Hey guys, this is my new Marvel Fanfiction! I got this idea from a writing prompt on Pinterest:-) I was debating whether I should put this in the Avengers category or not, but once I got the right characters in mind, I just had to do it! These first couple of chapters will just be setting up the story, so don't worry if you think that it's a little boring at first! Enjoy:-)

This was it. The big day. Peter Benjamin Parker was officially 16 years old! As most people his age did on their birthdays, Peter woke up at the crack of dawn. To be honest, he hadn't slept very much the previous night. A bubbly, warm feeling inside presented itself to Peter when he had realized that his birthday was the next day, and it never left, making it hard to sleep.

After putting on his favorite T-Shirt, the teenager bounced down the hall towards the kitchen of his and Aunt May's humble apartment. It was a small living space, but respectable. It was always warm, and the plumbing usually worked. When it didn't, the Aunt and Nephew would stay the night at the newly updated Avengers Facility, overseed by Tony Stark himself. Although May constantly reminded the billionaire that they were fine and didn't need any extra money, Tony was always quick to remind her that they were always welcome with him and Pepper.

"There's the birthday boy!" May greeted Peter as he entered the dining room. A plate stacked with pancakes was already on Peter's seat, along with a glass of orange juice and a card. Peter quickly noticed said card and smiled at his Aunt. "Is this from you?"

"No, it's from Danny DeVito," May joked. "Yes, it's from me. Open it!" Peter beamed and tore open the card, revealing a brightly colored note.

Dear Pete,

Am I really writing this note? It seems like just yesterday that you were learning to walk and accidentally screaming swear words because you didn't know what they mean. Richard did have a bit of a temper.

16 is a big step in any person's life, and it's especially big for you. You've already been through so much and accomplished much more than most people do in their entire lives. With Spiderman and Midtown Tech, you're basically set for life. But that doesn't mean that you should stop being a normal teenager.

Never stop loving Star Wars. Never stop having embarrassing crushes on girls (or boys). Never stop fangirling everytime you see Tony Stark. Never stop showing off your talent at Academic Decathlon. Never stop being the Peter Parker that I know and love more than life itself.

Happy birthday honey, and may life forever be in your favor.


Aunt May

Peter blushed as he read the last line. May stepped forward to give her nephew a hug, and Peter returned the offer graciously. It was going to be a great day.


"Peter!" A familiar voice shouted as Peter put his books in his locker. "Peter!" Ned came jogging towards him, out of breath. "Are you okay?" Peter asked while snickering.

"I- I wanted to w-wish you happy b-birthday before anyone else!" Ned panted. Peter smiled and clapped his best friend on the back. "Well, wish granted!"

Ned stood straighter as he caught his breath. "How does it feel being 16?"

"About the same as being 15."

"Well, that's lame. Should we go to English?"

Peter nodded and the friends headed for class, where they met MJ and Betty.

"Happy birthday, Peter." The girls smiled at Peter before continuing their conversation. Ned rolled his eyes. "Girls. So secretive!"

"Tell me about it," Peter laughed. "You should see my Aunt when she's trying to hide something. She always whispers stuff under her breath."

"Does she know that you have enhanced hearing?"

"Nope. It's really handy, especially when you want to know what you're getting for a certain gift."

"Peter! You found out what she was getting you? That's cheating!"

"Hey, it's not my fault a radioactive spider bit me! That's on him." Peter chuckled again as the pair sat down. The birthday spider looked around the classroom. First period was supposed to start any minute, and there was no sign of Flash Thompson. This was a good thing, of course. Peter didn't need a jerk like Flash hassling him on his birthday.

Unfortunately, no one can get everything that they want. 20 seconds before class started, Flash and his team of goons waltzed in. Immediately, Flash walked over to Peter and slapped him across the back of his head. "I heard it's your birthday, Parker! Just another year of being a loser."

"Hey, only I'm aloud to call him that," MJ commented from the back of the room.

Flash ignored her and hit Peter again. "I hope you know that just because it's your birthday, doesn't mean I'll act like your important." He whispered in his ear before sitting down a couple of rows behind him. Peter rubbed his head as Ned looked over, worried. "You okay, man?"

Peter nodded. "Yeah. I was expecting this, to be honest."

Still, there was nothing that would ruin this day.


Periods 2-4 were similar to any other day, despite the occasional "happy birthday" from a classmate. Peter was grateful for lunch, either way.

He and Ned sat down in their usual spot, a couple of seats away from where MJ was reading. As Peter started eating his lunch, Ned grinned and pulled a messily wrapped object out of his backpack.

Peter smiled. "Ned, you didn't have to get me anything."

"Um, yes I do! What kind of friend would I be if I left you hanging?"

Peter graciously took the gift and slowly unwrapped it, his smile growing wider when he realized that it was the new Star Wars lego set that he had been eyeing at the market. "Dude! This is going to be so fun to build!" He gawked as he looked over the details. "2,000 pieces? This is awesome. Thanks, man."

"Anytime, Spiderman."


It wasn't until after school ended that Peter got the call that he had been waiting for. "Hey, kid! I hear it's your birthday. 16 years old, wow. That's crazy."

"I know! I still can't believe it either, Mr. Stark."

"Why don't you swing by the facility? We can hang out in my lab."

"For reals?"

"Yes, for reals. I have some new updates for a suit that I want you to try on."

"That would be awesome! I'll be there in 20." Peter hung up and after texting his Aunt, he put on his suit and excitedly started swinging upstate.


Aunt May smiled sadly as she read Peter's text.

Mr. Stark invited me to hang with him in the lab! I'll be back by dinner :-)

Although May was happy that he had someone to spend his birthday with, she was hoping to have a little bit of alone time with him. After all, she wanted to be with Peter when he opened his very special gift from a very special uncle.