Scythe slashed through the humid jungle flora, the darkness of the night hiding him from the eyes of predators. Then one of the beasts of the forest leaped at him, then fell to the ground without its head. "Cats, sentient or not, always jump from behind, like dating an desperate mare."He looked at the head and saw it had something green stuck to its fur, and once it saw its finger paws. "AnAbyssinian; this makes it the fifth." He turned to see glowing purple eyes blinking.

He formed a shield around himself and pulled several long needles from his saddle bag. "What are you going to do? Knit a net around me?" a female voice with buzzing in the back of her throat spoke. He launched one of his needles at full speed, piercing multiple trees and a frog. "Ok that was impressive!" she yelled. Scythe looked around, The eye spell was his best spell work, his shield always had a small hole from which he launched his needles like knives.

Scythe glared into the two glowing purple eyes in the darkness. "Are you the Formless?" The glowing eyes widened, then squinted at him and it spat a green substance that hardened instantly around his shield. She jumped onto the hardened substance and looked at the contained unicorn.

She hissed. "How do you know of it?" Scythe looked around, saw that there was no opening and he had to play ball after lowering his shield. "So, tell me!" she yelled, bringing him images of his mind.

He covered his ears and saw that the thing went silent. "I got the information as partial payment; once the queen of those fish ponies died, I would get the full payment of 50,000 bits and a book to lead me where I can find to the Changing Ones." She glared at him.

She changed her form into a dragon. "You want to know this?" She smirked and shape-shifted into her changeling queen form. "Sorry, but you can't learn it." He raised a brow, hiding a smoldering rage about to explode and devour this the jungle. "Though there is one way, but it would mean giving up your pony being and becoming a being of darkness and who can devour the emotions of lesser beings!" She grinned showing 5 rows of teeth.

Scythe smirked. "I'm wanted dead or alive, but what would you get out of it?" She broke the hardened substance and walked in.

"A mate for life, muscle strong enough to guard me and my larvae." His eyes widened and he blushed. "So, the black maned stallion does have some emotions." she spoke flirtatiously.

He coughed. "W-why didn't you just do it to the cat?" He blushed heavily as she started spinning around him. Her legs were long and her horn the shape of a crystal carved into a dagger.

Her mane color was a psychedelic purple and black carapace, and she had only one fang, on her right side. "Because I need someone willing and strong," she teased, and his blush became deeper. "They need be able to kill, and well." She looked to the headless cat man.

He concentrated. 'It's either live my life on the run or become this things body guard and gain the ability to change my form to any I wish.' He looked at her. "Fine, how does this work do you-" She pushed him to the ground a released and breathed a cloud of black cloud smoke from her mouth into his mouth. "*cough* What was that?!" He stopped and felt his hoof melt. "Aaaaaah!" She screamed trying to pull his hoof back together. "What did you do to me?!" he demanded as the world darkened around him and she built a chrysalis around him.

She looked into the chrysalis, smiling, as the liquid form of pony went through his metamorphosis.