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Also, this is before meeting the Fitzpatrick Sisters and counts as the first Pack Night for the Monroe Siblings.

Boys, Hoverboards, What Could Go Wrong?

Sage chuckled, as he watched Tommy Monroe race to get his gear on accidently mixing his knee pads with his elbow pads. Today was the younger boy's birthday and, to make sure he stayed out of the way of the party getting assembled, Sage and Macy had offered to take the tween out to try his hoverboard for the first time.

"Tommy, calm down. The hills aren't going anywhere," Sage said, as he was being more successful with his own gear.

"I know, but I'm just so excited to try out my hoverboard for the first time! I want to get started now!" Tommy exclaimed.

Macy chuckled. "Tommy, you got to calm down and be patient."

"Seriously, protection and being safe is part of the enjoyment. Now, get your gear on, then we'll head out to the hills to practice. My uncle said he'd come by, after he checked in with HQ and my aunt," Sage said, standing up in his blue and silver matching gear; his helmet under one arm, and board under the other.

"I'm already doing that!" Tommy said, already getting ready.

"I can't wait to see your Uncle Tetrax. Meeting a Petrosapien would help me know how to improve my suit and bike for dealing with enemies with crystal-like powers," Macy said.

"Yeah, I meant to ask you about that. Why haven't you asked my Uncles Chromastone and Sugilite? They would have happily helped out," Sage asked curiously, as he slipped his helmet on.

"I actually have. They gave me some good pointers. But meeting Crystalsapiens are not the same as meeting a Petrosapien. Along with knowing them. They're not exactly the same species. The only thing they have in common is that they live in the same planet, Petropia," Macy explained, grabbing her bag full of some sports equipment.

Sage shrugged his shoulders. "Okay. Oh, Uncle Tetrax said he'd bring a spare hoverboard with him, if you wanted to join?"

"Sweet. It's a good thing I'm bringing my sports gear," Macy showed her bag.

"You just want to show off your skateboarding moves on a hoverboard," Tommy remarked.

"You can't prove it!" Macy argued, folding her arms while smirking.

"Oh, do I have a challenger to my throne?" Sage asked curiously.

"You might," Macy replied in a remarked tone.

"Well, home girl, let's see how well you can shred," Sage said with a smile.

"You're on," Macy replied.

"Come on, you slowpokes! Let's go already!" Tommy exclaimed.

Sage laughed a little. "Alright we're coming cool you jets."

Half an hour later, the trio stood in a grassy field surrounded by trees. It was a perfect place to practice without others seeing them or the trio crashing into anyone back at the Grant Mansion.

"Okay, Tommy. I'm going to go first, just to make sure I read the instructions right. Then, you can go." Sage said, after checking his boot bindings.

"Alright! Let's see what you got!" Tommy exclaimed.

Sage smirked, as double checked his gear before stepping onto the hoverboard; activating it, as he leaned back when tapping his heal on the activation switch. Knees bent, Sage shot forward like a rocket, remaining steady the teen leaned to the left effectively, turning the board as he swerved with it. Giving a smile and wave, Sage decided to try going higher. Going up to near the branch line of the trees, he put his hand on the edge of the board doing a loop de loop before moving into a barrel spin.

"YAHOO!" Sage hollered, as he moved back to Macy and Tommy; hopping off before his board reached them and catching it with his hand. "What a rush!"

"That. Was. AWESOME!" Tommy said with excitement, pumping both if his fists in the air.

"Eh, not bad," Macy shrugged.

Sage smiled a little. "Hey, I was just warming up and getting used to the feeling. Next time will be better. Okay, Tommy, your shot. Remember, lean back and, when you're ready, tap with the left heel to start it up. However, don't lean back too much or you'll be like a bullet."

"Finally! Let's do this!" Tommy said, grabbing his board and set it up to ride it.

"Stay low, just in case you need to abandon ship. Also, remember to roll when you bail." Sage instructed.

"Stay low and roll incase to bail. Got it. Now let's ride!" Tommy exclaimed, turning on the hoverboard and blasted off. "Here we goooo! Woohoo!"

Sage stood on edge, getting on his board, as he watched Tommy ride his board around the field.

"Uh, shouldn't we stop him and wait until Tetrax comes to give him better pointers?" Macy suggested, a bit worried on her little brother's safety.

"This is so fun!" Tommy screamed, swiftly moving around the trees.

"We're just letting him get the feel. I'll call him back in the sec," Sage said. "Besides, I'm on my board to go help him, if something goes wrong."

"Okay. If you say so," Macy said, still unsure about all of this.

"Alright. Time to see if I can pull off some skateboard tricks on this thing!" Tommy said to himself.

He decided to go a little higher to do a 360-degree flip and spin. Followed by going down like a bullet and slide nearby a big tree stem to just jump backwards while still on the board. He even managed to kickflip the board.

"Oh, yeah! I am a hoverboard master!" Tommy exclaimed confidently.

Sage stiffened. "Tommy, that's enough. My uncle should be here soon," he called.

"Just one more awesome trick!" Tommy yelled out, now grabbing another tree branch to spin around fast enough and launch himself up into the sky for some altitude.

"Oh, no," Macy muttered.

"Tommy!" Sage called worryingly.

Turns out, Tommy went too high up and kind of lost control when coming down. He ended up falling super-fast, about to crash into the ground.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Tommy screamed.

Abruptly, out of nowhere, another hoverboarder flew past Sage and Macy; catching Tommy just before he hit the ground.

"Way to go, Uncle Tetrax!" Sage yelled, as the Wolfblood flew Macy over to his uncle and Tommy.

"Yeah! Perfect timing!" Macy exclaimed, secretly relieved that Tommy was out of harm and rescued. "Thank you for saving my little brother. One more minute and he would end up like street pizza."

"You're welcome. Seems someone got a little too big for his hoverboard," Tetrax said, looking at Tommy.

"Tommy, you okay?" Sage asked.

"I'm good. Everything's good," Tommy assured. "That was totally my bad."

"I think for right now, we'll all sit down for a minute and catch our breaths," Tetrax said, moving towards the tree line. "Sage, grab the boards, please."

"Yes, sir," Sage said, grabbing the hoverboards.

"Tommy, you stay close to me and Tetrax, okay?" Macy said, sternly.

"Yeah. No argument needed," Tommy replied, still trying to catch his breath and lower his heartbeat plus adrenaline.

Sitting down in the shade, Sage handed Tommy a water bottle; along with Macy.

"Take small sips, Tommy." Sage said taking a swig of his own drink.

The young boy just nodded before drinking this water bottle as what Sage instructed. Macy just drank her water bottle normally. Although looking calm, Macy noticed that her brother's hold on the bottle was a bit shaky after finishing his sips.

"So, um…Tetrax. How much do you know about Sage, Tommy, and me?" Macy asked, trying to think of a start on the conversation.

Tetrax smiled, as he rubbed Tommy's back.

"Well, I know how Sage came to be adopted into the family. I also know how you and Tommy came to be good friends and, from what I heard, family to the Grant Mansion. I know that you are a stern, but jokester older sister while Tommy has a knack for the out of the ordinary, Tetrax said. "I also know Sage is very protective of his family, no matter the cost."

"All true...except for me being a jokester. That's usually Tommy's territory," Macy remarked, pointing at her little brother before folding her arms. "I am sterner and more responsible like Sage. Name me one time that I pulled a practical joke that made me a Harley Quinn."

Sage smirked. "Do you really want me to go there?"

"Yes. I would want you to go there. Enlighten me," Macy argued.

Sage smiled. "Let's see. Well, there was the time when you called the Galactic Monsters different names and had no clue that you got one right. Or the time you grabbed my dad's arm, and flipped him over to the other two Vladats that caused a major strike and knocked them down on their feet so you could escape from their tickly wrath. Or when you told Lord Transyl that you'd rather kiss Goop. Followed by that same moment you said to him "Dracula called! He wants the dress you stole from his wife back!". Oh, and when on Anur Transyl as Lord Transyl flirted with you, with you saying and I quote "If you had a heart, I would stake it with my blade and toss your dead body off a cliff somewhere that is very sunny until it's nothing but dust!""

Macy gave an unamused look. "Those were just remarks I like to say plus do when it comes to different situations," she said in a light irritated tone.

"Pfft…Right. Keep telling yourself that," Tommy said, trying to hold back a hard laugh but had some giggles building up inside him.

"Of course, you also helped prank those intruders at the Mansion pretending to be werewolf chow, last Halloween," Sage said, continued pretending like he could go on and on.

"Okay, that one was not my idea! It was yours!" Macy pointed, glaring. "And I did not enjoy being covered in disgusting fake blood that also smelled like dirty laundry dipped in vinegar!" she wrinkled her nose in disgustment while sticking her tongue out from the memory.

Tommy finally laughed. "Classic! That was the best scare ever! Next to Dana's creepy ghost routine,"

"At least they beat hearing your terrible puns!" Macy remarked at her little brother.

"Hey! It's not my fault you people have no taste in my clever puns," Tommy argued, folding his arms.

"More like completely lame puns. Your worst ones were the cat puns. They were extremely annoying,"

"They were so up to 'scratch'. I was paw-fect on them. Totally on a 'cat'-ostrohpic roll here," Tommy smirked.

"Keep that up and I'll put the 'Ow' in 'Meow' on you!" Macy threatened.

Sage chuckled, looking to his uncle. "See what I have to deal with?"

Tetrax nodded with a chuckle.

"And this still doesn't prove anything! I'm no practical jokester! The only prankster is Tommy, and he always pulls different kinds on me from the very start!" Macy argued.

"Oh, please. Don't be so dramatic. I only pull pranks on you when things get dull and don't know when to have fun," Tommy answered.

"I can be fun!"

"Yeah, right. All you care about is protecting me, the family, and innocent people. Along with training and working nonstop on the Road Demon and or your battle suit," Tommy scoffed, rolling his eyes.

"Someone has to stay sharp and be the responsible one in the family!" Macy glared.

Having enough, Sage took a deep breath. "WILL BOTH OF YOU KNOCK IT OFF?!" Sage shouted.

Macy and Tommy jumped, a bit startled from Sage's outburst. They completely stopped their argument and just stared in shock. Even Tommy stayed close to Tetrax on that shout.

Sage sighed. "Sorry, but you guys fight like cats and dogs when it comes to arguments."

"Right...Sorry about that, Sage," Macy said, sheepishly.

"Sorry," Tommy apologized, looking down in guilt.

"No prob," Sage said with a half-smile.

Tetrax smiled. "So, are we ready to try hoverboarding again?"

Sage gave a thumbs up. "Definitely."

"Um, yeah. Totally," Tommy said, a bit unsure.

"You okay, Tommy? You look as white as Uncle Ghost Freak?" Sage asked with concern.

"Of course I'm fine! It's just...I think Macy should have a turn on the hoverboard. She hasn't had a chance to try it out on how it feels," Tommy answered, trying to act like nothing was wrong.

"Tommy, come on. We both can tell you're not okay," Sage said, placing a hand on Tommy's knee.

"Yeah, what's wrong, Little Brother? You're usually not one to back down on fun activities," Macy pointed out.

"It's nothing, okay!? I prefer going later in riding the hoverboard!" Tommy replied.

"Tommy. First, manners. Second, you should know that we can see and tell that you're hiding something from us," Sage said sternly.

Tommy looked down, too embarrassed to admit his trouble.

"Tommy, big or small, we're here for you. No laughs or jokes. I promise," Sage said, with a soft smile.

"Totally. We're here to listen and not judge," Macy agreed, giving a caring smile.

Sighing heavily, Tommy knew he had to tell the truth. "Okay, fine. I'm...afraid to ride on the hoverboard again," he answered, not lifting his head up.

Sage gave a smile, rubbing Tommy's knee and leg. "Cause you fell?"

"It's more than just falling! What if that happened when a bad situation occurs? Or if Tetrax didn't show up to save me? I really thought hoverboarding would be the same as riding a skateboard, but I guess it's a lot more different and complicated than I thought," Tommy explained sadly.

"Tommy, you just did too much too soon," Tetrax said calmly. "I'm guessing you were trying to impress your brother and sister. Right?"

"Kind of," Tommy said gently.

"Tommy, come on. It should take more than one hoverboard mistake to scare you off. I've seen you walk a tightrope over stampeding mutant hungry raptors once," Macy replied.

"Gonna pretend I didn't hear that last part," Sage murmured.

"Tommy, you have to remember that your brother and sister have faster reaction times than you do and have been in similar situations more often than you have. Doing too much before you're ready can be detrimental to doing anything. Now that I'm here, how about we take it slower?" Tetrax offered calmly.

"Well...ok," Tommy answered.

"Okay," Tetrax said. "Now, don't worry. We'll take things slowly."

"I heard you the first time," Tommy said, standing up. "Thanks."

"Tommy," Sage said sternly. "Manners. Now, uncle, what do you want me and Macy to do?"

"Yeah. How can we help?" Macy asked.

"For right now, I want you two just to sit tight till I get Tommy comfortable. Since you two are better with your balance and reaction times, there will be more moves and techniques that you can do that Tommy can't right now. It's better to not show that just yet. Will do tandem lessons. I did bring an extra board for you, Macy," Tetrax said, holding out another yellow and white board to Macy.

"Cool!" Macy smirked, grabbing the board.

"What are tandem lessons?" Tommy asked.

"It's like at the local swimming pool. They give time for the younger generation to swim, then they call them out so that the adults can enjoy the water without the younger generation in it. So, Tetrax will help you for a while then while you're taking a water break, we'll work with him," Sage explained.

"Oh. Got it," Tommy said.

Tetrax smiled. "Good. Now, grab your board and we'll start."

Tommy nodded his head and grabbed his board.

Walking to the center of the field, Tetrax set his board down before motioning Tommy to do the same.

"Now, this time when you get on. I want you to just hover a foot off the ground. No moving, just up. Okay?" Tetrax instructed calmly, showing what he meant.

"Okay," Tommy said, following the Petrosapien's instructions.

Tetrax watched, as Tommy hovered a foot off the ground with his knees wobbly.

"Okay, now spread your legs a little more and bend your knees," Tetrax said.

Tommy did just that, still a little afraid.

"I'm right here. Just look at me. Nice job," Tetrax said with a smile.

Tommy gave a small smile back. "Thanks."

Meanwhile, in the shade, Sage smiled. "He's doing good."

"Yeah, so far, so good," Macy agreed.

"Mace, I wanted to ask you something about Tommy," Sage said, his eyes focusing on Tommy.

"What is it?" Macy asked.

"Tommy's going to be how old now?" Sage asked, keeping his tone serious.


"Right, and you started fighting crime at what age?" Sage asked.

"I think it was around thirteen or fourteen. Why you ask?" Macy said, raising an eyebrow.

"I've noticed he's been a lot more invested with you and me on our night excursions. I'm slightly worried that, pretty soon, he'll be donning his own persona." Sage said, watching as Tommy took Tetrax's hand and walked beside him, as the boy moved forward.

"Oh...Now, I see what you mean," Macy said, eyes wide on that realization.

Sage nodded. "His intel about villains and such is beneficial to the right person, but it worries me that he'll start doing like you and I did with Street Wolf and Black Rebel. I don't want him trying to go solo without backup. Especially with the amount of trouble in town."

"Well, what would you suggest?" Macy asked.

"Well, first, do you think your parents or yourself will approve?" Sage asked

"Um...Sort of. I mean, he's still too young to be independent. He will probably make a great hero like us, one day, when he's older. Just not right now," Macy answered.

"I agree. He's still too young to do any street fights, but I think we should find a way so he can become ready. We both know we can't always be there for him, and he'll have to defend himself, one day. Also, I think it would be a good way of training him for what to expect when he does get ready to start," Sage suggested.

"You mean...train him in the same skills you and I know? That could actually work. But it won't be easy. I've done different years of training that could drain some people like Tommy physically, mentally, and spiritually," Macy warned.

"I'm not saying we go overboard; I'm just saying let's maybe get him involved with Four Arms' self-defense classes. Maybe also show him safety routes around town. Like quick ways to reach the police station, Mansion, maybe even your house," Sage replied.

"Okay, that's better," Macy sighed in relief.

Sage chuckled. "What were you worried I would say. Putting him against my uncle Way Big or Uncle Rath?"

"Don't be ridiculous. You're not that insane to do that to him," Macy said, playfully punching Sage in the arm.

Sage smiled. "We might also think about doing an armor for him, so that when he is ready, it's set up,"

"Gutrot told me about that. Along with a few other things," Macy said with a smile.

"Maybe we should have him partner up with someone when he starts out? Like how you and I patrol together?" Sage added.

"You know what? That's not a bad idea. But who would make a great partner for Tommy?" Macy asked thoughtfully.

Sage sat for a minute. "Honestly, the best men for the job would be Vamps, Heatblast, or Chromastone. They all can be strict, but are also mindful about younger generations."

"Perhaps. But I was thinking someone that's around Tommy's age. Is there anyone in the Grant Mansion who is not just a preteen, but also gets to go on adventures?"

Sage thought for a second, before a thought came to him. "Well, a few of my cousins do, along with Grandpa Vampiro's daughter, but she's around our age."

"And I think there was also this zombie-like girl Tommy and the Mystery Crusaders kept telling me about when going on a few mysterious cases in Staybrook. She sounds like a loner, yet seems to slightly enjoy having my brother and his friends looking out for her as friends," Macy pointed out.

"Zambanza, yeah. She's still getting used to being with a family, but she knows her way around a battle. There's also Salwa. She's Grandpa Vampiro's daughter. And Tyina. She was adopted and has metal limbs along with her sister, Tina, I think her name is. However, I kind of worry about two preteens running around the streets. I think an older person would be a fair idea, at the beginning, at least," Sage said. "I mean, think about from their point of view. They're learning all this stuff about how to sneak around that might give too much temptation for sneaking out."

"Okay, you make a good point. So, we're back with the options involving Vamps, Heatblast, or Chromastone," Macy said.

" you mind a personal idea?" Sage asked, as a thought came to mind.

"What kind of personal idea?" Macy questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Well, you and I both know that we both would of loved having that role model in our lives. You with your uncle and me with the male family members now. So, I was thinking maybe at the beginning, my Grandfather could help him?" Sage suggested.

"Wait...Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting?"

"Why not let my grandfather mentor Tommy?" Sage said calmly.

"Yep, I definitely heard you correctly. That can totally work. I mean, didn't you once told me he was impressed by Tommy's criminal files he brings with him in a memory stick?"

Sage nodded. "He was also impressed by how he bounces back when situations go bad." Sage said calmly. "Plus, grandpa has knowledge when it comes to teaching, I mean, he's been helping Salwa and me with learning our abilities."

"And I guess he could help him out when it comes to testing out his own armor and weapons for future battles," Macy agreed.

Sage nodded. "It would also be easier to keep an eye on him. Grandpa Vampiro and the rest of the family can keep him close and, with more eyes on him, it will be easier to make sure he doesn't do anything reckless."

"But what about when it's day time? Aren't Vladats more out when it's dark than light, since they can't handle the sun's rays?" Macy pointed out.

Sage nodded. "They can't do sunlight. So, we'll keep the rooms for training shaded and, since Tommy's in school, have him train on weekend evenings like Friday and Saturday. Believe me, my grandfather is good about balancing training and play."

"Fair enough,"

Sage smiled, turning his attention back to Tommy. "Kid deserves to be happy and still have his childhood."

"I couldn't agree with you more on that," Macy replied, smiling at her brother.

Tommy's confidence was soon back and began to hoverboard around while, at the same time, taking it easy. He was laughing in joy when having fun.

"I think I'm getting the hang of it again!" Tommy said happily.

"You're doing very well. Now, I want you to go over to the other end of the field, turn around, and come back. Then, we'll switch." Tetrax replied with a smile.

"Looks like we're up. Let's get going," Sage said with a smile.

"Aw, yeah! Finally! I get to do some action!" Macy said, grabbing her board to meet up with Tetrax.

"Okay, Tetrax," Tommy said, already moving forward to follow the Petrosapien's instructions.

Tetrax smiled, as he watched Tommy move across the field at a moderate pace.

"He's doing better," Tetrax said, as Macy came to his side. " His confidence is back. Luckily, in more moderation."

"Thank goodness. I really appreciate you being patient with Tommy and helping him out. Even if he can be a bit too overconfident," Macy remarked.

"Everyone needs and have their own pace. So, do you have any questions before we start?" Tetrax replied.

"None that I could think of," Macy said, already putting on her skateboarding protective gear plus helmet. "Just need to know the basics so I can slowly learn to go pro like you and Sage,"

Tetrax smiled. "Well, pace yourself. First, get on the board and find your balance. Then, find a comfortable pace by lightly leaning back the board when moving forward. To stop, just place equal pressure on both your feet and you'll stop."

"That's what I'm counting on," Macy smirked, setting the board down so she can get on. As she did, Macy was completely in balance. "Okay, then. I'm on and found my balance. What next?"

"Now, lightly lean back and the board will move forward. Go with your least dominate side, first." Tetrax said, as Tommy came over to them. "Tommy, stop there and carefully step or jump off. Then, deactivate your board."

"You got it, Tetrax," Tommy nodded his head, coming to a gentle stop and leaped down back to the ground.

"Start with my least dominate side. All right," Macy said, doing what Tetrax said and ended up going forward with medium speed. "Oooh, not bad."

"Perfect. Now, when you want to turn, lean into the side you want to turn to. So, for right now, turn left." Tetrax said calmly.

"Left! Already on it!" Macy exclaimed, leaning her side to direct her board to make a left.

Sage smiled. "Nice, Mace. You're doing great," he called, getting on his own board to catch up with her.

"Thanks, Wolf Boy! I have a good alien teacher showing me through the hoops on this ride," Macy said, now leaning to make a right turn around an incoming tree.

Sage smiled, hovering to a stop before the tree and moving across the field a little faster. Hitting the middle, Sage jumped up doing a three sixty before landing on the board again.

Macy rolled her eyes as she continued playing it safe. "Show off,"

"Not trying to show off. Just seeing where I stand and feel comfortable," Sage called, pulling to a stop.

"Just remember to take it slow." Tetrax said as he came to Sage's side.

"Yeah. Last thing I want is to pull a Tommy," Macy remarked.

"Hey! I heard that!" Tommy exclaimed.

"I know! You were supposed to!" Macy spoke up louder for her little brother to hear.

Sage chuckled. "Come on, we're having fun here. Not an all-out battle,"

"We know," Macy and Tommy responded together.

"I think that's enough hoverboard lessons for me today," Macy said, taking it slow to stop.

"Same here," Sage replied, stopping next to his girlfriend.

"Should I continue with my lessons or head back to the Grant Mansion?" Tommy asked.

"We'll go for another few minutes, then we'll go back." Tetrax said. "Now, I want you to try going a little faster this time. Also, try to relax just a bit more, as you turn or swerve. It makes it easier."

"A little faster? Um...I'm not sure if I want to," Tommy said, still having doubts.

"If you're not comfortable, it's up to you and, if you want to stop, that's up to you, as well. I'm here to give advice and guidance, that's all. What we do all depends on you," Tetrax replied, placing his hand on Tommy's shoulder.

Looking up, Tommy gave a small smile. "Okay. I'll give it a try," he said, placing the board down to hop on and did the routine again, only a little more faster.

"Looking good, little brother!" Macy exclaimed.

"Keep it up, Tommy. You're looking great," Sage said, giving two thumbs up.

Tommy continued going a little faster. The more he did, the more relaxed he became. Especially when doing his turns and swerves around the trees.

"Perfect. Well done. Now, come back and loop me two times before de-boarding." Tetrax instructed. "Then we'll call it a day."

Nodding, Tommy was able to make a perfect turn around and flew some loops around Macy, Sage, and then Tetrax before getting off.

"Now that was pretty cool!" Tommy laughed.

"Good job. If you want, we can continue your lessons on my free days?" Tetrax offered.

"Really? That would be so amazing!" Tommy exclaimed.

"There may be days where I can't, but otherwise, I don't mind. Now, I think you all could use a shower and then get dressed because we have a certain festivity to get to," Tetrax said, giving a smile.

"Oh, right! My first ever real birthday party! I can't wait! Come on!" Tommy moved ahead, very eager to go back into the Grant Mansion.

"Well, he seems to be over his hoverboard fear faster than I hoped," Macy replied, smiling.

Sage smiled. "Kids and fear don't stay together and shouldn't."

"Nope," Macy chuckled.

A little while later, the trio kids were showered and dressed comfortably. Sage and Macy were waiting on the porch for Tommy, as he finished getting dressed.

"So, do you think we should ask grandpa at the party?" Sage asked

"Not sure. Maybe when the time is right," Macy shrugged, giving a small smile.

Sage smiled back, leaning into Macy a little. "I think, soon, you and I should spend sometime in the Lunar Meadow. Seems like we could use some balance and quiet."

"I think so, too. We should probably wait until after the birthday boy's party," Macy recommended.

Sage chuckled and nodded. "Definitely." Perking his ears up, Sage giggled as he heard Tommy thundered down the stairs. "Incoming."

"Done with my shower! Now where's the party?" Tommy asked, very excited.

Sage chuckled. "At your house. Question is, how to get there? Wolf ride or walk?"

"Definitely wolf ride! It's way more fun than walking," Tommy answered.

Sage chuckled, before standing up and leaping off the porch when shifting to a wolf in midair.

"Awesome!" Tommy exclaimed before getting on. "Come on, Sis!"

Macy chuckled before climbing on. "I'm going."

Sage laughed, as the two gripped his fur. Playfully, he reared back on his hind paws. He acted like a horse striking the air before launching forward and racing towards the trees.

"Woohoo!" Tommy and Macy said while riding.

Sage smiled. "Hang on tight. I'm going to push into a run."

Macy and Tommy did just that, ready.

Feeling excited and free, Sage let loose a large howl before putting on a burst of speed. Leaping longs and streams while tearing through the forest, it was like a dream or a fantasy that Sage wanted to never end. However, soon, he stopped at the forest edge that overlooked Macy and Tommy's house; staying hidden within the shadow of the forest.

"Now that was a rush!" Tommy said.

"I'll say," Macy chuckled.

Sage smiled, as he shrunk down to the size of a husky; though his wolf nature was still visible. Stepping out of the shadows, Sage pushed his head under Macy's hand as he stood by her side.

"It was a good way to relax." Sage said. "So, Tommy, you excited to be eleven?"

"Sure am! And the best part, I get to be eleven with the people I care about. Whether adopted, human, alien, or Shapeshifter." Tommy answered proudly.

"Well said, little brother," Macy said ruffling the young boy's hair a bit.

Sage smiled. "So, would you like to have one of my gifts now?"

"I thought the special necklace bond thing was the early gift you gave me," Tommy said.

Sage shook his head. "Yes, the necklace was a gift, but I have a couple others for you."

"Oh! Well, in that case, sure! What are they?"

"You'll get one now and one later, during the party. The one for now is this," Sage said, tackling Tommy to the ground and tickling him with his tongue along his neck and face.


"No, I said this is your gift: Eleven seconds of licks for ticklish fun and good luck," Sage said, returning to tickling Tommy.


"And... Done. There. Now you'll have good luck for another eleven years," Sage said, nuzzling Tommy's cheek.

Tommy giggled. "Of course. Thanks for the gift, Sage."

Sage nuzzled him again. "Anything for my little bro."

"Okay, enough fooling around. Are you ready for your special party?" Macy asked.

"Obviously. Let's go!" Tommy said, grabbing his sister's hand and began running back into their home.

Sage laughed, before trotting after them tail high and barking after them like a playful pup.

"Slow down, Tommy!" Macy said, chuckling.

Sage reached the door first, barking happily as he scratched at the door. Mrs. Monroe opened the door smiling down at Sage.

"Well, hello there, Sage. Were you keeping my children out of trouble?" Mrs. Monroe asked, petting Sage's head. Sage barked a reply wagging his tail.

Two hours later, after investing themselves in a large amount of party games, the group of family and friends all sat in the living room where a mountain of presents were waiting with an eager Tommy. Sage was nestled on the couch with Whampire and Macy beside him still in wolf form; his head resting on Macy's lap while his tail happily tapped Whampire's leg.

"Alright, here's the first present, Tommy. This is from your father and I," Mrs. Monroe said, handing over a long brightly wrapped box to Tommy.

"Thank you, mom and dad," Tommy said, unwrapping his present.

Sage smiled, as he watched Tommy bring out a new baseball bat with the local team's hat on top.

"Looks like we'll have to get everyone into a game," Sage said with a chuckle.

"Should be a Fang-tastic time," Whampire added, making Sasha chuckle.

"Agreed," Sasha stated.

"Sweet! I love playing baseball! And this has the logo of our favorite baseball team! Thanks, mom and dad!" Tommy replied, giving his parents a hug.

"You're welcome, sweetie," Mrs. Monroe said, kissing his temple.

Sage got up from his spot and went over to the present pile. Looking around, he soon found his gift. Gently taking it in his teeth, he awkwardly walked over to Tommy with a large box in his mouth. Setting it by his feet, Sage smiled as he sat beside him. On top of the package was a white envelope.

"I'm guessing this one is from you, Sage?" Tommy asked with a smile, grabbing the envelope to open, and read what's inside.

As he did, Tommy was surprised to find tickets to the next ball game inside. "Aw, that is so awesome! Tickets for the next baseball game! Thanks, Big Brother,"

"I think there's more. Open the box," Macy said, smiling.

Tommy did exactly that, only to be more amazed at what was inside. It was a Plumber's jacket with his last name on the back. "Whoa...I didn't even know you guys had jackets this cool!"

Sage chuckled. "It's more for when we're doing political stuff or off duty, but I asked Magister Tennyson if I could get one for you and he agreed."

"Tell him thanks for doing that. I absolutely love it!" Tommy said, picking it up.

"Why don't you try it on, Littler Brother?" Macy suggested.

"Good idea, Big Sis," Without hesitation, he put on the jacket. "What do you all think?"

"Well, I say grow two more feet and we got another Plumber in our midst." Sage said standing on his hind paws where he ruffled his little brother's hair.

"Totally. You almost look like an actual Plumber in that jacket," Macy complimented. "Almost."

"Hey. few years. and you'll be trying to break our records. So, it prompts us to set the bar high." Sage said. "Glad you like the presents. Cool thing about the tickets. we'll have a chance at snagging a game ball."

"And I can't wait for that!" Tommy exclaimed happily.

"Yeah. Just be sure Sage doesn't accidentally try to steal any baseballs because he thinks that they're playing fetch and has the urge to chase plus catch them with his mouth," Macy joked.

Sage turned to Macy. "The only people I do anything for is my friends, family, and most important. the woman I love."

"Yeah, I've noticed when you stole one of my Sais, once," Macy turned to Sage with a smirk.

"Hey. only for you, my Moon," Sage said with a smile. "Besides, you and I love to play tag."

"Heh, can't argue with that," Macy said.

"So, my Moon, you going to shower you brother with your gift or keep complimenting me?" Sage teased with a wolf wink.

"Fine. I'll get it," Macy said, standing up to find her gift. Luckily, she wrapped it with Ninja Turtle wrapping paper and was able to get it and give it to Tommy. "Happy birthday, Tommy. I hope you like it,"

Sage smiled as he watched Tommy unwrap his box, finding two red Japanese Tonfas inside.

"No way! My very own ninja weapons?!" Tommy asked in awe.

"Yep. It's a Tonfa. It provides protection or brace along your forearms, and reinforcement for backfist, elbow strikes, and punches. Figured I would give you something that isn't super sharp. It's no grappling hook, but I hope you like it," Macy replied.

"I LOVE IT!" Without warning, Tommy hugged Macy very fast and tight. "Thanks, Sis!"

"The workmanship is yours truly," Sage said. "Solid and, with a little alien work, they are totally unbreakable."

"That is so neat!" Tommy exclaimed. "I can't wait to practice them!"

"And we'll be happy to help teach you how to use them," Macy smiled.

"Just promise not to leave us black and blue." Sage said with a smirk.

"I promise," Tommy said, nodding his head.

"It's not us we should be worried about getting bruised, Sage," Macy remarked. "How about for your first lessons, Tommy, you'll wear some protective gear? Along with ourselves, just in case?"

"Macy! I'm not a baby," Tommy retorted.

"I know, but better safe than sorry,"

"Plus, it saves us from having grumpy parents on us." Sage said.

"Eh, hem," Sage, Macy, and Tommy looked at the folks. Whampire had that look in his eyes as he edged towards his son. While Mr. and Mrs. Monroe edged towards Macy and Tommy. "Who's grumpy?"

"Uh, oh. Shouldn't have said that," Sasha said, slowly moving away from the move with a sly grin in knowing what's gonna happen next.

"Hey, we were not the ones who said that nor agreed with what Sage just finished saying!" Macy reasoned with her hands up in defense and Tommy nodded his head, vouching on his sister's statement.

"Too late for that," Mr. Monroe said, snagging Macy and tickling her; just as his wife snatched Tommy before tickling him.

Sage was in a choke hold with Whampire's claws in his stomach.



"Oh, no you don't. You couldn't get enough tickles, as a kid, and you still can't, my baby bear," Mr. Monroe said, before blowing a raspberry into Macy's neck.


"Glad to see that you realized that," Whampire said, blowing a raspberry in the back of his neck.



"Well, then you're getting an extra ticklish birthday, aren't you?" Mrs. Monroe said, tickling Tommy's neck and ears.

"STAHAHAHAHAHAHAP! MAHAHAHAKE THIS NIGHTMAHAHAHARE STOP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, NOHOHO MORE!" Macy pleaded, her cheeks turning red with tears coming down her face.

"All right, we're done," Whampire said, scooping Sage up and sitting down with him while cuddling the wolf.

Mrs. Monroe pulled Tommy into a hug. "Happy Birthday, Tommy."

"Never too old for tickles." Mr. Monroe said, pulling Macy close.

"No... I suppose not," Macy muttered through her breath, embracing this hug a little more. "I love you, dad."

"Love you too, baby bear," Mr. Monroe said.

Sage nuzzled Whampire, giving a small whimper.

"I love you, too, Sage." Whampire said, pulling Sage into a hug.

"Love you, my little cubby," Mrs. Monroe said, kissing Tommy.

Tommy chuckled. "Right back at ya, mom. This has been the best first real birthday I ever had."

"You'll have many more. Now, who wants cake and ice cream?" Mrs. Monroe said, with a smile.

"Me! Me! I do!" Tommy said happily, raising his hand.

"I can definitely go for something sweet," Macy agreed.

Sage nodded.

"You know me. I have a mean sweet tooth," Whampire said, as the two got up.

"Well, it's all set up." Mr. Monroe said.

"Great! Can't wait," Macy said.

In the dining room, they found a large ET cake with red letters saying 'We'll be here always. Happy Birthday, Tommy.' Sasha already helped light up the candles.

Sage smiled, as he shifted to human form. "Now that's Tommy to a "T"."

"It sure is," Macy agreed, smiling while nodding her head.

"All right, everyone, one, two, three," Sasha said, before singing with the family.

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Tommy Happy Birthday to you." Everyone sang smiling, as Tommy grew teary eyed.

Closing his eyes, Tommy blew out his candles to make a wish.

Sage smiled, as he watched the happy scene; wondering if this is what his birthday would be like.

"So, I have mint, vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream. Who wants what?" Mrs. Monroe asked curiously.

"Mint for me, please." Sage replied.

"I'll have strawberry." Whampire said.

"I'll have the same as my Whammy-Kins," Sasha giggled.

"Chocolate all the way for me, please," Tommy raised his hand.

"I'll go for the vanilla," Macy replied.

After everyone was served, Sage and Macy smiled as they watched Tommy get cake and ice cream all over him.

"Looks like a cake monster," Sage mumbled quietly, enjoying his ice cream cake mix.

Macy stiffened a laugh, hearing that. "You should have seen how he devours pizza. There was sauce, cheese, and pepperoni all over his face that made him look like a pizza faced monster," she quietly told Sage.

Sage chuckled. "I'm glad he's happy."

"Me, too," Macy smiled.

"This ice cream cake is the best!" Tommy said, taking another piece from his slice.

"Just make sure you clean up. Otherwise, you'll have a bunch of Vladats cleaning you up." Sage said with a smile.

"Don't worry, I will," Tommy assured.

"And no licking yourself when there's still ice cream all over you. Be a human being and use the shower or napkins for crying out loud!" Macy retorted.

"Awww, you're no fun,"

"We may be no fun, but at least we make sure you won't be sticky," Sage said with a smile.

"Fine," Tommy sighed in defeat.

Sage chuckled. "Hey, you two up for a pack night?"

"A pack night?" Macy and Tommy asked at once.

"What kind of pack night?" Macy questioned.

"It's what I call making a bed in the living room and snuggling with friends and family. It's basically a sleepover." Sage explained.

"Oh. Well, what do you think, birthday boy?" Macy asked her little brother.

"I'd love a pack night! Sounds like fun," Tommy said.

Sage smiled. "Great. The little kids and my sis love them. Especially using me as a bed or pillow."

"Who wouldn't? Your fur is super soft and warm," Macy replied.

"It's like being in a soft cloud," Tommy added.

"Thanks for the compliment. Did I tell you about the time some of the toddlers fell asleep in my fur without me knowing?" Sage asked.

"Seriously? You actually had kids sleeping on you without realizing it?" Tommy asked.

"For real? This I got to hear," Macy said, very interested in this story.

"So, three of my younger cousins were playing 'catch me if you can' with my aunts who were about to put them down for a nap. I was asleep in the living room enjoying a nap. So, apparently, the girls found me and, like all kids, wanted to see how soft my fur was. Soon, they were snuggled in and fell asleep," Sage said, handing his bowl to Mrs. Monroe.

Macy chuckled. "I bet you were surprised when you found them near you,"

"It was a surprise. See Aunt Rachel woke me up because they couldn't find the girls and asked if I could search for them. I agreed but just as I was about to get up, I felt little hands and arms grasp my fur." Sage continued with a smile.

"How deep is your fur?" Tommy asked.

"Yeah, how could nobody notice that toddlers were on top of you?" Macy furthered questioned.

"Well, I was bigger, when I was a sleep. I little bigger than I was, when I ran here plus my cousins are still pretty small." Sage explained.

"How small? Around Tommy and Splixson small or Galvan and Nanomech small?" Macy remarked.

Sage looked over at Tommy for a minute. "Um, maybe a head shorter. Bullfrag's daughter has just started running and Angel, Way Big's niece, is escaping the crib like the others."

"Wish I was there to enjoy that show," Macy chuckled.

"Oh, you get enough of a show when you come over and see me being the group play toy for them," Sage replied with a chuckle.

"How could I forget that moment? Tommy and I were just there on the day we moved here and came back to the Grant Mansion to spot you with a bunch of toddlers all over you," Macy recalled, laughing.

Tommy laughed on that memory, too. "Good times."

Sage smiled. "You know, it's hard to believe that only a few months have gone by. It feels like it was just yesterday,"

"Yeah. That's insane," Macy smiled.

"Totally." Tommy replied.

"Well, I think it's time for you three to settle down. I'll make popcorn and set a movie up. You three want sweats or pjs?" Mrs. Monroe said with a smile.

Sage smile shifting to wolf form. "Ready."

"I'm just gonna wear sweats, mom," Macy said.

"Pjs for me!" Tommy said.

Sage smiled, as the two head upstairs to change and as he helped Mrs. Monroe set up blankets and pillows into a nest. Smiling, Sage settled down in the middle, resting his head on a fluffy pillow.

It didn't take long for Macy and Tommy to change and head back down stairs. Tommy wore light blue pjs while Macy wore grey sweatpants and a red sweat shirt.

Sage raised his head with a smile, his tail thumping happily on the nest.

"What?" Macy chuckled.

"Just happy to be able to have this kind of time with you without a villain or anything mucking it up," Sage replied.

Macy smiled, as she sat near Sage with Tommy following her lead.

Sage settled down again, before resting his head. He snagged a blanket in his teeth and pulled it up over Macy and Tommy. Giving a smile, Sage laid his head in Macy's lap while his tail curled around Tommy.

"Thanks, Sage. This feels nice," Tommy said, snuggling at the tail around him.

Sage smiled, curling up a little more. "Glad to make your birthday that much better."

"This truly was the best birthday ever. And I have my new friends and family to thank for it,"

"Happy Birthday, Tommy." Sage said as his eyes drooped a little.

Tommy smiled before falling asleep with him.

As for Macy, she just petted on her wolf and stared at her two favorite boys napping. "Happy birthday, Little Brother,"

Hope you all enjoy. No flames please.

Stay safe and healthy everyone.