Midoriya the Shaman

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First Day of The Hero Internship


Toshinori Yagi had gotten a call from his mentor Gran Torino; it appeared he wanted an explanation about two things. Why had Yagi not called him in forever, and why didn't the boy use One For All during the festival?

"How did you know?" His voice was a stuttering mess. It's just like how Izuku was with his aunt.

"Chiyo told me everything," was his response.

"Of course she did."

"Of all the times for your successor to use that Quirk, it would be at a time when the world is watching him. Instead, he got ahead using that Quirk that relied on his sword."

"It's complicated, sir. Midoriya-shonen's ability is high even without One for All, and at the time, he only accepted the Quirk on the condition that it would be used his own way." It was a hard situation to explain without including Shamans.

Gran Torino didn't expect such an answer from the number one hero. "Damn straight. So why does it feel like he will be interning with someone other than me?"

"I can guess he's already chosen his internship." Considering how much she controlled his life, that decision was probably influenced by his aunt. Then again, she had good judgment.

"Well, at least he's sensible enough to make his own decisions and not piggyback off a man who couldn't even BOTHER TO CALL ME AT ALL!"

"He's really not letting that go," muttered Yagi off the mic.


"No, you didn't! And I'm sorry. I will buy you something!"

"Alright brat! I want that Taiyaki from the one-of-a-kind store in Naboo."

"But sir, that would take hours to get there and back! Not to mention the waiting line!"

"Is that an apology or not?!"

"I will do it."

"I'll get straight to the point." All Might had his back to his apprentice, his entire demeanor feeling grim and dire. He led him into an empty hallway. "I received a call from someone that I know."

"Really? Who?"

"Yes, the hero's name is Gran Torino." The sweating All Might strained to keep his smile up. "He taught me at this school back in my day, but only for one year. In fact, the man was my homeroom teacher."

"I didn't expect that," Amidamru said

"He knows about One for All, as well."

Midoriya smiled with his eyes sparkled knowing there were other heroes that he didn't know about.

"Actually he… he even contacted me about you. He basically ordered me to meet him in person to explain about the other side." All Might's mind slowly spiraled out of control as he fought the urge to go sulk and cower in a corner alone.

"This guy sounds amazing!" Midoriya exclaimed, already knowing he meant the Shaman part of him. "Wait. So, he knows how your Quirk works, right? But how?"

"I agree. How does such a person know?" Amidamaru looked suspicious.

"Gran Torino was a friend of my predecessor. He retired a long time, so I forgot to count him among the people who knew." If All Might was trembling before, then he's shaking like a dead tree in a tornado now.

Amidamru wasn't convinced that there wasn't more to that. His fear was parallel to Izuku's cowardice in the face of Anna.

"Did he know because of Recovery Girl? Or did he watch the sports festival and concluded?" His entire body was shaking with deathly fear, he could no longer hide the trepidation in his voice making it clear just how terrified he was. "It's scary…..." He started slapping his own leg, as his knees continued to wobble from underneath him. "Dammit, my legs won't stop shaking!"

'All Might's actually trembling in fear?!' Midoriya saw his mentor in such a state. It was surprising.

The trembling All Might did his best to continue on. "Anyway, it is already decided that you Midoriya-shonen have already chosen someone for your internship."

"Yes, I have sir." 'Just how terrifying is this guy?! And he was All Might's homeroom teacher? Does that mean he's worse than Aizawa?!'

"Good. Knowing you, you've picked well. So, who is it?"

The next day

"You've all got your costumes right?" Eraserhead asked his students while putting his hands in his pockets. "Obviously wearing them in public is prohibited without a hero or sidekick with you, and don't lose them either."

Class 1-A was currently standing in a train station with steel suitcases all in hand containing their costumes and equipment. Today began their first-ever internship. After the tour with Funbari Holdings, some of the students still believe in their choices.

"Got Iiiiiiiit~!" Mina sang with a grin on her face, making Eraserhead sigh in annoyance.

"Don't stretch out your 'got it', Ashido-san. And make sure to mind your manners! Okay, now go!"

Everyone started chatting as they slowly went their separate ways, going to different hero agencies all across the country.

Izuku stood next to Momo, a slightly smaller suitcase in his hands. The Shaman was having a small conversation with his fiancé.

Looking to the side Amidamaru looked to Iida with worry in his eyes. Both Shaman and samurai had already known Iida's brother, a pro-hero, was injured gravely by a dangerous villain. The villain had so far murdered 17 heroes in cold blood and crippled 23 more to beyond a potential full recovery.

This villain was known as the Hero Killer: Stain.

Little was known about the serial killer. He was a madman who went after Pro heroes when they were alone before killing them or injuring them permanently. The villain had so far evaded the top heroes and the police for a few months, and there were no known leads on the villain. As such Stain was already being labeled as an A-class dangerous villain.

But for Amidamaru, what worried the spirit was what drove such a man to perform these drastic actions. It's very reminiscent of Ronin who would target nobility. That was a heavy crime.

"Iida," Izuku decided to call out to his friend, "if you need someone to talk to, you can always come to us. We're your friends, after all." Momo nodded next to him.

Iida looked at his friends and gave them a small smile. Yet both Izuku and Amidamaru could tell it was hollow.

"Sure," Iida said before turning around and walking to his train. The air grew cold around him.

Izuku wanted to do more knowing about Tensei's situation being Quirkless. But before he could, Iida had already climbed onto his train and left, making Izuku sigh.

"Well..." Ochako said in a nervous tone as she stood next to the shaman. "I better get going. My train is going to leave soon."

Izuku smiled to Ochako. "Good luck at Gunhead's agency. I'm sure you'll do fine."

Slowly everyone started to part ways, going on different trains and or in groups together, all saying goodbye to one another. Once everyone left Izuku was alone with Momo for a reason.

"I'll be going first. I'm ready to take on Asakura-sama's expectations." Momo confessed to the shaman.

"And good luck Momo. Just try to relax; I'm sure you do just fine."

The atmosphere was quiet as Momo was fidgeting her fingers as if trying to say something but she was too shy to say it. Midoriya could see it.

"Em, should we try-" Before she could attempt anymore, her train arrived. "That's my ride!" as she quickly escape.

"What was that?" he thought.

As Momo entered the train, she held her face turning red. 'Great Spirit; I wanted to kiss his cheeks! But we're not newlyweds, we're engaged! Oh, I'm not ready for that! I want to, but it's too embarrassing!'

The passengers chuckled at the comical scene.

In Hosu City…

"Typically, there'd be tons of applicants waiting by the phone for requests but recently, well… Hosu's gotten a bit hectic, too!" Mizushima Masaki, otherwise known as The Normal Hero Manual, said to Iida as they walked down the sidewalk together in their hero costumes.

"Street patrols have become a way to surpass crime." Iida wasn't listening. Instead, he was glancing around.

"So I've gotta say, I'm happy Ingenium's little brother came along with me and mine." The hero said with a friendly smile, while Iida stood quiet. "I'm sure you had a ton of offers from heroes more capable than me."

Manual wasn't the kind of hero that stood out all that much and was somewhat unremarkable with a simple Water-manipulation quirk and common feats in Hero Work. In simple terms, he was just a normal pro hero. Hence the name.

Yet Iida chose to intern with Manual for one reason. 'The Hero Killer is elusive, someone who can't be caught in the net of modern society… this might be in vain, even so…' He remembered the state his brother was in, his older brother. The hero he loved and admired all his life… thanks to that scumbag, he could never be a hero again.

All because of Stain.


"Frankly, I don't like you."

Bakugo stood in front of the No. 4 Hero-Best Jeanist in the hero's Agency. The Pro-Hero was giving Bakugo a flat look, making the dirty blond blink.


"You only chose my agency because I'm one of the top five most popular heroes, right?" Best Jeanist pointed out while looking down at Bakugo as it was obvious.

That made him scowl. "You're the one that put in an offer!" Glaring at the hero, even if his words were true.

"True," Best Jeanist said while smoothing his hair with a comb. "Recently, I've only been getting good little kids." He gestured to the many sidekicks and interns behind Bakugo, all dressed elegantly with nearly trimmed hair similar to the Pro-Hero.

"So you were the first one in a while to strike a chord. I watched you at the sports festival. You were able to freely manipulate a quirk with high potential and had a good grasp of the applications as well. You're an outstanding talent already good enough to recruit as a sidekick." All that Best Jeanist said was true, but a moment later his eyes turned sharp. "However, you have a fatal flaw." Now that did grab Bakugo's attention as the blond narrowed his eyes. "You believe in yourself to be the strongest, and you try to put that into practice not caring about how that looks. You have a ferocious nature."

The Hero's words made Bakugo start to shake. "Did you choose me to give me a lecture-" Before the blond took a step forward he found himself wrapped in string, held in place.

"It is part of my work as a hero to correct people like you." Best Jeanist said as Bakugo grit his teeth, struggling against the string Best Jeanist held him with.

"Heroes and Villains are two sides of the same coin. I'll show those glaring eyes of yours what makes someone a hero."

"What are you trying to do?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Best Jeanist asked while the other sidekicks grinned around Bakugo knowingly. "I'm educating you to become an exemplary hero. Your speech, your appearance, controlling your emotions, enforcing your morals… there are countless things to do. In the short time of two weeks." The No. 4 Hero said in a grave tone. "I will sew all that into your body."

Bakugo scowled. He picked the wrong guy.




Both Tetsutetsu and Kirishima found themselves at Fourth Kind's Hero Agency.

Both brawlers grinned as they clapped hands. "Why are you here!?" They asked at the same time.

"We were able to put two offers in." The Chivalrous Hero: Fourth Kind, a hero with four arms said while glaring at the two brawlers. "Let's get started without adieu."

"I look forward to working with you!" Both Tetsutetsu and Kirishima said while bowing to the hero.

Fourth Kind sat down and gave the two a hard look. "I saw your guts at the sports festival. I like you two." He said before he narrowed his eyes.

"However, being a hero's not so easy that you can rely on brute force alone. I will teach you that as someone with more experience."

"As expected of the Chivalrous Hero!"

"So manly!"

Fourth Kind slammed his fist down on his desk. "Wait for me to finish!" He yelled at the two, making them jump.

"S-Sorry!" The two yelled as they bowed down to the hero.

"I'll teach you manners properly, too."

"Thank you very much!"

Fourth Kind started to explain. "First, I'll tell you the major. Heroes receive wages from the government, so we are civil servants, but because of how this came about, civil servants and pro-heroes are very different. Regarding the actual duties of a Pro-Hero-"

"Basic Hero duties involve controlling crime, see?"


Ochako walked next to the Battle Hero: Gunhead, looking up at the tall man as he spoke to her.

"When a crime occurs, the police will contact heroes for support. The request will come all at once by district, see?" Gunhead said, speaking in a surprisingly calm voice.

"We file reports on the services we provide, like assisting with arrests or rescuing people, to the government office. And then, we receive pay based on an examination conducted by a special agency. We get a percentage."

"The way he talks is cute." Ochako couldn't help but think as she looked at the hero with shock and a blush. It was truly surprising for a Battle Hero like Gunhead to have such a cute voice and personality.


"An important part of being a hero is knowing how to pass idle hours."

Mt. Lady was currently laying down on her couch at her hero agency while Mineta was vacuuming the room like a servant.

"Do you understand?" She asked while reading a magazine and snaking on some chips.

"Y-yeah..." Mineta, decked out in cleaning gear along with his hero costume, said slowly with a disappointed look on his face. "I'm not into this kind of stuff..." 'I think I picked the wrong one.'


At Tatooin Station…

"Heroes must practice and train every day. This doesn't change even if they are on patrol!"

Jiro was currently jogging next to Pro-Hero Death Arms. Having weak cardio, the punk girl was struggling to keep up with the large man, yet didn't give up.

"R-right!" Jiro yelled as she panted, still keeping up somehow. 'Damn it! I picked the wrong guy!'

Tokyo Tv station

The two tall girls are now in the presence of the pro-hero snake Heroine Uwabami. "Back in the day, heroes were determined by official duties. Nowadays, you can get a big push from your popularity with civilians and how in demand you are with them."

She applied makeup while speaking. "Plus we're allowed side jobs as well."

She then got up. "Anyway, I have a commercial to film now. Why don't you two get to know each other?"

Of course, Itsuka Kendo and Momo Yaoyorozu already knew each other, so that was moot. Also, this was not what they expected. Kendo felt hesitant to even try to say anything rhetorical.

"… I wanted to experience heroic things."

Momo still believed, however. This was clearly a test by Asakura-sama. "No. This is a path we cannot avoid if one intends to be a pro. If she had the good grace to take us in, she clearly saw something in us at the Sports Festival. So I'm going to have her allow me to study her in great detail!"

Kendo had only one realization. '… I picked the wrong person.'


Izuku Midoriya finally arrived at Mirko's agency. Well, that was a charitable description. What it truly was could be called a rest stop. Mirko after all wasn't a team player who would hire sidekicks or do paperwork in the first place. But things change when you're coerced by a demon queen in human flesh.

Mirko was there waiting for the Shaman. "So, you've chosen my internship. Tell me why."

"Someone once told me you fight like a beast brimming with instincts. And that's something that I lack." This was his confession. He didn't want her to think he arrived because she was still his slave, so to speak.

"You're damn right; in combat, instinct, and intuition get you where you need to be!" She flexed her muscles to show off. "As a rabbit woman, I use them to find danger and avoid it. My senses also allow me to note things that could make your heart stir like crazy with excitement and fear!"

"I need not just to learn what a pro hero does but also hone my instincts."

"Great." Mirko quickly kicked Izuku, who didn't have time to dodge as he was sent flying, crashing into the furniture.

"Lesson one, always be prepared for danger!" The lesson continued with her just wiping the room with him.

While the students were busy with their internship, over in one corner of the city, things were happening. Well, things were always happening, but this was relevant.

The dirty karaoke bar counter was wiped down once again as Kurogiri cleaned up the spilled drink. The warp user sighed as his slanted yellow eyes shifted to Shigaraki sulking on the counter as usual.

"Tomura… perhaps you should lay off that for now."

Slapping the glass down on the counter, Shigaraki hissed in frustration and placed the severed hand back onto his face. "Shut your mouth, Kurogiri. I need something to clear my head."

Kurogiri huffed out at the attitude his master's disciple was throwing. "He may not have been able to avoid the authorities for now. It would be best if we can-

"You told him that if he was interested, he was to show up here," Shigaraki grunted out in anger, reaching up and scratching his neck. His boney fingers scraped hard one more time before he picked up the glass again. "It has been almost a week and that bastard decided to just ignore us."

The glass in his hand suddenly shattered from a dagger flying through the air, the chunks of glass and the alcohol splattering on the counter. Both of the bar patrons turned in surprise at the shadow in the open doorway. A lone figure's red eyes shined in the faint light.

"I was here. I just kept my distance to see who was throwing me the offer…" the Hero killer answered as he entered the room. "And so far, not impressed."

Shigaraki hissed out as the blood dripped from the cuts on his hand, but he chuckled in amusement to the visitor. "So, you were watching me for some time, weren't you… Stain?"

The Hero killer sneered as he looked around the bar, eyeing the warp user standing there. He was ready for anything. "Ignoring you would have been easier for me. I was already scouting out my next targets in Hosu, but I figured to hear you out."

"Oh, but of course…" Shigaraki grinned under the hand covering his face as he sat back down on the bar stool, signaling Kurogiri to relax. "Someone as famous as you would be a perfect asset to my goals."

Stain snickered as if hearing a bad joke. "So, it seems that you were the ones that attacked UA, and you are looking to add me to your numbers. So, what is it that you are aiming for?"

"To kill All Might and everything that pisses me off…" Shigaraki confessed.

The words he heard brought a cold glare to Stain's eyes, realizing exactly the kind of person this Shigaraki was. "I was a fool to even be interested in this. I hate your kind more than anything."

"Huh? What's that supposed to mean?" Shigaraki grunted out in annoyance.

"Your ambitions are that of a pouting child angry at the world for treating you as such," Stain hissed before he drew the knives on his side. "Why kill if there is no conviction to your motives?"

Kurogiri narrowed his eyes watching the blades. 'Stain… like a Hero Killer, his only victims have been heroes. And Tomura only seeks destruction.' The man of mist turned to the flickering television screen. "Master, should I step in?"

"No, let it happen," spoke the cold voice on the other side, "for it may be the trigger to help him grow. He won't reach his potential if he needs me for everything."

Stain snickered at the remarks from the blank screen. "It seems the master has abandoned his mutt. I wouldn't blame him though; a worthless dog that can't be trained should be put down."

"What the hell are you saying?" Shigaraki growled and got back up to his feet. "You had better watch that tongue of yours before I kill-"

The knife flew out so fast that Shigaraki didn't even see it until it was already embedded into his shoulder. Kurogiri's eyes widened in shock, turning to go after the hero killer. Before the warp user could even shift into his cloud form, Stain had lept over the counter and slashed deep into his arm. Kurogiri hissed from the sharp pain, feeling the blood spurt out from the cut.

He growled and went to turn back towards the assailant, but his body suddenly locked up instantly. Every muscle and joint froze in place. All he could do was shift his eyes upward, looking over to see Stain already pinning Shigaraki to the ground with a knife into each shoulder.

"Ouch… aren't you being a little rough now?" Tomura sarcastically hissed out from the floor as the blades dug deep into his flesh. Stain only grunted as he pushed the knife deeper.

"This world is swarming with fakes that call themselves heroes, but it was already filled with villains like you; people who flaunt their powers for personal pleasures are just as guilty of the impostors that I am after. Don't you dare compare me to some mindless thug like you."

Tomura glared. "Your rambling is annoying. Kurogiri, send him back!"

"I- I can't move…" Kurogiri's body only twitched as he attempted any form of movement. "It must be the hero killer's quirk."

"Damn you… what do you think you are doing?" Tomura growled and reached his hand up, grabbing around one of the blades in his shoulder. "If you continue messing with me... I'll kill you."

Stain's eyes widened as he saw the knife crack between Shigaraki's fingers, the steel disintegrating before shattering into dust. Tomura hissed from his back. "You talk about conviction, hero killer. I don't need anything as pathetic as that in my life. But if I had anything to drive me, I'd say it's All Might. I HATE THIS PIECE OF SHIT SOCIETY THAT PUTS TRASH LIKE HIM ON A PEDESTAL!"

Shigaraki's hand reached up towards Stain, the assassin leaping backward avoiding the touch of death. He eyed the strange quirk user curiously as he stood up. "That is quite a destructive power you have there, a perfect fit for a loose cannon." Stain's taunting earned a grunt from Shigaraki.

"You bastard… the last of my injuries were just healing up." Blood dripped down Shigaraki's arms while he hissed in frustration. "I invite you here and you do this to your host? You are a terrible guest."

"I came out of curiosity, but it seems that the goals we have are completely opposite to one another. However…" Stain's mouth curled into a small grin as he stared at the intensity in Shigaraki's eyes. "This was not all in vain for me. To destroy today's societies is one thing we have in common."

"I am done listening to this chatter. Go on, leave… drop dead for all I care. I will go on with my own plans with or without you. And if you get in my way, you'll be dead too."

Stain's eyes narrowed at the warning he heard, letting a small grunt escape his throat. "There is some drive inside of you, however, twisted your conviction may be. How will it bloom, I wonder? What it manifests into could be something interesting to see."

"Good for you! Now beat it! I hate the idea of having a nutjob as a party member!"

He sighed and sheathed the knife back onto his side. "Either way, my business is done here. I did my part and came all the way here, now you can return me back to Hosu now. There are still fakes that I must purge before my work is done there."

All Might was currently with Tsukauchi discussing the Noumu they captured. Some disturbing facts came to the surface after analysis. For one, the creature was just a mindless puppet, a tool that seemed to ignore anything they did or said.

Two, the Nomu's DNA results told them it was a former criminal caught on petty crimes. Though, there were other Quirk factors inside of it.

And that worried both Tsukachi and All Might.

"Is this thing even human?" the latter asked staring at the Nomu's data.

"Putting it in simple terms, it's an artificial human made to withstand multiple Quirks. Its low brain activity is a result of those Quirks, like putting new parts into a machine. But due to how certain Quirks function, his body required genetic alteration. It's almost as if this was the result of a Quirk that gives others Quirks."

And that was what he feared the most.


Izuku was still training with rabbit hero, which was tough. Despite his supernatural sword being a shield, she had no trouble hurting him. Clearly, she let her guard down during their first match because he could barely touch her now.

Then again, when one's training required a blindfold, it was easier to become a kicking bag. Luckily, he could tolerate pain thanks to his aunt's harsh regiment.

After kicking Izuku into a wall and watching him bounce off of it, Mirko sighed in relaxation. "Alright, we're done for the day."

"Thank god," muttered the Shaman as he deactivated his Oversoul.

"Now, since you're my bitch for the next few days, it's time to do chores! I want you to have dinner ready after my patrol after you clean up this mess. I don't want to see a single strand of hair or dust when I come back, and I'll know!"

"… huh?"

"Your aunt said if there was an opportunity to milk something of every last drop, no matter what the situation, you get to squeezing." The rabbit woman grinned so much her face could split.

'Did she just hold a grudge?'

'Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.' Amidamaru sighed. She's learned well from Anna. 'He may have picked the wrong one.'

As the rest of the class learned from their internships, the actions of one person would become known. This would change the outcome of society and wrought a storm that would crumble the hero society in the future.

This is the start of the internship so nothing much. But if your wandering Why I pick Mirko it was a bit discussion with Bastion and we agree. And why Momo pick Uwabami along with Kendo is because they are still naive with the whole internship thing believing their choices including others, if they pick a good from the start it wont showed how none of the pros are heroes on duty but just idols on a pedestal. So it's better they learned what kind of heroes they intern with and the mistake their made, as they say seeing is believing.