I know you will ask me why I am writing Minecraft with Kuroinu.

Well a Rwby and Minecraft fanfic called: Minecraft: Remmant, I was inspired and I thought what would happen if Steve and Alex traveled to Kuroinu to help the people and also the alliance. so I asked Stiven about this and he agreed that it would be worth writing this. But beware that I will not do lemons on Minecraft that would be traumatic and cruel to child rats, without offending my dear readers. so that reading will be light and no eroge only a little mature language but not related to sex. So enjoy the first chapter.

Chapter One: Another New World?

In The Nether

Steve and Alex were digging the blocks of the underworld to the depths because they found something that they left in the world of the end, a kind of parchment that indicated a specific place where it was located in the Nether. They said something that there were treasures and mysteries about the world of blocks.

"How many meters is there to go to the temple of the Ender?" Steve said looking at the map while he ate bread, Alex looks at Steve.

"I don't know .. I lost count and I lost the hour we're in ..." Alex answered honestly and a bit tired but when she kept digging she felt something hard. "Hey I found something!" Alex yells warning Steve.

"You found the temple!" Steve yells.

"Help me dig it!" Alex yells, digging deeper into a strange wall that was purple but very hard. .They used the enchanted diamond pickaxe and kept digging until they found a strange room with a portal that is similar to the one at the entrance to the underworld.

"A portal from the underworld?" Steve said looking at the portal.

"That was a waste of time finding treasures ..." Alex said disappointed. "We only found that portal that will take us home ..." She said annoyed.

"But that portal is different ... but there are strange marks on the edge of the portal ..."Steve said studying the portal that had some runes with gold color but Steve could read something.

"When entering the portal there is no return ... all those who possess; Personal items will be something different from their perspective where you live, their skills and talents will remain intact after entering the portal of the other world ..."

"Another world?"Steve said opening his eyes and they look at Alex.

"Are there other worlds ?!" Alex yells in surprise as she looks at the portal. "It must be something crazy but it says there is no return ..."

"Yes ... but they won't take away our abilities and also our personal belongings ... I guess that doesn't concern us ..." Steve said as he continued reading but there are runes that are erased.

"So we go in?" Alex said asking Steve.

"Hmm I don't know ... curiosity calls me to explore a new world that will not stop us from returning to our land ..." Steve said that he is very curious about that strange portal. "Well Alex ready for the other adventure?"

"Insurance!"shouts Alex entering the portal and Steve follows her.

"Are we at home?" Alex said confused but looked at the new environment that was a forest with a strange shape but noticed something in his hand that are very real "My hand!"she yells looking there five fingers.

"What the hell is this ... It looks like our land but ... With more shapes and ... More biomes" Steve said looking around

Alex looks at something below that her breasts are circular "Ehhh ... I never had breasts with that strange shape ..."Alex said moving her breasts and groping, Steve blushed looking at the breasts causing Alex to frown causing the adventurer to look away avoiding the adventurer's gaze.

Steve looks at his arms and they are very muscular "how strange ... Our bodies are more ... Defined ... we don't have cube bodies ..."

"Hmmm..but at least we have our tools .."Alex said pulling out a diamond ax but it looks different "This one is also very different and has no pixels!"

"what!?" Steve draws his netherite sword and shines a little for the perfect edge.

"Steve hit me and tell me this is all a dream ..." Alex said petrified. Steve unconsciously slaps Alex and from the blow he also felt the force and the touch

"This is not a dream ... but at least we can regenerate ..."Alex said lifting "And we even have some supplies .."

"We still have our netherite armor, that's good ... And we have many arrows for the crossbow ... And bows" Steve said looking around until she saw a beautiful lake

"The waters look beautiful ..." Alex said approaching the lake "I never saw this strange shape in my life ... but what worries me is that ..."aAex looks at Steve "What would Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Endermans or Spiders ..:" she wondered about their usual threats that roam at night.

"I do not know... for now we have create a temporary shelter to spend the night "said Steve and he stood by a nearby tree, when he hits it, it destroys it and falls near him" ok ... That's new ... "

"Okay to build the shelter" Alex said taking out the diamond ax and cut it, when cutting it the wood of the tree absorbed over Alex "At least we have our habits of cutting .."

an hour later.

The woman ran along with the child and the baby running in the middle of the forest and noticed something that illuminated the background and when the light came from, it was a wooden house with torches and the door was approaching "Please open the door for me, I have are monsters that are chasing us! "yelled hitting several times

"What the heck !? Alex to arms!" Steve comes out in full netherite armor, a sword of the same material, and a shield.

Alex comes out in full Netherite armor and takes out the arrow and enchanted bow and aims around.

"What's going on? Who are you?" Steve said looking at the woman with the baby and the child

"Help us!"shouts the woman, her appearance was that of a villager with white skin "There are Kobolds that are chasing us!"

"Kobolds? What are those things?" Ask Steve and look at Alex

Alex shrugs her shoulders indifferently but notices something deep in the forest where there are ten red eyes. "We have unwanted guests .." she said pointing with the enchanted bow.

"Come in ... Don't touch anything ...we take care of it "said Steve covering himself with the shield.

When they came out of the bushes, five humanoid beasts with pants on but were armed with swords and axes came out, "Two humans ... but who was so stupid to build a cabin in the middle of the forest where Kobolds and some livedangerous creatures .. "said the first Kobold.

"What the hell ... These ... They can talk ... Ok ... Get out of my house or you're going to have a bad time with us" Steve said seriously

Alex points the bow. "Hahahahah you are going to defeat us with your swords ... we are superior to you humans .."

"Look ... that human with a bow looks extremely delicious ... let's kill the man and then enjoy the delicacy with this human ..:" The second Kobold commented, looking wickedly at Alex. Alex gets a little upset about that wicked comment

"good..." steve pulls out a potion and consumes it, then runs exaggeratedly fast and towards a kobold giving it a critical hit kill it in one hit "ahem ... Let me tell you again, retreat.." Steve said very seriously

all four Kobolds were shocked to see that action and Alex no doubt throws an arrow sticking one in the chest where suddenly his body starts to catch fire.

"Ahhhhhr!" He yells burning.

"And?" Steve said with complete calm and when the Kobolds look at him they see that an aura comes out on him

His instincts screamed for them to move away but one got in the way, lashing out at Steve "You're going to suffer that damn human!"screams opening his mouth to try bitter it in the face

Steve just raises the shield and makes it come out of the blow and break his teeth "get out ..."

"you mess with our pack!"yells one and raises his head and lets out the howl of the wolf calling to the other Kobolds.

"Eh?" Steve said confused, but he gets on his guard

The steps starts shaking "Wow it looks like we'll have a lot of unwanted guests ..."Alex said looking around but she sharpens her eyes looking at the background where there are more than 5 Kobolds running on all fours. Alex swaps the burning arrows for an explosive arrow. "Looks like we're having a terrible forest fire!"

"Well do it!" Steve charges at the kobold who called the pack and cuts off his head

Alex unleashes the explosive arrow launching towards the second group of Kobolds.


Alex looks to the other side where another group comes next to Steve, the fifth Kobold who was alerting the pack proceeds to raise his sword to assassinate Steve.

Steve takes the hit but didn't take any damage "is that your best hit?"

the fifth Kobold froze "You should be dead ... but ..." He said babbling

"Well I'm not ..." Steve takes it with one hand and sends it against a nearby tree

"To your left!"shouts Alex alerting Steve to realize that there is another third group of Kobolds that suddenly come out jumping at the same time with the swords drawn

Steve takes out the enchanted crossbow and shoots 3 arrows at the same time "problem solved"

The woman and the child were shocked seeing their two rescuers who are dealing with the Kobolds. "Attack!" Shouts the last group but with 15 Kobolds that would come forward towards the wooden house

"This is like a pillager raid ... Well ..." Steve said looking at the group of kobolds

Alex put on a sly smile. "Does Steve remember that I'm very good with the Redstones?" she said with a sly lookstep on that floor panel ..". and you'll see a surprise ... "

Steve smiled immediately "hehehe ... with pleasure" said Steve paying attention

when stepping on the panel, the wall of the house moved downwards, leaving five dispensers. all 15 Kobolds stopped when they saw the strange mechanism. but in those dispensers there were surprises and they are full of arrows where they started shootingas a turret."Hahaha! Incredible" said Steve watching the small group of kobolds fall.

The last survivor was shocked to see that those two humans killed his pack. "what kind of humans are you ... the invasion of the village was supposed to be easier ... "

"It seems they are familiar to the pillagers ... We are new settlers ... Bye" Steve said finishing it, then absorbing the XP "well ...you can now close the mechanism "

"Not even they dropped anything ..." Alex said disappointed, waiting for the loot from the Kobolds Raid. "What kind of species are they", she said looking at the dead bodies of the Kobolds.

"Yes ... Only this one gave XP ...but since they said they attacked a village ... But first ... "Steve said and lifts the house to go inside and look for the little family" are they okay?

the survivor Kobold wanted to flee but Alex grabs the rusty sword "Hey, you forgot this ..."

"Ahhh!" Kobold yells running away, Alex sighs annoyed and throws the sword into his back.

"What a strange monster ..." Alex said with a confused expression.

"You can go out now, the danger is over" Steve said for the family to come out

The woman goes out with the child "Thank you ... who are you?" Said the surprised woman as she looked around the house where there are dead Kobolds.

"I'm Steve" Steve said introducing himself and takes off his helmet due to exhaustion

"And Alex ..." Alex said taking off his helmet "They said they attacked the village ..:"

"Yes ... I came from this village and I was able to escape ..." Said the woman but the boy approached Steve.

"Sir ..." Said the boy asking Steve "Please save our village ..:"

Steve looking at it reminded him of the villagers of his world and the festivities of when they survived the assault

"Young man ... Where is your village ...you can spend the night here, we'll take care of it "said Steve putting his helmet back on

in the village.

There were 20 Kobolds gathered where they gathered the women in the great house of the village chief as soon as the outside gathered the men who are wounded and caged. "They will be the great food for Olga's ogres ..."The tall Kobold who has red torso armor and left eye patch said as he looked at his invasion loot and as he glanced at the scared women and began to stick out his tongues licking his mouth "You will be the onessemen banks for the beasts ... "When he said that 3 arrows shoot out at a group of kobolds, then a guy in black armor walks towards where there are several enemies

"the cavalry has arrived" Steve said with a smile and the netherite sword in hand

the leader of the Kobolds growls angrily and looks at his pack "Get him!" He yells ordering the 10 Kobolds to attack Steve but four arrows fall towards one of the Kobolds causing about four explosions killing all 10 Kobolds.

"Thanks Alex I owe you hehe" Steve said calmly and lashed out at the leader

The Leader draws his two swords and lets out a howl "Raaaaaar!" He yells a sonic voice towards Steve.

Steve raises his shield and protects himself from damage "wow ...ok my turn "Steve just pulls out the crossbow and shoots 3 arrows at the leader

The Leader dodges the arrow and lunges towards Steve and brandishes the two swords "Raar!"

Steve just threw a potion on the floor and it emanates a very noxious odor and starts generating poison "what do you think of that lasting potion?"

"What ... what is that!"shouts The Leader complaining about the smell where his nose began to smell the poison that left him dizzy "What did you do to me!" He yells looking at the human where his eye perspective saw double Steve "I'll kill you!"

"No ... You won't ... You can give up ..."Steve said calmly

The Leader gets on all fours and his back begins to grow where his muzzle extends "Raaaaar!" He yells roaring

"Oh for Notch ... That thing mutated ..." Steve said putting his shield up "Alex, how's everything going?"

Alex was with the hostages "The villagers are fine ... but you're going to take care of this beast ..."

"Perfect ... Take them near our house then we will make them a village" said Steve and prepares to confront the leader

The Leader gets into position while his mouth salivates as he growls "You killed my pack ... I'll make you pay you damn human ..."

"And you attacked this innocent village ... Separating families ... And looting their homes ...I think we are close "said Steve and took another potion, when he finished it his muscles grew a little more and emanated a more threatening aura

The Leader put on a challenging smile "Interesting ... a human ... that gets interesting ..."he said before jumping up to Steve and scratching him with his clawsThanks to the armor the damage was minimal, Steve charges against the leader and gives him a cut with the netherite sword and due to the effect of the potion the damage was greater (he took a potion of strength)

The Leader gets up but spits blood and turns back to meet Steve

"What's up puppy ... Can't you find your tail?" Steve said with the enchanted crossbow in hand

the Leader growls starts to lunge towards Steve and opens his big mouth to bite him

Steve took advantage of that, he shoots the crossbow and 3 arrows come out at the same time to hit the mouth

"you give up?" Steve asks, bending down to hear it

the leader moaned in pain but looked at Steve "What kind of human are you?"

"A new one ..." Steve said, getting up and leaving the leader "bye ... And I don't want to see you again ... If you live ..."

Steve looks around and sees that Alex had already left with the survivors, he sees a tied horse and takes it to return to the others

The next day.

Steve gets out of bed and goes straight outside to see the little town they had built

Alex was building a farm in front of the villagers where they applaud

"fantastic! It's amazing how you can do these things with great ease and you only do it in seconds "said a farmer who was watching Alex

"Well, our habit is only to put land, water and put seeds and throw powder bones so that their crops grow quickly, it's the simple thing ..."

"But it took us months to cultivate ... Do they use unlimited magic?" the farmer asked curiously

"No, they must have some relationship with deities" said another woman

Alex was confused but answered honestly "I only hunt skeletons and grab bones and then I craft the dust and then I look for the seeds and on top of that I made that farm for 10 seconds .."

everyone was stunned by what was said "y-y-you hunt skeletons? And 10 ... seconds ... h-how is that possible, we kill ourselves for our crops" said the stunned farmer

Alex looks at Steve "Ah good morning Steve..you saw that those villagers don't know anything about what we do..I wanted to exchange emerald to give me food but they were shocked because this emerald costs for ten thousand gold coins .. "Alex said pointing to the old man who was with an emerald in his hand while his eyes were stunned.

"What? Gold coins? Not gold bars? Wow they're good here ... But I've been hearing that it takes months to grow crops ...hahaha they must not be doing it right "said Steve while eating some bread

"On top I made a bed of slime for the children that they are having fun ..." Alex said pointing behind where the children of the village jump on the four slime cubes

"Also last night I finished making 4 iron blocks ... But I don't have any pumpkin ... Do you have any so I can make a golem?" Steve asks with complete peace of mind

"Iron golem ... Are you magicians?" Ask a girl

"Nope ..."Alex said answering the girl and takes the pumpkin out of her pocket and hands it to Steve

"So ... how are they going to summon a golem? Only high magicians can do that" said the girl.

Steve places the four iron blocks and processes the pumpkin to put a face on it

"People watch and don't panic ..." Alex said calmly

many people look at Steve, who when he puts the pumpkin the blocks move a little and suddenly a great iron golem appears, taller than Steve

"Well boy you can watch the village now" said Steve

"What the hell!"yells one of the shocked villagers. The golem approaches the villagers to see them

"Easy people ... the Golem will protect you from threats while we go on a trip ..." Alex said trying to calm the villagers.

the golem takes a flower from the ground and wants to give it to a villager

"This friend is very tough as well as very friendly" said Steve with a smile

"They are really going to go ... why u don't stay with us ..." Said the village chief

"Truly ... We are adventurous by nature ... This place is very beautiful ... But we want to explore to see what we can do" said Steve

"Quiet, the Golem will protect you for a long time anyone who hurts one of their own ... but we have also strengthened the wall around the village above we created a gate with a bridge ..."

"They built it for one night ... that is impossible for them to build easily ..." Said the village head surprised and takes out a bag of gold coins and returns the emerald. "You are free to stay but we will always keep you, our saviors in debt ..."

"No problem, but you can keep the emerald, a gift from us, but do you know which would be the most sercana village?" Steve asks

"Well there are two nearby villages passing through the east ... but I warn you something..do not go north ... it is the territory of the dark elves ..." The Chief replied seriously giving a warning about the north.

"Dark elves? Who are they. Kobold relatives? "asks Steve curiously

The villagers gasp in shock "don't they know they are the dark elves?"

"No ... Not at all, we reached this dimension yesterday afternoon" Steve said calmly

the villagers were very confused but Alex looks at Steve "Well that's all ... thanks for giving us the map and take care and enjoy our gifts ..." Alex said with a smile and looks at Steve "Let's go Steve..there are things to do we must explore ... "

"Right we will possibly see each other, bye" said Steve and begins to walk with Alex.

Alice came with the knights and they looked at the intact village with reinforced walls and there was a golem standing

"What happened here?" Alice said looking at the surprised village

"Is it a Golem?" Said a Knight looking at the Golem

"What happened here, hey Hector?" Alicia said when she saw the village chief sitting "What happened at the place, where are the Kobolds?" Alice said looking around

"They were easily defeated" Hector said in a calm voice

Alicia opens her eyes "It is impossible and why there is a Golem ... and why there is a wall with bars at the entrance of the village. The last time I saw him was a week ago .."she said pointing to the building. The boy approaches Alicia.

"Two heroes came from nowhere and helped us ... For practically nothing in return" said the boy "they fought with weapons and equipment made of unknown materials, then they put all this together at night"

"In one night did they finish?" Said Alicia surprised

"Yes and their crops grow in minutes, they too can use magic and technology, all that in a matter of no time" said Hector

Alicia was shocked as she heard each villager about those two strange people. Alicia never believed that these two people were capable of defeating the great herd of Kobolds and able to reinforce the village in one night.

Alicia asked the appearance of the two people where she decided to investigate and warn the alliance that there are two possible allies that could help in the war against Olga.

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