Chapter 1 New Life as a Hollow

A lone wolf travels on a pace fill with sand that seems like to be forever as it was hard to tell time. This place is Hueco Mundo, the world that Hollow's wonder, die or grow to become the strongest. Divided they are but not for long as one day that will all change.

The Wolf Hollow was your normal day wolf but different as his fur was silver in color to some areas made of bone, yellow slit eyes that glow sinister, claws & fangs armed to the teeth, and a tail that mixes with fur to armor. Whisker marks on the sides of his face which were strange for a wolf but Hollows are different from the other and take different forms. This was Naruto, the disowned child and now a Hollow Wolf.

Naruto can't remember everything about his past life before dying and becoming a Hollow. He can only remember images of his past, hating his parents for disowning for something stupid, meeting an eye-oned man that became his inspiration, and waking up in this strange place as a wolf.

Naruto had no clue how long he had been traveling in this place.

Days, Weeks, Months, or Years?

He wasn't sure as he travels and does what he can to survive in this place. Only the strong survive while the weak be eaten to strength the other, that was the rule around here.

One day that will all change.


In the desert lands of Las Noches, we find ourselves in the middle of an intense battle between two hollows, one of the said hollows was a large bull hollow that looked at his prey with a vicious smirk as he placed his foot on his victim's head, crushing it against the ground.

"Such a waste of power, your kind doesn't deserve the strength that you possess," The bull hollow said as he looked at the hollow under his boot.

The hollow was a female hollow that looked more human than hollow, this was Emilou Apacci, a hollow that managed to crack her mask, giving her more power and also a human form. However, it seemed that her new powers weren't enough to save her from this hollow.

"You talk too much," A weakened Apacci said as the hollow smirked at her and moved his foot off her, before he grabbed her by her neck, moving her closer to his face.

"For such a small insect you have a big mouth," The hollow said as he began to look at Apacci's body with a wicked look in his eyes.

"Maybe is time to show you where weaklings and women belong, at my feet," The bull Hollow said as he ripped off Appaci's clothes, shocking her as she already knew what he was planning.

"You disgusting vermin, I will not allow you to do this! I am no one's toy!" Apacci shouted, only for her to be smashed against the ground, the bull hollow moving closer to her as he licked his lips at her figure.

"Oh, I will enjoy breaking you, tasting your flesh before devouring you completely," The hollow said.

However, Apacci looked at the monster before her with fear in her eyes. Suddenly, a silver flash smashed against the bull hollow, sending him flying into a large rock, as a claw mask appeared on his chest and fresh blood pouring out of it.

When Apacci looked at her savior she was shocked to see another hollow.

However, this one was different. The hollow in front of her looked like a large wolf but different as his fur was silver in color to some areas made of bone, yellow slit eyes that glow sinister, claws & fangs armed to the teeth, and a tail that mix with fur to armor. Whisker marks on the sides of his face which were strange for a wolf but Hollows are different from the other and take different forms.

"You dare to intervene with my pleasure you dirty dog?! I will-" however before the bull hollow could say another word, his hands and legs were suddenly severed from his body as the wolf hollow appeared behind him.

"S-Such speed! Not even Lady Harribel can move that fast," Apacci thought as the wolf walked toward the bull, green blood being present on his fangs, dripping from his mouth to the ground.

" W-Wait, such power like this can help us both. Join me, brother, we can share this woman, she is nothing but a weak toy for us to use. With our powers combined we can-" however faster than he could see, the wolf hollow opened his mouth and began to devour the bull hollow, his screams of pain being heard in all of the silent Las Noches.

After a few more minutes, the wolf finished eating the bull, leaving not one bone behind.

"That tasted like shit," The wolf said as he spits on the ground in disgust.

"Y-You can talk?" Apacci asked surprised.

"Yeah, I can talk. Don't look so surprised, that piece of shit could talk and he was really weak. And I think he could even give me some problems with my stomach," The wolf replied.

However, before Apacci could say anything else, in front of her appeared none other than Tier Harribel, her master and also friend, along with her other two fellow followers of the shark hollow.

"Are you alright Apacci?" Harribel asked.

"Y-yeah, I was almost done but that guy saved me," Apacci answered as she pointed toward the wolf, who began to walk away from them.

However, his path was blocked by Harribel as she appeared before him in a burst of speed.

"Move," The wolf hollow commanded as his eyes began to glow, even more.

Harribel could actually feel his power, and it was incredible.

"I wanted to thank you for saving Apacci, if it wasn't for you, I would have lost a close friend," Harribel said as the wolf's eyes stopped from glowing and looked at the blonde with a more relaxed look in them.

"No problem, it was actually my pleasure to get rid of that trash," The wolf said.

"However, I must ask, why did you save her? Almost all hollows around here will see female hollows as toys or food, but you just saved one without thinking. Even if you and the one that attacked her could have allied?" Harribel asked as the wolf smirked at her question.

"No one deserves to be used like that. Freedom is everyone's right, even us hollows. Plus, in my eyes, there is no difference between a male and a female hollow. We are all equal here, no matter what others believe," The wolf answered, shocking Harribel and the others.

"You are a weird hollow," Harribel commented, earning a laugh from the wolf.

"Look who is talking. I don't think that there are many hollows that move in a pack like you four and also care for each other, very weird indeed," The wolf said.

"Well, if you really believe that, how about you join us?" Harribel asked, surprising the wolf and also her followers.

"And why would you want me in your group?"

"You protected one of our own, I believe that you could fit with us as we want to become more powerful in order to survive, together, we are a family and you are someone that I wish to stand by our side. We can help you reach your full power, breaking your mask and gaining back your original form, to make you whole again."

This shocked the wolf again as the image of a silver-haired man appeared behind Harribel.

"Very well, I accept your offer. Now, how about we introduce ourselves?" The wolf asked as Harribel nodded.

"I am Harribel, Tier Harribel." Harribel said as the wolf smiled at her.

"Nice to meet you Harribel, you can call me Naruto," said Naruto with a smile as he could see a new path before him.

One that he knew it was the one he was destined to follow, no matter what.

Years Later

In the middle of the Karakura town, we can see none other than Ichigo Kurosaki in his Shinigami form, wounded and without any energy in his body. He looked at his opponent, the so-called Espada number 6 Grimmjow.

"To think that you could have delivered an attack that actually wounded me. Now things are really getting more interesting," Grimmjow said as his chest was covered in blood, a large scar being left on it because of Ichigo's Getsuga Tensho

As he reached for his Zanpakuto, ready to release his true power, a hand grabbed his arm and stopped his action.

"That's enough Grimmjow." A calm voice said, shocking Grimmjow and also making him let go of his blade as he looked at the owner of the voice.

Standing behind Grimmjow was a young man around 20 years old with spiky silver hair, that was long enough to be able to make a long ponytail from it that was hanging over his back, similar to a tail, a sinister yellow colored left eye that was also slit, his right eye is covered by a bone mask that looked like it had a wolf-like an ear coming out of it, made of bone-like the mask, three whiskers on each cheek, the whiskers being very dark like those of an animal, long sharp, almost silver fangs in his mouth and long claws instead of fingernails. (Note: Naruto will be dressed similar to how Tousen is dressed during his time in the Hollow world)

Tied to his hip we can see a katana that was kept into a black scabbard, having a dark silver handle with a red rope toed at the base of the scabbard.

"Naruto? What are you doing here?" Grimmjow asked in a more calm yet shocking way.

"I came to take you back. It seems that his majesty was informed by someone of your presence here," Naruto informed, shocking Grimmjow.

"Damn it, someone had to open their mouths!" Grimmjow said with anger as he looked toward Ichigo with anger as a smirk appeared on his face.

"Well, at least I can finish him off, maybe then it could be worth it," Grimmjow said

"No possible Grimm, HE summoned you right now, we have to go," Naruto said, this making Grimmjow even angrier.

However, he felt Naruto's hand on his shoulder so he decided to look at him

"I know that you want to fight him brother but please, be more patient, your time to be king will come. I promise," Naruto said with a smile as Grimmjow looked at him for a second before he smirked at him

"You're right. Soon the two of us will become kings and show the world our power. Let's get over with this, we cannot let his majesty wait for too long," Grimmjow said as Naruto smirked and opened a Garganta, the two of them walking into it

"You should feel lucky this time Shinigami. If I didn't stop him, Grimmjow could have killed you. Next time, however, things will be different." Naruto said as he looked at Ichigo with his glowing eye from his hollow mask, just as the Garganta closed itself behind him.

This was only the beginning.



Naruto Lobo


Number Infinite

The Infinite Hollow Wolf

Number 0 (Former)

The Silver Wolf




Hair: Silver

Eyes: Sinister Yellow Slited

Age: Unknow

Family Relatives: Not worth mentioning

Animal: Wolf

Mask: Right Eye (A mask that takes the form of a wolf ear combined with his face. The mask covering his right eye which always glowing yellow, like Ichigo's Mask eye)

Number: Infinite symbol on his chest, over his heart

Race: Human (Former). Hollow-Arrancar

Powers and Abilities:

Master Hand to Hand Combatant

Expert Swordsman

Enhanced Strength, Durability, Speed, Agility, and Ect

Great Spiritual Power

Manipulate lower level hollows, like puppets


Lightning Manipulation

Supersonic Roars (Like a wolf but more monstrous and destructive)

Arrancar abilities: Below

Sonido Master: As the Infinity Espada, Naruto is well masted at the use of Sonido and could even suprise many with his speed.

Hierro: A defensive technique that Naruto master to upper levels than other Arrancars and could withstand power attacks without breaking a sweat.

Cero: Naruto is capable of firing blue Cero from the palm of his hand and fingers at the form of claws. To the upper level, the color is silver and takes the form of a howling wolf.

Bala: Not as strong as Cero, but Naruto has made great use of the Bala technique. He takes the form of silver howling wolves, hunting & aiming for the kill.

Garganta: Like many Arrancar and Hollows, Naruto can open voids between worlds.


Fenrir The Unbound: His Zampakuto like all Arrancars, when release awakens Naruto's true power and reveals his true form, a great wolf.

However, once transformed Naruto will be able to devour energy attacks, only physical attacks working on him, and grow even more in power and also size. With each growth becoming more and more wolf-like.

Theme Songs:

Son of a Wolf (Theme for Fenrir The Unbound)

Break (Theme for fighting more than one foe)

Told You So (Theme Song; Naruto vs Byakuya & Kenpachi after defeating Yammy)

Falling Apart (Second Theme)

I Will Not Bow (Third Theme)


Naruto will be good friends with Stark while treating Lilinette as his little sister.

Naruto has a rival/brother relationship with Grimmjow and Ulquiorra (trying to help them both)

A professional relationship with the others and with Yammy well, he likes to annoy him.

Harribel and her girls: They will fall for Naruto as time passed and they grew closer now that they are a pack together. They will share their feelings for him faster than others as they will know everything about each other.

Nel: She and Naruto will be very very close friends during her time as an Espada and he will save her after her fight with Noitorra, saving her life by giving her some of his Reiatsu, keeping her in her older, normal form, and later keep her existence a secret from others.

Yoruichi, Soi-Fon, Nemu, and Matsumoto: Naruto will meet them during the time when soul society attacks Las Noches and will show them that not all Espadas are bad, shocking them as they will want to know more about him

For the girls from Naruto's homeworld: They will fall for him after he returns, some of them knowing him from childhood and seeing his pain and loneliness will try to show the not everyone from their village was against him, and the others will meet him during some missions, getting to know him, his past and also how he treats others as equals, something that many women respects and admire at him.



Naruto's Harem: Harribel and her three girls, Yoruichi, Soi-Fon, Anko, Ino, Mei, Tsunade, Hinata, older Hanabi, Nemu, older Nel (true form), Matsumoto, Karin, Samui, Shizuka, Shizune, and Kurotsuchi

Rest TBA