A/N: these are a few Tumblr kissing prompts that I combined into one chapter. My Tumblr inbox is still open with the prompt list ~Meowser

8. Laying a gentle kiss to the back of the other's hand x Madney

She looks across the table, and the look on Chimney's face almost makes her blush. He just looks so...happy. At peace.

This was the first date they'd been on since she'd gone to kiss him at the firehouse; the first time they'd gotten together. She was nervous, excited, afraid, but most of all, she was also...happy.

She wanted this. She liked who she was around Chimney. She was nervous about what the future could hold, and she wasn't sure what she was ready for, but she knew she wanted to do it with him.

The server dropped the check off, and Chimney quickly signed, clearing his throat. "You ready to go?" He asked gently, and Maddie nodded. He stood up, and held out his hand to her. Maddie took it gratefully, and they left the restaurant. The day was gorgeous outside; as were all LA days.

Maddie took a chance, and reached for his hand. His fingers clasped in hers, and he suddenly stopped in the middle of the sidewalk.

"Do you want to know one of the times I really wanted to kiss you?" He blurted.

"Yeah," she said, definitely blushing now.

"I almost said first, but first would be when you said you hadn't seen Mission: Impossible," Chimney said. He paused as if waiting for her reaction; she didn't disappoint. Her cheeks felt even more red, and she ducked her head. "But when we were at karaoke, and you swung your arm around my shoulder."

He looked down at their entwined hands.

"I knew then that I was a goner," he said, and gently lifted her hand to his lips, placing a gentle kiss there. Even in the heat of the sunshine, Maddie felt a shiver run up her spine.

She didn't know what to say, so she just smiled wide enough that he knew how happy she was, and then they started to walk again.

"Do you want to know when I first wanted to kiss you?" She asked, after enough time had passed that she wasn't blushing.

"Of course," he said, his fingers caressing her knuckles.

"When you showed me how to work the app for my cameras," she said softly. "And you didn't laugh at me, and you took me seriously, even without knowing my story. You just...cared."

Chimney stopped them again, tugging them under a business awning. "Of course I cared," he whispered.

"You want to know when I most recently wanted to kiss you?" She whispered back, tilting her head.

"When?" He asked, stepping closer.

"Right now," she replied, and pressed her lips to his.

10. A hello/good-bye kiss that is given without thinking - where neither person thinks twice about it.

Maddie hit the snooze button one too many times. She and Chimney had had a rather...energetic time the night before, and she'd woken up a little too exhausted to think properly.

Now it was 7:45 and she had approximately fifteen minutes to shower, dress, and somehow get out the door on time.

"Mmph, what is it?" Chimney asked.

"Ignore me, I overslept," she called, running to the bathroom and switching the shower on. She had never moved so fast, brushing her teeth in the shower like a guy. She'd also never done her makeup before, but she'd have to slap some on during her break. The call center would just have to deal with her bareface today.

Chimney was out of bed by the time she emerged from the bathroom, dressed, and trying to shove her feet into shoes. "I have to go," she said, rushing over to him, and kissing him on the mouth without thinking about it. "I'll talk to you later?" She called over her shoulder, but the door had shut behind her before she heard his response.

Chimney looked after her in a dazed silence. Even in a rush, her kisses left him speechless.

20. Kissing in a stairwell, giving them an artificial height difference.

They were at a party at Buck's but Chimney kept giving her glances over his beer bottle.

Every time their gazes met, she felt just a little bit hornier. Couldn't they leave yet? She glanced around her, checking the time on her phone. It was too early for it to be forgivable, but maybe…

She typed the words before she could regret it, looking across the room at her boyfriend to see his reaction to the raunchy text. His phone buzzed, she could see his lips say "one sec" to Hen, and he slid the phone out to see what it was before jerking his gaze up to look straight at Maddie. She grinned, taking a long sip of her wine.

She watched as Chimney finished his conversation with Hen, and then made his way over to Buck's front door, slipping out.

She gave it a good sixty seconds before she followed.

Chimney was right there when she exited, and they kissed almost before the door had closed, tongues tangling, and hands going everywhere.

"We can't here," Maddie panted, breaking away. "Let's just walk down a flight, that way it's his neighbors who are mad, and not Buck."

"Fine," he said, grabbing her ass as they started to walk. She squeaked in surprise, but she was by no means displeased. They barely made it down the stairs, and Chimney turned around midway, hands going to her waist. She stood on the step above him, her chest rising and falling rapidly due to her elevated heart rate.

"God, I want to fuck you right now," he hissed, and she leaned down to kiss him. The height difference from standing on the stairs? Intoxicating. She was able to cup his face, and the angle gave her totally differently access to his mouth. She felt like she could stand there forever, just kissing him, but he finally pulled away.

"We have to go back to the party, don't we?" She asked, the words a groan.

His hands came to cup her breasts, making her shiver. "Yeah," he said slowly, drawing the word out.

"Yeah," she repeated, grabbing his hands and placing them at his sides. "Don't make this harder than it has to be."

"Babe, it's very hard already," he said, words laden with meaning, and Maddie glanced down at the bulge in his pants. His hands slid back up, gliding underneath her skirt to cup her ass, and Maddie momentarily gave into his touch.

"Babe," she gasped, finally stumbling back a step. His hands fell away. "Someone is going to come out."

"Someone's going to come alright," he sighed, and looked at the ceiling. She could tell he was counting to ten. "Okay, you're going to have to go in without me," he said. "I'll be in when this guy is manageable."

"Uh huh," she said, darting to press a quick kiss to his lips before scrambling back up the stairs.

Back inside Buck's apartment, she had no doubt that they hadn't been missed. Buck and Eddie were taking shots, and Hen and Karen were cuddling in a corner.

She stood there in the doorway for a moment, trying to drum up enough energy to go inside, but she shook her head, slipping back out.

Chimney was obviously very surprised to see her returning. "What are you doing?" He asked.

"They can say what they want," she said, grabbing him by the hand, and tugging him down the stairs with her. "We're going home."

Her answer was another hand on her ass, and lips on her neck.

They barely made it to the car.