AN: So, I just realized I never cross-posted this from my AO3 account...whoops! Anyway, this is a drabble that wouldn't leave me alone - a sort of what-if type of scenario. I may decide to fully flesh out a story around this, but for now I think I'll leave it here. Anyway, thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy!

"What the fuck?!"

"What the actual hell?!"

The simultaneous shouts from Midoriya and Bakugou instantly drew the attention of the others in class, and even Aizawa fell silent at the exclamation, putting a momentary halt to the class debriefing. Everyone turned from the screen at the front of the room to stare at them in surprise - and no small amount of shock at the profanity the green-haired boy had let loose. Neither of them paid the class any mind though, both just staring at the screen, clearly gobsmacked.

Bakugou whipped around to glare at Midoriya, though it contained much less rage than normal.

"Did you know about this?" he demanded, and Midoriya shot him a glare in return.

"Does it look like I knew about this?!" he griped back, glancing at the screen again. "I knew the overseas excuse was, well, an excuse, but I didn't think it was because of something like this."

"I always knew that explanation was screwy," Bakugou agreed, turning his head to analyze the screen again. "Auntie's fucking awesome. Nobody'd take an overseas job, with her around. I'm honestly just disappointed she apparently has shit taste."

There was a breath of silence, where both boys were simply staring at the photo on screen. Aizawa was just about to interrupt them with Midoriya spoke up again.

"Want to know what's worse than that?" he mused. Bakugou shot him a look that clearly asked what could be worse than what he just said. "I can kind of see the similarities, now that I know. I think it's the hair. Maybe the jawline?"

"Of course it's the shit hair that stays the same," Bakugou snorted. He then glowered at the photo as if he could explode it through expression alone. "Always knew the fucker was shit. I just didn't realize how full of crap he was."

"Wait," Midoriya said slowly, eyes widening. "Do you think he might have been the reason . . . when I was four? That nothing showed up? That doctor who diagnosed me worked with him, right?"

"Okay," Bakugou began, beginning to look slightly freaked out. "Yeah, I can see that. Damn, that's fucked up if he took even yours and then left you both."

"Excuse me," Aizawa finally interrupted with a stern look. "Do you know this person?"

"Unfortunately," Bakugou scoffed, before he jolted forward slightly with a growl at the kick to his chair from Midoriya.

"Er, sort of?" Midoriya responded from behind him. At Aizawa's clear 'Explain yourself' look, he elaborated. "We knew him when we were kids, but we didn't realize he was, well…" He gestured towards the screen where photos of the current case were displayed rather sheepishly. Aizawa blinked.

"You . . . knew him as kids," he said slowly, before his eyes narrowed. "How exactly did you know him as children?"

"I was his neighbor," Bakugou said, glancing back at Midoriya with a strange expression. "I thought the guy was creepy as fuck, but that was about it. We never interacted all that much."

"And you?" Aizawa's eyes honed in on Midoriya next. The boy suddenly refused to meet his eyes, looking some cross between guilty, embarrassed, and still slightly stunned from the earlier revelations.

"Ah, well, I was a bit different than Kacchan in how I knew him. Shut up, Kacchan," he interrupted himself without looking at the blond, and the other boy's mouth snapped shut on a comment with a slight glower as Midoriya continued his explanation. "See, I ended up interacting with him a lot more, and I saw him . . . almost daily for a while."

There was a horrified silence as the class and Aizawa stared at Midoriya for a long moment. The boy in question turned slowly crimson at the attention. Laughing awkwardly, he rubbed the back of his neck, glancing up through his fringe.

"Yeah, so. I knew him for awhile by another name than All for One back then," he said quietly, awkward smile disappearing. "Back then, I knew him as Midoriya Hisashi. And I knew him as my father."