The Worlde

The Twin-Tailed Comet soared visibly over the sky. The Winds of Magic had changed. A disruption that would seal the fate of the world. Warp storms and an influx of the Hordes of Chaos have begun marching down south to the Worlde at the behest of the Dark Gods. The Southern population was in riots and hysteria was the norm before they were quelled by the highest authority. Mages all over scramble for answers while kings and generals muster up their armies to brace for the apocalypse. Unbeknownst to them, the Under-Empire were on the move, plotting and scheming their way as cataclysm draws near.

The End Times had come.

But they weren't the only ones in fear.

Far in the North, deep in the lands of the Chaos Wastes, the Dark Gods have felt a wave of disturbance. At first, they had dismissed it as an insignificant itch left unscratched. But the growing presence had begun creeping deep within the bowels of the Warp. This presence was oddly familiar, yet none could know certain of what it was.

The Realm of Change

Tzeentch - The Changer of Ways - became slightly erratic, having grown ever quiet as he looked through the many threads of Fate, though he hid it well enough to not alert the others. An unforeseen obstacle has brought itself into the fold, and for every vision he had seen, there was only death and ruination.

But not to the Worlde. But to Chaos.

For every plan he had conceived, the obstacle would only break through all of his countermeasures. For every step he pushed, the other would only be two steps ahead of him. This was impossible, for he had played the Game over and over, so much that he had taken careful steps to achieve his loose goals.

But not this time. For this was not planned in the Great Game.

But the Changer of Ways was undaunted. He had all of his servants seek out answers in the Material; to find the enigma of this Harbinger, and the solution to stop it. He kept his eyes on the threads, however, knowing that it may always appear before him.

The Realm of Decay

Nurgle - The Plague Lord - stirred in his cauldron, trying to shake off the nagging thoughts that plagued him. Despite humbly stewarding the natural decay in the Old World, he was becoming unnerved by the ever-increasing dread. His foul and festering gut had been bubbling and groaning as if to warn him of things to come. But why would he - the Lord of Decay - be worried? He was the embodiment of Death and Despair, so surely it was acceptable to feel the essence of despair... right?

He swirled into his putrid cauldron, looking upon the foul pool to see its reflection, to see the answers that forbode him. If it was what he had been warned, then he'll humbly accept it... hopefully.

The Realm of Pleasure

Slaanesh - the Dark Prince - laid in hir bed, grooming hir hair to perfection. But this was a distraction to the dark recesses that have been preoccupying at the back of hir mind. Hir consorts and slaves were there to please hir every whim. But they could not sway hir from hir thoughts. This was something else. It was an aching feeling that stirred hir... and She would have it.

She was not as fearful as She should be. It had become present lately and She yearned for it. Everything She desired, She would take it for hir own. The Worlde was always hir oyster. Shamefully, hir brothers would see it be destroyed for their own amusement. She had protested at the idea, but none heed hir words. She was always the "weak one" among the gods, so why should they listen to Hir? She shook at the miserable thought.

Leaving hir bed - much to hir slaves' pleadings - Slaanesh walked towards her finest mirror. A large, opulent one it was. Tall enough to reach the roof of her home. She first admired her lovely form - Perfection as it always will be - before calling upon her powers to retrieve the answers she seeks. It would take some time to find it, but Slaanesh will always have what She desires...

The Realm of Blood

Khorne - The Blood God - sat upon his throne. His seat of skulls, ever-growing. And his rivers of blood, ever-flowing. War and Wrath ever-present around him, for they were his domain. The glory of battle it was he sought, for only the greatest of warriors were worthy of his attention. Yet he remained stoic for much of his time. Other times, he will throw into a rage should he ever be slighted. Yet, like all others, an ever-looming danger had cast its shadow upon the realms of Chaos.

And the first time since Valkia became his bride... he smiled. And laughed.

His laughter rang the halls of his fortress, much to the shock of his minions and underlings. They had never heard their master feel joy for a long time. It was truly an unforeseen event, and it meant something important would happen.

Khorne stood up from his throne and descended the mountain of skulls to the largest blood pool. There, he waited for the answer to come to him. Whatever it was, it will be worthy of his time.


Teclis had been in his library for who knows how long. With the Twin-Tailed Comet soaring visibly among the stars, there were omens of forthcoming events that would transpire in the near future. News of Chaos rampaging their way down south had been spreading, and the High Loremaster himself searched through the books of the library. He had kept himself shut within to put all of his focus in searching for answers. His brother, Tyrion, had grown worried for his health and tried to make frequent visits for him. However, Teclis had occasionally sent messages from time to time to assuage his brother's fears. For now, though, he had taken it upon himself to seek answers.

Answers he would soon discover.

sigh* "If only there was a miracle placed in my hands, I would give all my possessions to charity." Teclis muttered to himself, laughing under his breath at his own deprecation.

As Teclis scoured through the library, one peculiar book had caught his eye. In all of his years that he had spent in that quiet little sanctuary, he had never noticed this book.

"Curious." Teclis muttered, narrowing his eye at the book. "Why am I seeing this book of all times?"

He soon picked it up and looked at the book before him. From its appearance, it had looked worn out. Over several millennia, he presumed. The cover was barely in proper condition for some many years, and the pages within had grown yellow; its edges slightly teared up. Yet what was interesting was the symbol at the centre. It was a marking of sorts that was completely unknown to any of the Loremaster's knowledge. But there was power within. Of that, he was certain.

Teclis' discovery was renewed with great interest. Seeking the knowledge within, he flipped through the pages and behold the stories. Inside were records of a lost and forgotten civilization. There were murals of ages past, but the texts were rather foreign and dead, but with a bit of concentration and magic, the Loremaster was able to translate the texts. What he discovered was far more a blessing. A race far ancient than even the Old World this once great race stood as the protectorate of the lesser realms. These people - the Argenta - were mighty and hardy whose culture revelled in war, not unlike the savages who worship Chaos. But their similarities only ended there. Beyond it, the Argenta stood guard for those under their protection. Their technology far greater than even the most skilled of dwarfs - with behemoths that could even stand toe to toe with their world's Titans - and were attuned to god-like beings only known as the Maykrs.

With their combined might, the Argenta became the most powerful civilization to exist beyond the stars. But like every empire from before, they soon found their greatest enemies. Ones that were just the same as the Old World had suffered.

Demons. They were different compared to Chaos in some ways based on their descriptions, but no less an existential threat. These invaders would attack the Argenta in an attempt to gain more ground in their demonic expansion. But the Argenta would push them back. It was a never-ending struggle for the Argenta, but they persevered in the face of damnation. Fighting hard and enduring the worse.

Until he showed up.

As Teclis continued reading through it, he noticed reoccurring themes. It wasn't obvious at first but it became apparent that the texts soon followed the attention of one man. Originally known as the Outlander - for he was found outside one of their citadels - the man would soon rise above his peers and become a legendary hero to all. He started as an animal, his mad ravings made evident just how far gone he was. Yet those ravings held truth, for they spoke of demons. The man eventually rose to fame as a gladiator of Argenta's coliseum, where he was beaten and bloodied but stood back up through sheer will alone. He was then knighted by the King of that time - Novik - and from then on, the man would bring victory after victory in their battle against the demons. His rage and hatred for such despicable abominations were so well documented that he been accused of being a demon by the people's Inquisition. However, his brutality against the demonic hordes disproved that theory. His legends spread so much, that the people revered him as a hero.

No longer was he named the Outlander, for the Argenta had given him a new name...

The Doom Slayer.

And upon flipping the page after, there did Teclis saw the mural that was the Doom Slayer. A knight shrouded in green-tinted armour, standing above the bodies of the demonic horde. In his hand, held a weapon Teclis recognized as a human "gun"; symbolized as a sword of vengeance wielded by the Slayer.

Afterwards, there came more and more passages of the Slayer's recorded feats. With one event detailing his battle against a titan. But then the stories soon culminated into betrayal. Both the Maykrs and their Priests, as well as a traitor among the warriors - the Night Sentinels - sought power and trapped the Sentinels into Hell; dooming them to an agonizing defeat. But despite the downfall and eventual collapse of the Argenta, the last testimonies of the Slayer remained unknown, having been recorded as the only known survivor; hinting at the possibilities that he was still fighting in his one-man crusade.

Teclis closed the book for one final time. The Loremaster contemplated at what he had just read. If he had been reading this when the world wasn't coming to an end, he probably would've either read it as a pastime or throw it in the trash. But the entries were written as historical. And the recorded accounts within were very much real in a way. How much of it was true and how much of it was false threw Teclis into a crisis of sorts. He would no doubt pass it off as rubbish; seeing it as a mere bedtime story for children. But he sensed some truth in the texts.

The Loremaster left the library and headed towards the balcony of his home. It was night by the time he finished. He took a deep breath to allow the breeze of the chill air entered his lungs.

"Of all the knowledge I seek, the one remaining answer that could stop this world from going mad may or may not be gone. And I am reading from what is presumably a fairytale by now." Teclis grumbly thought to himself. "Fifty-fifty doesn't sound nearly as bad as it should be."

As Teclis recollected his thoughts, a knock from the library's door was enough to interrupt his thinking.

"Enter!" The doors open on Teclis' command. A guard had walked in and bowed respectfully.

"Loremaster." The guard started. "You have a visitor."

"If it's my brother, tell him that I'm well and I need no assistance with my work." Teclis grumbled.

"It is not Prince Tyrion, my lord." The guard replied. "In fact, the visitor did not specify who he was. Only that he requested to see you. Privately."

Teclis raised an eyebrow at the request. Now? At this time of hour? What on earth could it be?

"Very well, send him in." The guard bowed at Teclis' command and went off to retrieve the anonymous visitor. Moments later, the guard from before had returned with the visitor in tow. The visitor in question hid his features underneath a cloak. Teclis dismissed the guard and the door was soon closed off, leaving only the two remaining inside.

"I do hope you have something of importance. As you can see, I am currently preoccupied with matters concerning the peaceful times we live in." Teclis dryly said. It was met with a chuckle from the hooded figure.

"Heh. Always the jester, Teclis." The visitor replied. "Though, I highly doubt the Phoenix Court would take it well without umbrage. Especially when in the presence of your King."

The visitor soon pulled out his hood, revealing himself to be King Finubar, much to Teclis' surprise.

"My king!" Teclis started. "I did not know that yo-"

Finubar raised a hand to stop his apology.

"No need. The time for apologies is way past. Now's a time to discuss." Finubar replied. The Loremaster only remained silent, awaiting what came next.

"How may I assist you, my lord?" Finubar responded with a heavy sigh.

"I'm afraid the news that I bring would stir trouble within both the Phoenix Court and all of Ulthuan."

Finubar walked towards the balcony, taking in a view of the entire island. But as he walked, Teclis noticed him clutching his chest. He was in pain. But from what?

"My king, are you all right?" Teclis asked out of concern. He was met with only silence, only for Finubar to continue.

"The Twin-Tailed Comet soars visibly, as of late. And I fear that the world is in great turmoil. You've noticed the warp storms, yes? The change in the Winds? The arrival of Chaos coming to our doorstep?" Finubar continued. "The world is in grave danger as we speak... and we are doomed to a terrible fate."

"I'm well aware, King Finubar." Teclis responded. "I have grown tirelessly to find the answers. Many of which I'm aiming to use to prevent this occurrence."

"And none have been of use, I take it?" Finubar questioned. Teclis did not answer. Either he had none or he did but was merely following a fluke. The king did not need an answer.

"I had thought so..." Finubar said, dejectedly. "Which is why I have discovered two new solutions. Both of which that could change the tide in our favour."

Teclis looked in surprise, but held his tongue and listened intently.

"The first of which concerns a knight from ages past. One whose very existence shakes the very core of Chaos itself. The one called Doom Slayer."

Teclis could only blink in surprise.

"I know you've been reading about him earlier. I noticed the book on your table as soon as I entered. The etching on the cover. It was unmistakable, and no mere coincidence." Finubar noted, turning back to stare straight into Teclis' eyes without an ounce of emotion.

"H-How do you know all of this? What do you know of him?" Teclis asked.

"That he has fought countless battles against daemons. Stirred fear in the hearts of the abominations. And killed dark gods who would try to conquer the lesser races. There is not much I could add that the book hasn't already."

Finubar then took a seat on one of the chairs closest to him. His legs were giving out as Teclis deduced. The king was becoming weaker, but he continued.

"But he is one of our few salvations that will stop Chaos. And he must be brought here. To bring judgement."

"But how? The records stated that he has gone missing since the defeat of the Night Sentinels. He's more likely dead by now." Teclis' skepticism was only met with a hollowed laughter from his king.

"Heh. If only you knew..." Finubar responded, before taking a deep breath. "... I spoke with Asuryan. He had told me of the Doom Slayer's whereabouts and he is very much alive; continuing his crusade against the demons.

Teclis was stunned with silence. Asuryan? The Creator? And Finubar was able to speak to him? So many questions in his mind, but the sight of Finubar groaning in pain ceased all thoughts.

"My king, you are in pain. I shou-"

"No," Finubar commanded. "I must finish what needs to be said."

Teclis wanted to protest but remained silent.

"The Slayer is very much alive. Bring him to this world, so that he can save us all. Both with your magic and Lileath's."

Finubar soon closed his eyes. "Which brings us to our second solution... one that I ask must not be revealed to all of Ulthuan until the deed is done."

Finubar then looked straight into Teclis' eyes once more. This time, with regret in his eyes.

"Malekith must become the next Phoenix King."

Teclis could only stare in shock at those words. Years of warring with the Druchii - the dark counterpart of the Asur - had only brought suffering to them. Their ruler - Malekith, The Witch-King of Naggaroth - attempted to usurp the throne by poisoning Bel Shenaar. His attempts were soon averted as the Fires of the Phoenix burned him to an unrecognizable charred body. Even then, he still lives and continues to send an onslaught to Ulthuan's shores to claim his place as the Phoenix King. All while leaving a trail of bodies behind his waking power. The Loremaster could only protest in response.

"I object!" He exclaimed. "I will not allow Malekith usurp the title as Phoenix King as before! Do you have any idea how many grievances he has brought to the Asur?! So much blood has been spilled because of his thirst for power! His rule will no doubt issue a reign of terror for all of Ulthuan! I cannot allow this, even as you are my king! It is madness!"

Finubar could only stare at him in defeat.

"I know what I am asking is of grave consequences... but it is Asuryan's will that you must answer."

Teclis struggled to comprehend what was going in his king's mind. Finubar still explained without genuine sincerity.

"Asuryan told me his reasons. After Malekith's banishment, and with Chaos growing stronger than before, Asuryan's powers are waning. And the Witch-King is the closest we have to stop the apocalypse."

Finubar took a long breath again. He was struggling more so than before.

"Despite everything... that Malekith had done to us all... he is not beyond redemption... In his heart... lies the Fire of Asuryan... You must bring him to the Phoenix Court... and only then could he unite the Elves to face Chaos as one."

Finubar looked into Teclis' eyes with sincere regret.

"You should've been there... the voice in Asuryan... so much pain... and remorse... I believed he wanted to redeem us... somehow... and this was his final... conclusion..."

Finubar tried to stand up from his seat, only to collapse on one knee. Teclis was quick to rush to his king's aid.

"My king, you are ill! I must get you to the healers! They wil-"

"No... There's nothing you can do... to save me." Finubar answered.

"I am dying, Teclis... I used all of my strength... and will... to speak to Asuryan... and he has given me... enough time... to send the news to you... and to you only..."

Finubar's health was deteriorating faster than expected. He soon dropped to the floor.

"Promise me... that you'll complete... my final will... as your king... one final time."

Teclis held Finubar's hand as he slowly succumbed to death.

"Find... the Slayer... Bring... Malekith... as Phoenix... King..."

Finubar finished his last words. His grip on Teclis' hand-turned loose, falling to the ground. Finubar died in peace, entrusting Teclis to deliver his promise. Teclis' heart turned heavy at what he must now do. He closed his king's lifeless eyes; a smile of content visible on his face.

"Guards!" Teclis called out. Soon, many of the guardsmen had come pouring into the library. Their eyes now focused on the body they recognized as King Finubar the Seafarer.

"Take his body back to Eataine. Be careful with him." Teclis ordered. The guards did their best to delicately carry Finubar and bring him to his final resting place. The Loremaster kept one guardsman in to deliver another mission.

"Send word to all of Ulthuan of what transpired here. King Finubar is dead. Now go. I have other matters to attend to." The guardsman quickly nodded and made haste. Teclis remained in his studies, placing a hand on the table before him.

With Finubar dead, the coming days of the End Times drew near. Ulthuan will soon collapse as the Phoenix Court scramble to find a new king, and they will certainly not take well with the Witch-King in place.

But his king made his intentions clear: return Malekith to his rightful place.

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But first, another task must be completed. Teclis reached for the book of the Slayer. He walked straight to the centre of the library and began calling the goddess Lileath.

"Oh Lileath, thy Maiden, I beseech thee to aid me with one task! Hear the pleading of an Asur in need!" He called out. The room glowed an eerily blue colour. Books were flung around in a vortex-like whirl as the magic grew strong. Moments later, the visage of a female apparition stood before the Loremaster himself. Lileath had answered his call.

"I am the Goddess of Dreams and Wants, what do you need O noble Asur?" She asked.

"I have been given a task to which may be impossible, but I have given an oath to my late king to summon a hero from the past." Teclis raised the book as he answered. The expression on the goddess was that of surprise and astonishment just as she stared at the symbol on the book.

"So it is true..." Lileath muttered. "Asuryan has called for Hell's Bane. It will be done as granted. I will help you, Asur. Come, let us channel our powers so that it may be done."

Teclis smiled in gratitude. As instructed, his magic combined with hers. The blue glow grew ever brighter. The power of the magic grew stronger as they pierced the veil of the realms beyond. Using the book, they searched for the Slayer's mark outside the world and into another. Only then did they find him. His latest battle had him facing off a horrifically horned beast of gargantuan proportions. The Slayer stood victorious and returned to his fortress among the stars. Finally locating his coordinates, they set up a portal for him to enter.

The portal that homed in on the fortress only showed darkness. Thinking quick on his feet, Teclis called out.

"I call upon the one named Doom Slayer!" He called out. "I have sought for your legendary skills and I must ask you to enter! Quickly, I can only hold this portal for so long! We need your help! Please!"

He was met with only silence. As Teclis was about to lament his mistake, the portal glowed brighter. And within seconds, came out a man.

He walked out of the portal, with a weapon in hand. His armour, different from the mural, but unmistakable without a doubt. His stride, not of confidence, but one that has seen countless battles for many eons.

Teclis did not see a man that stood before him.

Only a demigod.

The Warp

The Immaterium was in... chaos.

The Unchained Predator had come to the Old World. And his Mark upon it will bring an end to all of Chaos.

Tzeentch screamed as the threads revealed the Fate that threatened Chaos as a whole. His realm began to collapse and shatter itself violently and his servants shift and twist in unimaginable pain, screaming with incoherency.

Nurgle, for the first time in his existence, cried in terror as his cauldron revealed the Slayer in all of his dreaded glory, before exploding within as the vision was too much for it to handle. His minions felt it and hid within his bosom for protection, as well as to comfort him.

Slaanesh backed away in total horror for what the mirror had shown. Hir consorts screamed in response and lashing out at anything in hysteria, just as the mirror shattered in itself as a response to the premonition. The Dark Prince was in shock hirself, and just before She knew it, blacked out.

Khorne, on the other hand, had the greatest laughter he had since forever, just as his throne of skulls collapsed on itself and his rivers blood boiled to impossible degrees. His servants trembled in fear, however, for they would meet their end at the hands of the Hellwalker himself. But the Blood God was pleased to find a worthy challenger return to him.

This will be a battle of the ages.

Chaos Wastes

The Warriors of Chaos were in complete disarray as they too received the visions from their Dark Gods. Those following one of the Gods were affected greatly by them as they each had different levels of insanity.

Followers of Tzeentch screaming incoherently, writhing and convulsing in imaginable pain. Some had even begun in the process of transforming into Chaos Spawn, while others with stronger wills could only laugh and rave madly as they saw the premonitions shared by their God.

Children of Nurgle could only cry uncontrollably as their Father spread his infectious visions with complete despair. Their tears being nothing but pustules from eyes that no longer exist. Some in fact were soiling themselves to death. Most of them would go so far as to break down into literal pieces for they no longer had the will to endure further. It made the saner Chaos Warriors start vomiting in disgust.

Servants of Slaanesh had the worse of them. From massive hysteria to attacking nearby warriors with random acts of violence - so much that even that Khornate berserkers wouldn't approve of - to even going comatose as some dropped to the ground beneath their feet.

Only the warriors of Khorne and Chaos Undivided were able to quell the disorder within their ranks, albeit barely. Khornates, especially, seemed uncharacteristically in control with their emotions as they began restraining their brethren from further chaos.

Standing above the chaotic sea of what was insanity, was the Everchosen. Archaon watched with a mixture of horror, frustration, and amusement as he looked onto the crowd in utter disbelief. Even his lieutenants were affected, more or less. Sigvald was smashing the mirror on his shield uncontrollably, screaming that there is no longer perfection, only pain; the Glotkin were crying without end, their despair so foul that it was hard to be near them; Vilitch the Curseling began writhing around over his brother's shoulders, cursing and lashing out anything near him; Valkia's shield lashing out at her anyone within lashing distance much to the Gorequeen's shock; and many more.

Only Archaon, Vardek Crom, Wulfrik the Wanderer and Valkia the Bloody and a few others were the only ones who had any semblance of sanity.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Wulfrik exclaimed with shared disbelief and shock at the ensuing chaos below.

"You ask as if we know the answer to all of this!" Vardek Crom retorted. Soon after there was a yelling match. Then exchanged insults. And then a brawl ensued as they started balling fists at one another. Chaos Warriors soon held both men back. Valkia approached Archaon with concern.

"I sense my beloved has the answers to this." She suggested. Archaon turned to face her with stoicism.

"Then answers I shall find from him."

The Worlde

Those who were not part of the Chaos horde were just as affected by the shared madness. Cultists began revealing themselves within human societies as they started by either screaming their minds out, attacking bystanders or just commit suicide in public. Inquisitions and other authorities quickly started city-wide sweeps of this phenomenon; detaining and executing heretics. It was both a blessing and a curse as they were finally given an easier time taking out heresy but were quickly spreading out thin while receiving more paperwork to deal with.

In the dark forests of Drakwald, the Beastmen were more disorganized than before, with many of them killing one another with such madness that their screaming and braying could be heard all over the nearby isolated villages, Athel Loren, and Carroburg. It unnerved many that they all began securing defences around the territories.

From the cold lands of Naggaroth, members of the Cult of Pleasure were going catatonic and dropping like mayflies everywhere. Some convulsing and foaming from the mouths, and few growing mutations from their bodies. Morathi - the Hag Queen - was affected but managed well enough to investigate the problem that transpired. Still, it greatly disoriented her throughout the day. Malus Darkblade, however, lost control of Tz'arkan as it started screaming and begging to protect them from the Doom Slayer.

However, not every race saw it as an omen of death. Others saw great blessings in this new arrival.

In Averlorn, Alarielle - the Everqueen - is awoken from her rest and finds herself at a loss of breath as the flow of magic within her burst out and spread through her forests. Taken by surprise, Alarielle was eager to learn the catalyst of it. Such an event would provide a far greater impact on the world.

In Athel Loren - where the Oak of Ages resides in harmony with the natural wonders of its home - Ariel - Queen of its Forests - is struck by wonder and awe as a surge of magic flourished in and out of her home. The Asrai looked on in shock by the sudden changes in her forest. Already, the beautiful greenery exploded with vibrancy and colour. Not far from the Oak, Durthu - one of the last Elder Treemen - sensed it as well. A new season has erupted. A season of rebirth had commenced.

Within the Empire's Vault, the Grand Theologist hears the call of the God-King and is greeted with visions of a man who will one day destroy the horrors of Chaos and its twisted servants with a fury so righteous that even the heavens tremble in its waking destruction. Volkmar made his way out of the vault with fervour and faith in heart, for the day of reckoning had come, and the world will be liberated of the Dark Gods.

From Bretonnia, the Fay Enchantress senses the arrival of a knight of great power. Wearing colours similar to that of the Green Knight himself but his pursuit extended far beyond the realm of the Lady, where Chaos shall meet its end. Appearing at her side, the Green Knight himself stood vigilant, yet all aware of the knight's presence. Destiny made manifest

From the Worlds Edge Mountains, the White Dwarf was stirred from his stupor; the whisper of the winds tell of the greatest grudge - once thought to be nigh-impossible to settle - shall be erased by a not a dwarfen Slayer, but by a human Slayer. The dwarf stroked his beard with great interest and rejoice, but that time will come when Fate has been dictated. For now, the cries of his many brothers were heard. And he will make certain that the dwarfs will see the light of day to settle another grudge.

In the tropical jungles of Lustria, the wise Slaan oversee the Great Plans of the Old Ones, and what they had seen was unexpected. The Doom Slayer's entrance to their world had caused a massive shift in the balance. And much to the Slaan's relief, their fortunes had been in their favour. With a single thought, the Slaan began to set the motions of the fate of the world. And all will go accordingly as written by the Old Ones.

In the dark realms of Sylvania, the Necrarchs were greatly disturbed by the presence of an unknowable force. His arrival will bring forth uncertain doom to the vampires. Yet, the prophesized one would also bring an end to their curse left by the Great Necromancer; bringing the vampires to walk under the sun once more. Other bloodlines, however, knew of it and seek the discovery of this new legend. From the Queen of Lahmia to the Von Carsteins to the first Blood Dragon, the Counts will stop at nothing to get ahold of the prophesized one. Whether he will save them... or destroy them, Fate will decide.

In the deadlands of Nehekera, the greatest of the Tomb Kings - alongside his vassals and subjects - sensed a forthcoming omen. A sign of great change had come to his great exodus. And for the first time in his long lifespan, ever so watchful of his great kingdom, he only felt one thing. The one emotion that was ever so alien to his unlife.


Meanwhile, somewhere in the Badlands, an orc shaman receives a vision from his twin gods, that the greatest WAAAAAAGH! the world has ever known will not be from one of their own, but that of a human in their colours. The shaman, with newfound purpose, sets off to find prophecized warboss. For there will be more fighting to be had.

And finally - within the Skaven Under-Empire - the Council of Thirteen schemed and plotted as the world above continued to diminish on itself. Through their spies, they had received news of Chaos going through a mass-panic with unprecedented change. This pleased them, for the Skaven could finally show themselves as the true master race of the Old World. However, their gleefulness soon turned into fear for the news of another threat had emerged. The one called the Doom Slayer. Soon, they began plotting and scheming more. This time on how to defeat the Doom Slayer.

Gods of the Worlde

Outside the realm of mortals - far away from the realm of Chaos - the Gods of both the Elder and Lesser races gathered and watched with great interests as the Champion of Humanity entered this world by the Loremaster himself. With entirely different reasons, of course.

Both the Cadai and the Cytharai were pleased to see him for he would protect their children from Chaos itself. The Gods of Man were just as well, if not, greatly so for he shared the same fondness for Mankind. The Dwarfen Pantheon, meanwhile, approved of his grudge against Chaos for what it was just as he did with the Legions of Hell. The orc twins - Gork and Mork - became overly eager at the thought of the greatest fight for their people will be from a human. And last but not least - laying in the shadows - was the Horned Rat, who coveted the power of the Four but wanted to be rid of the Slayer, for he would disrupt his plans for true godhood.

But they all shared a common goal.

No longer will there be the laughter of thirsting gods.

Only their screams.

Done and done! This is perhaps the first time I've written both a Doom and Warhammer fanfic in one crossover. It felt like killing two birds with one stone. But nice in a way.

So yes, as most of you know by now, this takes place during the End Times. However, I'm going to be using Majorkill's version of the story (some of it at least) rather than the sh*show that was GW's finale.

But I'll admit, this is going to be intimidating for me since I'm a bit lacking in the Warhammer knowledge department. My only exposure's being both the TWW and Vermintide games (neither that I own (the former because I suck at RTS; the latter for not having friends to play it with), Warhammer wiki, and Youtube videos discussing the lore. I'm definitely not reading the End Times novels because f*ck that. Both financially and personally.

And yes, I'm starting with the Elves before he gets anywhere near any of the other races for a couple of reasons. One is because I'm trying to figure out the time capsule and I could only narrow it down to the Elves. Two because, well, I like elves. Except for Wood Elves.

*insert marge holding two potatoes representing Asrai and Druchii meme: I just think they're neat!

*also insert Homer shoving lamb representing Wood Elves meme: Outta the way, you!*

The reason why I'm doing this is because I had just finished playing The Ancient Gods Part 1 for DOOM Eternal, recently. At the same time, I was planning on doing an isekai revolving around a guy getting isekai'd as a Warrior of Chaos and stopping the End Times through selfless acts of heroism. So after putting 1 and 1 together, I made this instead.

Speaking of which, I'm well aware that this is not the first crossover between these two stories. Seen a lot of works involving Doomguy crashing into 40K, which is about as good as peanut butter and jelly of course!

Still, I've never seen anyone do it with Fantasy before. Given the lore in the new Doom installments, I'm quite shocked that no one thought of this!

So just like my Witcher/Goblin Slayer fanfic, it's time I changed up the game for a bit! Because everyone deserves a second chance!

Anyways, please leave a review and I hope you enjoyed it, folks! Have a great day, y'all and stay safe!

27/10/20 edit: Decided to add in a few bits more here. My latest reviewer reminded me of Nurgle's disgusting habits, so I decided to add more toilet humour into the mix. Which also gave me an excuse to add some things that I completely forgot during the writing process. Enjoy!

28/10/20 edit: Added in the orcs because Gork and Mork wouldn't mind the angriest humie git to lead the biggest WAAAAGH! against the forces of Chaos. As well as the Horned Rat since he may as well be the next big target for Doomguy.

30/10/20 edit: Added Malus Darkblade because I completely forgot he had a Slaaneshi demon possessing. Also, spelling mistakes gave me an excuse to do it.

10/01/21 edit: Added Alarielle and the Wood Elf Faction due to their importance. Plus I'm starting to like the Wood Elves quite a bit ever since "The Twisted and the Twilight" came out.

23/01/21 edit: After speaking with a reviewer recently, I have finally decided to add in the rest of the Old World as I begin to familiarize myself with the factions as I work on the last chapter before the Naggaroth invasion. I won't be able to do factions that are non-existent such as Araby and Cathay due to the limited information I have of them (gods, I wish Games Workshop hadn't pulled the nuke option and put the effort in expanding Fantasy, instead).

So there you have it. Until next time.