Day 7 - Spooky Stories

"Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a princess most fair. With eyes as blue as sapphire and hair and white as the winter's snow. This girl lived in a beautiful castle nearby the best of shopping centres. One day, she ventured, alone, to the shopping centre for a new pair of shoes. But when she arrived. Huh! Gasp! All the specialty boutiques were replaced with retail stores! Nooo!"

The members of Team RWBY, having returned from their long night of trick or treating, all sat in the middle of their dorm room floor, each with a bowl of candy to munch on, passing a flashlight between them. With the lights off and warm blankets wrapped around themselves, it was time for the oldest of Halloween traditions: spooky stories.

There was just one problem.

"Pfft!" Yang tried her best to hold back a chuckle, slapping her own knee. The laughter did not amuse Weiss who was holding the flashlight up to her face, casting an eerie glow. "That's not scary. Who did you tell that story to before us? Rich, prissy girls?"

Weiss grumbled, handing the flashlight to Blake and leaning into Ruby's awaiting arms. "They were my Atlas friends and they were all really scared of it." Her voice was muffled by Ruby's blanket.

"There, there Weiss. I thought it was scary," Ruby said, stroking her hair.


"Really, really."

"Thanks," Weiss cuddled into Ruby's arms further while Yang coughed out a "get a room."

"With that out of the way, I guess it's my turn," Blake said, positioning the flashlight under her own face.

"Once upon a-"

"Nope!" Yang ripped the flashlight from Blake's hands. "We all know how you get with stories. This is a strictly PG-13 night!"

"Hey! I was totally going to be family friendly!"

"Was there going to be tentacles?"

"… yes."

"And a fair maiden getting trapped by those tentacles?"

"… yes."

"And was there or was there not going to be any character saying the words, and I quote 'oh! They are too big! I can feel them squeezing me so tight'."

Blake crossed her arms with a huff. "Maybe not in that context."

"PG-13 only. My turn then." Yang let out a spooky laugh.

"Gather round children-"

"-we're your age. I'm two months older than you."

"Shut up Blake, you're ruining the moment. Gather round children and come hither a tale-"

"-Hear, not hither."

"I said shut up Blake! – and hither a tale most frightful!" Yang barked out the incorrect word as she wiggled her fingers as if performing magic. Blake rolled her eyes and settled back onto her hands.

"For this is the story that has happened to me in my own youth. This is… the Tale of the Ouija Board."

Ruby visibly trembled, whispering out a quick "I know this one," before ducking her head underneath her blanket.

"It was a normal night. One like any other before. I was in my third year of combat school and heading over to my good friend's place for her birthday party. It was a week before Halloween night and there was to be eight of us. All dressed in our simple Halloween costumes, ready for a night of games, treats and scary stories. Much like we are doing right now."

Yang looked to each of the girls. Even to Ruby who was still covered entirely by her blanket. Weiss was really holding in a grin at her girlfriend's antics.

"On the way over to her house, I passed by a small, almost rustic antique store. Feeling confident, I went inside, checking for any old timey games to show my friends. The shop owner was an old man I had never seen before. That alone was strange. Patch is a small town. I thought I knew every person and every store. Especially those on my route to my friend's place. But her looked at me up and down and with a small, broken-tooth smile, reached under his desk and handed me a box.

He looked at me and said, 'this's what your looking for. Never play alone. And don't let anyone leave the room while the game is goin' on.'" Yang's voice took on a creaky quality as she mimicked the old shop-keep. Blake and Weiss were silent, eyes wide as Yang continued her story.

"I tried to ask how much it was, but he shook his head and gave it to me for free. Taking up his offer, I thanked him and left the shop. Ever since that day, I have yet been able to find it again.

"Once I reached my friend's, my put down the box and proceeded to have fun my with friends. We ate pizza and birthday cake. We played videogames and gossiped about our classes. There was even a pillow fight or two, but her mom got mad at us and we had to pick up all the feathers. It was awesome. But, a story for another time. It was already late and, hyped up on sugar as we all were, we settled into a circle, much like this one and I brought out the box the old man had given me. I told them the strange story of getting the game for free, yet still was unsure what it was. On the count of three, I opened the box.

"Inside was nothing more than a Ouija Board. It looked old to be sure. But a Ouija Board, nonetheless. We had all played around with them before, but thanks to the creepy man, the really old and fancy board, an the scary season around us, we decided to play. I took out the planchette and we all placed a finger on it.

"'The old man gave me two rules to follow,' I told them all. '1. Never play alone. And B. Don't leave while we are playing the game'. I made sure they all understood the rules, a happy smile on my face. What was there to be scared of? It was just a Ouija board. We had all played with them before. And so, we began.

"'Is anyone there?' We said. The planchette slowly made it's way to 'yes'. We looked at each other and all laughed. The game began. This time was different. The board misspelled some of the words the same way every time. It gave answers that seemed really historically accurate for our town. It turns out, the spirit we were in contact with was a ten year old boy. He had lived in Patch over a century ago and had died on that piece of land, buried in an unmarked grave somewhere nearby. It all checked out. There was an old cemetery maybe a block down the street filled with tons of unmarked graves. The answers he gave about his life in Patch were just too accurate and detailed to be anything but the truth. We asked him why he didn't pass on to the next life. He told us, 'his papa would find him.'"

Ruby shivered, finally peering out from her blanket protection.

"We asked him how we could help him. He said, and I won't ever forget the words he wrote with that planchette, 'he'll leave me be if I give him someone better'. We looked at each other, a little scared at that point. We asked him if we could say goodbye, and he said not yet. A few more questions. We obliged. At that point, Savannah, one of my friends, well, she had been drinking a lot of orange juice and really needed to use the bathroom. We told her not to go. We reminded him of the rules. 'Don't play alone and never leave while the game is going on.' But she really had to go. She didn't believe in the Oija board. She thought it was just a game. Just psychological mumbo jumbo. One of us had to be moving the piece, though we all denied it. Still, she got up with a laugh and left the room to go pee.

"Then the planchette moved, seemingly on its own. Eight letters, before moving to goodbye, ending the session. 'T-H-A-N-K-Y-O-U'. By that point, we were all super scared. We sat there, in the dark for minutes, silent and looking at each other. It took us some time to realize something. Savannah wasn't with us. More so, we didn't hear the sound of any bathroom movement. No flushing. No hand-washing. No footsteps. Nothing. We shouted for her, flicking on the lights and checking everywhere in the house. But she wasn't there. It was like she had vanished entirely. We shouted until our voices were hoarse. Then, we called out parents to have them check. Nothing. Nowhere. Savannah was gone, completely and without a trace.

"We all agree to never play with that Ouija board again. Being the strongest huntress-in-training among us, I took on the job of holding onto it, until we could eventually find a way to bring Savannah back. We all keep in touch. Learning whatever we can about the afterlife and how to bring her back."

Yang leaned back, reaching underneath her's and Blake's bunkbed. "So, I only have one last question for all of you tonight."

She pulled out an old, dusty box, opening it up to see an antique, wooden Ouija Board.

"Want to play?"

Didn't think I was gonna write this one, but here it is! Probably going to skip the final day (Day 8 - Free Day) though. Unless, like today, an idea just hits me. This story is actually based on one I found online about a Ouija Board, though I think mine has a spookier ending. ;)

Cun - Thank you! And ask them all, I'm curious what questions you have about the story.

MissAnthropy - Thank you so much! How could I do a Halloween prompt week and not include something with Summer in it?