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'Well, crap.' were the thoughts of one Naruto Uzumaki, as he moved around his tiny, pudgy arms.

'I can't catch a break, can I?'

If Naruto were honest, he should have expected this. Nothing ever went smoothly in his life after all. Rolling onto his back, he played with his orange rattle as he recalled the events leading up to him being thrown back in time.


The fight with Kaguya was reaching his climax, and Gyuuki and Kurama had gotten sucked into her as well. Since Naruto was an Uzumaki like his mother, he could live for a couple of hours without his Tailed Beast inside him. There was no chance to reseal Kurama into himself, as Kurama wasn't alive anymore. The thought still brought some tears to his eyes. Glaring at Kaguya with all the hate he could muster, he appeared in front of her and set off a flash bomb.

Since she had her Byakugan activated, Kaguya was temporarily blinded. He went near her and made a couple of Kage Bunshin to hold her down. He then prepared to use the technique that was his last resort. He didn't want it to come to this, but there was no other choice. Sasuke was dead, his team was exhausted, and the world was in an illusion. Without Sasuke, he could not free everyone from the Mugen Tsukuyomi. He had nothing to live for anymore. But if he was going to die, he would try his damnedest to drag this hag down with him, believe it!

Flashing through hand signs at a rapid pace, he finished his technique before Kaguya could recover. In a low voice, accepting his death, he spoke-

Fūinjutsu: Shiki Fūjin!

The ghostly visage of the Shinigami faded into existence, with the air turning frigid. Determined to get it done quickly, Naruto completed the technique and grabbed Kaguya's soul. But just as he was about to cut it using the Shinigami's dagger, Zetsu came crawling back.

It crawled up his body, like a black slime which looked all kinds of wrong. It was fighting Naruto, trying to prevent him from completing his seal.

"No, you will not destroy millennia of my work! You cannot be allowed to seal Mother away." it intoned in a raspy, gravelly voice.

Naruto was already in his last legs, and he wasn't about to let this piece of gunk hamper all of his efforts. Fighting on with every last bit of his energy, he finally bit out through gritted teeth-


The Shinigami moved, and cut Kaguya's soul from her body, and sealed it within Naruto. Naruto knew what came next. He would be taken into the Shinigami's stomach, forced to fight Kaguya for all eternity. And since all the Hokage were released and there was no one on earth left alive, he would be alone in there, forever.

Chuckling bitterly to himself, Naruto thought about his life. Born alone, lived alone, died alone, and even after death, he would still be alone. There would be no afterlife for him, no spending time with his parents or friends- he would live and die, never knowing the love of a family.

Naruto closed his eyes and accepted his fate. Even though he was dealt a bad hand in life, he would still do it all over again for the sake of his precious people. It was who he was, after all.

So Naruto awaited the Shinigami's cold touch but was surprised that it never came. The Shinigami was just looking at him. Gaining a bit of courage, he asked.

"Ano… is there something wrong? I've accepted my fate ya know? You must want my soul now, right?"

Naruto could have sworn that he saw a twinkle of amusement in those dead, hollow eyes. In a voice that personified death, the God replied.

"Technicalities are a wonderful thing, young man. I am supposed to take the soul of the person who casts the Jutsu, and I will. But you realize your situation, do you not?"

Naruto wondered what the Death god could've meant, he was the caster, right? He had only one soul in him, now that Kurama was gone. So what could-

Naruto's head snapped up as he realization dawned on him.


The little worm was still attached to him, fused with his being. Then Naruto wasn't going to die? He wasn't going to have to spend eternity alone? The thought nearly made him jump for joy. As if sensing this, the God immediately shot him down.

"No, I will not take your soul, but you will still suffer some consequences. The Jutsu she used had taken all of the world's chakra into her, and you're about to seal her into yourself. Do you think you would remain the same after that?"

Naruto was about to ask a lot of questions when the God continued.

"Another fact unique to you is that, in case you forgot, you already have a Shiki Fūjin on you. What happens when the seal is used twice on the same person, even I do not know."

The God seemed to think, "But one thing is for certain, the two seals will bind Kaguya to you, even after death. The prison is simply too strong. She won't ever be breaking out of that one, I'm not even sure if you can voluntarily open the seal."

Naruto didn't know what to think. On the one hand, he wasn't going to die, and Kaguya would be defeated. But, she would be stuck with him for eternity. Did he even want that? Zetsu was going to die, so only Kaguya remained. Making his decision, he nodded his head.

The Shinigami regarded this, and cut the soul, sealing it into Naruto. It dragged a screaming Zetsu out of Naruto's body and ate it. Before Kaguya was sealed in him, she looked at Naruto with tears in her eyes. She faintly whispered before fading.

"Thank you, thank you for freeing me. I'll see you soon, Ashura."

Naruto was confused, as her behaviour just now went against everything he knew of her. Not one to judge someone without knowing all the facts, Naruto decided that he would speak to her in the seal after this was all over.

Just as Naruto was about to thank the God-


The God blinked. He blinked again. Naruto had simply vanished. Well, it was of no concern, there were many souls to reap after all.


That was all Naruto remembered before everything went black. When he opened his eyes and found himself in a bed. Immediately beginning to panic, he tried to get into a defensive stance, to repel any attackers. But when he moved his arms, he found that they were small. As in really small. He thought he was caught in a genjutsu and tried to release it, but found that he couldn't access his chakra. This was even more worrying. Only when he looked up, did he realize his situation.

There was a mirror directly above him, with animal stickers on it. In it, he saw a blonde boy, wth blue-eyed and whisker marks, who looked to be about 2 years old. He reached out. So did the boy, at the exact same time. Slowly taking stock of his situation, his eyes widened.

'AAAAH! I'm a kid! What the hell Shinigami! What did you do to me! Is this why I couldn't access chakra, because I haven't unlocked it yet? Where am I, whose kid am I, what-

He was broken out of his rambling when the door to his room opened, and in walked a very familiar figure, someone who Naruto knew really well. Someone who should be dead.


She looked just as young as she did in his time, so he had no way of determining what time he had wound up in, due to her illusion over herself. His eyes locked on to her as she approached him, but he could not sense any ill-intent.

Tsunade sat down next to him and started stroking his hair.

"Time to get up son, it's almost ten in the morning." She said in a comforting voice.

If possible, little Naruto's eyes widened even further.


What? Why was Baa-chan calling him Son?

Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE.

'Is Baa-chan my Kaa-chan?'


Yes, I am aware that a Jinchuuriki cannot use the Shiki Fūjin. I am also aware that Naruto's first seal is not the Shiki Fūjin.

But hey, the chapter is called 'convenient time-travel' for a reason. Also, liberal use of the [AU] tag here, as it has been in the later chapters.