Hello everyone! This is the first story I have ever made that I actually wrote. I've always had imaginations about stories of different fantasy literature crossover such as Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, MHA, Naruto etc. I loved reading fanfiction and have had story plot lines I wished were made to satisfy my very large imagination. Please be patient with me if you guys decided to actually read this story and see some grammatical errors and wrong spellings in it. I am always open for a constructive criticism and would always promote positivity.

This is a story crossover between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Obviously, both stories is not my property and their characters within just to be clear. Rick Riordan owns the rights for Percy Jackson and J.K. Rolling owns the rights for Harry Potter

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CHAPTER 1: Revelations

The gods and goddesses were all chattering and arguing when Hecate, the goddess of magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy appeared with the murder of crows circling each other. The goddess was beautiful as if there was an enchanting lull saturating the air. She has beautiful black curly hair that was cascading on her back, while she was wearing ink black velvety robes that reached her ankles. Her moon like glow on her silver eyes then looked at every god. "It seems that I came at an unfortunate time" she said with a smile and a raised eyebrow.

"Not at all, Hecate. What are you doing here at Olympus?" boomed the god in the middle exuding power, wearing a clean cut suit.

"I was given a message by the fates to come here, Zeus. They told me that it was very important for me to stop my duties and appear here" Hecate said.

Aphrodite, clad in her red heals and revealing red dress looked at her best friend in worry. She was nervous but was trying to not let it show. She asked herself 'Why would the di immortals ask her to come here one year after what we did? Did something bad happen?' She made eye contact with her best friend and her worry increased, scared of the prospect of her visit because of the fates.

"This must be very important then. The fates rarely get in contact with Olympus since they tend to keep to themselves" Said Hera, the queen of Olympus, clad in her white chiton dress while fanning herself slowly with her peacock fan.

Athena wearing a woman suit then spoke up "Do you perhaps know why they asked you to come here?"

Hecate was about to answer when three cloaked figure materialized in front of all of them. "We have asked Hecate to come here because we would like to give notice to something very important" said the one in the middle with only one eye, Atropos. "We came here to inform all of Olympus a very grave injustice that would happen in the future" said the one in the left with an empty eye socket, Lachesis. "Information that should you all know, will create an uproar" said the in the right with an empty eye socket as well, Clotho. "For the future would need as much help as you all could get. There will be war. A war that would change and destroy our current world. Should the future get altered, you all may lessen the casualties that may flood your kingdoms." all three cloaked figure said at the same time.

All of the Olympians were shocked and worried because this has never happened before. There was never a time where the fates will willingly relay a message about information of the future. The fates usually only give out very important prophecies that imply what can happen. In particular the goddess of love continued to feel worried and nervous. She was already worried for the fates' arrival, but now they say that there will be a war while she was away from her very precious secrete. 'Why must this happen now!? Why didn't the fates show up a year earlier!?' Aphrodite asked herself repeatedly.

Poseidon, the king of the seas spoke up after composing himself from the shock of the fates' arrival "What would this great war be and when would it happen then?". The lord of the seas was wearing khaki shorts and a Hawaiian polo filled with coral prints.

"All would be said after all our guests have arrived. Meanwhile we should all prepare for their arrival" Lachesis said.

Three thrones then appeared with their different designs depicting there would be guests. The first throne appeared between Zeus and Athena on the right side of the throne room, it has a skeleton and dark theme that all the other gods and goddesses immediately knew who one of the guests was. The second throne appeared between Zeus and Hera on the left side of the throne room, it showed a white marble design that has a comfy and relaxing aura surrounding it. Lastly, the third throne appeared on the right side of Aphrodite on the right side of the throne room, it has a night starry theme along with blue velvet cushions, which made Hecate promptly; sit on it, believing it was for her.

Before anyone could say anything, their guest arrived with a very beautiful woman that is exuding a motherly aura pass through the huge entrance, this was Rhea, Titaness of the fertility of the earth, the mountain wilds, marriage, generation, motherhood, comfort, ease, Queen of the Titans, and the wife of Kronos. She was wearing a chiton similar to Hera. The third guest appeared with the death themed throne opening up and Hades, the god of the Underworld, the ruler of the dead. The ruler of the dead was wearing his signature black flowing robes with evil souls threaded into the cloth.

The Titaness of motherhood then spread her arms expecting her children to come forward. All the elder gods and goddess then stood up and hugged their mother, while the younger deities smiled at her. "The fates have asked me to come here for some unknown reason, and I expect all of you to cooperate with one another, understood?" Rhea said after embracing all her children.

"All of you should all sit down on your thrones so that we could explain everything every one of you need to know off" said by the fates.

Everyone all sit down while the guests then sit on their designated thrones. "We have come here to give all of you books that you will read narrating the future. Images or videos will then appear in front of you all whenever necessary. Everyone must listen carefully because this book will help in altering the future, after reading the first book another will appear. Be prepared, for some of you may be enraged of what you will read." The fates then disappeared while a book appeared on Hecate's lap.

"Well, that was interesting" The god of music and of the sun, Apollo said while wearing headphones and a stylish outfit.

Hades then grunted and said "This better be worth it, I have a whole Kingdom to run unlike some overly loud and annoying hypocrite King. Am I right brother?" Hades then looked at Poseidon.

"You have said nothing but the truth brother. Unlike us, this god repeatedly shouts and demand things he cannot have" Poseidon answered while both gods looked at their little brother, Zeus in the eyes.

"SHUT UP! YOU-" Zeus was cut up by Rhea while she looked and her sons with a sigh.

"Can the three of you stop? We are here for a reason and those reasons are not for us to watch the three of you fight each other, am I understood!?" Rhea boomed, after which she then prompted Hecate to start reading.

Everyone quieted down to be able to listen to what Hecate will read.

*Prologue: Birth of two. Hecate the goddess of magic was in her hidden temples in Avalon, an island in which were said to be a myth but so was she. She was looking at her spry mirror, observing her hidden world the magical world that is hidden away from all mundane people. She manages all magical that live within her world, though she was having a slight problem because some megalomaniac was terrorizing the magical society in Britten, spouting about nonsense such as Pureblood supremacy. "Hypocrite! Magic is magic! It does not care if you came from a pureblood line!" She said while rubbing her temple at the idiocy of those people.*

At reading those words, Hecate went rigid and looked at Aphrodite in concern because this happened only one week ago before Aphrodite came to her for help. When Aphrodite saw Hecate was looking at her in worry, she went cold and wanted to start crying. Her secrete was about to be revealed. A secrete she wishes to hide for a much longer time. Nobody noticed how Aphrodite was looking at the book in horror but Rhea.

*Hecate was cut from her thoughts when she felt a presence appear from outside her temple. She went outside and saw her friend. "Aphrodite what are you doing here? Is there a problem? Whose children are you holding?" Hecate fired questions after questions to Aphrodite hoping to get answers from her untimely visit.*

Every one that was in the throne room all raised their eyes at what was said. Aphrodite was crying, not being able to hold it in anymore since her hunch was proven correct. Hecate stopped reading and put a hand on Aphrodite's shoulder trying to calm her down. Rhea then asked"Aphrodite what seems to be the problem? I believe those children you are holding are yours but I do not see what could prompt you to start crying?"

All the gods and goddesses became worried because Aphrodite has never showed this side of her. Hecate seeing that her friend was calming down, she looked up and addressed them all. "I think I will just continue to read since It will be reviled in a moments".

*"All will be cleared up Hecate my friend. We must go inside your temple first, because I do not want anyone to hear what we are going to be talking about, please..." Aphrodite said pleading for her best friend to say yes.

Hecate seeing the disheveled goddess, nodded her head and let them in her temple until they reached one of her chambers that was filled with runes to stop anyone from eavesdropping. "Of course Dite, come here lets go to to my chambers. This Chamber has runes engraved in the stones to stop people from hearing anything inside but us." Hecate said, while leading her friend to sit with her in the couch.

"Thank you, Cate. I do not know who to go with since you are my best friend." Aphrodite said softly. Prompting, Hecate to smile at her.

"You are most welcome Dite." Hecate answered. "So Dite, what prompt you to come here with two children in your arms?" Hecate asked.

Aphrodite then looked at the children in her arms and smiled. "These are my children Cate, Twins! and I am here because I need your help to hide them. I'm afraid for their safety!" Aphrodite said emotionally while rocking her children slowly.*

After hearing what Hecate has read, the gods were all thinking that why would Aphrodite need to hide her children. 'Couldn't she just leave them to their mortal parent? And why would she be afraid for their safety?'.

"Aphrodite! Why are you with your children! You should have already left them to their mortal father! You are breaking the law! We are not allowed to interact with our mortal children!"Zeus boomed, while looking at Aphrodite.

"Calm down Zeus! Stop screaming and don't lecture her about breaking the law. You are one to talk!"Rhea said while glaring at her son and sigh because of his lack of tact.

Hearing their brother being chastised by the Titaness. Hades, Poseidon, Demeter, Hera, and Hestia all snickered at their brother. While this was happening something in Aphrodite snapped. "My twins are not mortals! And don't tell me on what I would do with my children because I am their mother and I won't let anyone stop me from caring for them!"Aphrodite said while glaring at Zeus.

After hearing what Aphrodite said about her children not being mortal, there was gasps all around the throne room since this indicated two immortal beings were born.

"Calm down, Aphrodite. Do not worry since they are not mortal no one will be able to stop you from caring for them"Apollo said while trying to diffuse the situation.

Ares, the god of war clad in his leather jacket, dawned on him that this was not his children but from another immortal."They are not my children aren't they?! Because if they were I would have already known! Tell me who is it!"Ares said in rage.

Hestia, the goddess of the hearth then sent her fire to calm Ares from her burning fire in the middle. "Calm down Ares. Aphrodite can you elaborate on what has cause you to hide your children? The fates have given us this book because it is very important. This must correlate to your children"Hestia said trying to keep everyone on track and calm.

Moments have passed and Aphrodite forcefully calmed herself, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Let's just continue to listen to Hecate, everything will be explained but I ask you all that after finding out the father of my children"Aphrodite sighed and looked up to everyone. "No one, I mean NO ONE! Will hurt my children and if you do, I will curse all your future children to NEVER feel or experience love ever again! I swear on the river Styx" She said with so much conviction, the other gods and goddesses new that she would not hesitate do carry out her threat.

Everyone all nodded their head at her oath, making a mental note to remember Aphrodite's threat. "We understand Aphrodite, no one will hurt them. So please Hecate continue to reading" Rhea said, while Hecate nodded her head and continued to read.

*Aphrodite prompted Hecate to come closer and look at her twins. Hecate saw a boy and a girl both identical with inky black hair and slightly tanned skin. As Hecate was looking at Aphrodite's children both opened their eyes and looked at her. "Oh my! Aphrodite how did this happen!? You and him never showed any inkling of attraction from one another!" Hecate gasped after getting the full force of the sea green eyes of both baby. Inherited from their father, Poseidon god of the sea, earthquakes, storms, and horses. King of Atlantis.*

After hearing those words everyone in the throne room gasped with wide eyes. "I-I have twin children?! And one of them is my first daughter ever!?"Poseidon boomed stuttering in the process.

Rhea then squealed loudly drowning out the uproar from the other Olympians. "THAT IS SO WONDERFUL POSEIDON! Two other grandchildren for me to spoil! And one of them is your first daughter!" Rhea screamed out with start in her eyes on the prospect of getting grandchildren from her second son.

Poseidon is having a major crisis, his first ever daughter was born and he was not there to take care and protect her from anyone that would try to harm her. He could not give his twin children the tools they would need to survive. "Where are my children Aphrodite! I will not let any child of mine especially children that I am able to interact and take care off!"Poseidon demanded.

Everyone in Olympus new, that among all the gods, Poseidon was the most fatherly. Poseidon would always give tools such as armor and weapons that will help his children survive until their time came. Especially now that Poseidon's first ever daughter has been born without him besides her.

"I had no choice. Zeus would have tried to kill the twins, and if I gave them to you for protection, Amphitrite will have tried to kill them as well."Aphrodite said while clenching her hands.

While all this was happening Ares was fuming because Aphrodite had cheated on her. "You cheated on me Aphrodite! And with my uncle!"Ares said while glaring at his uncle.

Aphrodite then glared at Ares and said "Ares we are in an open relationship. You have as much children as I have! Stop being a Hypocrite. And I know for a fact that you had a sex with Nemesis."

Artemis then rolled her eyes after hearing what Aphrodite said. "Honestly Ares you got mad at Aphrodite for cheating hen you had sex with Nemesis, hypocrite."Artemis said scoffing and crossing her arms.


NOTE: Hello everyone! This story was inspired by Deity Potter: Miracle Child by njeha. Go read his or her stories its amazing! Although its not finished and was abandond years ago.