AN: This is another what-if drabble that I decided to write! I have more of these in mind for the future too. I have no idea if the writing muse will turn this into a full story or keep this as a oneshot, but for now, here it is!

The door of the classroom swung open, and like it was rehearsed, the class fell silent as they scrambled to their seats. Aizawa scanned the room, nodding in approval at the response that he had finally trained into his class.

He walked to the front of the room, followed by All Might in his small form and a woman with white hair and multicolored kaleidoscope eyes. She was staring at Aizawa, her eyes fading in and out of color as she peered at something the rest of them couldn't see, a slightly manic smirk on her face.

Aizawa sighed, waving her away lazily with one arm, and the woman pouted, before turning to face the class.

"Everyone, this is Akagawa Aiya," their teacher drawled as the woman perked up at the sight of them. "She's a Quirk Specialist here to take a look at your Quirks to see if she can help you figure out any issues you're having, and tell you what to work on to get stronger. Line up at the back of the class for her to observe you. Behave."

There was a moment of silence, before all the students awkwardly stood up and shuffled to the back of the room, exchanging looks that were either wary or excited as they lined up as requested.

"Waaahh!" the woman squealed excitedly the moment they were done, her strange eyes darting around the room as if she couldn't decide who to look at first. "All of your Quirks are so interesting!"

Her eyes lit upon Hagakure and she darted over, circling around her for a moment, muttering falling from her lips as her eyes faded in and out of color. After a moment, she seemed to notice Todoroki in the corner of her eye and she zipped over to him next. He looked a little uncomfortable at the attention and leaned back as the Quirk Specialist got in his face.

"… Does she remind anyone else of Mei?" Midoriya murmured to his friends standing on either side of him, watching the specialist with trepidation. Uraraka and Iida watched her for a moment, before nodding their agreement.

"Yes, but she also reminds me a little of you, with the Quirk obsession and the muttering," Uraraka smiled teasingly at him. Midoriya had just enough time to sputter at that before Akagawa's eyes lit upon them.

"Oh your Quirks are beautiful," she exclaimed, rushing over towards the three of them. She spared a curious glance for Iida and Uraraka but zeroed in on Midoriya as she approached. "Don't move, let me get a good look at you!"

She circled him several times, shifting around to get different angles, and her eyes were fading in and out so fast it was almost dizzying. Akagawa got right up in his face, humming in curiosity and happiness the longer her inspection went on.

Suddenly, Midoriya had a thought, and he sent an alarmed look at All Might, who had a moment of confusion before he seemed to realize the issue as well, and his expression morphed to barely-hidden panic as well.

"Um, I don't know what's so interesting about my Quirk?" Midoriya tried, leaning back a bit as Akagawa froze with her face inches from his. "It's just a strength Quirk, so it's really not that special…"

"Well, we both know that's a lie, and I absolutely want to study it further because it's the weirdest freaking thing I've seen in my life," Akagawa said casually, to Midoriya's increased panic, "but no, what I'm most curious about is your other Quirk."

Midoriya froze into a statue.

"My what?" he asked softly, face blank.

"Your other Quirk?" Akagawa repeated, tilting her head. "Your brainy one, the one that's great for analysis? It looks like it's best at Quirks, but it can extend to other aspects of people as well. It's really impressive and looks so much more natural to you than your other one, and it's beautiful! I'd be mad you didn't go into my field if you weren't on your way to becoming such a good hero!"

Midoriya barely heard the rest of what she'd said after the word 'analysis'. A slow sinking feeling began emerging in his stomach at the declaration and his mind began to whirl. Akagawa shifted back as if beginning to realize something was wrong. Upon taking in his expression, she frowned, opening her mouth.

However, before she could say anything, Midoriya burst into tears.