This is the original epilogue that shows what happened at the vampire mansion.

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Epilogue: Aftermath Part 1.

Halting in front of a pair of ornate double door Tank's stomach contracts. His gut is telling him this is it. Never give away the element of surprise. But he signals his men to get ready to charge in, guns blazing. Ranger hasn't responded on the commlink since their arrival outside the mansion's gate. It's best to burst in and hope they can interrupt the monster before it strikes the final death blow. If Ranger isn't already gone.

Bam! Tank and Lester charge in screaming with their men. A moment later confusion creeps across their faces. All is silent. There is no one.

"Over here!" Lester's Six, Santiago, call's out. Cautiously the men surround the disheveled figure streaked with black goo.

"That ain't right" James, the team Bulldog, mutters. The vampire lays impaled with Stephanie's mini-stake, his head broken from multiple bullets. His gaping black mouth empty.

"Ranger." Tank declares a small grin breaking across his stern face. Only he would slice out its tongue. Tank stares into the vacuous fanged mouth and then at the long black tongue drying out on the creature's chest. Spinning around scanning the room, he wonders, where is Ranger?

"There's no way he took Beautiful and left. We'd have seen them" Lester mutters grumpily. He hates mysteries if his friend's or men's wellbeing is involved. He can feel the anxiety mounting making him want to breakout and attack. Do anything to fix the situation that looms like a disaster around him. But frustratingly, there is nothing tangible to attack.

Circling they see them, behind an overturned table on the ground. Ranger is clutching her possessively to his chest and she is snuggled into his neck. They'd look like two lovers taking an intimate nape. Except for the blood and their ghostly faces.


"Already here. Tank, an ambulance team also arrived?" who called them. It looks like it's the Hunter Association.

Bobby kneels beside them pulling Stephanie gently out of Ranger's arms. Ranger yanks her back into his chest, encircling his arms around her tightly. "Ranger, I just need to.." Suddenly he swipes out violently, squarely hitting Bobby on the bottom Jaw. Luckily, he is not at full strength or speed Bobby thinks, or he would be in a world of hurt.

"Ranger, It's us. We're here to help! Let go." Bobby exclaims.

"Never." Ranger growls continuing to struggle. No one will take her from him ever again. His eyes glimmer dark and dangerous, but they are unfocused and glassy. He isn't in his right mind. It's like he's asleep and his mind confused in a nightmare, Bobby realizes.

"Ranger she'll die unless Brown fixes it." Tank's voice rumbles stern and commanding. Ranger stops struggling, his whole body listening. His dark eyes searching for an unseen foe. Just as the Hunter ambulance team swarms around them, Ranger releases his hold collapsing into Bobby's reaching arms.

Quickly the medics lift them onto the gurneys and insert an IVs in Ranger. He begins to stir after the first 1000 milliliters.

Bobby's face pales when he sees Stephanie's translucent skin and blueish lips. Quickly he sets up the blood transfusion working swiftly with the Hunter Association ambulance EMTS.

The ambulance EMT removes the shirt covering, Stephanie scanning for any bleeding wounds. He must prevent any further blood loss.

Ranger's eyes blaze. Roaring he lunges off the gurney seizing him in a choke hold under his arm. "You dare!" His voice is low and quite but everyone haults at its cold fierceness.

"What the Hell! He's gone mad." The EMT gasps perspiration dotting his red frightened face.

"No idiot. But he isn't quite himself." Bobby grabs a sheet and blanket, covering Stephanie's pale form. "A little privacy for the lady" Bobby mutters. Does he only treat Hunter's in the field?!

Ranger releases The EMT but refuses to lay down. Sitting on the edge of his gurney he watches him like a crouching panther ready to spring. Bobby and his medics work around this sitting position as best they can. They know not to mess with Ranger when he is not himself and a bit crazed.

"Right." The EMT tucks the sheet tighter around Stephanie eyeing Ranger. He switches in another fresh unit of blood. She's lost a lot, too much. But he isn't going to mention it to this maniac. He'll let one of the Sirs over there or a Doctor at the hospital tell him. He glances over at the 2 scientists. They arrived shortly after the woman research scientist. She specializes in dark creature studies and has a lab at the Hunter Association where the two Sirs work. He doesn't know her like he does the two male Squints, who are annoying.

"Ron, I never thought I'd ever see a vampire and live!" They are so rare and impossible to catch. But here is one and he is freshly dead.

"It's amazing they only have 2 casualties. The room is barely damaged." Ron responds glancing back at his friend Don then around the room. An overturned table and some blood on the floor, that's it. He thought for sure there'd be bullets and broken walls. Well broken everything from a mighty struggle. Where are the flame thrower scorch marks? He's read so much about Hunter Mañoso's revolutionary fighting strategies. "The rest of the team members look unscathed."

'Ron and Don the dense duo.' A woman with a long ponytail thinks as she squats over the unmentionable. Can't they tell the other men in the team didn't participate. And to think they tried to take over her projects last quarter. She easily out maneuvered them.

"This creature was killed by him, Ron." She says flatly eyeing him with disdain.

"Of course, Hunter Mañoso struck the final blow, that explains his injuries."

"No" She sighs "Him alone as evident by…"

Ron and his partner Don laugh "Right Angela, haaa hahhah did you hear, Don?" they continue laughing.

"She helped too.." Angela responds quietly, nodding her head in Stephanie's direction. Ron and Don laugh harder. The twin idiots. She's glad she got here first to claim the creature's body and make sure no Hunter teams or lovers ever have to fight one again.

"Yea like the witch that helped Van Helsing?" Don jeers. He loves to harass her about her wild theories. Vampires are so rare and powerful no one comes near them and lives. Any historic information about vampires or successful vampire slayers is tangled up in more myth than fact.

"Not a witch, his female partner. His lover actually. Of course any woman of capacity and forward thinking was branded a witch back then…by the dominant male idiots running society" She glares at them.

Just think, those two figured out how to break the paralyzing power of an unmentionable! Angela always believed Van Helsing also avoid paralysis when he fought with his secrete partner. His true love. OF COURSE, no one believes her theories on historic vampire hunters. But that's because they lack imagination and vision

"Us backward? That hurts Angie. We are highly educated with 6 degrees between the two of us. We're more qualified than you to oversee the dark creature research department" Don frowns

"That's Dr Angela to you" Don knows she doesn't answer to Angie. It's Angela. A derivative of the word angel. Named by her doting mother who insisted, she was a guardian angel.

Her fellow scientist lack judgement and vision. Even the vampire's strange caustic blood could make a horrific weapon. She won't allow anyone to exploit this. Instead, she'll use the knowledge to develop a poison bullet of sorts that will target the acidic blood. One shot and it dies, but humans remain unharmed. No one will have to risk their life again, to its cruel fangs and claws.

Brown is fussing over him again. "I'm fine" Ranger says ducking to the side, trying to get a peek at Stephanie's unconscious face. "How much blood did you bring, is it enough?"

"For now yes, but she'll need more at the hospital"

"The hospital still has her blood." Bobby nods to Ranger's statement.

"Yes and we have her fresh frozen plasma here and a few more units of blood at Hayward" Excellent. Ranger sits back slightly and for the first time looks into Bobby's worried eyes. He is looking at his neck.

"It doesn't look right." Bobby eyes the swollen redness and jagged wound edges. The bite isn't small and clean like all of Stephanie's wounds. Why does it look like it is festering or doused in acid?

"I had to stop the bleeding myself" Ranger nods to the tongue that the lady scientist is examining with her gloved hands.

The two men hovering near her wander over. Ranger doesn't like the look in the men's eyes. It's a pitying sad look like Stephanie is a walking dead woman. And he is just a time bomb that will erupt unless someone figures out the secrete to deactivate him.

Ranger's eyes darken into black embers and his shoulder muscles visibly ripple.

"I'm sorry. Too much blood loss" Ron whispers nervously his face paling. Ranger's heart pounds in anger. Stephanie isn't like other people. She has lost a lot of blood before and it didn't phase her. Though, she has never lost this much, ever. He looks over at Bobby for confirmation, but he refuses to meet his eyes. Ranger's heart sinks into his feet. Looking away he doesn't want anything to do with these squints. A dark cloud gathers around him as he stares at Stephanie's silent pale form.

"I'm impressed." The female scientist walks up behind the two men. Ranger thinks she means killing the unmentionable "The foresight with stockpiling her blood. I think she will surprise everyone. As long as she gets only her own blood." Ranger's head snaps up and he searches her face intently.

Dr. Angela's eyes shine back confidently. There isn't any pity or sorrow in them like the mens' eyes. They look at him and Stephanie like fallen heroes on their way to the grave.

"MMm" He watches Angela intently, waiting.

"You adapted after a pixy attack. It's reasonable to suppose Miss Plum adapted after years of abnormal blood loss." She smiles at Ranger glancing at Stephanie. A ray of hope shines through the dark clouds that surround him.

Ranger's lips curl in a ghost of a smile. He nods. He likes the lady scientist. Any dark creature resources he is sending to her department in the future, not those annoying men. He doesn't like them. He hates the pitying look in their eyes. It's like they've given up on his Babe.

"She will not wilt away." Ranger murmurs fiercely. And he will not succumb to the venom. He crushed the vampire, and he will continue to watch over Stephanie forever.

His heads spins again and the dark spots increase. Blood loss, he grumbles to himself irritably.

"This will help. She is stabile and does not require this unit right now. I overheard your medic saying you have more in storage" Ranger glances up. It's the female scientist Angela again. She has returned with a pack of Babe's blood and an amber packet of fluid. Handing both to Bobby she ignores the hesitation of the ambulance EMTs. "I'll take full responsibility for any adverse reactions. Hunter Mañoso is Type AB+ and here this says its.. A+. They're compatible, obviously" She smiles at her own joke as she glances at the lovers.

"A unit of full blood will help until he gets to the hospital and receives his exact match. The packet of Miss Plum's fresh frozen plasma will help even more. He bled a lot and has partially treated vampire venom thinning his blood. Though the most important thing in the plasma isn't the platelets." She tells Bobby as she eyes Ranger and then Stephanie and then looks back at Bobby knowingly. You get the idea? Her eyes say.

She smiles and Bobby nods but looks a tad confused. "Antibodies" she whispers. "It's best to give the first dose in the first few day of an infection. But it is a risky thing just giving fresh frozen plasma without the antibodies being isolated and perfected."

Angela has studied dark creatures for a long time. She knows that if she doesn't risk it, then it won't matter what anyone thinks later. Dead is dead. She refuses to rely solely on Hunter Mañoso's healing abilities.

"You've never been bitten before?" Ranger nods yes. Just as she thought. The infection will rage in a few days. His bite looks horribly contaminated with something. "Did you get vampire blood in this?" she looks at Ranger's bewildered face. He doesn't know.

She heard how he stopped the bleeding. Ingenious. But she is sure small amounts of vampire blood were still on the tongue. She suspects it entered the wound further complicating the problem of vampire venom that is already infecting his blood stream.

"A little help to even the fight" She smiles at Ranger hooking the plasma up to the IV once the unit of blood is administered.

Finished giving her expertise, she returns to the unmentionable's body where Ron and Don pretend they are not trying to steal her vampire specimen.

"Such a shame she'll die" Ron whispers glancing over at Stephanie. She is astonishingly awake now. Resuscitated by the blood units. She is smiling and coaxing Ranger to lay down so the EMTs can give him proper first aid. Good thing too. Ron is sure that Hunter will collapse any minute if he continues sit on the edge of the gurney and watch everyone like a hawk.

Don nods sighing "The Hunter too, its a pity. With his injuries, blood loss and the vampire venom.." Ron nods his head in agreement. It's a lethal combination. The raging infection from the creature's bite will probably kill him, just like the Hunter's who fought the creature 2 years ago.

"You're idiots. That's Carlos Mañoso who defeated the pixy mistress" Angela is gazing at the couple who haven't taken their eyes off each other. She doesn't agree with Ron and Don. The Hunter and his partner Stephanie have already defied the odds defeating the pixies. They did it again today, killing an unmentionable and surviving in one piece.

"Yes, we know. The Hunter touched by pixies" Don smirks. Angela shakes her head in exasperation.

"Whatever. He isn't like other Hunters. And not just in speed and strength, but in his healing powers" How else could he defeat an unmentionable without a team of Hunters to back him up? "And don't give up on her yet. I have a theory. Because of the long term predicament she was in with the creature, she adapted to blood loss in an unprecedented way." Angela stares at the couple. Stephanie is laughing and blowing kisses at Ranger from her gurney. Angela can see the tension evaporating off his muscles and his powerful frame finally letting go to relax.

"You don't know that, Angie. Unmentionables ordinarily drain their victims' dead on the first feeding." Don scoffs.

"Not yet but, you can read my paper when I prove you wrong" She saw the blood samples Dr Swatt took from Miss Plum. That unknown protein element in her blood cells. An adaptation. She theorizes there is a sister molecule on her organs. Together she suspects it protects Stephanie from dying of severe blood loss that would causes normal people's organs to shut down and die. How else could she survive repeated feedings from a greedy vampire for years without needing a hospital sooner?

"Angela, it's more blood loss than anyone has survived, ever. Even with modern transfusions. Your ancient texts on this are pointless."

"True. But no vampire victim ever got a transfusion of her own blood" she has already beaten the odds not only waking up but talking and laughing. Don and Ron can't deny this as they stare at her baffled.

Her Hunter lover thought of everything didn't he. Angela smiles, her cheeks flushing with pleasure. She is a romantic at heart, despite her cold clinical persona. "Besides you forget the greatest power they wield. The one that destroyed the unmentionable."

"Right and what's that?" Don crosses his arms raising an eyebrow skeptically.

"True love." She breaths smiling.

Motioning to her techs they quickly pack up the mess of a creature. "I'll find out all your secretes" She mutters staring at the vampire. Their sacrifice won't be in vain.

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