Chapter 1 'Spix's Creation Story'

Hello, this is a side project that I'll occasionally update.

This isn't a traditional narrative, but its rather a lore/world building story. In some of my stories, the being Ara is mentioned, and he is the God that the Spix's macaws' worship. In this chapter, I will cover their creation story, told in a documentative format. In other words, this is me recounting the creation story to you, the reader.

Keep in mind, I may use plenty of made up words, as it would be stupid for their cultural names to have any etymology in human language.

Anyways, without further ado, lets get on with it! Enjoy or suffer.


In the beginning, there was nothing. Nothing but a being that had existed since time immemorial. He had been in a slumber, dreaming about things in his eternal slumber. That being has omnipotent power, in other words, he is God himself. Ara, was his name.

At this point, time as we know it didn't even exist. But it began thousands of years ago, when Ara awoke from his slumber that he had been in for infinitum. Now with his eyes open, he had involuntarily created time.

With unfathomable power at his disposal, he wanted to create a universe inspired by the visions in his primordial dreams. In that vast cosmos, there will be a world in which he will focus his power onto. Terras, the planet in which jungles and plains and oceans are. However, he will not create that just yet.

His first mission was to create someone who can divide his power with. Ara took the form of a male Spix's macaw, and he created someone that'll create with him. Laera, the goddess of motherhood and death. Ara and Laera had great power, and the two beings would be mates.

Now with someone, Ara went about to create his universe. He began with the great clouds in the heavens, with the dots of light scattering across them. The ordeal would create a kaleidoscope of colours and things, as Ara's powers allowed him to form things from his wings and he controlled their shape with said wings.

Creating the great cosmos was a feat, and he decided to home in on one place. He'd create a trifecta, beginning with the great shiner, (the sun) and the Lune, a shining rock in the sky that shone down on Terras at night. Now, he would create his masterpiece: Terras.

He formed the rock that would be Terras, allowing Lune and the Great Shiner to shine down upon it at night and day, respectively.

Ara molded Terras to his liking, forming vast oceans, flowing rivers, lakes, towering mountains and many other features. But something was missing from this world, it had all the features on it, but it was empty and primordial. The whole cosmos in fact, was devoid of life apart from Ara and Laera.

Laera's powers came into play, her feminine motherly figure hung over Terras. She fertilised the barren world, spawning green plains, seeding lush forests and all other foliage. However, with the help of Ara, the two created complex life.

They made the first eggs that would hatch out the first birds, and they made all the animals to inhabit their world. Each species would be different and suited to their environments. The spawns of fish inhabited the seas, lakes and rivers. The birds would fly in the sky, and all the others would be in various places. Each animal had a small bit of divinity in them.

But the two had yet to create their magnum opus, the Spix's Macaw. Laera tried to create them, but she couldn't. With Ara being unable to do so either, the two who were the basis of Spix's macaws and resembled them in almost every way, except they were larger, had a glow to them and were far more complex.

The two combined, officially becoming true mates and in their great mating, they spawned two eggs that would hatch to become a male and female spix's macaw. They had divine powers, but nowhere near the scale of Ara and Laera.

Their names were Wuela and Ivsia, the male and female respectively. They too, like their parents, had a shine to them, and Ara and Laera sent them down to the world below for them to inhabit. Meanwhile, Ara and Laera would watch on from the heavens.

All would go well, with Wuela and Ivsia flying about the lush paradise their parents had created. Nature was in harmony, but a corruption would form. Upright walking creatures had begun to defy their nature and would cut down trees for their own gain.

In the meantime, Wuela and Ivsia had their own child, named Jilwia, a boy. Unfortunately, the corruption would infest them, and the three began to be corrupted and abused their divinity. Ara and Laera were disgusted by this but had let it slide for a while.

That was until Jilwia had began to work with the corrupters, helping them destroy the paradise. Wuela and Ivsia had also began to destroy paradise, but they weren't working with the humans. All would go well, until Jilwia had gone too far, and had murdered his parents with the corrupters.

Ara and Laera watched in fiery rage as Jilwia had murdered his parents, and Ara and Laera snapped at Jilwia, casting him down into the underworld. Ara and Laera had decided that divinity was a source of corruption, and they took Wuela and Ivsia and removed their divinity and forgave their sins. Along with that, Laera would create non-divine Spix's macaws and allowed them to live in peace.

All other animals would be stripped of divinity, however the fact that Spix's Macaws were modelled after the divine creators, they'd maintain a small bit of divinity in them. However, this would be small enough that it wouldn't corrupt them.

Thus, ends the Divine Era, and thus began the New Era, with the corrupters being stripped of any ability to pervert and corrupt the world around them like they could before. They'd be limited in their abilities, and all was well. They'd be renamed Humans.

After removing divinity, death would be a thing for everything. While Wuela and Ivsia had died, they'd die because of a divine being killing them, and any other thing couldn't kill them. However, by removing their divinity and reviving them, they'd created a world in another dimension. The Aeuthere, or the afterlife. There'd be specific places depending on the actions of the animal.

The highest one, Aeuthere Aras, would be for the best of the best, almost exclusively Spix's Macaws. They'd be with Ara and Laera. There'd be 5 afterlives.

Next down is Pardisa, a place for most good animals. There, loved ones will be with each other. The mode, Ulmas, is for those who were neither good nor bad. This is the most populous place and consists of a variety of animals.

Next down is Humus, a place inhabited by bad animals and a lot of humans. Punishments aren't severe, but it depends on their crimes. This place is where bad animals are punished for a certain amount of time, before they're forgiven and move up.

The bottom is where Jilwia inhabits. The Underworld, or Haell, a cold wasteland furthest from Ara's light. The worst of the worst come here, such as mass loggers and poachers. Tyrants and others come here to suffer for all they've done in life.

And so, the world we live in is complete. Ara and Laera are side by side, watching down on Terras, intervening occasionally and looking with pride at their magnum opus.

Well, that wraps up this chapter, I hope you enjoyed it!

This was inspired by many different things, including traditional beliefs, Christianity and other things. Many of the names are either made up completely, or a distorted version of some words.

Anyways, I don't know when the next chapter will be out, but I hope it won't be too long.

Until next time, goodbye.