Bananarose100: Hello, Moutha and Hairold!

Moutha: Hi! ('accidentally' spits on Hairold)

Hairold: Hey! Victoria spent ages fixing me! (smoothens himself) She's gonna be SO MAD… but I guess I can blame it on my brother, Harbrush. He's always messing up. (shakes his head in disapproval)

Moutha: You mean YOU mess up and then blame it on Harbrush. (rolls eyes)

Bananarose100: (scoots away) Ummm…. ok. Ahem. I own these all these characters. ENJOY!

Victoria the Old and Cranky is a resident of Gockgok nursing home. Her nickname is Old and Cranky because, well, she is old and cranky. Nobody knows why. Actually, everyone knows why she's old. I mean the cranky part. Maybe it's because she has gone to jail three times. Maybe it's because the food in Gockgok is terrible.

The other residents of Gockgok are wary of her, mostly because she steals their wigs and dentures. Many have left the nursing home because of embarrassment because of the lack of hair and teeth.

Now, you probably want to know what old Vicky does with the stolen wigs and dentures. She actually keeps them in a box! And the gross part is that she USES THE DENTURES!

If you would like a minute to throw up, I'd be happy to give you some. (background noises) BLECH! BLARF, BLEEEF! If you didn't throw up before, you would have after hearing those noises.

Victoria names the dentures and wigs, (which is a really weird hobby, BTW) and her favorite wig and favorite dentures are Hairold and Moutha. She keeps them in a locked box in a locked box in a locked box in a locked closet in a locked room. Super high surveillance, right? And it doesn't help that there are 28 alarms on the door and on the boxes. Everyone thinks she's paranoid. Or is she… (scene darkens) (scene lightens) Actually, she is.

Well, on with the story!