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Summary: Hermione takes a break from the wizarding world, five years later she returns with her four-year-old daughter. Lucius Malfoy bumps into Hermione and her daughter whilst in Diagon Alley… A few weeks later and they're going on their first date. Post-Hogwarts & Second War. Will be AU & OOC. Some dates have been changed to fit the story.

Chapter 9

Continuation - First week November 2004,

Hermione awoke the next morning, following her declaration of love to Lucius, her stomach still fluttered at the new emotion that swam in her heart and soul. She felt her lips morph into a large smile as she remembered how he'd kissed her over and over again after the words had left her mouth. She felt as though she were flying, slipping out from the cover of her duvet, making sure Luciana was still asleep as she did so. Heading to the bathroom to begin her morning routine before she turned the faucets on in the shower. Hermione stepped beneath the shower spray, stretching her body as the warm water battered against her back.

Her thoughts turned to what they would be doing today, she would love to show them around the city or maybe they could stop at the museum or even the Patriarch Ponds. Turning around so she could rinse her hair, her thoughts moved to the man she loved, her boyfriend, one Lucius Malfoy. She could feel a giddiness enter her body as she thought of him, she'd not acknowledged what she felt as she'd straddled his body but here and now in the shower, her mind decided to bring forth the memory of his hard body. Of course, her body would react to such a reminder in a way she did not wish for it to do at this present point in time, she turned the hot water off and let the bitterly cold spray wash away her blossoming arousal.

After finishing her shower, Hermione had run a bath for her daughter and had gone to wake her up so that she could bathe. After making sure Luciana was alright, she headed back to the main part of the room to get dressed for the day, deciding on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, a black long-sleeved shirt and a burgundy jumper. Hermione brushed her hair and braided it before putting on her black beanie. Looking herself over in the mirror she smiled, applying a light amount of make-up on her face, she walked back to the bathroom. "Luciana are you finished?" Hearing a muffled yes, she opened the door and found her daughter attempting to wrap the towel around herself. Stifling her amused chuckle, she moved to help her five-year-old, drying her off before following her into the room. "What do you want to wear today?" Luciana gnawed at her lip, the same way her mother did, before she replied. "Trousers and my favourite jumper please Mama." Hermione took out the requested items, watching as she put her trousers on over her underwear, only struggling when she went to button the two buttons at the top. A few minutes later and Hermione was brushing her hair, "Down, up or braid?" Luciana looked at Hermione's hair and came to her decision. "Like yours please." Nodding, she quickly braided her hair, securing it a moment later with a smile.

A knock at their door alerted Hermione to Lucius' arrival. "Good morning my darling." Pecking her lips as he strode in, he hoisted Luciana into his arms to give her a hug, "Hello my little poppet." Kissing her forehead before he put her back onto her feet, Lucius turned around and wrapped his arms around Hermione's waist while she collected her purse and key card. "Mmm, you smell divine my dear." She giggled, "Your favourite perfume." He kissed the back of her shoulder before helping her into her coat, turning to assist Luciana a few minutes later. "Are we ready?" Hermione nodded, stepping aside to allow Luciana through first before taking Lucius' proffered arm. "Where to, Milady?" Closing the door behind them, he patiently waited for Hermione to respond, stealing a kiss from her first.

"I thought we could go for a walk around the city and maybe go to the Patriarch Ponds." Lucius nodded. "That sounds good, perhaps we could find a garden area as well?" She nodded, racking her brain on the gardens she'd briefly seen on her last trip to Russia. "Hmm, if I recall correctly there is a place, the Moscow Hermitage Garden." Lucius pushed the button for the ground floor when the three of them had entered the elevator. "That sounds like a good idea, shall we do the walk first or last?" Hermione thought a bit before she responded. "How about we do the Patriarch Ponds first, then walk to a place for lunch and then move onto the Garden?" Lucius nodded his agreement.

The trio walked along the bank of the large rectangular pond; Hermione admired the upscale residential homes that all overlooked the large pond while Lucius enjoyed watching as a few people ice skated across the frozen pond. Luciana was playing with the snow, throwing a snowball at both her mother and Lucius every so often which had the two adults laughing. Lucius turned to Hermione, seeing her flushed cheeks and broad smile as she chased after her daughter who was screaming with her giggles, small hands still holding onto the tiny snowball. Luciana eventually threw the ball, hitting the back of Hermione's head making her shriek as the snow disappeared inside her coat. Lucius couldn't help but laugh as she desperately tried to rid herself of the icy ball. Luciana was already squashing more snow together as she looked at Lucius, mischief evident in her sparkling blue-green eyes. "Don't you dare poppet." It was too late, the second the words were out his mouth, the snowball hit him in his stomach. His coat held a wet spot from where the ball had hit, he paid it no mind as he bent over to create his own icy missile. Luciana ran off with Lucius chasing after her, gently throwing snowballs at her as she evaded his every launch.

Hermione kept her eyes on both blondes, already waiting for her target to come closer. Lucius appeared from behind the tree, Luciana running to catch up to his long strides, Hermione grinned. His eyes met hers a second before she lobbed the ball at him, smacking him right between his eyes. Her laughter rang out as he spluttered, wiping his face free of the icy snow, a red circle already appearing from where her little missile had hit. He smirked before running after her retreating form, Luciana stood laughing as her mother tried in vain to get away from Lucius who had gained on her in no time. Lucius grabbed Hermione around her waist, swinging her around until they both fell to the snow-covered ground, her laughter ceasing the moment his lips found hers.

Luciana made gagging sounds as she watched their affectionate display, gathering up some snow to make a couple snowballs. Lucius kept Hermione close to him as he showered her with kisses before giving her one more as he pulled away. They both turned when Luciana launched her snowballs at them, hitting their bodies with the cold snow. Her giggling had them laughing along with her as Lucius helped Hermione to her feet, he motioned for Luciana to join them before he lifted her into his arms, embracing them both in a hug. Leaning toward Hermione's ear which had her shiver and not from the cold, "I love you my beautiful witch." Tightening her hold on him in response to his whispered words, she buried her face into his neck, placing a feather light kiss to his skin. "As I you my love."

Luciana poked Hermione's forehead with a giggle, "I'm hungry, Mama." Leaning her chin on top of Lucius' head, she batted her eyelashes at her mother which in turn had her chuckling, "Of course you are." Sticking her tongue out at Hermione, Luciana decided to play with Lucius' hair as they once again started walking along the snow-covered ground. The three of them were a bit cold and tired from their fun, so Lucius decided that they would require something hot to drink, "How about we find ourselves some hot chocolate?" Luciana nodded enthusiastically while Hermione merely smiled in response to his words. "Sounds like a plan." Together they headed for the small café they'd seen on their way to the Patriarch Ponds. Hermione felt Lucius wrap his arm around her waist, his hand resting on her hip as he adjusted his hold on Luciana, which made her smile even wider. The trio made for the picture-perfect family as they strolled along the path that led to the café.

Later that evening while sitting at dinner, Lucius brings up the ice skating, "Are you interested in trying it?" Hermione queried having placed her wine glass back upon the table. "Yes, it looked intriguing and to be honest, I've never done it before." He was a bit embarrassed after admitting to having never tried ice skating. Hermione leaned across the table and took his hand, "It's alright Lucius, you don't have to be embarrassed. We all go through it one time or another." He nodded as he took a hearty sip from his own wine glass. "We can go back tomorrow; I'll teach you and Luciana both how to do it." Hermione watched as he smiled at Luciana, clearly finding relief that he wasn't the only one.

"Oh and before I forget, I saw an advertisement for the ballet while we were in Hermitage Garden, would you be interested in going with me?" Hermione's eyes sparkle at the mention of the ballet, "I would love to. I haven't been in years, the last time I saw the ballet was a year before I went to Hogwarts, my parents loved the theatre." She felt a bit of melancholy at the thought of her parents, which Lucius picked up on and squeezed her hand in support. He knew of what she'd had to do with her parents and how she'd been unable to reverse the effects. She looked up and gave him a grateful smile, "I'd be happy to accompany you." He squeezed her hand again before bestowing her with a lopsided smile. When the three of them had finished with their dinner, they retired to their rooms. Lucius stood just in the doorway of Hermione's room, already having said good night to Luciana who was already curled up in the bed. "Good night darling." Leaning forward he gave her a kiss, though was rather surprised when she deepened it, pushing herself forward until she was flush with his body.

He could feel her tangle her hands in his hair, already coming to the conclusion she had a fetish with his hair. This had him resting his hands against her lower back, just above the swell of her bottom. He was already starting to feel a bit hot around the collar and knew if she didn't stop, he'd be nothing but putty in her hands, which would lead them to a place he wasn't ready to step into. Hermione on the other hand wanted nothing more than to push him into said place, her desire was already burning a scorching trail through her veins. Lucius was dangerously close to stepping across the threshold of his own desires, he wanted her badly. After another moment, he managed to extract his lips from hers, drawing in a ragged breath as his head fell to her shoulders, "My darling, not tonight." Hermione nodded still a bit breathless, she knew he was wanting to refrain and she respected him for it but it didn't mean she had to like it, damn it, she wanted him just as badly.

The next day saw Lucius, Hermione and Luciana back at the Patriarch Ponds, only this time they would be on the ice. Hermione was the only one that had ice skated before so watching as both Lucius and Luciana attempted to get onto the ice. Hermione started giggling to herself when Luciana's arms flailed as she hurriedly tried to grip onto the makeshift barrier but her giggling soon turned into full on belly laughter when Lucius stepped onto the ice, his entire expression morphed into one of pure horror as he slid forward slightly before his backside hit the iced over pond. Luciana, still holding onto the makeshift barrier, started laughing along with her mother as Lucius twisted his body around to place his gloved hands upon the ice, turning his face toward her with a playful glare at her, he grumbled, "It's not that funny."

Gasping out between her laughter she tells him how much it actually is. "You should've seen your face…" Doubling over, she holds her middle as he begins trying to stand up, only for his feet to slide outwards as he falls backwards again. Sitting there glaring as Hermione continues to laugh, Lucius decides that he'll get her back one way or the other, "Would you be so kind as to assist your struggling boyfriend?" Still giggling, Hermione glides across the ice to where he sat and stood between his spread legs. Leaning down, she placed both arms beneath his and lifted him up, struggling slightly with his larger frame as he fought to keep his balance. "Now you clumsy man, stop trying to walk on the ice, you need to use your feet to glide otherwise you'll be on your backside more times than you can count."

Holding onto his hand, she began helping him back over to where Luciana stood clinging to the barrier. Keeping both Lucius and Luciana's hands in her own, she started showing them how to skate. Over the next fifteen minutes, both of them had fallen twice before Luciana was beginning to skate on her own, although she did keep close to the barrier. Lucius on the other hand remained wobbly on his legs with Hermione maintaining a hold of his gloved hand. "You need to bend your knees ever so slightly… Yes, that's it, now slide your one foot to the side and bring it back before doing the same with the other." Watching as he very clumsily did as she instructed, Hermione smiled when he let her hand go so as to try on his own. He made it close to the barrier before he was once again sprawled out on the ice, only this time he landed on his back.

Grumbling loudly to himself as he sat up, he allowed Hermione to assist him back onto his feet before he tried again. Luciana came speeding past them both, her joyful giggles making both Hermione and Lucius smile, "Look Mama, I'm skating!" She happily cried as she sped away. "I'm glad one of us is having fun…" Hermione turned at Lucius' utterance and smiled. Gliding over to him she pressed into his side, making sure he was leaning against the barrier before she kissed him. "We're all having fun, don't be put out just because you're having difficulty in getting it right - It's your first time on the ice Lucius, not everyone gets it right."

Kissing him once more before she moved backwards, Hermione took his hand in hers and began helping him around the pond once more. By the time they'd decided to head back to the hotel, Lucius had been able to skate without Hermione to hold his hand, although he'd kept a firm grip on the makeshift barriers, he'd at least managed to only fall another three times. Luciana had whizzed past them more times than either could count and Hermione had felt her heart fill with that much more love for the two very precious people in her life. Once back at the hotel, Lucius announced that he was going to shower, Hermione suggesting that they have dinner in the room and watch a movie together. He happily agreed, telling her he'd return once he'd finished with his shower, she informed him that she would order dinner in the mean-time.

Upon his return to the room, Lucius finds Hermione already stretched out across the bed, Luciana once again having laid claim to the couch, the small round table was already set for when their food arrived. Walking over to the bed, he toes off his shoes and climbs onto the mattress, letting Hermione sidle up to him to rest her head against his shoulder. His thoughts take a turn to where he'd been trying to avoid for a while, thinking about how nice it was to feel her warmth against him as he wraps his arm around her shoulders to keep her there. He imagines what it would be like to have her with him every day and every night, thinking about how hers and Luciana's presence would make his house feel more like a home. Lucius was so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he was unaware Hermione was having her very own internal struggle as she fought with her desire to wrap her body around his and claim him in every way.

First week of December 2004,

Hermione stretched her body beneath the duvet, her eyes already being abused by the sun that shone through the small gap in the curtains. Beside her lay Luciana who was clutching the pillow as she would a stuffed toy back home. Slipping from the bed she began her usual morning routine, utilizing the bathroom, making herself a cup of tea and then waking Luciana for her bath. The three of them had been in Russia for just a little over a month and so far, The Alexia had been closed temporarily for refurbishment which she had been told would be in process for approximately two to three months. The entire kitchen was being refitted, all the utensils had been replaced along with the crockery and cutlery, the carpets had already been chosen for fitting. The bathrooms had already been altered as had the front entrance along with the signage outside the building. All that was left was the awning to be put up, the carpets put in and the ground floor extension to be finalised, she'd contacted Roberto already to inform that she would need to leave Russia by the fifteenth due to the wedding she'd been invited to. He'd responded that it would be fine, he'd be arriving in Russia on the fourteenth so she would be free to leave, this had made her chuckle.

Hermione and Lucius were also getting closer with each, more comfortable in showing each other their affections. Hermione was hoping that he would finally relent and give into their carnal desires soon, she didn't know how much longer she could cope with her burning desires every time she shared a kiss or a fleeting touch to his body. Especially after they'd fallen asleep watching the telly one night and she'd woken to feel his body wrapped around her own, she'd felt him pressing into her leg, which had sparked her arousal and since that day, Hermione had been struggling to keep a lid on her body's responses to his touch. Bringing her tea with her to the window seat, she brought it to her lips, blowing against it before taking her first sip.

Humming as the liquid touched her taste buds, she let her eyes wander around the scenery that lay before her. By the time she took her third or fourth sip of tea, Lucius had knocked lightly before entering the room. "Good morning my darling." Striding his way across the floor toward her, he gave her a large smile which she returned. "Morning my love. You're in a chipper mood this morning, everything alright?" He nodded as he took a seat behind her, his back resting against the side of the wall as he slipped his arms around her waist. "Mmm, I'm just happy to see my beautiful witch is all." Kissing her shoulders as his palms moved to rest against her stomach. She leaned her head against his shoulder, turning to face him so she could kiss him. He hummed his appreciation before pulling away, "Is Luciana still in the bath?" Hermione nodded.

"Yes, she's only just gotten in. Why do you ask?" He nuzzled her neck, "No reason, just wanted to know." Her breath hitched in her throat when his hands cupped her breasts, his thumbs roaming across her nipples that were beginning to stiffen from the attention. "Lucius… What's gotten into you?" She giggled when he tickled her neck with his nose. "I'm touching my gorgeous girlfriend…" Another giggle erupted from her lips which soon turned into a breathless moan of appreciation the moment she felt his hands squeeze her breasts softly. "I might also be feeling a bit amorous." Hermione's lips parted as her teacup fell to the floor when he lifted her into his lap, claiming her lips with his own in a heated kiss.

"Mama, I'm done!" Luciana's muffled shout broke through their lust filled haze, Hermione groaning as Lucius chuckled. "Go… We can finish this later tonight." Giving her a lusty stare, Lucius watched as she walked toward the bedroom before she disappeared from his sight. Shifting on the seat to try and relieve the pressure in his trousers, he turned his attention to things that would help diffuse his arousal. Thankfully it didn't take long to sort himself out as Hermione and Luciana appeared mere moments later. "Hello Lucius." Bending down as she rushed toward him, Lucius embraced the happy young girl. "Morning poppet." Kissing her head, he moved away from her and couldn't help but smile at her happy expression. "What's got you this happy poppet?" She looked at Hermione briefly before turning back to face the wizard, "I made magic."

He gave her another hug and smiled broadly at Hermione. "That's fantastic, I'm very pleased to hear this. Now we can begin teaching you to control it, that way you'll be prepared for when you get to Hogwarts." Hermione smiled when Luciana squealed excitedly. She started requesting for Lucius to perform magic, "Please, oh please Lucius, Mama only does it when she has to." Lucius chuckled and got to work in showing her all sorts of different types of magic from sparks to fill the bath with water. The entire time he performed for her, Luciana clapped, giggled and sang his praises. With the day inevitably passing them by in the blink of an eye, Lucius and Hermione found themselves alone, having just put Luciana to bed. They were both sitting on the couch, Lucius with a book in hand while Hermione read the small note, she'd received a short while earlier. "Who's it from?"

Briefly glancing at Lucius before she replied, Hermione unfolded the note. "It's from Ron, he's apologising for being late in advising me on his daughter, Rose's, birth." Lucius put his book down upon the coffee table and peered at Hermione with a small frown. "How late is late?" Hermione chuckled, "She was born in October, the twenty-seventh to be precise." A non-committal hum came from her left before the note was taken from her fingers and flung somewhere, she couldn't see, "Well now you know…" She giggled in reply and gave him a smack to his shoulder, "I think we have something else to do, it will of course involve less talking and…" His words were cut off by Hermione's mouth finding his, her tongue already meeting with his.

Their hands roaming over the others body, exciting them and leaving a trail of goose flesh as they moved across their skin. Lucius was the first to react, his body jerking forward when Hermione's hand cupped him gently. Before long, Hermione's hands found its way into his trousers, pulling them off of him along with his underwear. Her eyes flickered to his impressive erection before she smirked, looking back at his silver eyes, she slowly reached her hand out. Wrapping her fingers around the base his length, she then very slowly drew her hand upwards, her thumb sliding over his sensitive head. Lucius nearly lost it at the feeling of Hermione's hand around him, his thoughts disappeared however when her thumb greeted his tip like an old friend.

However, he all but growled when her other hand cupped his bollocks, her fingers tickling his perineum before squeezing him at the same time she tightened her grip on his girth. "Mmm darling, Merlin your hands feel amazing." Jerking his hips forward involuntarily, he took hold of her hands, "Though I'd love to have you bring me release like this, I'd much rather bury myself into your warm heat." Hermione squealed in surprise, not having expected him to nearly throw her onto the bed. Her mind briefly shutting down when his large hands practically fondling and groping at her body in his desperation to undress her. "Lucius, calm down love, I'm not going anywhere." Her tinkling laughter filled his lust filled brain enough to calm his movements slightly.

The last item of clothing was ripped away from her body, this was followed by his larger frame settling itself between her thighs. "Finally…" His eyes found hers, her head nodding slowly his only response to the gentle thrusting he gave against her inner thigh. Hermione's eyes closed the moment she felt his tip kiss her opening, slipping between her folds so gently she thought she'd imagined it. A sighing moan escaped her parted lips when he fully sheathed himself into her, joining their bodies perfectly. "You feel so amazing wrapped around me." She felt him kissing at her neck, hands palming her pert breasts, his hips still pressed into her own. "I could stay like this forever." She murmured as she kissed the shell of his ear. Shuddering at the feeling of her kiss, Lucius slowly withdrew from her warm wet heat, her legs wrapping themselves around his waist as he did so.

Hermione could feel him begin to find a rhythm that suited them both. He'd slide into her, stay fully sheathed for a few moments before he'd withdraw, circling his hips twice over before he'd slam back into her. Lucius could feel her steadily becoming more and more wet with every thrust of his hips. Hermione's moans filled the room, spurring him on. He suckled on her breast, tongue flicking over her stiff nipple, his one hand on her other breast and the other reaching down between their bodies, searching for his prize. "Oh…" Smiling to himself at her groan of pleasure, he pinched at her sensitive nub once more. Losing herself to the pleasure that Lucius was bestowing upon her, Hermione became more vocal as time wore on.

She'd moan and cry out with every stroke of his length against her sensitive walls, jerking her hips every time his fingers circled and flicked her highly sensitive and engorged clit but what was causing her to bite her lip hard enough that she tasted the copper of her blood was when his tip kissed the spongy spot that sent shockwaves through her body. "Don't hold back darling, let it out." Lucius had noticed her biting back her screams, he wanted to hear her, he needed to hear her. "I want to hear you, my love." Hermione arched off the bed, pushing her breasts into his face which caused him to smile triumphantly at her response to his ministrations. "Stop teasing me love." He kissed her thoroughly, feeling her inner walls fluttering and spasming against his length.

Hermione not knowing if she was up or down started crying out her passion with every thrust of the man she loved. "Let go, my love." She screamed her release, bringing him over the edge with her. Lucius groaned, his hips jerking erratically against her, as a warm tingle hit his lower spine. He gave a guttural groan, releasing his seed into her, his head dropping to the pillow next to her ear. Hermione felt his heavier body pressing into her, his heaving breaths matching her own as they both slowly made their way down from their highs. Lucius slid out of her, leaving her feeling empty, but his arms soon wound their way around her waist pulling her into his front. He nuzzled her neck, his right hand drawing small circles around her hip, "You are so beautiful."

She giggled, turning in his arms to face him, "You are just as beautiful." Leaning forward she caught his lips in a passionate kiss, running her fingers through his damp locks, tangling their legs together. "I love you." Hermione whispered against his lips, her hazel eyes searching his lusty silver gaze. "Mmm and I love you my treasure." Resting their foreheads together he pecked her lips sporadically. Though soon enough, the two were asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning saw Hermione with her arm around Lucius' waist as he lay on his back, his one arm around her shoulders as the other lay tucked under his pillow. Her legs were both resting against his thigh. She slowly cracked open her eyelids, blinking rapidly to clear the sleep daze from her vision. His arm tightened around her shoulders before he shifted in his sleep, his back now facing her. She pressed a soft kiss to the flesh between his shoulder blades, slipping from the bed, she crept her way over to the door that joined their rooms together, needing to check on Luciana. Peeking around the doorframe she found her room exactly as she'd left it, slipping into the living room, she headed over to the bedroom.

Finding Luciana still fast asleep, her small chest rising and falling evenly as she slumbered on the large bed, Hermione headed back to where she'd left Lucius. Upon re-entry into his room, she found him sprawled across the bed, the duvet having moved away from his left leg. She smiled at the sight of his dishevelled sleeping form, her heart fluttering along with the butterflies in her stomach just from his broad frame. Not being able to resist him that much longer, she quickly slid back into bed, moving to wrap herself around his hard body. His arms wrapping themselves around her smaller waist, tugging her closer as he breathed out a contented yet sleep filled sigh.