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Bigger is Stronger, But Smaller is Faster

It was a peaceful sunny day. However, neither Sage nor Macy were enjoying the sun. Both were in Macy's workshop, as she tried to fit the splitted Cybertonium Crystal into her suit and Road Demon. Unfortunately, Macy was having an endless struggle with fitting them. At first, Sage had tried to help, but soon was put in the watcher's seat at an old car truck bench. With his paws crossed, Sage had settled down for a nap; figuring that the process was going to take a while.

"Ugh! Why can't I fit this stupid crystal in any of my projects?!" Macy argued, at her limit of patience.

Sage opened one eye, but kept quiet, as he watched Macy move to the Road Demon install.

'When in doubt, keep quiet to avoid getting yelled at,' Sage thought to himself, closing his eye again.

Macy continued her assignment, only to have little success. "Come on! Fit, you annoying piece of junk! Fit!" she demanded. Groaning, Macy was frustrated to the point where she threw a wrench across the room, hitting Sage in the head.

"OUCH!" Sage shouted, jumping up and running to a corner where he whined and rubbed his head. "Oh, that's going to be a headache the size of Tommy's appetite!"

"Sorry, Sage. I just can't seem to get the Cybertronium Crystal to match inside my suit and or my bike," Macy said, really bugged about not accomplishing her task. "It's really difficult in getting the piece deeper with the opening small and dark. And taking it a part is not an option because that would mean starting them all from scratch!"

Sage groaned, as he rose his head throbbing from where the wrench hit him.

"Look, Mace, you've been going at this for five hours straight. Let's take a break and head to the park. Have some ice cream. Maybe toss the tennis ball around. Clear our heads where it might make this problem easier to come back to. Also, it will keep you from throwing more tools and giving me a concussion," Sage replied, sitting down while swishing his tail.

"No way! I am not a quitter! I will get this crystal to fit in any of my inventions if it's the last thing I do!" Macy said, determined to complete her assignment.

"I'm not suggesting quitting, my Moon. I'm suggesting taking a break. Big difference. Come on, let's go to the park for an hour or two. Then, we'll come back and, as soon as I have a shield, you can start up again. Please?" Sage asked, giving a small whine as he laid down with his head between his paws in a play bow; his tail wagging in the air.

Macy sighed, standing up. "Oh, fine," she groaned.

"Come on. Think of throwing the ball like shuriken training," Sage said, smiling as he followed Macy to the door.

"I guess," Macy deadpanned.

Half an hour later, the two were at the park. Wide green grass never looked so good to Sage. Giving a bark, he shot forward before laying down and rolling in the grass, standing up as Macy drew closer.

"Come on, Mace, try to have a little fun," Sage said, nudging the tennis ball in her hand.

Macy rolled her eyes, tossing the tennis ball over her shoulder and walking away.

Sage quickly ran and snatched it before walking over to Macy on a park bench. Setting the ball down, Sage looked at Macy, as he sat down in front of her.

"Okay, Mace, spill. What's up?" Sage questioned.

"Seriously?! I'm mad about not finishing my project and probably never will! All because I can't handle something that is small and simple!" Macy answered harshly, kicking a rock, and crossing her arms.

Sage sighed. "My Moon, listen. Sometimes things are frustrating, but losing your temper and persisting when it's no good at that time won't help. Also, throwing tools only provides danger. It's a semi good thing you hit me and not oil and a blow torch. Remember, this is new territory with a new element where patience is key here. Remember what happened last time you lost your patience when facing Transyl?" Sage reminded her firmly.

"How can I possibly forget?" Macy deadpanned, sticking her tongue out in disgustment on that memory.

Sage smiled, shaking his fur. "See my point now? Taking a break will help ease the tension. Besides, it's not like your armor or bike are going to run away. It's also been quiet since all the big baddies are in Plumber detention, so we have time." Sage replied, nudging the ball into Macy's foot. "Besides, when was the last time you and I played together?"

Macy shrugged. "Maybe you're right. I guess it has been a while since we played and taken a break from life crisis stuff," she said, picking up the ball and throwing it farther.

Sage barked happily, going after it. However, upon coming back, Sage stopped short; dropping into a play bow.

GRRRR! Sage growled in a challenge.

"I'm not gonna chase you, Sage," Macy replied.

Sage growled, tossing the ball up and catching it again.

"Come on, try and take it from me!" Sage said, though it was muffled with his mouth full.

Groaning under her breathe, Macy marched over to where her Wolf was.

Sage wagged his tail, as Macy reached for the ball.


Sage's head shot up; his ears perked while his body went rigid.

"What's wrong?" Macy asked, wondering why her Wolf was like this.

"You didn't hear that scream?" Sage asked, kind of surprised that Macy hadn't heard it.

Macy looked at Sage in confusement. "I didn't hear any scream."


Sage looked around, then he noticed Macy's confused face.

"You seriously don't hear that?" Sage asked, turning around as he twitched his ears left and right.

"Hear what? Again, I don't hear anything," Macy answered, suddenly realizing something. "It must be someone or something only certain creatures, like your wolf form, can hear better than humans."

Sage nodded, as he finally pinpointed the direction of the scream. Taking off quickly, Sage led the way through a small woodened area before coming to a small clearing in the center. In the center were five alley cats encircled around two smaller beings. The cats hissed and yowled, as they got ready to pounce. Growling, Sage howled; having the wind lift the cats off their feet and send them flying into nearby bushes. Stumbling, the cats walked out after a time. However, upon seeing Sage, they ran off with their tails between their legs.

"Sage!" Macy exclaimed, looking around to find the people in trouble. "Where are the innocent civilians in danger?"

Sage stepped into the clearing and nuzzled what looked to Macy like a mouse and a large bug.

"These two were what was screaming. Apparently, the local feline population are much like the bullies Tommy deals with," Sage said, nuzzling the two again.

Macy went forward and crouched down, looking at the two small creatures carefully.

"Hang on...I know what you are," Macy said, pointing at the mouse-like creature. "You're a Galvan! Just like Azmuth!"

"Yes. My name is Grey Matter. This is Nanomech," the Galvan replied, getting to his feet.

"Hello. Thank you," Nanomech said, rushing to Sage in tears when hugging his muzzle.

Macy stared thoughtfully at the two. Although she wouldn't say it out loud, Macy thought that Nanomech's voice was cute.

Smiling warmly, Macy rubbed the bug alien's back gentle with one finger to calm him down. "It was no problem at all. You were lucky that Sage was able to hear you in his wolf form and came just in time."

Sage gave a comforting growl, as he felt small tears drip onto his muzzle. The small bug-like alien was shivering and shaking while clasping his fur.

"It's okay. Shh. It's okay." Sage said, calmly.

Macy nodded. "You're safe now. Both of you," she assured, laying her other hand down to Grey Matter for him to climb up.

Grey Matter eagerly climbed up and onto Macy's shoulder. Sage laid down, allowing Nanomech to hide in his furry scruff. Sage sighed, as he felt more tears seep into his fur.

"I've got you," Sage said calmly, getting to his paws. "Let's go to the large oak tree in the center of the park. Should be plenty private there."

"Good idea, Sage," Macy agreed, looking at Grey Matter. "I'm Macy, by the way."

Grey Matter nuzzled closer to Macy's neck. "It's nice to meet you."

The small group moved through the forest before setting down at the base of the large oak tree. Sage laid down, letting Macy brace against his side. Nanomech was still hiding in his fur, shaking where the alien hid away.

"Here we go. Nice and peaceful place." Sage said calmly.

"Sure is," Macy agreed, taking in that fresh air, and laid back to relax. She then turned her head on Sage's fur in concern. "Nanomech? Are you ok? You can come out now," Macy replied gently.

Sage's fur shook and trembled in fear.

"Let's leave him alone for a bit," Sage suggested calmly. "So, Grey Matter, what were you and Nanomech doing here?"

"We were coming back from a mission, but ran into a cat alley by accident and ended up where you found us," Grey Matter said, leaning into Macy.

"Cool. What kind of mission was it? Off planet earth or in?" Macy asked, curiously.

"In. We were going through some smaller tunnels and after a trace of one of Ben's old foes, but we came up short. When we came topside, we found ourselves in the middle of downtown Staybrook," Grey Matter said. "Nanomech and I had a few close encounters, before fleeing to that alley."

Sage nuzzled where Nanomech was hiding in his fur. "Sounds like you've had a harsh day." Sage replied.

"I'll say. Did you two at least complete your mission? And which baddie of Ben's were you after?" Macy questioned.

"We lost his trail while underground. It was an evil Galvan by the name of Albedo," Grey Matter said, his body tensing with rage.

"Albedo? Isn't he the one that got stuck looking like Uncle Ben?" Sage asked curiously. Grey Matter nodded.

"Yes, he is a dangerous foe," Grey Matter replied.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. An evil Galvan that looks exactly like Ben Tennyson? I've heard of doppelgangers, but this is beyond strange. Someone please explain to me how that works and makes sense," Macy said, totally confused.

" Albedo is Azmuth's former assistant, who, in his attempt to recreate the Omnitrix, turned himself into an imperfect clone of Ben. Since then, he has been trying to get back to his Galvan form, while also harboring a great hatred and thirst for revenge from Ben," Grey Matter replied.

"I remember Dad telling me he once got into the Mansion, but was outed when a cousin of mine noticed something was up," Sage added. "Apparently, Albedo has silver hair and, where Uncle Ben wears green, Albedo is red."

"Which cousin got the drop on this Ben Poser? I want to hear that story," Macy replied.

"It was Water Hazard's daughter and son, Chelsea and Matthew. And Feedback's daughter, Sparkle," Sage replied. "However, last I heard; he was an infant being raised by a family in another galaxy."

"Uh...who was the infant raised by a which family in what galaxy? You seriously lost me on that last part," Macy said, seriously confused.

"Because of how he made my niece and nephew cry, along with past deeds, Brainstorm and I turned Albedo into a human Ben infant. He was sent to live with a loving family in another galaxy." Grey Matter explained.

"Basically, Albedo is supposed to be a human baby," Sage said calmly.

"Wait...if he's supposed to be stuck as a human baby in a different galaxy, then how in Anur Transyl did he end up back here on Earth?!" Macy questioned, surprised and confusement filled in her voice and on her face.

"We're not completely sure. Before sending Albedo away, we placed a small tracer on him, and, for some reason, it shows Albedo here," Grey Matter replied.

At that moment, Sage noticed Nanomech peaking his head out from his fur.

" do you know that he's doing it alone?" Macy asked, running her chin. "Maybe someone took him and is planning to turn him back as a teen or Galvan?" She guessed.

Grey Matter shrugged. "As we said, we only got a signal and are unable to contact his adoptive family."

"Still. This definitely sounds like the work of someone else. Did you even sent Plumbers to check on the family to see if they're ok or know what happened?" Macy asked. "Because if that Galvan is still out there and becomes either a kid, teen, or adult Galvan, not to mention dangerous, then we need to stop him!"

Sage nodded. Grey Matter sighed heavily, suddenly looking really down.

"If only we weren't so small, we would have caught up to him," Nanomech said, laying draped over Sage's back.

"Hey. Size isn't the problem. Everyone has off times on missions. Even me," Macy reasoned. "Besides, I'm sure you'll both figure out another way to find him. There's always more than one way to solve a problem."

"Yeah, size isn't everything. Some may have strength and size, but you have speed and size." Sage added.

Nanomech looked at him questioningly.

"What I mean is, that your heights mean you're lighter. So, you can move faster and can be more agile than others. Macy and I have to do the same thing while working." Sage continued.

Macy nodded her head in agreement. "Even the most smallest things can make a big difference. I mean, there were times that I wish I was small like you guys to handle tough situations."

"Yeah, like the time Transyl had us on Anur Transyl," Sage said, knowing if he had been just a bit smaller, he would have been faster in defeating Zs'Skayr and the evil Vladat.

"Or when I was held captured by Catsandra and the Forever Knights," Macy added, thinking she could have used being small to get out of the cage better and sneak out undetected by anyone.

Nanotech looked at the two. "You-you really mean it?" Nanotech questioned.

Sage gave a wolf smile. "No lie. Would have done better, if I had I been smaller. No question."

"Same here," Macy smiled, too, looking at Nanomech. "And I know for a fact that Ben told me of a time when you saved his life by going inside him to destroy some evil robo-bugs around his system. You were the only one capable of saving Ben because of your size. You may be small, but you have a big heart in helping others."

Nanomech blushed while Grey Matter gave a grateful smile.

"So, why were you in the park?" Grey Matter asked.

"I was avoiding a concussion and a furious Moon," Sage replied, nuzzling Macy and giving her a gentle lick.

"Sage wanted me to take a break from dealing with a frustrating situation involving both projects I'm working on, but can't seem to do it," Macy explained, rolling her eyes. "You see, Azmuth said that, in order to help make my battle suit and Road Demon bike better for overwhelming fights, I need to install Cybertronian Crystals on them. Although Sage and I got them, I can't seem to fit any of the crystals on either project."

Grey Matter nodded, understanding the frustration.

"Why was Sage having to avoid a concussion though?" Nanomech asked, curiously.

"Let's just say, when Macy get frustrated about something, make sure to have soft toy balls or tennis balls for her to throw, instead of a wrench or hammer," Sage said, rubbing his head; even though the headache was gone, the memory caused him a little pain.

"Well, excuse me. What else was I supposed to use when building? And I wasn't trying to aim for your head," Macy retorted.

"Well, after you finish your suit, how about making me a bomb shelter?" Sage snarked back, wagging his tail.

Macy scoffed before shoving him gently. "Stop being so dramatic! I warned you that I do my work alone and these were the many reasons why!"

"However, I was also correct on you needing a break and, like you said to me a while ago, to learn patience," Sage retorted lightly, thumping her with his tail.

"Keep that bushy tail of yours away from me!" Macy barked, folding her arms.

Grey Matter and Nanomech looked at each other, before laughing hysterically.

Caught off guard, Sage looked at the two; trying to figure out what was so funny. "Okay, I'll bite. What's the joke?" Sage asked, as the two continued to laugh.

"Yeah, mind letting us in on what amuses you two?" Macy asked.

Grey Matter gathered himself up a little to explain. "It's nothing really. It's just…seeing you two like this confirms what Rachel and Sasha believe might happen a little. It's funny to see their predictions come to life," Grey Matter said, beginning to laugh again.

Sage looked at Macy, confused and questionably.

"Excuse me?" Macy raised an eyebrow. "What prediction has Rachel and Sasha said about us?"

Nanomech answered this time.

"Just that you two will make a great couple, when you both agree to be with each other forever." Nanomech said, smiling.

Macy stared, blushing madly.

Sage looked as if someone had just slapped him.

"Us? Marriage? ...Umm...Uhh," For the first time, Sage found himself tongue tied.

"Will you people please stop saying that?! Can't you see that it's already stressful enough to be dating? And we're still too young to even think about that!" Macy argued in anger.

"Mace, they're not doing it to be unkind. They just mean we look like we could be a great couple, if we stay together. And if we don't, well, all I want is for you to be happy. If it's not with me, then I hope we can still be friends," Sage replied calmly.

Macy sighed, while calming down. "...Yeah, I guess so. But I still don't find it funny," she retorted, crossing her arms and turning her head opposite to the others.

"We didn't mean to offend. We just meant that you were arguing kind of like you were married," Grey Matter said. "We're sorry if we offended you."

"It's fine. I just don't like getting tricked or humiliated," Macy replied, still not turning her head back. "And believe me, that has happened to me before countless times."

"Macy, in my family, no is trying to humiliate you. Honestly, I think it means we'll be a great team, like my Aunt Rachel and Uncle Rook or like my parents," Sage tried again.

"Maybe we can apologize by helping with your equipment issue," Nanomech suggested.

Macy finally turned her head back, while looking at Nanomech curiously. "You and Grey Matter would actually do that for me?"

Nanomech and Grey Matter nodded. "Of course. This technology is very important to your future battles, and it will also be nice to see a new piece of technology in action," Grey Matter replied.

"Yeah, and maybe we'll be able to help where you're struggling," Nanotech said, coming fully out of Sage's fur and hovering in the air.

The Brunette couldn't help but give a thankful smile to the two small aliens. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's fix up some new tech!"

Thirty minutes later, Sage found himself in his original spot while waiting for instructions from the three.

"Please, no flying tools," Sage asked politely.

Macy walked over back to her station with Grey Matter standing on her two clapped palm hands and Nanomech flying by her side.

"These are the new techs I was telling you about. The crystals are down next to them," Macy explained.

Grey Matter walked up to her suit first and looked it over. Then, looking at where the crystal goes, Nanomech went a little deeper.

"Well, good news is that all the supports for the crystal are secure and sturdy," Nanomech said. "Let's have the crystal."

Macy grabbed the crystals and gave each alien one. "Okay. Hope you know what both of you are doing," she said.

Grey Matter nodded, along with Nanomech, as the two went to the opposite project that they had been looking at. Sage raised his head, as he watched Nanomech disappear into the suit while Grey Matter disappeared into Road Demon. With his special hearing, Sage listened to the collective grunts and moans, along with clicks and clunks, as the crystals were put into place.

After about fifteen minutes, cheering began.

"YAHOO! WE GOT IT!" Sage heard Nanomech shout with Grey Matter just behind him.

"PERFECTO!" Grey Matter said, as he moved out of the material.

"You did it? You two actually did it?!" Macy asked, happiness filled in her tone.

Both small aliens nodded.

"WE DID IT!" The two aliens shouted together, jumping around happily.

"I can't believe it! I'm just...speechless!" Macy exclaimed, not containing her excitement. "Thank you, guys. Thank you both so much!"

Without warning, she scooped the mini aliens up and gave them a gently hug close to her.

"Uh,'re squishing us," Grey Matter said, smooshed.

"My wings are cramping," Nanomech replied, sounding equally smooshed.

Sage chuckled. "Might want to ease up a bit, my Moon," he said, wagging his tail.

"Oh! Right!" Macy said, letting them go and gently placed the aliens down. "Sorry. It just took me five hours to do that part when it only took less than half an hour for you," she explained sheepishly, rubbing her neck in embarrassment.

"It's okay. We just had a better view of the situation. And we both did have some difficulty installing a little bit," Grey Matter said, patting her stomach.

Macy suddenly felt a tiny tickle from that pat. Although she contained herself from laughing, a smile reacted while placing an index finger to hold any giggle getting out.

Nanomech, however, knew that smile all too well.

"Oh, is someone ticklish on her stomach?" Nanomech said playfully, taking to the air.

Hovering in front of her stomach, the small alien ran his hands over her stomach and Grey Matter continued patting it.

"He-he-hey! Cut it out, you two!" Macy replied, holding her laughs in still, as best as she could and using her hands to gently bat the teasing aliens away from her.

Nanomech smirked, dodging the hand and flying under her shirt where he began tickling her belly button.

"Coochie, Coochie, Coo!" Nanomech said with a chuckle.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! NOHOHOHO! NOT THEHEHEHERE!" Macy laughed, falling on her side. She's been tickled a lot of times, but none were this dreadful on her belly button. Especially if it's being tickled on the inside by a tiny micro-alien.

"Tickle, Tickle, Tickle! Coochie, Coochie, coo!" Nanomech said, as Grey Matter jumped to her neck and began tickling her there and behind her ears.


Sage smiled, before moving towards Macy and snatching Grey Matter in his teeth…only to get the little alien jumping down and tickling his stomach.



"Okay," Both Grey Matter and Nanomech said calmly.

The two mischievous aliens stopped and got out of their ticklish victims. Macy and Sage caught their own breaths before sitting up.

"Man. For a bunch of little guys, you sure know how to take us down pretty well," Macy said.

Sage smiled. "Reminds me of how we take on street thugs," he said with a smile, as he stretched his body.

"You guys have inspired us, and now we are feeling more than ready to figure out about Albedo." Nanomech said happily.

Macy smiled, as well. "Glad to hear that. And don't be afraid to ask us for help. There are some challenges that require valuable team members. Big or small, a true hero's power comes from here," she stated, while using her finger to tap on Grey Matter's head, indicating his brain, "...And here," she then moved her finger towards Nanomech's center chest, indicating his heart.

"We're here for you, no matter what." Sage said with a smile.

"Thanks, you guys, we appreciate it. Macy, Sage can you help us with this mission?" Grey Matter asked.

Sage nodded. "Sure, I'd be down with helping."

"Same here," Macy agreed.

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