Chapter 1- A Fallen Star

Preface: This story was inspired by "The symbol of peace and justice" by TheGodfather93, Friendly Foreign Dimensional Exchange Student SpiderMan by Zaru, Cosmic Hero by SteveTlawson, and Fallen Star by ClippedWings07.

Pain. That was all Koriand'r AKA Starfire could remember for the past 6 stellar cycles since she and her older sister Komand'r AKA Blackfire had been taken by the Psions.

Everyday they would be forced to absorb as much Ultraviolet radiation the source of their power and then expel it in the form of what she referred to as "Starbolts" failure to do so would result in the other being tortured while the perpetrator could only watch.

Until Now


"I'm coming Komand'r!"

Starfire's captors had gotten lazy and calibrated the feeding instruments for 2 identical Tameranean women,only for Starfire to grow 2 grass blades taller than her sister in the year following her maturity cycle AKA Transformation. Allowing her to grab the degrading device and use the immense brute force their Warrior race were known for and break her containment unit.

Now she was attempting to locate her sister and dispatching of any Psion who had the misfortune of crossing her path.

"The specimen is here! Send re-enforcements! Send Guh!" That was all the random Psion a humanoid reptile with a beak-like snout, green scales, and an abnormally large cranium befitting of a race renowned across the universe for their intellect and lack of compassion could get out before being clubbed from behind.

"Tell me where my sister is or BURN!" Starfire threatened. Channeling her star bolts as expected.

"C-C-Chamber omega. Please don't kill me!" The witless worm cried as it begged for mercy.

"And the escape pods?" She inquired. Never letting her guard down as she'd been trained to do since childhood by the warlords of Okaara.

"Why would you want to know about...?" He began to inquire.

"JUST ANSWER ME!" The second princess of tameranean Bellowed with her green eyes glowing and the ends of her hair igniting in response to her rage.

"Back by your containment unit and to the left" the Psion whimpered out as he nearly soiled him.

"Understood" WHAM! She replied before knocking him unconscious. Now with her sisters location in mind she could stage a rescue and afterwards destroy the escape pods to prevent their captors from following, as unbeknownst to the Psions she had already destroyed their engine and navigational systems. Fortunately as a tameranean she could travel at Faster than light speeds unaided in the vacuum of space,so long as she had a sufficient amount of UV radiation and could channel the emotion of joy.

"I will get us out of here dear sister. I swear it"

And she would no matter what.

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