A star burns brightest right beforeit's light fades forever.

3rd person.

Also " " is speech

' ' is thoughts


He was a metallic silver and blue humanoid with a scar over his now blind left eye. The most vocal racist critic of her people.


"Ugh seriously the disgraced Vernathian general? Didn't your daughter marry a tameranean?* Blackfire whined.

"Yes. And when I disowned her for polluting our bloodline by marrying you Stupid Troqs my family took HER side and banished me!" Val-Yor retorted angrily.

"...if I wasn't in so much pain I'd be laughing my grebnacks off"

"I LOATHE you" Val-Yor shot back.

"Ha you and every AH!" She gasped falling to the floor. Now glowing like Centauri moon diamond.

"Blackfire! What have you done Val-Yor!" Starfire snarled.

He smirked in the face of their rage."Oh that's simple. I wanted a way to exterminate you Troqs and the Psions wanted test subjects. As it turns out the source of your strength is the key to your destruction." Starfire felt the fire in her veins run cold with dread."what do you mean?"

He just grinned wider "I mean the point of these experiments was to see how much energy your kind could absorb before blowing higher than a calipsian kite!* And based on that glow I'd say the great betrayer has minutes before she pops"

Horror didn't even begin to describe the look on Starfire's face. "no"

Unfortunately for The silver racist rather than singing cringe worthy songs about waffles...

Take that teen titans go

Tameraneans were a warrior race ruled by emotion and that despair quickly became anger and desperation.

"No! This isn't how it Ends!" Before she charged at the off guard monster and sucker punched him into the wall before pinning him into it.

"You will reverse what you've done or you won't live long enough to regret it!" The bright emerald eyes and more importantly the flaming hair signifying the Tameranean berserker state making for a terrifying visage all but the most powerful beings in the universe were weary off.

"Even if I wanted to it's too late. Once critical mass is attained, detonation is inevitable" he choked out. "Hahaha. Once we're done with you, we'll move on to the rest of your savage GUH! Which is as far as he got before Blackfire jabbed her thumb harshly into his forehead knocking him out.

"And I thought Trogaar's monologues were annoying" starfire turned towards her sister with eyes wide with fear. "We must hurry Blackfire. We don't have much time to interrogate the scientists before..."

"Just stop Starfire. We both know know this is it for me" Blackfire replied with a blank face.

"Just stop? JUST STOP!?" Starfire whirled on her sister. "I didn't suffer through all their experiments, helplessly listening to your screams just to watch you perish Komand'r! I have to save you! I have to..." she trailed off as she experienced something she almost forgot the feeling of.

The embrace of her older sister. "You already have*. You already have...though if your serious I do have a last request."

At this starfire perked up with tears in her eyes "anything dear sister"

"I had some trinkets on me when they captured us. They should be down in the medical room. I figured they'd make a nice keepsake"

"What do I look for?" "A calipsian lock orb. The passcode is my URG! Day of birthday."

Blackfire was now beginning to resemble a purple sun. "And lastly... don't let the past taint your future like I did, appreciate the past* but don't live in it. Live in the here and now."

"I promise Blackfire. Just know that I..." Bam!

A certain chrome Karma Houdini flew in and tackled her from behind. "You think this is I'm just going to to let you ruin my plans!? .TROQ!" punctuating his statement with 3 punches to her midsection. And as strong as she was the experiments had left her scared and somewhat malnourished.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" He was promptly restrained by a ethereal looking Blackfire. "I think it'd be fitting to give you an upclose view of your handiwork!"

The disgraced princess promptly flew both of them through the ships walls into the vacuum of space faster than a lightning bolt. "Blackfire no!" Starfire cried before following them. Albeit at slower speeds do to flight being channeled by joy and not overflowing with energy like her sister.

"I'm sorry Koriand'r. Thank you...for loving me*"

Blackfire briefly jumped to faster than light speeds...


And was promptly replaced by a large sphere of concentrated heat and light reminiscent of a Supernova. Now truly alone Starfire wailed out in grief tears streaming down her face for several minutes.


Before noticing the vessel of her torment had briefly lit up near the boarding lock. The damaged escape pods had failed to launch. All they had done was give Starfire an outlet for her pain and rage. And she promptly set back from whence she came to enact vengeance upon them.

Starfire POV

She didn't quite remember what happened next.

The berserker state was when a tameranean became overcome with rage and pure emotion. Enhancing their abilities by a factor of 1.5 times and dulling their sense of pain at the price of their self control. Members who entered this state were liable to attack their own if provoked and usually had to be restrained until they calmed down. Fortunately exiting the state was easier than entering it similar to the theta state taught by Mongol the 3rd.

When she concentrated Starfire experienced glimpses of skulls breaking under her fist, flesh incinerated by the star bolts those accused Psions experiments granted her, she ripped one IN HALF. With her bare hands.

She knew with certainty she left no survivors.

When Koriand'r came to she thought she'd feel vindicated. But all she'd felt was crushing grief

At the loss of her sister and the knowledge she could never return home.

After collecting the calipsian orb* containing Blackfire's last possessions, some supplies, and the holographic projectors.

One containing all the footage the Psions had on other capable of creating solid holograms. Pushed the ship into the nearest black hole. Convenient but she wasn't complaining.

And stared into the endless void of space.

'I don't know what the future holds...but I will live and keep my promise to you dear sister' she looked to where Blackfire had perished.

"Goodbye Blackfire. I look forward to the day we meet again. In X'hal's eternal flame" she turned towards the farthest star" the ship came from the south so it would be wise to head to either the west or the east to avoid their potential destination and allies.

On a whim she chose West. Accelerating to faster than light speeds, staying near stars and suns to retain her powers, Starfire left for places unknown.


She lost track of time. She ran out of food days ago. Only the light fueling her powers kept her going.

Starfire was beginning to lose hope until one day she mistakenly flew too close to a worm hole.

"Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!" Starfire cried as she plummeted from a strange blue sky into a pile of metal scraps. Curving her body around the container of her possession She crashed and promptly passed out.

When Starfire came to she was being poked by a presumably female humanoid with...pink hair? And eyes that were eerily similar to fighter ship targeting systems.

"Where...Am I?" She managed to whisper.



the strange being replied confused.

'Oh X'hal damn it'


The second half of the chapter was written-using my updated story format. Hence why it's more cohesive... at least I hope so.

*1- that was from A Starstruck PhantasmicBy Neomark.

*2- "higher than a calipsian kite was a reference to the Disney Movie Treasure Planet .

*3 -Quote from darth Vader in return of the Jedi.

*4-calipsian orb is basically the map from treasure planet but as a safe.

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