Hello and welcome all to the start of SPKY Week! What I'm going to be attempting to do is write stories following the 7 prompts this week (with the 8th and final day being a Free Day). And all the prompts are Halloween themed! For those of you who want to try your hand at some prompts for SPKY Week, the list of prompts is at the bottom.

Day 1 - Bats

Of course, the one thing that Yang feared would happen on her team's trip to the cottage happened. Of course, after days of talking with her little sister. After the countless promises made by her sister's girlfriend, and her best friend, saying how unlikely it was. It had to happen. And happen in the worst possible way she could have ever imagined. Was it bad luck? Divine providence? Some wayward lost soul tormenting her for all the puns she made?

Well, it probably wasn't any of those, but she was fairly certain the last one had the greatest chance of being true.

It all started one Thursday evening, in the dorm room of Team RWBY, in the great hallowed halls of Beacon. Instead of studying, as was the norm of such amazingly bright and gifted girl, they were lounging around, eating candy and watching a horridly dull and cliché scary movie. Why did they choose a horridly dull and cliché scary movie rather than an exciting and scary, scary movie? Well, because even though all four of our intrepid youngsters were battle-hardened huntresses in training, they were all too chicken to watch something scary on their television.

Hence why all the lights were on, Blake was hiding behind a book to keep from seeing anything too jump-scary, Yang was hugging the bowl of popcorn like a stuffed animal, and Weiss and Ruby were essentially lying on each other's laps, while under the covers to hide from the monster on screen.

This of course led to the next chain in the events of Yang's worst fear happening. Yang made a terrible joke.

"Why don't we all say what we're scared of the most?"

"Why in the hell would we do such a thing?" Weiss replied, not letting up on Ruby, who dug her head into the crook of Weiss's neck to hide from the splatter of extremely fake blood in the movie.

Yang shrugged. "Dunno. Are you chicken?"

"We're all ears Yang, if you want to begin," Blake said with a flick of her page.

Yang waggled a finger at her best friend. "Heh, ears. But that would be too easy! Blake why don't you begin."

And with that, a night of horridly dull and cliché scary movies turned into a night of revealing their secret embarrassing fears. Blake's was simple. It was being trapped. In a corner, in her own blankets. Didn't matter. If she was trapped and couldn't immediately find a way out, she turned into a rubber chicken.

"Cuz… cuz they make that really annoying squawking sound," Yang helpfully informed, only to receive a pillow to the face.

"I do not squawk!"

Weiss's fear was of the top bunk.

"That's why you never want to sleep with me up there!" Ruby accused.

"Too much information, Rubes," her sister laughed out. Ruby blushed hard, waving her hands and sputtering out retractions and truths. Not that Yang was listening to any of it.

It was true that they sometimes slept, and I do mean slept, together in Weiss's bed. Ruby loved having Weiss's as a cuddly pillow.

Ruby's embarrassing fear was of spiders. And octopi. And starfish. And tardigrades. And millipedes

"They have eight legs and it is creepy! Why do they need so many legs!"

"What about centipedes?" Blake asked.

Ruby shrugged. "Those are cute. They have these cute little pincers that just want some hugs!"

No, Ruby could not see the hilarity in that situation.

And then it was Yang's turn.

"Heh, do we really need to do this?" Yang said, backing away from the group, all twitchy eyed. "You all know me, Yang-arang ain't scared of 'noughin'!"

Yang let out a trembling bit of laughter at the sight of her little sister. To be fair, Ruby was really mastering the Weiss Eyebrow Raise. Yang was pretty confident it gave Weiss a nose-bleed at the sight.

Head down, she finally crumbled. "Fine! I'm scared of bats and things getting stuck in my hair!"

"Bats?" Ruby questioned with a tilt of her head. "Those furry little things that eat mosquitos and look like mini-flying Zweis?"

"Yes!" Yang shouted. "They're mammals. That fly! Mammals shouldn't fly!"

Oh no. Yang did not like the smirk appearing on Blake's face right now. Nor the twinkle in Weiss's eye.

"Heey guys," Blake said nice and slowly, taking careful steps towards Yang. "Why don't we face our fears together? Halloweens coming up in a few weeks anyways. Let's take a trip. See if we can get over all of our fears here. Then, we can load of on candy and trick-or-treating the night of."

After hearing candy and trick-or-treating, Ruby was all for it. Even Weiss popped in with a "my family has a cottage we can borrow for the weekend!"

Suffice it to say, there was no way Yang could back out now. Not when her sister of all people wasn't chickening out.

And that led to that weekend and the real start to Yang's troubles.

The Schnee Family Cottage (TM, and I do mean TM. Those Schnees will trademark anything) was about as 'Schnee-like' as a warm, family hug. That is to say, the exact opposite of what one might expect from such a family. Yang had gone in expecting something akin to a mansion made out of wood and marble. Maybe with some hanging antlers in the shape of a chandelier. Probably with enough rooms to house an army and enough servants to feed one.

What she had gotten instead was a rickety seven room, four bathroom wood house. Still massive and still so much bigger than any place she had ever lived or slept in, but not Schnee big. It also lacked any servants and looked to be about twenty years late for a renovation. The stairs to the front door creaked. The rafters were teaming with spider webs. The roof had a hole in it which turned the gentle breezy wind into a horrible, ghostly moan.

Yup. Yang was oh so happy to have agreed to spend the weekend in a place straight from a moster movie.

"Did you know," Weiss began her lecture as she normally did; with a raised finger, chin up and eyes closed. "This cottage was used in the filming of not one, but thirty-seven different horridly dull and cliché scary movies?"

Great, so not only was Yang going to be scared of what Blake had planned for the weekend, she was also going to have to spend the night thinking about the monsters from the movies they had watched a few nights previously.


Great, great.

So… great.

"So, who wants to go first?" Blake clapped once.

Did Blake look like a cartoon villain or was that just Yang?

As team leader, Ruby admirably decided to go first.

There was a team vote and Ruby lost.

Blake put a gentle hand on Ruby's shoulder. "Okay Ruby. What you're going to do to help get over your fear of spiders is to-"

"You want me to kiss a spider?!"

"No Ruby. Kill. Kill a spider." Even as nervous as Yang was, she couldn't help but chuckle at her sister's behaviour.

It did take some time, but Ruby accomplished her task. She managed to kill a single spider that they had found in one of the guest bedrooms.

On another note, the Schnee Family Cottage (TM) only had six bedrooms and four bathrooms now.

Weiss was next.

"Mine is simple really. All I need to do is spend the night sleeping on the top bunk of a bed. That shouldn't be too hard if I have-"

"You can't sleep with Ruby," Yang interrupted.

"Well, I'm screwed," Weiss concluded.

Blake and Ruby snickered in the background.

Blake's fear was a little trickier. It was, for all intents and purposes (or, as Ruby liked to say, intensive purposes) a real and legitimate fear. None of the girls wanted to actually put Blake in danger and give her a panic attack.

So, they decided (for once) to pay merit to Yang's joking suggestion.

"Blake, for the rest of the night, you are going to need to stay wrapped in a blanket burrito."

"A what-what?"

"Blanket burrito!" Ruby cheered. "Ooh, you're gonna love it. Yang makes the best blanket burritos. She's gonna wrap you up all nice and snug and you just feel all warm and cozy inside! Yang did it to me all the time whenever I was sick or I had to go to sleep."

Yang chuckled. "I mainly did it to keep little you from jumping out of bed and wandering around looking for cookies."

"But it worked and it was comfy," Ruby said with a nod, as if she won some sort of mental battle going on in her head.

Blake was nervous was agreed.

"Okay Blake we'll start nice and easy. All you need to do, is lie on top of this blanket."

Yang went about finding the biggest blanket in the cottage and lying it out flat across the floor. Slowly, Blake crept onto it, tip-toing with constant looks towards the exit. The exit which was being blocked by Weiss (Ruby was blocking the windows).

She laid down. Nice and slowly.

Then, Yang got to work. First she folded in the bottom of the blanket nearest to her friend's feet, making sure it was flat without a single wrinkle. The comfiest she could make it. Then came the left side. She folded the blanket over with the same delicate care, wrapping the blanket back around under Blake, fastening her arms to her side.

"It's alright Blakey. It's just you and me and Ruby and Wiess. We're your friends. Do you trust me?" Yang whispered, rubbing Blake's hairline.

"I-I y-yes." Blake nodded quickly, eyes fastened shut.

"Okay, last fold. Here we go." Yang then folded the right side of the blanket, securing it underneath Blake and tucking in the corners so she was fully locked in place.

"There we go. Now, I'm going to lift you and and seat you on the couch. That way we can watch some television together and I can feed you some popcorn. How does that sound?"

"O-okay," Blake answered, a slow bead of nervous sweat dingling from her eyebrow, which Yang carefully wiped away.

Now, finally sitting up, she looked calmer. More at ease.

More at peace.


Blake shot up, still fully trapped in the blanket burrito. "LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT! LET ME OUT!"

Blake screamed that mantra as she bounded off the couch and towards the exit. Still being completely and utterly trapped, her mad-dash for the door looked more like a potato-sack race, but Blake was clearly freaking out.

"No!" Ruby shouted. "Don't let her escape!"

They ran for the door. Blake jumped into it, just as Yang locked it shut. The cottage rattled with the force of the collision.

"LET ME OUT!" Blake screeched, not stopping her hopping as she collided with the dinner table, the dusty paintings on the wall, far too many lamps… why were there so many breakable lamps in this cottage?!

"Stop moving so we can let you out!" Weiss shouted.

"LET ME OUT!" Was Blake's less-than-happy reply.

Smacking into the wall again shook the cottage once more.

Then they all froze.

There was squeaking. And not the squeaking of a rocking chair or a less than oiled up weapon. No, it was the squeaky chitter-chatter that made Yang's eyes widen. It was quickly followed up by the telltale flapping of leathery wings.

"Oh. Oh no."

Then all hell broke loose. Dozens of bats which had made their homes in the rafters of the Schnee Family Cottage (TM) flew around the girls.

Yang's high pitched screams were not of a woman enjoying anything about the situation.

With quick thinking, Ruby bolted for the door, flying it open so hard it dented the wall it smacked into. "Be free!"

Finally with a path out, the bats swooped low and flew out the door, screeching all the while.

All they were left with was an eerie silence. Weiss, panting, looked at Ruby, who in turn looked at Blake. Blake was still tied up tightly in her blanket burrito, but she looked a little less scared. Instead, her eyes were on Yang.

The eerie silence was muffled by the sounds of quiet sobbing.

Yang was curled up into a ball on the floor, tears streaming from her eyes.

"Hey," Blake took a hop over to her terrified friend.

Then paused.

Yang's hair was moving on its own.

Then a squeak.

Yang shrieked, clutching herself tighter.

There was a bat.

Stuck in her hair.

Yang's sobbing turned into a full on panicky cry.

There was no more jokes about facing fears now.

Ruby rushed over to her sister' side, hugging her tightly as Yang cried into her shoulder. There was still a bat in her hair.

"Ruby, we're going to need to cut it out," Weiss said, trying to keep calm.

"NO!" Yang screamed, tears falling faster now. "No, anything but that. Anything but that."

"Shh, shh, shh," Ruby soothed, rubbing her sister's back, doing hre best to rub the hair not currently moving. Because bat.

There was a bat stuck in Yang's hair.

This could have been hilarious if not for a clearly still terrified Yang huddled into her little sister's arms for any semblance of warmth and protection.

"Just… feel around in there. No cutting, just try to untangle the… the animal." Ruby instructed Weiss, as Blake sullenly looked on, still trapped in her burrito.

"There, there, Yang," Ruby soothed, slow ministrations and kind words to keep Yang's attention while Weiss worked diligently.

It took time. Far too long in Ruby's (and Yang's) opinion, but Yang's crying turned back into quiet sobs and finally a silent stream of tears and sniffles. The bat was freed, screeching as it flew to the open door and freedom.

Yang clenched up as she heard the sound of the bat retreating into the dark night.

"There, there, Yang. There, there."

This was not how Yang pictured the start to her Halloween adventure going…

Day 1 - Bats

Day 2 - Inner Fears

Day 3 - Vampires

Day 4 - Candy

Day 5 - Movies

Day 6 - Trick-or-Treat

Day 7 - Spooky Stories

Day 8 - Free Day (Day 8 is on October 31st, so Happy Halloween!)

The goal is 1 prompt each day. At least that's my goal. I'd love to have you join me on as many days as you feel comfortable doing. Shoot e a PM with your stories, I'd love to read them!