"You should go." Jack had paused the movie, staring out the window with an unreadable expression.

I felt my heart burn slightly. We were in the middle of a movie and he was kicking me out? "Why?" I tried finding what Jack was staring at but there was nothing outside.

Jack merely shrugged. "It's getting late."

Rolling my eyes, I heard myself sigh. "I can leave if you want." I paused, debating my next words. "It isn't because of the time though. I've stayed much later than 9:30."

Jack barely responded, shrugging again slightly .

Okay then, I thought. I was about to grab my coat when a sudden flash of lightning caught my eye. Dang it, I hated driving in the rain.

I glanced back at Jack, a little mad he was making me leave during the beginning of a storm. However, the boy was staring at the window with unmistakable fear in his eyes.

"Jack?" I froze. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Jack mumbled.

I couldn't help but notice he still hadn't taken his eyes off the window. Why did Jack always have to be so strong?

"I'm going to stay," I declared. "I get scared driving in the rain."

Jack opened his mouth only to close it and I supposed that was better than a rejection.

I positioned myself back on the couch with Jack, sitting a little closer this time. He clearly needed reassurance, I told herself. Still, there was no denying that I liked having an excuse to be near him.

I shrugged those thoughts aside though, grabbing the remote to press play. Mega mind quickly began playing again.

Another clap of thunder sounded, lightning flashing through the window. Jack flitched.

I scooted a bit closer, my body pressed directly against Jack's own. I wasn't sure how else to reassure him.

Jack was easily the most confident and strong person I knew. He was always protecting me and now I needed to be there for him. After all, the fear in his eyes was killing me.

Slowly, I stretched out my hand and grabbed Jack's own. The boy barely seemed to realize what I had done, pretending to be deeply absorbed into the movie. Still, I noticed the way he squeezed my hand each time the storm got too loud. It'll be okay Jack; I'm here for you.


I hated that she was here to see me like this. It didn't storm much in Arendelle, but when it did I couldn't take it. I dropped everything to be alone. To hide. I hated what storms did to me, but I couldn't help it.

Every single flash of lighting sent fear through my body. Every inch of my body felt afraid, terrified even.

I knew Elsa could tell. I knew she had stayed for me, not her. I didn't want her to though. I didn't want her to know how weak I truly was.

The thunder roared again and I felt my grip on Elsa's hand tighten. I was trying so damn hard to just focus on the movie but I couldn't. I needed to let go of her hand. Why was it that when I finally got to be close to her this was the reason?

Elsa should have left. I would have gone up to my room and hid like I always do. Elsa thought I was strong but I wasn't. I couldn't face this.

"You don't have to pretend."

I acted as if I hadn't heard her, my eyes focusing on nothing.

"Jack." Her voice was soft as she spoke, like she was comforting a child. I wasn't any stronger than one. Only kids fear storms.

I heard Elsa sigh as she set her head on my shoulder, her hands wrapping around me. "I wish you weren't always so strong."

Strong? My throat hardened, glancing at the storm again. The rain was pouring down now, the wind hitting the trees outside violently. The worst was still the thunder and lightning though. I could handle the rain. I could handle the wind. The lightning and thunder, on the other hand, left me petrified.

I didn't respond to Elsa. Instead, I just felt her steady heartbeat against my chest. It was calming even if I realized she could probably feel how fast mine was beating right now.

A sudden flash of lighting startled me and I felt my body jump. My cheeks flushed and I saw Elsa stare up at me in concern. This was humiliating.

I couldn't even ask her to leave though. The thought of her driving in this weather scared me even more than the storm itself did.

Elsa's grip on my body tightened as the storm grew louder and I couldn't help but feel grateful. It had been so long since someone was there to comfort me during a storm.

We sat there for what felt like hours, even if I knew it wasn't.

"You're trembling."

I suddenly realized I was indeed trembling and as I looked at the concern on her face I felt my wall crumble. Tears began to fall from my eyes despite how desperately I tried to stop them. They just kept pouring, becoming as violent as the storm.

Elsa didn't say anything, hardly even flinched. She just held me closer. "Do you want to talk about it?" She finally spoke.

I realized I desperately did want to talk about it. I stared at Elsa, my eyes blurred from tears. She looked like an angel. She was an angel.

"They died in a storm." My voice was shaky, uneven. "My parents."

A look of understanding flashed across Elsa's face. She grabbed my hand, squeezing it gently.

"My counselor says I shouldn't still remember that night, that I'm probably just making it up. I know I'm not though. I don't care if I was only five. I remember that car crash." The vision flooded my brain, pain coursing through out my body. The sound of screeching tires and the bang as we collided into the other car. "My parents died instantly. I barely even got a bruise."

I knew I was crying again. I could barely breathe, let alone speak. "I sat in that-" My voice broke, the memory playing over and over again in my brain. The car crashed. My parents laid there, their bodies covered in blood. Even before that night I hadn't liked storms. I had wanted my mom to comfort me that night, like she had always done before.

Elsa was crying too. At first I didn't notice it over the sound of my own tears, though now I saw the liquid streaming from her eyes. "Jackā€¦" Her voice trailed off as she wrapped me in another hug.

"I sat in that car for over thirty minutes. It was a back road and it took awhile for anyone to realize what had happened." Even I hadn't understood what was going on. I hadn't understood why my parents weren't moving. I had just sat in the back seat, curled up into a ball. "Lighting kept flashing over and over again." It had blinded me that night, each flash lighting up the car enough for me to see how awful my parents looked.

"And there was thunder too." I hated thunder. I had cried as the unbearably loud noise occurred over and over again. Thunder and lighting. That was all I remembered of my parent's last moments. A flash of lighting, a clap of thunder, and then they were gone.

Elsa kept holding me as I sobbed into her shoulder. I had always tried to hide my fear of storms. Even my counselor didn't understand how bad I felt. I couldn't function.

"I think it's almost over." Elsa whispered in my ear.

I glanced outside and realized she was right. The thunder had subsided and even the rain was merely a drizzle. I felt myself being able to breath again.

Elsa hesitantly removed her arms from around me, her eyes scanning me. "You're so much stronger than I thought."

"What?" After all of this she should have been able to see how wrong her previous impression of me was. She should have realized I was pathetic.

"To have gone through all of that and still be the warm, kindhearted person you are." Elsa gave me such a look of admiration and I felt my face grow warm.

"You are the strongest person I've ever met." Her arms wrapped around me again. She began pulling away but stopped with her lips just inches away from mine.

I don't know what came over me. Maybe it was the way Elsa was staring at me like I was the greatest person alive. Or maybe it was just the fact I had been longing to do this for so long. Either way, I closed the distance, my lips crashing onto hers.

Elsa did not hesitant in the slightest, immediately pouring emotion into the kiss. I could feel the way she felt about me. I could feel the way she saw me.

I felt myself returning the favor. I knew I loved Elsa, even if out loud I had always acted as though what we had was platonic. Now I could pour that love into this kiss.

She moaned into my mouth and I felt my heart leap. Kissing her was intoxicating. Elsa was perfect.

She pulled away slightly, still staring at me in awe. "I love you." She whispered softly into my ear. Her cheeks were flushed slightly and I couldn't help but think that made her look even more adorable.

"I love you too." Elsa was everything I needed: the calm within the storm.