(╯ ° - °)╯YEET

Twilight wakes up on the day of the wing ceremony.
Zelda's: "Did you forget that today was the wing ceremony?"
Twilight: "Yes. Yes I did. I forgot everything. I literally don't even know you."
Everyone thinks he's just joking.
He's not.

Needless to say, he does not appreciate getting pushed off the floating island.
He does appreciate his loftwing, which he names Epona. Because she is Epona.
Not whatever the not-him named her.

Twilight never gets over screaming every time he free falls, no matter how many times he jumps off an island or jumps off Epona.

In his mind Twilight starts calling Zelda, young Zelda.
Because for some reason, when he thinks of Zelda he sees someone older and more regale.
Not that this Zelda isn't great.
She's absolutely precious and adorable.
Twilight definitely likes this Zelda. How could you not?!
He immediately takes on the older brother mantle for this sweet, innocent, feisty little young Zelda.

When meeting Groose, Twilight stands his ground and doesn't let the bully push him around.
Everyone kind of just stares when Groose ends up on his rump and Twilight just stands there, unimpressed.

People start wondering if maybe Twilight was being real about his amnesia, because he certainly isn't acting like the Link they remember.
And if someone really thinks hard, they might realise he doesn't quite look like Link either. Too tall, too rugged, and strange tattoos on his face. But then the thoughts will slip from their mind and they'll be left with a headache and no clue what they were just thinking about.

When Gaepora tells Twilight to save his daughter, Twilight remarks he will, just like he did "last time."
Gaepora: "What do you mean 'last time'?"
Twilight: "... I don't know."

Twilight sometimes slips up and calls Fi Midna.
He also jokes about him carrying Fi on his back just like he did in his first adventure.
Fi doesn't get it.
Twilight doesn't either.

Twilight loves picking up Remlits and just carrying them around.
Pipit saw Twilight holding a Remlit at night, once. The Remlit was completely calm.
It even purred.
Pipit has mad respect for Twilight now.

Twilight meets Ghirahim.
The demon is certainly annoying, but Twilight is pretty sure he's met worse.

Ghirahim charges at Twilight with his sword.
That was a mistake.
The moment Ghirahim is in reach, Twilight drops his blade and just tosses Ghirahim over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
Ghirahim is shooketh.
The demon sword never charges at Twilight again.

Twilight would like helping out the villagers more if it didn't mean running around a floating island above endless sky.
He has slipped and fallen more than once.
His new greatest fear is heights now.

Up in a volcano, Twilight finally catches up with young Zelda.
Oh thank Ordona, she's alright!

Twilight doesn't get to bring Zelda home, though.
Because a rude lady named Impa says no.
Apparently young Zelda is a goddess and has to save the world.
Twilight would be more accepting of this fact if Impa didn't also insult him.
She literally calls him a failure.

If Twilight weren't such a reasonable guy, he'd have challenged her to a dual.
But Twilight isn't idiot enough to off one of the few allies young Zelda has to protect her.
He can swallow his pride if it means the people he's cared about are safe.
Doesn't mean he wouldn't like to suplex Impa into the ground, though.

Twilight finds the desert to be more pleasant then he remembers: "At least there's no rats or insects crawling all over me this time."
Fi: "Master, you have never been to the desert before."
Twilight: *sigh*
Fi: "Amnesia?"
Twilight: nod. "Amnesia."

At the desert Mining facility, Twilight catches sight of young Zelda for a moment again at the Gate of Time.
Then Ghirahim shows up.

In the demon's mad dash to try and get to Zelda, he forgot about Twilight.
Big mistake.
One Helm Splitter attacks later and Ghirahim crawls out of a demon shaped hole to see Zelda and Impa get away.

Ghirahim: "Now you've done it, Link! I- EEEEEEEP!"
The demon barely dodges Twilight's spin attack.
The stupid diva demon immediately flees.
But Twilight will always cherish the memory of Ghirahim's high pitched scream.

When the Imprisoned escapes its seal,
Twilight just kind of… pushes the monster off the cliff.
Thing has no hands, so it writhes around on the ground for a bit until Twilight can get down there.
The goat herder then punches -
(Yes, you read right)
- the rock back into its head.

Summoning the gates to the silent realm takes forever because Twilight has no sense of rhythm.
Twilight promptly turns into a wolf when he goes into the Silent Realm.
His wolf senses make finding the sacred flames easier.
Now if only he had hands to climb with instead of paws.

Twilight does not appreciate young Zelda becoming a crystal.
It feels too much like… like her giving up her life force to combat evil.

When Faron Woods floods, Fi has to save Twilight from drowning several times because Twilight keeps forgetting he can't breath under water anymore.
Fi: "I was not aware hylians had evolved the ability to take in oxygen through water."
Twilight: "We can't."
Fi: "... is this another amnesia thing?"
Twilight: "Yeah, another amnesia thing."

When Twilight gets captured on Eldin Volcano, he attempts to sneak around to get his stuff back.
He gets spotted. Admittedly he was never very good at sneaking, even as a wolf.
All's good though.
Twilight has no trouble clobbering the brains out of the bokoblins with his bare fists.
He throws a few into the lava, too.

Twilight is tired of having to try and play all of these songs.
So, so many songs.
He's terrible at it. Really.
Just awful.
Thank goodness for Fi and her great memory and perfect rhythm.
Or he'd never save young Zelda.

The giant fish scaled pill bug is back, and now it's got arms.
It tries to escape Twilight by climbing up the cliffside.
The farm hand grabs its feet and just- yanks it back down.

Trying to free the Thunderhead whale is the worst battle for Twilight by far.
Okay look, he's bad at flying. He's been relying on Epona to keep him right side up and going straight every time he gets on her back.
And then you just expect him to battle a flying wale on birdback?!
Literally- the WORST battle.
Also he keeps falling into flashbacks where instead of flying, he's swimming. And instead of battling a whale infested with eyeball tentacles, he's fighting a sea monster with eyeball tentacles and an appetite for hylian.

When Twilight finally frees young Zelda, he's jumpy.
Keeps expecting her to suddenly get possessed by evil or something and attack him.

Ghirahim shows up.
Twilight: "I knew it!"
Ghirahim abducts Zelda, but does not use her as a puppet to attack Twilight.
Twilight: "... guess I was only partially right."

Twilight defeats Ghirahim.
It's not easy. Ghirahim is not an easy guy to fight.
Not because knocking Ghirahim off the magic platform is at all hard.
But because the coward refuses to let Twilight near him.
The diva demon only uses his long range attacks.
So the battle mostly consists of Twilight chasing Ghirahim in circles.

But even demon swords can only dodge for so long.

During the Demise fight, Twilight experiences several flashbacks of a similar fight.
Dark skies, lighting flashing, a dark figure of black and red standing before him.

Twilight makes it though. He defeats evil.

The moment he steps back out of the realm Demise had taken him to where they had battled, he finds himself back in his home village with all of his memories.
Twilight has no idea if he just ate a crazy mushroom, or actually went back in time.

Twilight has no idea if he just ate a crazy mushroom, or actually went back in time.