Some Strange Reason
Author: Mei Mei
Rated: G
Author Notes: Just a little fic about what Han was thinking prior to his 'save-the-day' return in ANH. Enjoy! (June 4th, 2003)
Disclaimer: I do not own or claim to own Star Wars. All credit/homage goes to George Lucas. This is just my opinion and insight into the story.


Some Strange Reason

He was a simple man. He was a mercenary, a smuggler and a gambler, the kind of person a guy like him hadn't particularly used to like. He wasn't sentimental. He was cocksure. He was a loner and never liked to stay long in one place. He took the missions most smugglers wouldn't dare to attempt and he was good at it. Most of his competition thought he was crazy. He was a Corellian with a known temper.

Han Solo didn't need permanent fixations in his life. Chewie and the Falcon were enough. He certainly didn't need that kid and the old man as cargo and he sure as hell didn't need the Empire thinking he was part of the Rebellion now. To make matters worse, he now had a price on his head via Jabba the Hutt. Not to mention, life had reached a new level of 'great' the moment her 'highnessness' walked into his life.

That little girl was more problem than she was worth. He had to admit, though, when he'd first come running down that corridor in the detention hall and had seen her standing there - she had been worth it. She had looked so innocent then. He sighed. Luke was right. Even though he'd been pulling the kid's leg when he'd asked 'about a princess like her and a guy like him,' he knew deep down that it could never work. He knew that as soon as he left the system she'd forget all about him. The part that made him angry was the fact that this whole situation bothered him at all.

He had his money and he had his life. He could pay Jabba now and be gone from this stupid Rebellion forever. So why did that look on her face bother him so much? The one she got every time he said he was going to leave. He tended to say it more fervently in the event of an argument. He knew he didn't mean half the things he blurted out at the princess when they fought, but she brought out things in him that he didn't particularly like. Sure, he let his temper get out of hand sometimes, but never at a woman. The fact was that Leia riled him to the point that he scared himself. Then there was that feeling in the pit of his stomach. Oh, he knew what it was. He knew exactly what it was - and that scared him worse than his anger. God forbid he ever acted out on it. She was just a kid for keth's sake! But that little hopeful voice in his head kept nagging him.

With all the odds against ever being more than a verbal sparring partner with Princess Leia, why was he still here? He knew Luke deserved her more, knew a smuggler like him was just too "second class." He knew she only thought of him platonically, if even that. He had an enormous bounty on his head and he was definitely on the Empire's 'list' now. He was thigh high in a pile of bantha fodder and he knew it; but he couldn't bring himself to leave, not now.

Princess Leia thought he was all right. He could tell. He wasn't sure how he could tell or why, but for some strange reason, he had risked his life for hers and for that same reason, he couldn't leave her behind to die. The look on her face would haunt him for the rest of his days if he did.

"Hey Chewie!'" Han hollered to his friend in the cabin. "Get your fuzzy butt on that gun and hurry up!" For some strange reason, he couldn't give up on the princess.

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