щ(ಥ _ ಥ щ)

Warriors wakes up in an unfamiliar room on an unfamiliar bed.
The bed is way too small for him.
He is slightly worried to realise he has no memory either.
A nurse informs him that the ruler of Hyrule has summoned him.
Better go see the princess then.

Warriors walks into the throne room.
It's not the princess on the throne.
It's the king.
Wait... why did Warriors think it would be a princess?
For someone with no memory his mind is sure set on there being a princess named Zelda somewhere in this castle.

Oh look at that! There is a Zelda.
Only she's been turned to stone.
And she's so little! Just a child!
For some reason Warrior was expecting an adult.
He should probably ignoring his amnesiac brain.
It's only leading him to wrong conclusions.

King Daltus: "We need the picori to fix the blade! But the picori only show themselves to children. Lament, what shall we do?!"
Grandpa Smith: "I know, why don't we send Link!"
Everyone looks at Warriors.
Warriors looks down at his tall, toned, adult body.
Then looks at the king, "... But I'm not a child."
King Daltus: "Only you can help us, Link!"
Warriors: "Okay, sure…. but I'm still not a child."

Apparently the minish think he's a child too because they don't hide from him.
Either that or his new talking hat put in a good word for him.

Look, Ezlo. You're not fooling anyone.
The king just got done saying that picori were super secret society of mice creatures.
And you pop up immediately after with all the knowledge Warriors could need about the minish, know exactly where to find them, and even know a handy little spell to make Warriors minish sized.

By the way- Warriors does not appreciate being minish sized.
It involves a lot of uncomfortably close encounters with giant insects, running from giant chuchus, and nearly getting flattened by canon sized pellets from deku scrubs.
Everything is just ten times more terrifying when you're little.

Warriors also does not appreciate being called a child.
Especially by people shorter than him.
Warriors: "Can no one see in this kingdom?! I'm literally taller than most of you. I'm not a child, I'm a grown ass adult!"
Person: "No swearing, dear. What would your grandfather say if he heard you using such dirty language? And at your age too."
Warriors: *screams into a pillow*

There's a lot of things Warriors never expected from life.
One of them is riding lily pads.

This whole adventure would be a breeze- if he could only get some help!
But for some reason all the soldiers in this kingdom are incompetent!
Literally none of them can catch Vaati.
And while they're out here supposedly looking for Vaati, would it kill them to get rid of a few monsters along the way?
All of Hyrule seems infested with monsters, yet Warriors seems to be the only one fighting them.

Warriors think everyone in Hyrule is pulling his leg.
No way do they actually think he's a child.
Not when they willingly send him (who they claim to be a simple peasant child) off into monster infested woods with nothing but a sword.

Warriors starts side eyeing every child he meets.
Just to make sure no crazy parents are forcing their kids on life threatening quests.

Oh-ho! Would you look at that?
Apparently each element he infuses into his sword will allow him to create copies of himself.
It's finally nice to have some competent help.
Not that you aren't helpful, Ezlo.
But… you know…
You're a hat.

Surprise, surprise! The soldiers all out searching for Vaati don't find him.
Warriors does.
Or more like Vaati finds Warriors.

Vaati reveals that he used to be Ezlo's apprentice.
And Ezlo was a minish.
Warriors: points a dramatic finger at his hat, "I knew it!"

Warriors also learns that the mini Vaati betrayed Ezlo.
Quick flash onto memory lane and Warriors realises he's been betrayed before too.
The hat and hero bond over shared trauma.

After dumping this revelation on the hero, Vaati summons a bunch of monsters and tries to leave.
Warriors: "Foolish devil! You're not getting away from me that easily!"

Supposedly, this emo wizard was the best swordsman in the land.
Personally, the Warriors doesn't see it.
Sure the punk is good, but nowhere near Warriors' level.
The hero has no trouble pummeling the emo wizard into the dirt.
Vaati: "Aren't you supposed to be an untrained brat!"
Warriors: swings sword right into emo wizards gut. Vaati flies right into a wall with oof. "I'M NOT A KID!"

Vaati barely escapes with his luxurious hair still attached.

Warriors: "What is up with evil wizards and the colour purple?"
Also Warriors: "At least there's no crazy magic ladies creeping on me this time."
Ezlo: "What?"
Warriors: "What?"

Ezlo: "I sense a disturbance in the force."
(No joke. He actually senses a disturbance in the force.)
(Light force you nerds, not Star Wars force)

Over at the castle the king gets possessed by Vaati.
Warriors is blissfully unaware his king is in trouble.
Mainly because he doesn't take Ezlo's warning seriously.
To be fair, Ezlo complains about a lot of things.
Warriors kind of tunes him out sometimes.

How is it that octoroks have become his most challenging enemy?!
Just… how?!

Thank goodness this blade can apparently make carbon clones of himself.
By the time he infuses the blade with the third element, Warriors is pretty sure he's a one man army.

After one too many monster encounters with not a soldier in sight, Warriors goes back to Hyrule Castle.
He tries to convince the king to kindly send his armies out to protect his kingdom by fighting all of these monsters.
And while the kings is at it, could he give Warriors a small regiment?

Because at this Vaati knows about his quest.
Which means Vaati will probably target him.
So, genius thinking here, how about setting a trap for the emo magician?
If Warriors wasn't the only one out there fighting, maybe they could actually capture Vaati and hold him in prison.
Then Warriors could finish forging his elemental blade in peace.

The king says no.
Warriors: grumbles under his breath, "Part of me wonders if it would not have been better if the king got turned to stone instead of Zelda. Then at least I might actually be getting some help here."
The king must have the ears of a mouse.
Because he totally heard that.
(Either that or he's possessed by Vaati and just wants to get rid of Link)
(... Just a guess.)
And now Warriors is a wanted fugitive to the crown.

Betrayed again!
Warriors hightails it out of Castle Town.
Thank goodness adults can't seem to see minish.

Warriors is greatly shook.
How could his king betray him like this?!
He has always been a loyal soldier to the crown.
Ezlo does his grandfatherly best to comfort Warriors.

So now not only does Warriors have to make a new blade to seal away evil by himself, but he's also running from the law.

How is it that tiny mice creatures are more helpful than Hyrules own soldiers?
And how is it that a dead hylian king is more helpful than the living one (who is totally a back stabbing bokoblin descendent!)?

Warriors likes Cloud Top.
For one he doesn't have to worry about getting dirty running around the forest floor 2 inches tall.
Second, his blue scarf looks fabulous flapping in the wind.
And best of all, no stupid soldiers trying to chase him down and spear him.

The Light blade now has all four elements.
So now apparently it's called the Four Swords.
Lame name aside, it's ready to seal away some evil.
And Warriors is ready to finish off a certain punk wizard.

By this time, Warriors has figured out that Vaati has possessed his royal highness.
So it's time to storm the castle boys!

Warriors is not one to admit he's got some petty revenge on mind as well.
Let's just say that Vaati is going to pays for reawakening Warriors forgotten trauma.
And making him go on this whole quest in the first place.
Stupid giant scrubs, giant stupid chuchus, stupid giant octoroks.

Storming the castle is going pretty well.
Up until Warriors finds out Vaati is planning on killing Zelda to gain her light force.

One monster fighting montage later-
Bam! Warriors kicks open the door, revealing a startled Vaati about to sacrifice stone Zelda.
Warriors: "Step away from her royal highness you bastard child of a demon spawn!"
Vaati: hisses like a cat.

Warriors then proceeds to absolutely demolish Vaati!
Like, oh, you thought you knew all the skill this kid had to offer?
Jokes on you, because he was just getting started
Also- "For the last time! I'm not a kid!"

Warriors: "I am the loyal captain of Hyrule's mighty armed forces, dedicated to serving my Hyrule and the royal family! For the good of all Hylian people and in the name of Princess Zelda herself, I will defeat you and end your tyranny right here, right now! No more hiding, fowl fiend cataract!"
The Hylian national anthem plays in the background of Warriors speech.
Everyone nearby feels a sudden stirring of patriotism for their country.

Oh, and guess what?!
This captain's got four perfect copies of himself.
Remember when Warriors fighting skill was OP for Vaati at the beginning of this adventure?
Remember how that was just one Warriors?

Let's just say that Vaati will now be haunted for the rest of his miserable existence by the memory of a green clad child (who if you really think about it, didn't actually look like a child or act like a child or have the strength and skill of a child) beating the absolute horse manure out of him.

Doesn't matter how many times Vaati changes forms. Warriors straight up ends the oversized eyeball lord.
Warriors probably didn't even need his new Four Sword blade.
By the time Warriors was done (he had a lot of pent up frustration, okay!) with the purple eye bags, there was no hope for recovery.
It would have taken Vaati a couple hundreds of years just to stir up enough power to twitch a finger.

When Zelda is freed from stone she takes one look at Warriors and is like: "You're not my Link. You're an adult."
Warriors just bursts into tears.

Warriors gets sent back to his own time after Zelda makes the wish on the Magic Cap.
Ah to be captain again.

Warriors never looks at octoroks the same way again.
Or lily pads.