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CHAPTER 11: Room of Requirement.

"I want to read the next chapter!" Ares exclaimed.

Athena raises her eyebrow at her warmonger brother, "Why?"

"I just feel like it, got nothing else to do."

*Chapter 10, Plans and Revenge.*

"Jackpot!" Ares said happily.

*"Show me the room of requirement…"

"Show me the room of requirement…"

"Show me the room of requirement…"*

"What's happening?" Hades questioned.

*Callista whispered while walking back and forth in front of the tapestry depicting Barnabas the Barmy located on the seventh floor in the left corridor of Hogwarts castle. She had found this hidden room while in one of her nightly strolls after the placement examinations.*

They were shown the Room of Requirement, impressing all the deities that look upon the hidden room.

"I get that it is a hidden room, but they could have chosen a much better painting than a barmy old man." Artemis said in distaste.

Aphrodite agreed with the young goddess, "I agree. They could have chosen a painting of me."

"And do tell what a painting of you is going to do to be able to hide a hidden room?" Athena asked.

"Well for one, my beauty would distract the students away from the hidden room. And two, it would add even more beauty to the magnificent castle." Aphrodite smiled smugly, "Don't you agree?"

*During the Placement examination, the professors had given them questionnaires for magical theory that varied in difficulty while for their practical the professors would question them one by one asking to demonstrate their knowledge of each topic. The exams had taken a whole 2 days of their time, this was due to Hydroceto and she wanting to also be given placements examination for their electives. At first they had been apprehensive but the faculty had been too astonished to decline, since they had done so well on their core classes exams which further gobsmacked all the professors in Hogwarts when they equally had done well with their electives.

After the exam their Professors had told the both of them that they are able to test out of Astronomy with Prof. Sinatra and History of Magic with Prof. Binns, they were also given an option to drop Divination out of their classes mostly by Prof Minerva which they did.*

"Divination is quite useless when an individual doesn't have the gift for that particular type of ability." Apollo quipped.

"It is. Seers are quite rare in the wizarding world of Britain. But, the class had still not been demolished due to the students thinking that they could get an easy O during their OWLS, thus there is an influx of attendees." Hecate said, looking very disappointed at the whole country. "The worst part is spell crafting, warding, and other more useful subjects had been taken out of the curriculum due to the students finding it too difficult for them."

*This was agreed upon by the both of them, since Hydroceto was already planning on biting Prof. Trelawney's head off.*

Rhea smiled softly, thinking about how similar Poseidon was to Hydroceto.

*Both of them had been moved from 1st year students to their 4th year since most of their knowledge of magic was at this level already, with some reaching 5th year.*

Both parents beamed at their children's achievement and prowess while some were just impressed.

*Entering the room of requirement Morgan in hand, Callista went to sit in front of the fireplace. She had been coming to this room for the past weeks to start her own little projects, much like her brother.

While Ceto was busy with his experiments in his laboratory, she had been creating runic scriptures that would be etched on to her spiral dual lances before they were constructed. She had been trying to find a way that would make her lances indestructible, sure the Vibranium and Adamantium combination would allow for them to take damage and release the energy outwards without leaving any scratches but she wanted to add a layer of protection that would not let anyone touch them.*

'Huh… both Hydroceto and Callista were inventors just like me?' Hephaestus thought while staring at the image of Callista's lances in front. 'I could pawn them on to Ares, so that his half-brother could no longer pester him about his silly needs.'

*At first bathing the lances with thousands upon thousands of different sealing techniques were her go to choice, but that would be very unnecessary and would ultimately be useless since with enough force from her own brother, the runes could be overwhelmed with his essence, which would result in the runes imploding on itself.*

"Good call! Seals, while highly flexible and powerful, would not be able to withstand holding the weight of my son's blows." Poseidon said. "While the material of which the lance is made out of is very strong and almost indestructible, the Vibranium would use the seals as an energy source as well as a conduit that would lead to the energy backfiring on to the wielder."

"And how would you know these kinds of stuff?" Athena said looking very irritated.

Poseidon looked at the goddess like she had a second head, "Well for one, I am the father of thousands upon thousands of Cyclopes that forge one of the best if not the best kinds of weapons and machines available."

"Hah! Dear sister, he got you there!" Apollo said gleefully.

"Shut up your mouth you imbecile!"

*Not knowing what to do, she then decided to put her attention on her armor that would need to be as indestructible as her lance. She had many ideas for this; she could take inspiration from Sassanid Savaran Armor and create skin tight chain armor that would cover her from neck below or even the Samurai O-yoroi armor from Japan in the10th to 15th century AD.

But felt like the armor from these two ideas would have too many cons that outweighed the pros. The chain armor would not be strong enough to actually stop her from taking damage, the Samurai one would be too bulky and would slow her down, while combining both would be over the top, and ultimately give her less room to actually workaround with.*

"You're right my dear!" Aphrodite agreed loudly with her daughter, "The chain armor would hide your beauty!"

Both Athena and Artemis rolled their eyes at the vain goddess' words.

"We get it Aphrodite; you don't need to keep on repeating how beautiful your daughter is." Demeter told Aphrodite.

*You're probably wondering… why would she need armor? Well Callista had been inspired by the Valkyries of the Norse mythology. But unlike these female warriors, she would not just be a warrior but a warrior queen. And it also looked good, so that was a bonus.*

"Like mother, like daughter."

"And proud of it!"

"Good choice on the Valkyries, they are among one of the finest female warriors that I have ever seen, barring my own of course." Artemis said approvingly.

*Feeling Morgan purr from her side, Callista had decided to take a break and wander around the requirement room to look at the thousands upon thousands of objects littered throughout belonging to past Hogwarts students.

"Do you want to search for anything interesting Morgan? I'm sure there is something interesting in this room for us to get our attention on."

As if the large cat understood her, it purred while bobbing its head up and down.

"Okay! Let's go!"

While walking pass all the towering old lost objects that surrounded the room. The diaries of the past students would have been a fun thing to read, but there was nothing written on those pages but boring day to day life of a hormonal teenage witch. Although there would be an occasional hidden gem on each of these diaries, such as the one from an 18th century witch, Octavia Shafiq sorted into Ravenclaw. Apparently, she had been asked to join a group of young teenage huntresses she had found while on one of her strolls within the borders of the forest of death."

"Ah Octavia, one of my counterparts best Huntress, quite knowledgeable on many dangerous creatures like Nundus and Acromantulas."

An image of Octavia Shafiq appeared in front, the girl had the aristocratic look that was pretty common among the British Isles.

"That would be accurate; the Shafiq family is known for their many rare ingredients for portions as well as their cultivation of many Acromantula silks." Hecate informed.

"Such a beautiful lady, it's a shame that she could never explore the finer things of being a woman." Aphrodite said with a disappointed sigh.

Artemis gave the goddess of love a disgusted glare.

*Octavia Shafiq, had described the huntress with her long black hair with rich brown skin holding a shimmering silver bow. The huntress had told her that by accepting her recruitment, she would have to leave everything while swearing an oath to forsaken men.*

"Zoe Nightshade my lieutenant." Artemis said smiling while looking at the image of her oldest Huntress.

"The forsaken daughter of Atlas?" Zeus said, while staring at the Huntress with a look of suspicion.

"Father, Zoe is my most loyal subordinate. You don't need to look so suspicious towards her."

*This had confused Callista, since the huntress looked similar to the myth of the moon goddess' hunters from Greek and Roman myths. Artemis for the former while Diana for the latter.

She had wanted to know more about this mysterious group of huntresses but the last passage in the diary was of Octavia wanting to stroll around the forest of death to hopefully meet the huntress.*

"Really Artemis, you didn't even let her return and say goodbye to her family? You just let her leave with you?" Hera said not liking the way Artemis had taken a maiden away from her family without a word.

"Queen Hera, Octavia didn't want to come back, she said that her family had planned on a betrothal contract that she did not want for herself. She said that she did not want any of her family to stop her from doing what she wanted."

*Another diary that interested her was of a young Hufflepuff boy from more than half a century ago in the early 19th century. The boy's name was Spencer Fenton and he would repeatedly say that there had been an ongoing war among his family, it said about three brothers that were fighting each other. The fight had been so tense that the children of the three brothers had joined in on the fight, which then forced his family into choosing sides.*

"Such a sad sight." Hestia said, staring at Spencer's image. "Whenever our family enters into one of these unnecessary squabbles, innocent children are always thrust into greater danger."

With Hestia's proclamation, all the deities around the room looked very saddened knowing that everything the goddess of hearth said was true. Innocent people were always put in harm's way due to their infighting.

Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus felt a chill run down their back when they felt their mother's furious as well as disappointed stare.

*It said in each page, on how even though he never knew who his father was; it never stopped him and his other family and friends from being sucked into much infighting that would always occur.*

"Can the three of you stop fighting with each other every century? All of your pointless squabbles have led to many deaths because none of you could agree on anything!" Rhea screamed at the top of her lungs.

While this was happening all the 2nd generation deities made themselves as scarce as possible not wanting to bear the brunt of the titanes' fury, all of them knowing that they fight as much as their elders except for their aunts.

"You have robbed this boy from a peaceful life he deserves! He already has enough problems, especially since he is unclaimed!"

"But mother, Hades and Poseidon always destroy my plans!" Zeus exclaimed but was immediately silent when his mother's eyes had lit up with fire.

Hades and Poseidon on the other hand were smarter and decided to stay silent and take the scolding from their mother. Both of them had always known that whenever their mother was in this stay it is wiser to stay quiet.

"None of that! You are all more than old enough to know that your actions have consequences and if none of you listen to what I said I will have no choice! I birthed you out into this world; I can surely take you back! Understood?"

The big three, not wanting to further cause another tirade of shouts and heated glares directed at them by their mother, had immediately agreed with furious vigor. It was honestly very impressive that the three gods did not take damage with whiplash.

"Why can't any of my children be like my oldest, Hestia was the only one who took after me." Rhea sighed, finally sitting back down on her throne.

Ares after seeing that the situation had been controlled for now, decided that it was time to continue reading.

*Callista had thought this was about the 1st Wizarding War during Grindelwald's reign; she first concluded that this was about Spencer's family members wanting to either join or fight the Dark Lord, but she felt that there was something more.*

Hecate grimaced a little after hearing the name of one of her descendants.

*Knowing her, she was 100% correct on this observation

Unlike the 1st diary, this one had a last message written on the last page.

Claimed at last…*

"Well at least the poor mortal had been claimed." Rhea said smiling, looking brighter.

"Spencer Fenton, son of Alastor, claimed after the war had finished. Alastor wasn't able to claim him properly before the war finished since as the god of family feud, he had his hands full." Apollo informed them all.

"Ah… yes, since because of the fight, our children had to pick sides thus adding more fuel to the fire, giving Alastor more work." Athena said.

At that Rhea again went on to scold her sons for their inconsiderate nature.

Hestia on the flip side smiled, since she was friends with Alastor. You would think that their relationship would be worse since both their domains clashed with one another but this was not to be because both deities know that happiness could not be achieved if a person didn't first know what sadness is and this notion also applies in a happy family.

*The last diary that she found was by far the most interesting one so far, this diary dated back from the first student in Hogwarts, Rowena Ravenclaw's own daughter. Callista found this diary beside a bodiless mannequin holding a very familiar tiara, the tiara would have been nothing but a normal tiara. This was apparently not the case since the minute she inspected the tiara a little bit closer, she already felt a very dark and tainted soul attached onto it.

She had contemplated on what to direct her interest but decided that the diary was more intriguing that the tiara since, from her nightly visit in the room of requirements she had already exposed herself from many cursed objects hidden within these walls.*

Aphrodite, knowing that her best friend was still very much upset at what had happened to her daughter's relationship with her daughter, slid her arms on Hecate's shoulder and rubbed it gently. Even now centuries had passed, Hecate is and still very much sad at Rowena and Helana's faith, the former died not being able to apologize to her daughter, her last request, while the latter was murdered.

"It's okay Cate! Rowena had passed on and got reincarnated centuries ago, I'm sure she is very happy right now wherever she is." Aphrodite whispered in her best friend's ear.

"I know, Dite but it still makes me sad nonetheless."

*The diary had belonged to Helena Ravenclaw.*

Aphrodite squeezed Hecate's shoulder.

*On every word and sentences written on each and every page, Callista immersed herself into a story of an overshadowed child full of insecurities. The daughter of the brightest witch to have ever walked Hogwarts (excluding Callista of course) had poured her heart and soul into every page.

She felt sorry for Helena, she may have never felt inadequate to anyone but she knew how girls around her felt whenever they were near her or besides her. Insecurities saturated the room whenever this happened.*

Hades and Zeus scoffed at Poseidon's smug face which was being directed towards the two of them.

*"Wait…" Callista said quietly while directing her attention towards the tiara. "If this diary belonged to the daughter of Rowena Ravenclaw, this tiara must be the long lost diade-."

But before she could finish her sentence, a translucent figure passed through the stone walls of the room.

The grey lady had appeared, flowing above the air, looking vey regal, the only thing that tarnished her appearance was the blood in her beautiful grey dress.*

Hecate looked gloomier and gloomier as each minute passed, making Aphrodite double her efforts in trying to cheer up and reassure her best friend.

While this was happening Apollo whispered to Hermes, "Do you think Melinoe would give me some time to have fun with Helena? If you know what I'm saying." He finished with a smirk.

"I think Melinoe would most likely join the both of you." Hermes responded with a smirk of his own. The god was more than friendly with the goddess, and because of that he is 100% sure that Melinoe would turn the twosome into a threesome.

*"Isn't it a little bit too late for a 1st year student to be snooping around deep in the night?" She said sharply.

Raising an eyebrow at the ghost, Callista directed her attention towards the diadem and the diary.

"Aren't you a little bit too dead… for you to care about these kinds of things?"*

Hearing Callista's witty remark, the whole room was filled with smiles while some chuckled lightly, even Hecate who was not too long ago was looking very sad, now could not keep the smile out of her face.

*The only answers she got from the ghost lady were narrowed eyes and a piercing stare. After a couple minutes of staring at one another the grey lady held her head up high and turned around, but before she could pass through the walls.

"Helena… You're Helena Ravenclaw…"*

"Bingo!" Hermes shouted childishly, which woke up Dionysus who was already sleeping in his throne.

"Is someone having a party? Why didn't you guys invite me?" Dionysus asked, looking very startled.

*After she said those words, the grey lady abruptly stopped in mid air. The following seconds were filled with a pregnant silence.

Helena then rapidly turned around and flew towards her at a fast rate, she then stopped inches away from Callista's poker face.*

"Why can't ghosts learn about personal space?" Demeter said exasperated, she never understood why her granddaughter loved her ghosts. 'It was probably that corpse's breath's fault!' Demeter screamed in her head while giving her brother one of her icy glares, 'Must Hades spread his derange and maniacal attitude to Melinoe? Couldn't she have inherited her domain rather than his?!'

Melinoe's domain wouldn't have bothered her that much if her granddaughter's ghost would stop entering her personal space; apparently since I was their lady's grandmother they thought that I would like them.

"They took after their goddess; Melinoe… has always been a very stra-… unique character…" Hermes tried to say something strange but hurriedly changed after seeing his uncle's shadow creep below him.

*"You don't know what you're talking about!" she screamed, blowing a gust of wind, making the surrounding objects around them move away from them.

Callista smirked at the distraught Hogwarts Alumni and said, "Oh, I believe I do."

Weeks have passed since her meeting with the grey lady and Callista had been examining the diadem. And from what she had found, the diadem had been corrupted with one of the most heinous magic to have ever been made, a Horcrux.*

Hades and Hecate both growled deeply while looking very furious.

*After finding out about this fact, she had cornered Helena on the highest floor of the Ravenclaw tower. It had concerned her that someone had created an anchor to stop death.

From what she found out, Voldemort had apparently successfully charmed and tricked Helena into giving him the location of the diadem. The story was bloody and tragic to both sides. It had shed light on what had happened thousands of years ago, to one of the founders of this majestic school.*

Aphrodite again tried to comfort her best friend but she was having a very difficult time, this was because it had also been her fault, even if it was indirect. Her domain had always contained a slight side effect; love wasn't always good especially if love had turned into obsession. There is a thin line between love and hate, and unsurprisingly many have threaded those lines thousands of times.

*Of course after learning about these kinds of things, she then went and notified Hydroceto. At first her brother wanted to turn both Helena and the bloody Baron into his lab rats to be conducted with hundreds of experiments but those desires were for naught.

He was pissed off at Helena, because she had been idiotic and had contributed to Voldemort's war path, while the bloody Baron was just a piece of shit.*

Hecate cringed knowing that her godson was right.

*While on the topic about lab rats, she had been thinking about what to do with Quirrell and the leech on the back of his head, and this idea had crept inside her head. She had also been thinking on how she could "kill" Quirrell and make it look like an accident, it would be the best gift she could give to her brother.*

"I think your son needs therapy Aphrodite, a dead professor shouldn't be what an eleven years old boy should want as a gift…" Demeter pointed out.

"Speak for yourself, Demeter; Ares started screaming about war the minute he was out of my womb." Hera said while giving her son a piercing glare.

"And let's not talk about Dionysus." Poseidon added giving his nephew an amused stare.

"Honestly… Normally I would agree with your lady Demeter, but Quirell is a disgrace to all professors and teachers around the world and he should be tortured while his tongue is being barbecued." Athena said disdainfully.


*Hydroceto had been whining to her about not having any specimens he could use for all his experiments. Honestly, if her brother's experiments weren't so cruel they could have sent and posted posters asking for volunteers, but repeatedly casting the Cruciatus curse to replicate what had happened to the Longbottoms would give them a one way ticket to Azkaban. Even though they could escape, it would be too much of a hassle.*

"Hey, entering and exiting is my thing!" Hermes pouted.

"Umm… the thing that we should be pointing out here is the excessive use of the torture curse." Hephaestus said.

"As if you could talk, you'd kill people by just touching your junk yard, unfinished junkyard." Hades said with a raised eyebrow at his nephew. "I've judged hundreds and hundreds of demigods that died just because they wandered there."

"I think everyone of us is guilty except Hestia and Rhea whenever someone touches our belongings." Poseidon injected. "Dionysus would frequently turn mortals into dolphins every time they accidentally took his wine goblet, Athena would religiously protect her libraries, and Zeus would probably start a war and blame me or Hades when it gets stolen."

Zeus and Athena gave the sea king two identical stink eyes, while Dionysus just drank from his favorite goblet not caring to deny what Poseidon said.

*And also they've already planned on doing that with their incarcerated godfather.

They finally knew what had happened to Sirius, he had been imprisoned without a trial which was the reason why they had a hard time finding any information about what had happened to him. Someone had wanted to profit out of the incarceration of the black heir.*

"That would be very accurate. Many families would actually gain so much if the Black family no longer existed, especially the Malfoy family but all their plans and ambitions would be for naught since the name would be owned by the Potter via Dorea Black and Sirius Black." Hecate explained.

*Peter Pettigrew had betrayed their parents and framed Sirius Black for all his crimes, and then the sneaky little bastard had the audacity to run away leaving only a severed finger-.

Callista's train of thought was interrupted by the noise of her two bickering friends.

"Ron! It wouldn't hurt to read a book or two, especially to answer your assignments." Hermione exclaimed.

"That's bollocks; I still have plenty of time to actually do them. I reckon I could finish them the night before."

"No you won't and you know it, if it wasn't for me! You wouldn't even be able to pass your work during our transfiguration class earlier."

"Then just let me copy off of your work and I'll be finished."

"You are by far the most insufferable 1st year I have ever had the displeasure of working with!"*

'I see a connection!' Aphrodite screamed inside her head while heart floated inside her eyes. 'A typical love hate relationship has always been a classic.'

*Noticing how frightened Neville looked, Callista had decided to stop them from fighting and escalating their fight into higher stakes.

"Would both of you calm down? We're at the library and we wouldn't want to be kicked out by Madam Pince and Ron… just do what Hermione is saying, the whole point of us being here is so that I can be of help."

Hearing what she said, Hermione had a look of triumph etched on her face directed towards the scowling freckled redhead.

"And Hermione you're being too loud, you've been startling Neville repeatedly."

With Neville's awkward nod, Hermione blushed, burrowing her face deeper into her hardbound book while Ron smugly smiled at her, puffing his chest.*

"I ship it!"

"Of course you would." Artemis growled rolling her eyes.

*After what she said, all four of them had descended into their studies with little grievances. Their discussions were filled with Callista, coaching Ron and Neville on the dos and don'ts when mixing potion ingredients especially ingredients with toxic fumes, detailing all the possible outcomes of all the sample ingredient when mixed together with Hermione, instructing Ron on how to properly cast incantations, recommending scripts filled with obscure script to Hermione, citing Neville on the importance of using a compatible wand, and questioning the three of them on all their magic theory knowledge on all their classes. Their study session lasted inside the library until curfew which they then promptly moved to the common room on the Gryffindor tower in front of the fireplace.*

"This is getting boring! Where's the violence! Where's the plotting of someone's death!" Ares demanded.

"Shut up you brute! Not everyone is like you and only cares about bashing a person's face into the concrete wall." Athena hissed, while Hera and Zeus are thinking to themselves on where they got wrong in raising their children.

Ares would have retorted but he was too busy dreaming about bashing a monster or mortal skull.

*While they were moving to the Gryffindor common room, Callista had discretely switched positions with a copy of herself hiding inside the Room of Requirement when she had felt Hydroceto call within their mind link.

She then turned invisible and phased through the walls, wanting to immediately fly towards the Ravenclaw dormitories, after which she then went inside the expanded trunk sitting atop Ceto's bed.

When she was inside, Callista saw a whole ecosystem divided by their different biomes which was filled with all kinds of dangerous monsters in all shapes and sizes. Walking past each and every one of them, she would occasionally feel different types of carnivorous plants wanting attention from her as well as a few Niflers that would climb atop her head.*

An image of the inside of Hydroceto's trunk appeared in front of everyone, they could all see many unique and dangerous organisms frolicking inside. From a man eating a plant to a shrinking blue serpent, they could all see how each and every one of them could rip a person to shreds.

It amazed them how beautiful the pocket dimension looked; the winter corner blended well with the autumn environment, animals inside their habitat beautifully interacted with other beasts.

*Arriving at an intertwined tree, she smeared her blood on the white stem of the tree. The tree then glowed luminescent and it untwined, creating a wide round opening.*

"Whoa… Hydroceto's been reading Narnia from the looks of it." Apollo pointed out, amazed.

"It is a very good book." Athena conceded.

*Callista was welcomed with her brother slouching over a large table, furiously concentrating on what he was doing.

"Ceto…" She called out.

Hydroceto abruptly stopped what he was doing to turn around toward her. "Calli… good evening."

"Likewise brother," she smiled. "I already know why you have called me here and I again must stop you from immediately exposing and experimenting on Peter."*

"Why? It's so much fun!" Ares shouted.

"I can agree with that, it is." Hades agreed.

"It's just delightful knowing that you have power over this person." Dionysus continued while bobbing his head up and down.


"What?" Dionysus, Ares, and Hades asked while receiving many blank stares.

*The only answer she got was a scowl and deep exhale.

"We need him sane when to get Sirius out of the hell he is in right now."

"I know that sister but I haven't got anyone to experiment on, to finally heal our godmother. And besides your ginger wouldn't notice the decoy we planted." Hydroceto rolled his eyes at his last sentence.

"Don't worry brother, the day after Halloween I'll make it look like Quirell had a fatal accident when he tries to go inside Houndoom's room. We could then interrogate and torture Voldemort's wraith out of him." Callista saw Hydroceto's eyes shine with a bloodthirsty desire. "You could then do whatever you want with the stuttering baboon; hell you could even force him into a rat so that he could be your literal lab rat."*


"Don't corrupt my children with your madness Dionysus!" Poseidon yelled.

"Hah, you're one to talk brother. I remember very clearly when Amphitrite refused your betrothal." Zeus arrogantly scoffed.

"As much as I hate to say this but… I agree with the boom boom over here." Hades jabbed his thumb towards Zeus, "You looked like a blue whale that was having a massive temper tantrum."

Poseidon, not being able to retort, fumed silently while Zeus glared at the smug god of the dead.

*At the end of what she said, Hydroceto was practically drooling with delight at the prospect of gaining his first ever lab rat.

Sometimes Callista wondered how he hadn't already purchased a rat to actually experiment on but she then always remembered that Ceto loves animals of all kinds; from the most beautiful to the ugliest, her brother doesn't judge. Her brother only believes that animals could be eaten such as the nature of life, especially in the wild.*

"True, the animal kingdom is using the eat or be eaten type of system." Athena said.

*It had been a surprise to her that Ceto wasn't a vegetarian but when he had pointed out to her that the cycle of life doesn't work that way. There must always be a prey and a predator.*

"That's a surprise coming from one of Poseidon's spawn. All of his children had refused to eat sea life, or outright bamboozled at the thought of eating a fish." Apollo commented.

"I think this was an exception, Hydroceto clearly loves animals but he quite clearly follows the hierarchy of the animal kingdom." Demeter added.

*Wanting to hit the nail further in the coffin Callista took the cage where Peter had been squirming with fear, then added, "We could then finally use Peter a month before Christmas break to be able to let Sirius free, after which we would then create an accident where Peter would be kissed by the Dementors while trying to escape."*

"Good idea, none would really care of what terrible faith a mass murderer and a traitor. Some would just laugh at it and wish they could have done the deed." Dionysus said, waving carelessly.

*"And I could then add this cowardly pathetic rat to my collection!" Hydroceto finished screaming with anticipation.

Callista smiled after seeing the happy expression Ceto was holding.

"Yes, brother… Peter could finally volunteer for one of your very important experiments." She then lifted the shaking rat, staring at it maliciously. "Isn't that right Peter?"*

"Come on! That's it! I wanted more bloodshed; I was hoping that they would show the rat being experimented on!" Ares shouted very upset at what he had just learned.

Everyone just face palmed at the childish tantrum the god of war was currently displaying.



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