

"Yes you may." Replied Cordelia politely.

Regina and Emma then excused themselves to head into their shared bedchambers. Since their mutual cycles had hit them hard. Once they reach their room Regina pressed Emma up against the closed bedroom door. She kissed Emma hard, who returned the kiss just as passionately. She was very much loving seeing Regina's alpha side take over. When they broke from the needy kiss they use their magic to rid themselves of their clothes.

Regina then peppered Emma's neck with open mouth kisses, nips and licks. She payed special attention to Emma's mating mark. Emma moaned from the endorphins that came in full force from Regina stimulating her mating mark. Her already wet core began dripping down her leg. The sound of Emma's moans and the smell of her arousal had Regina's already hard cock throbbing with need. Not wanting to waste time walking over to the bed, Regina transports them both onto the bed in a cloud of purple magic smoke.

She then moves Emma to lay on her back so she could explore the blonde's body in full. She continued down Emma's body taking in one of her nipples into her mouth. She licked, nipped and sucked on it while her free hand played with the other breast. Pinching the nipple between her thumb and pointer finger. Emma moaned at the sensation and arched her lower back. She then swayed her pelvis up in the air in search of some friction. Regina then let go of Emma's nipple, then moved over to the other one to give it some equal attention.

From there she kissed and caressed her way down towards Emma's dripping centre. She breathed in the intoxicating smell of Emma's arousal and omega heat. It called to her in the most primal of ways. It was telling her to devour it, to provide her omega with every type of pleasure that was humanly possible. Regina then took Emma's clit into her mouth and sucked hard. Emma moaned loudly as her whole body was shocked with pleasure. "Oh fuuuuuuuck! That feels so good." Moaned Emma as she came hard from the clitoral stimulation Regina blessed her with.

Regina helped Emma come down from her orgasmic high before kissing her way back up Emma's body so that she could line her hips up with Emma's drenched core. She leaned in for a kiss, then thrust her long thick length hard. She then pumps her length in and out in a hard and fast pace, with Emma meeting her thrust for thrust. The sound of their wet throbbing flesh slapping together in a frantic pace.

As they moved their hips together, they moaned each other's names as they came close to reaching their mutual orgasm. For which at that point Regina's knot was able to slip inside of Emma's waiting core. Allowing for Regina to give a few quick thrusts to bring them both to completion, with Regina shooting her entire load in many spurts.

Regina then used her magic to make them more comfortable while they waited out her knot. When it finally does, Emma pushes Regina so she lies down on her back while she straddled Regina's new erection; taking it all in one single thrust of Regina's hips. This time Emma took control of the motion and pace between them, slowly picking up her pace and relishing the feeling of having her alpha beneath her. She leaned down to whisper in Regina's ear; "I love you my alpha, now please put a baby in me. Your omega demands it so."

Regina moaned out loud at hearing Emma command her to make them mothers all over again. She met Emma's movements, while letting her hands and mouth play with Emma's breasts, which were dangling in front of her. After a bit she adjusted her hips so that Emma's clit could be stimulated as she also made to hit Emma's g-spot, making Emma cry out her name in sheer pleasure. Making room for Regina's knot to slide on in, she moved her hips some more and then came once more as Regina emptied herself inside her. Emma then collapsed onto Regina in a sweaty heap, falling asleep briefly. Before beginning round three.

This continued on for the next few days, with them only stopping to eat, drink and sleep. On the fifth day, the were shocked to hear the shouts and screaming as clouds of purple and green smoke blasted through the entire manor.

Meanwhile only a few hours earlier Rumple had ripped Millah's heart out in front of Captain Hook, who had watched in horror as Rumple commanded her to reach into his chest and rip out his blackened pulsing heart. Then followed her with his eyes as she took his glowing heart over to the bubbling cauldron. Hook then clutched his chest in pain as she crushed his heart to dust.

The look of horror on Hook's face was the last thing Millah saw before the purple and green clouds of magical smoke erupted from inside the cauldron and out into the entire Enchanted Forest. The only thing she could hear was Rumple maniacal laughter. As she realised what she had just done. The cursed smoke ripped through the Enchanted Forest sweeping them all up into the clouds of dark magic. Bringing them into a dense expanse of trees along the south eastern coastline of the large oddly shaped island continent.

As the purple and green smoke of the dark curse settles over the massive forest, in a distant part of a land far away from the main population of the state of New South Wales. From what Rumplestiltskin can see they arrived in a completely different location than he originally planned. "Damn, this just won't do. I must have miscalculated the curse ingredients. No, I am never wrong. It must be Millah's fault somehow…Yes, that's it, she must've done something when I forced her to cast the curse. It has to be her vengeance for crushing Hook's heart…" muttered Rumple to himself as he took in the town before him.

"Rumple where have you brought us? This isn't what you promised at all!" asked Blue as she came up beside him in the middle of main street.

"Don't you think I know that?! Something must have gone wrong with the curse. But it doesn't matter, I will find my son. It just might take longer than I originally planned. Look we best integrate ourselves into our new lives within this curse and play along as we wait for Regina and Emma to break the curse for us.

After the magical smoke cleared, Regina and Emma woke to find themselves in an unfamiliar bedroom. "Uh Regina, where are we? This isn't our bedchambers in the Hartdwell Manor." Asked a worried, yet very much naked Emma.

"I have no idea. We need to get dressed and check to see if Cordelia is here with us. She must be so afraid." Replies an equally worried and naked Regina. The shock of being in a new place all of a sudden has brought her out of her rut haze. And from what she could see, the same could be said for Emma, who had scrambled out of the queen size bed. They walked over to what looked like a large room with hanging racks, shelves and a space full of clothes. None of the clothes or shoes in the walk in wardrobe were familiar to either of the two women.

However, they felt drawn to certain articles of the clothing. Emma was immediately drawn to a pair of dark skinny jeans, a white singlet top and a red leather jacket with dark leather boots to finish of the outfit. Regina chose a black fitted pant suit that was surprisingly roomy in the crotch area. She complemented her outfit with a blue satin button up shirt underneath. She also selected a pair of short healed soft dark leather boots to finish of her look. She tried to use her magic to fix her hair but found she couldn't access it. She looked over at Emma who was beginning to panic at not being able to use her magic either.

"Looks like whatever that purple and green cloud of smoke was, it took away our magic and moved us into a new home. Lets go see if our family has noticed the lack of magic as well. And maybe they can tell us what that cloud of magic was all about?" said Emma as she took Regina's hand in hers.

They exited the bedroom, finding themselves in a brightly lit hallway. What was strange about it though was that the lights were not candles or oil lanterns. Emma figured they would find out how it all works soon enough. But first things first. They needed to find their daughter and the rest of their family. Regina opened the first door she found, when they walked through the doorframe, they sighed with relief to find their daughter Cordelia fast asleep in the most adorable looking bed. It was a white painted wood frame with a hot pink filigree in the design of a topless horse drawn carriage. On the headboard it had an image of a swan with a crown on its head. Tucked in Cordelia's arms is Goofy, the stuffed toy horse that the young princess loved the most of all her stuffed toys. In fact the entire room had a princess theme.

It was the bedroom they wanted for their daughter in the Manor Estate they were supposed to move into, before whatever that magical cloud was that came through the Hartdwell Manor. They quietly exit the bedroom and back out into the hall. They open each of the other doors, finding some set up as guest bedrooms. One looked to be the washroom, another looked to be a small study room with a wall of bookshelves and a fireplace at the end, as well as two very comfortable looking lounge chairs.

From what they could tell about each of the rooms on what looks to be the third floor, comfort was the major theme of the place. And Regina would have to say she loves it. This large house felt like a home. Something she had always wanted to have growing up in the Enchanted Forest. Looks like she was finally getting what she always wanted. Though it doesn't look like the rest of their family was here. she could see no sign of her parents, Flynn, Zelena, Maleficent Lily or Noah. Snow, David, Michael and Elijah weren't there either. Perhaps they have homes of their own?

They then ventured down the grand stairway, heading down to the second floor landing. This floor, from what they could also tell, had a couple more guest rooms, a second bathroom and a room that looks like a training room. They then finally reach the ground floor, which consisted of a family lounge room, a formal lounge room, a formal dining room, the kitchen, a laundry room with big strange looking metal boxes and a small bathroom off the laundry room. There was plenty of storage space and lots of different gadgets they didn't understand.

A knock at the front door startled them at first before Regina gained her composure enough to go see who it was. Upon opening the door she found their entire immediate family standing out on the front veranda. All of them were wearing the strange clothes similar to what Emma and herself were wearing. Regina gestured for them to enter the house. Choosing to lead them to the larger family lounge room with far more comfortable places to sit in. once they all took a seat, Cora got to the point.

"I believe Rumplestiltskin got someone to cast his dark curse, the one that he wanted me to originally cast as my price for him teaching me how to spin straw in gold. It allowed me to meet your father, I don't regret making that deal. But I was never going to cast a dark curse as a payment. I think something went wrong with his curse because we all remember our lives from the Enchanted Forest. Though I will admit, I like these homes the curse has given us. Indoor plumbing for one, light and heat at the ready rather than having to rely on fires and candles.

Granted we need to break the curse and go back home. We don't belong in this non magical world. But maybe we can bring the good things from this world back home with us? That is if the Enchanted Forest still exists?" explained Cora, she leaned back into the armchair she was sitting in. Then reached her hand out for Henry's, he took her hand in his and laced their fingers together. He gave hers a gentle squeeze to let her know he was with her.

"How exactly are we going to break the curse if there is no magic?" asked Flynn, feeling frustrated about the whole situation. He was due to present as either an alpha, omega or a beta any day now.

"That is a very good question, isn't true love magic supposed to be able to transcend realms?" said Michael, his twin nodding in agreement. Both had only just presented; Michael as an omega, like Emma and Elijah as a beta, right when the curse blasted its way through their family castle.

"Yes it is supposed to be able too. Though I am guessing you will only be able to use it in dire circumstances. Like in self-defence, since for the most part true love magic is defensive in nature as is most of light magic. However there is a way to bring magic back though." Responded Maleficent who was the most knowledgeable about magic.

"What way is that Mal?" asked a curious Emma, she squeezed Regina's hand in encouragement.

"Well I know that Rumple has a strand of mine and Snow's hair bottled up somewhere. It is probably here in town somewhere. Either inside his home or in his shop in town. I saw that he owns a shop on our way over here." explained David though he wasn't entirely sure that it would help them any.

"Yes well, bottled true love would be handy. But we don't exactly have to rely on that as the only source of true love magic here. You have Lily, Noah, Michael, Elijah, Cordelia and Emma who were born as products of true love. And if we add a strand of Zelena's, Regina and my own hair into a potion vial with all of the product of true loves, we should be able to make sure magic is far easier to access than if we used only yours and Snow's hair. Then all we will need is a pure water source that is linked to the town's water supply and hopefully a link to Lake Nostos from back in the Enchanted Forest. Then Emma and Regina will be able to break the curse with their true love's kiss." Explained Mal.

"Yeah okay, but why does it have to be Emma and Regina who break the curse? Couldn't any true love couple be able to break it?" asked Elijah making himself noticed for the first time since they arrived to Emma and Regina's Manor home.

"Knowing Rumple like I do, I would dare to guess that he would think having one of the daughters of the only person who had ever broken one of his deals and lived with the first born daughter of two people whose life he interfered the most with. And since you Snow are the goddaughter of none other than the Blue Fairy, I would say he chose Emma as a petty revenge against Blue. As there is no way she didn't have a hand in all of this. It would be fitting if Blue managed to be the one responsible for us all having our memories intact." Continued Maleficent

"Well, I think we should all have something to eat, then head on back to our homes. I am sure between us we should be able to create a decent meal…" suggested Henry, not knowing what else they could do for the moment. Besides they needed to get their bearings of the town before they could even begin with their plan to bring magic to this town of theirs.

A few weeks go by, while Regina and her family try and find a way to break the curse. Flynn presented as a beta as they thought he would. He seemed rather happy about that outcome. He and Elijah had been causing mischief around the town as a ruse to try and find out what Blue and Rumple were up to. Snow found herself enjoying being a primary school teacher, while David enjoyed running the local police station with Michael, Emma, Flynn, Elijah and the knights of the Light Kingdoms royal guard.

Regina was surprised to find herself in the position of the town's Mayor; Emma was the police captain. David as the lieutenant, Michael, Flynn and Elijah as the lead detectives. The royal guard filled in the gaps of the other ranks within the police force. The Dark Kingdom's royal guard was in charge of the rural fire brigade. The dwarfs as State workers, while the other kingdoms leaders fill in with the other positions in the council and other government department roles. The fairies ran the local church.

Granny and Red ran the local café and its attached bed and breakfast. Millah owned and ran the local dive bar and night club. While the common citizens where given roles suitable to their skill sets from the Enchanted Forest. For the most part everyone seemed happy and unaware of the curse that brought them all to the land without magic. Making their plans and efforts to break the curse harder than they had hoped. Belle of course was happy to no longer have to work for the Dark One and her role as head librarian was a dream come true.

Zelena worked in the hospital in the maternity ward alongside Merida as a midwife. Zelena was very much aware that the red headed woman was very much her other mother. One she was not allowed to fully get to know back in the

"It has been wonderful really, except for the whole she doesn't know who I really am. I don't blame you from keeping my connection towards her a secret from Regina and Flynn all these years. I know that it wasn't something you did lightly or to hurt me in anyway. She was a princess of a kingdom that didn't allow royalty to be with common folk. We have had a similar conversation before mother." Replied Zelena, a little worried about her mother's mental wellbeing. It seems that being stuck in a curse in a realm without magic was getting to her.

"You are quite right, sorry I don't seem to be myself lately. Well what I came by to tell you is that I think I found where the water source that is linked to Lake Nostos is located at. This town is bigger than I thought it would be. There is a well in the woods where a fresh water river runs through it. There seems to be a pumping station on the river bank, that takes the water from the river and channels it into the well. Then from that well there is piping that leads to the main water plant. So the well is where we should put the true love magic potion into." Said Cora, going over the notes her and Henry took as they explored the town.

"Well, that seems promising, we should all meet at Regina and Emma's house tonight and discuss the next part of the plan. I believe Emma and Regina will have some happy news to share with us." Replied Zelena, as she prepared for them some lunch.

Meanwhile over in the now called Swan-Mills Mansion, something Flynn aptly named once he learned what their respective family last names were. Henry found it rather fitting that he took on Cora's last name rather than keep the one his brother was given. His eldest brother was now called Alejandro Moreno. Not that it really mattered in the long run if they ever go back to the Enchanted Forest, as last names weren't needed there. Henry was very proud to be a Mills.

Emma could be found running after Cordelia who was adamant that she wasn't about to go for her mid-afternoon nap. "No mama, I don't want to go for a nap!" shouted Cordelia as she ran from the family room into the kitchen where Regina was just finishing up washing the dishes from lunch. Not having any staff to do the house chores was a new thing for them, but it didn't seem to bother either one of them. Cordelia hid behind Regina's legs thinking that her dark haired mother would save her from Emma and she wouldn't have to go to her room for her nap.

"Cordelia, you need to go for your nap sweetie. Or you will be too tired to play later." Said Emma, hot on the heels of Cordelia.

Regina chuckled at the interaction, before deciding to give her wife a hand in wrangling their two year-old daughter; "Your Mama is right, go for a nap now, then you can play later. You know the routine by now."

"But mummy I am not sleepy." Whined Cordelia, giving Regina her biggest and cutest puppy dog eyes. In most circumstances Regina was hopeless to resist those eyes, but not this time. Cordelia was at the age where all children begin to test the boundaries that their parents have given them. Something her mother told her to expect when it came to getting toddlers to do what they are told, you need to always stick to their routine. If they try and rebel, remind them that if they don't they won't be able to do something they like.

Regina bent down to pick Cordelia up into her arms and placed her on her hip. Cordelia automatically snuggled into Regina's body showing clear signs of tiredness. Regina and Emma then took Cordelia up to her bedroom and tucked her in, giving her a kiss on each cheek. They stayed in the room to make sure she remained asleep. When it looked like she would, they then headed towards the third floor study. Being the weekend both Regina and Emma had the time off from work.

When they entered the study, Regina lit the fireplace using the matches nearby. Making her wish she had her magic back even more. She then took a seat in one of the armchairs near the fireplace; Emma took the one opposite from hers. As much as she loved Regina's scent at the moment the perfume she wore was making her nauseous. So sitting in the other chair was the closest she could be to Regina to satisfy her inner omega and the needs of her body. "I got a message from Zelena on the mobile communications device. She says that mother has found the water source that is linked to Lake Nostos, the one that Mal told us to look for." Said Regina.

"That is good news! I will be glad when I can get my magic back. Having to do every single thing by hand is getting rather tedious. You don't realise just how much you rely on magic until you no longer have any." Replied Emma.

"Oh yes, most definitely. It is the reason I put a tea kettle in here so we can still have our hot tea while reading or relaxing in here. trying to figure out all these electronic devices has been trying. Like that thing they call a computer in my office has been a harrowing endeavour. Half the time I don't think I am doing it right." Continued Regina making small talk.

"I know what you mean, I have had the same problems with the computer in my office at the station. Though I do get the feeling that if after we break the curse and we end up back in the Enchanted Forest that my parents will want to hand over the Light Kingdom throne to us. My mum loves being a teacher quite a lot. But maybe we can have a good life here. There are more opportunities for our children here. They wouldn't have to shoulder the burden of ruling a kingdom one day if they don't want to." Said Emma, in a curious tone of voice.

While they were talking, Regina received an alert on her phone indicating she had received a text message. 'From Zelena: we will be holding a family meeting tonight at your place if that is fine with you and Emma?'

Regina glanced down at her phone after their conversation had ended and Emma had gotten up to grab the latest book she had been reading since the curse created the town of Storybrooke. She read the message from her sister and began to type out a response. 'From Regina: of course that will be fine. Might be an idea to bring dinner from Granny's with you. Easier than cooking for everyone at the last minute.'

She received a message almost a minute after sending her response; 'From Zelena: sure thing, is there anything I need to make sure is not in Emma's meal? Any weird cravings yet?'

'From Regina: weird cravings? Are you telling me you think she is pregnant? How are you even able to know that? Do you and Mal still have your dragon senses without magic?

From Zelena: honestly? I have no idea how I know. It is just a gut feeling. So any foods she can't stand the smell off?

From Regina; she seems to have an aversion to the perfume I have been wearing lately. And hasn't been able to stand the smell of bacon cooking. So probably it's best not to get her anything with bacon in it. Neither for me because if she catches it on my breath she will refuse to kiss me until I brush my teeth. I think Cordelia has hit the 'terrible twos' as mother calls it. Things are going to get a little crazy around here when we have our second child.

From Zelena: don't worry, you and Emma can handle it. Mal and I will have to teach Lily and Noah how to shift into their animal forms. Once they hit puberty. Now that is going to be crazy times in a fair few years. Anyway, will talk to you later sis, Mal just got home and she has that look in her eyes that says she wants to fuck me in every position possible. ;-P'

From Regina: way too much information… talk to you later.'

On the other side of town, Flynn was crouched down and hidden in the back room of Rumple's pawn shop. He had followed Blue there earlier and had been watching and listening to the Dark One and Blue's conversation since Blue arrived just after noon. They had been going on about how this wasn't where they were supposed to be with the curse. That they were supposed to be in a country in the far north called 'America' as that was where someone named 'Baelfire' lived. At least according to Rumple that is. How he was supposed to know this was beyond Flynn.

But he wasn't about to let himself get caught or he would never find out what they were planning. Instead Flynn moved as silently as he could to relieve the cramps he had in his knees and legs. "Look Blue, there isn't much we can do about where we are. Without magic we can't even test to see if we can leave town let alone find a way to a whole other country. I can't even be certain the container in which I placed the true love potion in came with us when the curse was cast. We shouldn't even have our memories either. We were supposed to be trapped in time until Princess Emma turned twenty-eight.

Then she was expected to break the curse with a true love's kiss." Said Rumple.

"Things got all screwed up long before the curse was even cast. You were supposed to ensure that Leopold was involved with Cora before she met Prince Henry. She was supposed to be duped by a random gardener in Leopold's employ. Fall pregnant, then she had to get rid of that child in order to gain power and position. Be spurned by Leopold. Then meet Prince Henry have Regina, be ambitious in wanting Regina to become queen, no matter what Regina feels. Turn Regina down a dark path so that she would be the one to cast the curse. Emma wasn't even meant to be born just yet. Let alone meet Regina and realise their connection as true love's and soulmates." Complained Blue, getting indignant about the whole debacle that was their current predicament.

"How was I supposed to know that by enacting the banished prophesy the way the timeline was supposed to go was changed drastically? My gift of foresight only goes so far." Retorted Rumple his anger starting to flare.

"Like you said nothing we can do about it. Unless we can get magic to this realm and even then, things will be difficult as magic will work differently here. It will be harder to access, more unpredictable. As it is, I am finding it difficult to get the dwarves to mine for fairy dust here in this rinky-dink coastal town. Though I will admit the beach is nicer here than we ever had it back in the Enchanted Forest. By the way, does it even exist anymore? The Enchanted Forest that is?" asked Blue.

"I can't be sure. I erected force shields over selective castles and the villages attached to them, so those parts of the Enchanted Forest should still be intact. However, all the people from there regardless of the shields were swept up and brought here by the curse. I wanted this town to seem as real as Baelfire would be used to, with all his time spent in this realm. That is, if he is even still alive of course." Replied Rumple.

Having heard as much as he could for now, without the risk of getting caught, Flynn snuck out the back door of the pawn shop. He then headed back to the police station to report his findings into the computer on his desk. He was surprised to find out he was rather good at figuring out how to use the technology they have access to in this realm. Though he does miss being in the Enchanted Forest with its many villages, kingdoms and magic. Oh how much did he miss magic. To not be able to feel his magic thrumming in his veins, it felt like he had lost a limb he never knew he needed.

He also missed his sword and his bow and arrows that never miss their targets, that always return to him when he called for them. Flynn didn't use his magic like his two older sisters and his sister in law. He never liked throwing fireballs or any elemental ball. Instead he preferred to channel it into his weapons. He wasn't the only magic user in their combined family that used magic the way he did. The twins Michael and Elijah were much the same. When he made it to his desk he logged into his computer and started to file his report while he could still recall the entire conversation and observations.

When he was done he checked his messages on his phone. He saw that Zelena had sent a group chat to inform them of a family meeting tonight at Regina and Emma's mansion. He smiled brightly, always happy to spend time with his partner in pranks Cordelia. It made him nostalgic enough to want to find someone to share his life with. Being a beta does limit his choices a bit, but this also meant he didn't have the pressure to have heirs. Maybe he will find someone while here in Storybrooke. If he doesn't, that is alright as well, there is more than enough time for that. The beauty of being born with magic.

But those thoughts weren't helping right now, he needed to go down to the printers and take the hard copy over to the Town Hall. On the weekends the deputy mayor is in charge. Rapunzel, from the kingdom of Corona, her long blonde hair and emerald green eyes, her bubbly personality, he couldn't understand why, but he did feel a strong pull towards her. With him newly presented maybe he might be able to figure out if she is a beta, alpha or an omega. He picked up the hard copy, placed it in the carry case used for transporting documents and left the station. He got into one of the available police cruisers and drove over to the Town Hall. He entered the building and was greeted by the deputy's secretary, Gothel.

"Ah yes detective Mills, lovely to see you. What is the purpose of this visit?" asked Gothel, sarcasm dripping from her voice.

"Just handing in the day's reports is the Deputy Mayor available?" replied Flynn.

"Let me just check…" Gothel picked up the phone and pressed the intercom button. Rapunzel picked up the phone on her end.

"What is it Gothel?" said Rapunzel. Annoyed by her assistant's fifth interruption for the day.

"I have detective Mills here for you ma'am." Said Gothel.

"Right, he will have the daily reports from the police station for me. Send him in." said Rapunzel, a slight happiness to her voice after hearing who had come to see her.

Gothel opened the Mayor's office double doors to let Flynn in. He walked through the doors, then walked on up to the Mayor's desk. "Good afternoon Deputy Mayor, I have the hard copies of today's reports. Where would you like me to put them?" Asked Flynn.

"Just here on the desk is fine. How was your day detective?" replied Rapunzel.

Flynn placed the carry bag on the desk before answering; "It was certainly interesting. You will see what I mean when you read my report. I will say it is never dull here in Storybrooke." He finished his response with the Mills' trademark smirk. He took a deep breath through his nose and detected that Rapunzel was also a beta. Which to Flynn was a welcome relief.

"Great! I will enjoy getting to read that then. Well, I bet you have things you need to do before you sign off for the day. I better let you go. Have a nice night alright?" responded Rapunzel in a clear dismissal; far too nervous to linger in the conversation. She wasn't used to good-looking guys flirting with her. Especially none that were as charismatic as Flynn Mills was. She did however enjoy watching his arse as he left the office. And was far too distracted by it, that she didn't notice his amusement from her checking him out.

When he finished his shift, Flynn then drove over to Regina and Emma's house and was happy to see that he made it in time for dinner. The entire family was seated around the big formal dining table. Lily, Cordelia and Noah all in their booster seats. "Hey Flynn, how did your shift go?" asked Emma before she took a bite of her burger.

"Rather well, I will tell all about it after dinner when we have our meeting." Replied Flynn before digging into his own meal. They all talked amongst themselves during the meal, simply enjoying each other's company. Though Regina did notice that Flynn seemed like he was daydreaming about a certain blonde Deputy Mayor. Regina found it amusing that all three Mills siblings preferred blondes as their mates.

After they finished eating their family dinner and all dishes were washed and put away, Regina, Emma with a bowl of choc chip ice cream with pickles, Cora, Henry, Flynn, Zelena, Maleficent, Snow, David, Michael and Elijah gathered in the family room, while Lily, Cordelia and Noah were up playing in Cordelia's room. The three watched over by one of their former handmaids from Hartdwell Manor in the Enchanted Forest.

Regina gave the bowl of ice cream and pickles that Emma was practically inhaling a look of sheer distaste before calling the meeting to start; "Flynn you mentioned that you had some interesting information for us?" Flynn nodded his head then began telling them everything he had overheard between Rumple and Blue. When he had finished, he took a long sip of his cup of coffee. A beverage he had grown to like since coming to Storybrooke.

"So, you are saying they are looking for a way to get magic here? And Rumple wants to go to some country called America to find his son?" asked Regina.

"Yep, pretty much. Though by the sound of things, the dwarves are starting to break through whatever cursed memories they have and delaying any work down in the fairy diamond mines. So, that is a plus for us; I guess." Replied Flynn.

"That is a bonus yes. Though them not having a way of getting magic can only be an advantage for us since mother found the water source linked to Lake Nostos. Now, all we need to do is put the true love magic potion in the well, down by the river in the woods. Once magic comes back, Regina and Emma can do their true love's kiss thing and we break the curse." Explained Zelena, a smile on her face at the prospect of the curse breaking.

"So, which one of us will take the potion to the well?" asked Michael.

"I will take it, neither Rumple or Blue would suspect a non-magical user like me would dare to try and bring magic back." Volunteered Henry.

"Great, that is settled. Henry and I will go to the well tonight and drop the potion in it. Then, by the time morning comes, magic will be back and Regina and Emma can break this curse. Then we can get back to our happy endings." Concluded Cora, everyone agreed to the plan. Cora and Henry took the true love potion with them and headed off to the well to fulfill their part of the plan. While everyone else who didn't live in the Swan-Mills Mansion went back home to prepare for a fight against Blue and Rumple once the curse breaks in the morning.

Regina and Emma gave Cordelia her night-time bath, before tucking her into bed with a bedtime story, until she finally fell asleep. They then went to follow their own nightly rituals. Showering together, followed by relaxing in bed with a book to read of their own.

Meanwhile over at the well, Cora kept watch for any of the spies who worked for either Blue or Rumple. Just as Henry dropped the potion Blue appeared out of the woods with a creepy smile on her face. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" said Blue.

"Nothing that concerns you Blue." Said Henry bravely knowing that in a few minutes Cora will have her magic and will be able to come to his defence.

"Oh but you just so happen to be here by this well so late at night? All by your lonesome? Where is that alpha wife of yours hmm?" taunted Blue maniacally.

"That's where you are wrong Blue, he didn't come here by himself. He came here with me." Taunted Cora back.

"What would you be doing out here in the woods? Getting adventurous, are we? A little nostalgic perhaps?" continued Blue, pulling out her wand but for what good it would do. Blue couldn't be sure.

Though Blue wasn't about to find out as Cora knocked the deranged Fairy out with her magic, that thanks to the potion reaching the bottom of the well and mixing with the water from Lake Nostos brought magic to Storybrooke. Cora took Henry's hand in hers then used her magic to transport them both to their house on Mifflin Street, only a few houses down from Regina's. They made love before snuggling into their bed together.

The next morning Regina and Emma woke to the sound of their daughter Cordelia opening their bedroom door. "Ma, mummy I got my magic back look!" squealed Cordelia as she made magical sparks shoot out of her fingers.

"That is wonderful sweetheart." Said Regina picking her up to sit with them on their bed.

Emma smiled when Cordelia came over to snuggle in with her. Regina cuddled in, behind Cordelia, then leaned in so as to give Emma a loving kiss. As their lips met a bright rainbow of coloured light shot out from them, breaking the dark curse….

Back in the present…

Prince Henry Swan-Mills smiled to himself once more as he gazed around him, the calming scent of his mate warming his heart; As well as the gentle snores of his grandchildren who by the end of the first story had finally succumbed to sleep. Prince Adam gazed lovingly into Henry's eyes. A strong sense of contentment filled them both at seeing their small family around them. "Looks like they fell asleep before you could read to them the second part of the story." Said Prince Adam as he came to sit beside Henry.

"Yes it seems that way. It is alright though. Just gives me more time to prepare for when they are ready to hear the rest. One thing we can be sure of, that we can tell them when they ask is, that they lived happily ever after." Replied Henry as he rested his shoulder on his husband's.

The End of part 1…