Omake time, y'all!

Yashiro wandered the halls of LME in a tizzy. They were together! His ship was canon! After years of patience, they were finally together! Oh, if only he hadn't promised to keep this a secret from the president. But what could he do? He wanted to share the news with his ship's co-captain, but poor Kyoko-chan had seemed so eager to keep it from him. That, he could understand. The Lovemon really put his LoveMe girls through the wringer. Shaking his head, he turned the corner and walked towards his office. While the lovebirds were dealing with work in the building, he should get some paperwork done.

"Yashiro-san?" Maria was standing outside of his office. "Where's…" She let her sentence trail off, staring at him. It was faint, but she could make it out: tell-tale signs of magic. And her onee-sama's magic, at that! It looked almost like binding magic. She squinted at him.

"Er, yes, Maria-chan?" As high on happiness as he was, Yashiro was getting a little weirded out by the girl's intense stare.

"Why do you have onee-sama's magic on you?"

What? That was certainly not what he expected. "I - what?"

She circled him slowly. Yep, that was definitely a binding charm. "Did you make some sort of promise to onee-sama?"

He gave a nervous laugh. "W-Well, I am effectively her manager."

"Where is she?" There was a dangerous glint in the young girl's eyes.

"In - in the LoveMe room." I'm sorry, Kyoko-chan!

Maria turned and walked away, mind racing. I've never seen onee-sama use a binding charm before. Why would she need to use one on Yashiro-san of all people? Her steps sped up, matching the tempo of her thoughts. She wouldn't need to do that if it was for work. So it must be personal. She was sprinting now. And if Yashiro-san is involved, then Ren-sama must be, too. She skidded to a stop in front of the elevator and mashed the down button. I need to talk to her. It's got to be important, if she actually used a charm. Onee-sama is so careful with her magic.

After the longest elevator ride of her life, Maria barreled into the LoveMe room, where Kyoko was doing some LoveMe paperwork. "Onee-sama!"

"Maria-chan, you scared me! What's wrong?" Kyoko clutched at her chest, eyes wide. Her grudges and angels circled Maria, trying to figure out what was happening.

"Why was your magic on Yashiro-san?" Maria demanded.

Kyoko froze. Oh, no. I forgot that Maria-chan's been studying magic more.

"That was a binding charm," Maria continued, "to keep him from saying something. To keep something secret. Onee-sama, what's going on?"

"Can we talk somewhere where your grandfather's cameras won't pick up anything? Is there a place like that, somewhere private?" She bit her lip, then asked, "And can you keep a secret?"

Maria nodded, took Kyoko by the hand, and led her out of the LoveMe room. One series of twists and turns and three staircases later, she locked the two of them in a small, plush room. She turned around to speak, but found Kyoko in a dogeza on the floor. Maria bit back a sigh. "You're dating Ren-sama, aren't you?"

Kyoko's head snapped up. "Eh?"

"It's the only thing I can think of that would make you put a binding charm on Yashiro-san, not want grandfather to know, and feel like you have to apologize to me!" Maria crossed her arms and plopped down on the floor in front of Kyoko. "I'm right, aren't I?"

"Yes." Kyoko lowered her head. "I'm very sorry for taking him from you and for not telling you."

"I'll forgive you since it's you, onee-sama." She shifted to sit cross-legged, fluffing out her skirt. "But I want details."

Kyoko peeked up at her, tears pricking at her eyes. "You're not mad at me?"

She pursed her lips. "As if! Only onee-sama is good enough for Ren-sama. But if you mess it up I'll steal him away. And if he messes up, I'll steal you away!"

She smiled and sat up. "Thank you, Maria-chan. What did you want to know?"

"Before we get to the good stuff, how did you put a binding charm on Yashiro-san?" I need tips!

"Well, Ren's parents suggested that we tell him that we're together, so Ren, Yashiro-san, and I had breakfast together. I put it on his eggs." She gave her a conspiratorial smile. "He didn't even notice."

Maria nodded, making a mental note. "Okay. So, who else knows?"

"Um, Moko, Ren's parents, Yashiro-san, and you. And I think that Ren might have asked the taisho and okami-san of Darumaya for their blessing? I'm not sure."

"You already know his parents?" They're more serious than I thought! "I want to be in your wedding party. Flower girl, or bridesmaid if I'm old enough."

"I… I don't know if I want a traditional or western wedding. I'd be honored to have you sit in as my family if we go traditional, though." Kyoko's cheeks turned pink, but she smiled.

Maria's eyes went wide. Onee-sama did not deny that she's going to marry Ren-sama. She's thinking about it seriously. This is amazing! "Of course, onee-sama!" A wide grin, one far too reminiscent of her grandfather's, spread across her face. "Now, I want details."

Kyoko was not allowed to leave that room for two hours. Never let it be said that Maria is not a Takarada.

Hehehehe. I hope you enjoyed!