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As King left his apartment building he once again cursed his god awful luck. Ever since he had met the octopus monster 3 years ago and received his very noticeable scar, King's life became a steaming pile of dogshit. Yes, he was given a sizable salary and yes the title "The Strongest Man in the World" was awesome, but it was not as fun as it sounded.

The disadvantages far outweighed the advantages. He was constantly hounded by fans, attacked by monsters, assassins and new heroes who all wished to test their might against "The Strongest Man." And if he really was a strong as his reputation then there would be no problems, the thing was...

He was not strong at all.

King was, in fact, the weakest hero, an ordinary person who was simply unlucky. There was nothing special about him apart from his talent in video games. He was simply an (un)lucky person that happened to always find himself next to dead powerful monsters.

King actually considered himself weaker than the normal human. Ever since he was a kid, he had been diagnosed with an incredibly rare heart disorder. Due to some complication in his birth, he could not exert himself physically for too long otherwise his heart would give out.

As a result, anything that required some level of physical ability was give some perspective King wasn't able to get up one flight of stairs without puffing and panting.

However, this heart disorder had a startling side effect. When he was exerting himself or be under stress, his heart would beat rapidly and the disorder amplified his heartbeats to a startling level. It was as if someone had connected some of the strongest speakers in the world to his heart and put the volume on MAX.

But somehow his fans had managed to come up for a reason for his audible heartbeats as well.

According to them, his incredibly loud heartbeat was now his "King Engine." It was common knowledge that whenever the "King Engine" started, it would one-shot any monster, natural disaster or even extinction event.

Because no one knew his "true power," rumours regarding his feats started popping up. And they were truly laughable, just to name a few:

-Flying into the sky holding a bomb that can destroy the entire solar system and hurling it into an enormous black hole. When King first heard of it he went into shock, where did his fans pull that out of their asses?

-Travelling into the past to destroy all meteors heading toward earth. When he heard this rumour King was actually impressed with his fans' ability to come up with astounding unbelievable feats. And they somehow managed to convince everyone that it had happened.

-After destroying the meteors he left a hidden message within almost every legend ever told that predicted the coming of King. This one just blew him out the water. How narcissistic did they think he was? What sane individual would leave hints throughout history that he would appear?

Truly his fans were not the sanest.

Back when King first accepted the position of S-class rank 7, he hadn't expected it to be so stressful. King had been an unemployed NEET who didn't have any income, so he thought that he could join the nascent Hero Association for a couple of months before leaving.

However, that easier said than done. When he joined, King had learnt that each of his fellow S-class heroes were "eccentric." And that was putting it nicely, they were just mad! But if they were merely a bunch of weirdos King wouldn't have had any problems.

The problem was that each of the heroes were incredibly trigger happy and even the weakest S-class hero could match a Demon level threat. Those were the monsters that could single-handedly destroy a city.

So if he backed out of the Hero Association they would each hunt him down, torture and kill him. Especially Tatsumaki and Atomic Samurai, maybe even Flashy Flash. They were definitely the worst of the bunch. Each was incredibly bloodthirsty.

King had heard that Tatsumaki would fly around and casually crush monsters heads with a black look. Atomic Samurai was incredibly prideful and had judged King as the man with "immeasurable strength." If he was to find out that King was a below-average human he would snuff him out to save his reputation.

And it was rumoured that Flashy Flash was the strongest ninja that left a hidden ninja village that trained some of the strongest assassins on the planet.

So, as a result, he had been forced to learn to be intimidating. His face which had his imposing scar over his eye coupled with his incredibly serious and stern features put fear into most people's hearts. And that combined with his fearsome reputation made almost every opponent give up before they fought.

The common theory regarding King's scar was that he had fought a God-level monster and that their clash had taken part in space in order to not destroy the world. King hoped that nobody would ever learn how he gained his scar.

But the most preposterous thing about his position was that just by using his reputation and amazing acting, the man known as "The Strongest Man Alive" had captured more monsters than most S-class heroes combined.

Which was astonishing when considering the circumstances. And on the rare occasion when King found a monster that refused to back down, he bull-shitted it and managed to escape while another hero took it down.

But King often found himself day-dreaming about situations where he would discover that he did, in fact, have some superpower, be it psychic ability or enhanced physical abilities.

With those, he would be able to finally back up his claims. Back when he had first started, he had gone around martial arts dojos to try to get stronger. However, each master thought that he was messing with them and turned him down.

So coupled with his NEET nature and the fact that every close family member died in a monster attack, King was left without any family or friends. He was isolated and lonely. With no options left King had resigned himself to living a sad and reclusive life until a monster managed to see through his bluffs and kill him.

King walked down the normal city street, wearing an unassuming hoodie and baseball cap. He was heading towards the local video game store to look for any new releases. He had pre-ordered the newest Doki Doki Sisters game in the franchise, but he wasn't sure if it had come yet.

King honestly craved human interaction and affection. But with the life he lived, any slip up would not only endanger himself but anyone related to him on some level. He used to only like fighting and action games and he still did.

But since he had become so isolated, he tried to gain some of those interactions through dating simulators. He walked past the local cafe and looked inside, staring at the happy couples.

How he envied them.

But there wasn't much of a point in being jealous, he had come to terms with his choices and wasn't about to spend his whole life getting angsty over the missing things in his life.

So he continued on without stopping. King entered the large crowd that populated one of the most used junctions in his area of the city. He pulled down his cap even further, he didn't want to attract any attention to himself.

He had made that mistake one too many times and as a result, was either mobbed by a far too enthusiastic crowd of fans who wanted autographs and the like. Or attacked by monsters who wished to prove themselves by defeating "The Strongest Man Alive."

So King kept a low profile and safely made it to his destination- the video game store. And with no incidents, so that was a win by his book.

He found some new fighting game titles and quickly headed to the counter. But the middle-aged store owner didn't greet him as usual. Instead, a teen did. King was familiar with the owner and the owner knew of King's desire to anonymously leave the store as fast as possible.

King had even coordinated his days so that he would meet the store owner on his shifts. But apparently, something came up so he wasn't there.

'Crap,' King thought panickedly. 'The boy recognized me!'

And indeed the young man did. His eyes widened in surprise which quickly turned to adoration. King saw how the kid's mouth was starting to open and declare his presence in the store.

King didn't want to ruin his day, so he gave the teen his most intimidating stare and hoped that it would silence him.

It did.

Probably way overboard, but it worked.

The kid was no longer admiring him, instead, he looked close to pissing his pants.

King felt slightly bad for his actions, but he didn't regret it. He really hated it when people swamped him. That lead to monsters finding him. He paid for his purchases and left the store, but not before leaving the boy a sizeable tip as reparations for giving him the fright of his life.

King tried to think if he had anything else to buy before he returned home. He tended to go outside only once every few days before barricading himself indoors. The blond-haired man went over his grocery situation and realised that he should probably resupply his near-empty pantry.

King walked to the nearby supermarket. Since he was in one of the most developed areas in the city, the supermarket was one of the biggest in a couple of blocks. So King wouldn't need to go hopping all over the city to find some specific groceries in order to get all that was needed. King picked up a basket and picked out his groceries.

A few minutes later he stood at the checkout ready to pay and go back home to play his newly purchased games. But there was this one weirdo standing in front of him wearing a yellow jumpsuit and cape.

His bald head was so shiny that it refracted the light coming from the light bulbs, nearly blinding King. But that wasn't what was annoying, the frustrating part was the fact that this asshole had brought with him a massive pile of coupons and insisted the cashier scan every single one.

He was holding the queue up and people were starting to get annoyed.

The cashier was politely telling him that it was impossible as most of them were from different supermarket chains and the ones that were applicable, were out of date.

But the baldy was arguing back and forth with her and it wasn't even the most annoying thing, the angering part was all the hassle was over one pack of 500 yen chicken.

As in that was all this weirdo was buying and he had argued with her for over 10 minutes already (King knew because he was checking). King had tried to intimidate him but the guy just didn't care.

At the five minute mark, King had asked him with his intimidating voice to get on with it. Instead, he was blown off with a dismissive "yeah, yeah." King had offered to pay for it if only to get the annoying weirdo out of the shop.

But he turned him down.

Eventually, the manager arrived and authorized the purchase just so that the baldy would leave.

King paid for his purchases and left. On the way home, a monster still managed to find him. But with King's signature intimidating stare and the many civilians spouting false feats to the monster, it surrendered without much of a hassle.

King walked forwards to go home, and right afterwards a piece of rubble from the nearby construction site fell where he had just stood. King felt a torrent of cold sweat pouring down from his forehead.

The monster, which had introduced itself as "Man-Sniper" muttered that it had forgotten that it had set up an assassination. It ended up being tied by a bunch of C-class heroes after King left.

Of course, the crowd spread this new feat and his supernatural senses were now part of his "mysterious King engine." Since he had managed to dodge he must have used his "super senses."

But some fans thought it was precognition so stop the arguing they had agreed that both powers would be added to the list of King's possible powers. The list was always growing and now there was a variety of powers. Be it superstrength to moving at faster than light speeds to precognition. When were they going to learn that he had no powers?

King sat in the emergency meeting surrounded by his fellow S-class heroes. They had been called by the Hero Association to discuss a disaster of untold precedent. At the moment they were only waiting for 4 heroes to arrive.

The S-class heroes were a bunch of madmen and they did not get along. King didn't pay much attention to office politics. Instead, he kept quiet while Zombieman bickered with Pig God and Metal Bat and Flashy Flash argued. Tatsumaki had clashed with several of the hot-headed heroes until she decided to leave in order to as she put it "remove herself from lesser beings."

King had a reputation as a quiet and intimidating hero who did not care for any of bickering among heroes. As a result, none of the heroes tried to pick any fight with him.

Soon enough Atomic Samurai, Silverfang and Demon Cyborg arrived and took their seats. Following them was Tatsumaki, who floated aloofly. King noticed that an unknown hero had arrived as well. He looked unimpressive and goofy, dressed in a garish yellow jumpsuit and cape. However, there was something familiar about him but King couldn't put his finger on it.

Silverfang asked what they were all doing here and Tatsumai responded as she usually did- full of brash anger. And the goofy hero who was introduced as Caped Baldy- a lower B-Class hero, asked for some tea.

This caused most of the S-class heroes to glare at the audacity of this low-level hero. King himself didn't care, everyone in the room was far stronger than him. So to him, it didn't matter who spoke.

The chairman entered and told everyone about the death of the legendary seer Madame Shibabawa and how she foresaw that the earth would be in under an untold threat within the next six months.

As the chairman was about to continue a massive explosion rocked the building and only King's experience under stress kept him from showing any surprise. As soon as the building stopped shaking all the heroes rushed out.

King did so as well but for different reasons. He was aiming to escape while the rest were all going to fight. As he rushed out the entrance, the S-class hero saw that the surrounding landscape was in rubble. The city was in tatters, wrecked buildings were everywhere. Whatever had caused this citywide level of destruction was truly a high ranking threat.

He looked up and saw the massive city-sized ship floating above them and his pupils shrunk.

So they were being invaded by aliens!

He was so out of there!

King stood behind the S-class heroes Superalloy Darkshine, The Demon Cyborg, Child Emperor and Terrible Tatsumaki. They all seemed to be sizing the ship up, wondering how they could counter it.

Superalloy Darkshine turned around and looked at King "King you are the strongest man in the world, give us your analysis?"

King looked back at them and kept his face cool while inwardly trying to find an excuse not to fight. "There is nothing I can do, I have no ranged attacks that can reach that ship. I am useless here." He intoned stonily.

After all, there was nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it took courage to admit one's weakness in front of others.

The surrounding heroes' eyes widened.

"But that's impossible," Darkshine responded shakily. "You're the strongest man alive! If you can't fight this thing we can't either."

"Shut up!" Tatsumaki shouted, "King you're lame but my magnificent self has deigned to assist you. I'll send you up to the ship and you destroy it up there. And while you do so I'll deal with any attacks and protect what's left of the city."

King's eyes widened. How would he rebuff this argument?

"That's perfect," Darkshine added. "That way you can inflict maximum damage to that spacecraft!"

"Then it's agreed!" The green-haired psychic declared grandly while pushing her chest out. "Off you go!" The rank two hero stretched her hand in King's direction, her green aura surrounded him and S-class rank two hero sent him flying onto the ship.

King swore furiously in his head. He didn't manage to respond quick enough and here he was in a certain death situation. Tatsumaki's aura gave out as soon as he was high enough to land on top of the ship. His heart was beating loudly as gravity retook its hold over his body.

There was a sudden gust of wind that cushioned his fall. He wasn't sure if some act of God saved him, but that didn't stop him from thanking every deity that he knew of.

King looked left and right, searching for enemies. Or more specifically places he could hide while the hostile aliens appeared. However, in the distance, he heard multiple explosions further up the ship. Was someone fighting the aliens?

He climbed onto one of the tall structures nearby, having to stop midway to let his heart rest.

What he saw was a glowing blue alien that was clashing blows with the goofy hero from the S-class meeting. They were really going at it, it was obvious from the power output that the alien was the main boss. So the fact that a mob level hero was successfully matching him was impressive!

King could easily compare it to the numerous battles between Demon and perhaps even Dragon-level monsters and S-class heroes.

It looked like Bang was right. This dude was S-rank level. He could probably land a spot within the top five S-class rankings.

King's thoughts were interrupted when a stray laser flew in King's direction. The shock caused him to fall backwards. Naturally, as a result, he landed on the ground with a muted thud.

A moment later the laser blew up the elevated structure that King had just been on. But the explosion didn't leave the S-class hero unscathed, the force had propelled him upwards in the direction of the two battling titans.

Once again something cushioned King's landing, but the unfortunate hero didn't have time to wonder about it. Instead, he had shown up right next to the two powerful fighters. The arrival of King caused the two combatants to stop temporarily. The glowing alien who King assumed was the big boss stared at him with his giant glowing eye.

"Who are you?" The alien asked.

Both the Caped Baldy and the alien seemed a bit surprised to see someone up there with them that hadn't been killed by the force of their shockwaves. Even King was surprised. Most people would have died.

King's heartbeat even louder than it had been before, where it had been audible before, now it seemed like someone connected a gigantic speaker to his chest and had set the volume up to MAX.

But even with his myriad of emotions raging in his mind, his face betrayed nothing. "I'm King, S-class Rank 7 hero, known as The Strongest Man Alive. The sound you hear is my King Engine, it eliminates all opponents in one hi-."

Caped Baldy interrupted his introduction rather rudely, judging by the aliens incredibly expressive eye.

"Hey man, you should probably get that checked." The yellow-clad hero motioned to his chest.

King tried to ignore his interruption and continued, "as I was saying the sound you hear is my King Engine, an ultimate technique that has been trained by myself for my entire life. It is known to obliterate every single opponent it has ever encountered. Therefore it would be in your best interest to stop what you're doing and surrender."

At the same time as he spouted his bullshit, King put on his most intimidating expression and glared at the Cyclops.

"Oh?" The alien laughed. "Hahaha, fate has finally been kind to me, two of the strongest fighters in the universe are going to fight me to the death. What a delight! Remember my name, I am known as Lord Boros, Dominator of the Universe, leader of the Dark Matter Pirates, the strongest being in the universe!

All who have fought before me have-"

"Ehm can you hurry up, please lower your introduction to twenty seconds or less." The blady interrupted once again.

"Earthling quiet! Can't you just let me introduce myself! What happened to basic manners?" Boros sighed.

"As I was saying-"

"Meh, let's continue, I got a sale to go to soon."

King inwardly trembled. These two guys weren't scared or taken aback by him, in fact, they completely ignored him. The alien even looked delighted before Baldy had interrupted him.

"Fine!" Boros roared as he leapt at Baldy. One second he was standing in place the next the alien overlord had punched the yellow-clad hero. They were moving so quickly that King's eyes just couldn't track them.

The only way that King knew that he hadn't teleported was due to the light stream that Boros' movements left. Boros then kicked the B-class hero up into the air. In less than a second Caped Baldy became a speck in the distance.

King stood frozen in terror, what was with this guy?! He was insane. Simply insane, he had just kicked Caped Baldy off the planet! How was he going to compare to that? King's heartbeat increased to the point that he was sure that it would either jump out of his chest or he would suffer a heart attack.

"Do you also crave a good fight?" The god-like invader asked King.

King was frozen in fear. But even when feeling the most terror he had ever felt, his face didn't betray him. It still had the stony intimidating expression.

"You probably do, you are like me and Saitama. We have grown so strong that we can't feel the rush of adrenaline, the excitement you feel when your life is on the line. So I have travelled here to regain that feeling.

"So here I come!" The alien conqueror roared before blurring.

King's hand trembled and he closed his eyes. He knew that now he would die. He heard an enormous explosion right in front of his face, but nothing happened.

King opened his eyes and discovered an enormous fist was protecting him. He looked up and saw an enormous armoured giant standing behind him. Surprisingly King's heart had slowed and returned to normal despite the terrifying situation.

The giant was truly enormous, easily towering over King and the rest of the fighters. King estimated that the armoured giant was the size of a large skyscraper. He was dressed in dark grey, almost black armour with gold highlights. It had a majestic crimson cape draped over its shoulders and a crown-shaped helmet that hid its face.

It certainly looked very majestic.

And it protected him.

King stopped admiring the giant and started looking for Boros. He didn't have to look very hard since the alien rocketed towards him moving at light speeds. Somehow King saw him were just a second ago he wouldn't have been able to.

King attributed the increase in perception to the adrenaline rush.

He tried to think about any solutions for the problem but there simply wasn't enough time. Immediately as the thought ran through his mind time slowed down to a halt and King stood in frozen time. Boros' fist was mere inches away from his face.

He felt cold sweat drip from his brow and moved out the way. Only after making some distance did King stop and examine his surroundings.

'That was close,' he thought.

'Since when did he have powers?'

King had wanted powers ever since he had heard of the concept of a hero. He turned around and stared at the giant monarch that floated behind him and asked out loud "Is this your doing?"

King received no response, but that was when he thought up a crazy theory. Perhaps, just maybe, this giant behemoth was, in fact, his power?

King tried to get the giant to move its arm.

It did, in the exact same way as King envisioned. King tried to make it punch Boros. It immediately did.

King commanded it to resume time.

As soon as he did, time continued. Boros was sent flying by the Monarch's blow. The conqueror of the universe looked surprised that King had not only dodged but counter-attacked at the same time. He smiled and attacked again.

King commanded the projection of his power to protect him and try to use a fire attack. Not only did it defend him but it covered its hands in bright flames. The heat emanating off the flames were so hot that they were burning through the ship merely from resting in the giant's palm.

The massive avatar released the fire in a condensed beam that smashed into Boros sending him crashing into his ship.

As Boros was recovering from the attack, King commanded the avatar to pick up a weapon, preferably sharp. He wanted to end this. Instead of tearing a sharp structure as King envisioned, the armoured monarch pulled an enormous black and red bastard sword out of nowhere.

King ordered the avatar to slice up Boros. The conqueror of the universe wasn't going to sit quietly and take it so he exploded out and bellowed; "Meteoric Burst!"

The alien invader coated himself in his energy before rushing at King, leaving an enormous stream of purple light behind him. King quickly summoned his avatar in front of him and ordered the armoured giant to save him from Boros' attack.

King was covered in a protective psychic orb while the avatar stopped the attack from harming his host. The clash caused an enormous explosion that resulted in Boros' body being blown to shreds. The avatar on the other hand merely skidded back a few feet.

"You fool! My species have evolved to have the greatest regenerative abilities in the universe!" The alien proclaimed as he reformed. "And I am the strongest of my species I am immortal!"

Now Boros shone in a bright pink light with his black veins easily visible on his body. Just as the alien was about to monologue again, Saitama smashed down onto of him, crushing him once again.

"Man, I was sure that I would land in the sea or somewhere else, not here…" He stated blankly.

"Aarhhh!" Boros howled in anger. I'll condense all my energy into this final attack and kill you humans and obliterate your planet! Now let's end this! Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon!"

An enormous purple beam exploded out of Boros that aimed at both King and Saitama. King knew that if it hit the world it would undoubtedly cause a great deal of damage even if it didn't destroy the planet.

"Let's do it!" King bellowed. "Ultimate Hellfire Wavemotion Cannon!"

Ultimate Hellfire Wavemotion Cannon was King's childhood ultimate attack that he had always dreamed about. So if he could essentially pull powers out of his ass, why not this one?

From King's avatar's hand, a gigantic orange beam shot out. It's power rivalled and even surpassed Boros' ultimate technique.

Next to King, the yellow-clad hero whispered "Killer Move: Serious Series- Serious Punch."

The yellow-clad man punched out alongside King's Ultimate Hellfire Wavemotion Cannon and together they wiped Boros out from existence alongside his supposed "world-destroying final attack."

So the idea for this one-shot came from the idea: what if King actually was the strongest man alive. And it developed on from there.

King's power here was the belief of others. Essentially whatever his fans believed that he could do, he did. So with all the rumours going on about King's infinite powers. King could practically do whatever he wanted.

The avatar is the manifestation of King's "King Engine."

The reason I thought King's power should manifest the way it did was because of his name- King. King isn't his real name that's just the hero name that he got because according to the wiki:

"The origin of his hero name comes from his strength to effortlessly defeat a monster of the disaster level "Demon", thus he was named the king of heroes."

So according to the lore, King's superpower is his "King Engine." So all those rumoured powers are inserted into King's avatar and not into his physical body.

I hoped I explained it as concisely as possible.

If anyone wants me to create another chapter PM me and if I get enough request I'll make another one.