Day 6 - Trick-or-Treat

"Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!" Ruby squealed, tugging on her sister's hands in an increasingly high-pitched squeal. She was ready to go, all dressed up in her costume. She switched out her regular black and red wardrobe for deep blue and red. The middle of her chest covered with a big red 'S'. Her skirt was nice and red and swished when she twisted from side to side. And of course, her trusty red cloak was strung over her shoulders acting as Supergirl's trusty cape.

"One second Rubes. We still have all night," Yang said, refusing to pull her eyes away from the television in the dorm room. Some cheesy romantic horror film was playing, and Yang was engrossed in the tale.

"We're going to miss all the best trick-or-treating spots! Look! Even Blake and Weiss are ready," Ruby said, gesturing to the two other girls in the room.

Blake was dressed all in black, her sword strung across her back instead of on her hip. After Yang had made a joke about her being a ninja, Ruby had gone to work on preparing her friend a fantastic ninja costume. And indeed, it was fantastic. Blake could have gone without the earholes on top for her faunus ears. She thought it made her look ridiculous.

Weiss was going as a witch.

A very boring witch.

She didn't even change her clothes from the day. It was just her regular clothes and a much-too-big witch's hat.

No spirit, that one.

Having finally given up her futile hope of physically forcing Yang to stand, Ruby decided to pull out her ultimate secret weapon.

"You're about to do the puppy-dog pout, aren't you," Yang said, eyes still fastened on the television.

"Drat. She knows about my ultimate secret weapon."

Trying it anyways, she held that pout for as long as she could, whining with an adorable twinge in her voice to get Yang's attention.

Yang sighed. "Fine. I'll just download the movie onto my scroll tomorrow or something."

"Woohoo!" Ruby cheered as she danced towards the dorm room door.

Thirty minutes later, the four girls were out of the dorms, off the bullhead and making their way through the neighbourhood streets. There were plenty of people walking around, all dressed up in their fantastic costumes. Candy seemed to fill the air. Or so Ruby said.

Ruby rushed up to a house, dragging along Weiss with her. Ringing the doorbell, she bounced with glee, clutching to her pumpkin shaped goody bag. The door opened to an old lady.

"Trick or treat!" Ruby squealed.

"Oh my! What an amazing supergirl you are So brave and strong."

"Uh-huh!" Ruby shook with excitement.

"Here you go dearies. Happy Halloween." The old lady put a piece of candy into each of the girls bags. Five pieces in total.

Ruby scrunched up her nose. Five?

She looked around. There was her, dressed as supergirl. There was Weiss, dressed up as a boring witch. There was Blake , dressed as a ninja. Yang was dressed as a female Sun Wukong (only she and he found it hilarious). And then there was what looked to be a Weiss level of costume talent, with a white sheet ghost. Holes cut out for the eyes. The sheet was large, descending all the way to the ground, with no holes cut out for arms or a mouth. Their candy bag was being clutched by sheet covered hands.

Ruby looked to Yang, then back to the ghost sheet.

"Umm… hi."

The person didn't say anything.

"Well, we'll be going now."

As Ruby started to walk with her team to the next house, the ghost sheet seemed to follow closely behind them. Ruby stopped, then turned to give them a look.


Their tagalong didn't say anything.

Ruby took a step forward. So did the tagalong.


"It's Halloween Rubes. Let's just let out little tagalong have some fun with us. We are huntresses in training after all. Nothing can stop us when you are our fearless leader!"

Ruby perked up at Yang's words. "You're right! Come on gang, candy awaits!"

The group quickly found their groove, hitting each and every house on the block. Their tagalong followed them from house to house, always a step or two behind, but never out of sight. All the while, Yang was being the best big sister ever, singing Ruby's praises. How she was one of the finest Scythe wielders in remnant. How she and Weiss were the cutest couple ever. The embarrassing but sweet story about how Ruby tried and failed to ask Weiss out, only for Weiss to ask her out a few days later. And for some reason, also her marks on Professor Port's latest test.

Ruby didn't think she did that well on it. But Yang seemed happy to mention it, so she wasn't one to look a gift horse in the mouth.

All too soon, their bags were filled, and they were some of the last people left on the street. They hadn't realized how late it became, until Blake of all people let out a tired yawn.

"Guess it's time to wrap things up here. You got enough candy Rubes?"

Ruby nodded, Blake's yawn catching and leaving her yawning as well. "Plenty."

Yang nodded. "Alright, you guys go on ahead and save me a seat on the bullhead. I'm going to have a little chat with our tagalong. Thank them for joining us and all that."

"Alright," Ruby said, waving to the tagalong. "Bye mister or missus tagalong! It was nice to meet you. Sort of."

The tagalong for their part, did nothing but stand still.

Yang watched as Ruby, Weiss and Blake left down the street, talking amongst themselves about how great a night it was. Once out of sight, Yang turned to the tagalong.

"Hey," she said kindly. "I wanted to thank you for joining us. It was an amazing night and I know you enjoyed it too."

The tagalong quirked it's head. The white sheet creasing at the neck before returning upright.

Yang smiled. "Ya, I know. She's grown up into an amazing young woman. I'm so proud of her. I think you made her night. I'm glad you actually joined us this year. Ruby's going to talk for weeks about the new mysterious friend we made while trick or treating."

The tagalong's long sheet seemed to flutter and swirl along the bottom, as if it were being kicked. "Ya, I'm happy too. It was fun. Same time next year?"

No movement.

"What I thought. It was… it was great seeing you again. Speaking to you. Sort of. I'm just happy to share all I can about her. She's my sister. But also the greatest person I know. She wants to be exactly like you when she grows up. But, we both know that she's going to be so much better."

Yang smiled, turning towards where Ruby and her friends had left to. Then, she looked back at where the tagalong had been. But, the ghostly sheet was no longer there. In it's place were a few fluttering white petals and a bag filled with candy that the tagalong had been carrying.

Sniffling and whipping a tear from her eye, Yang chuckled, reaching for the bag. "Thanks Summer. I'll make sure Ruby gets it. I miss you, mom."

With one last sniffle and a stare towards the heavens, Yang turned and walked down the empty night streets. It had been an amazing Halloween.

This was the first prompt for SPKY Week that I wrote.

Cun - Ya! You definitely did help inspire it. When working out what I wanted to do for most of the prompts, it completely slipped my mind to do a story for Ruby's fear of things with more than 8 legs. But then you reminded me (even though I think I did say I wasn't gonna do it). Then Clem suggested a Ghostbusters AU and it all just clicked! :D