Welp, I'm alive! If you follow my other story, You'll know that there were some complications involving my apartment and flames (Hmmmmmmm) but it's all good now. The place I was staying at didn't have internet, so I've had to wait until now to continue this story. I'm really excited, though!


"Are you sure that this is real?" Ned asked, bewildered.

Peter shrugged. "Why wouldn't it be?" After Peter had discovered the note, he had rushed over to his Best Friend's house. Ned was just as confused as Peter was, and was currently comparing it with another note written by Ben. "Well, it could be someone playing a sick prank." Ned pointed out.

"Like who? May?"


"Why in Odin's name would she do that?"

"I don't know. What did she say about it?"

"Um, I didn't exactly show her yet."

Ned looked up from his workspace. "Why not?"

"Because, Ned, if she saw it, she would freak out. And when she freaks out, I freak out. And we don't even know if it's real."

And with that, Peter's phone rang. He looked at the caller ID, and immediately groaned.

"Who is it?"

"Tony," Peter hissed. Ned gasped. "Answer it! You can't ghost Tony Stark!"

"He only calls me when something important is going on. I don't want to deal with that!"

"Then tell him that you want to rest on your birthday!"

Peter took a deep breath and picked up the phone. "You're right. Hi, Mr. Stark!"

"Hey kid, Karen just told me that you're at Ted's. Everything okay?"

"First of all, it's Ned. And yeah, I'm fine. We're just working on a new lego set."

"Yeah, sure you are."

"Mr. Stark, I'm serious!"

"Ok, then explain to me why you and Ted are doing some weird science stuff in his room."


"Yeah. Also, that shirt is way too big."

Peter jumped and looked out the window to see Iron Man himself hovering over the fire escape. Ned yelped. "Holy crap! Is that real?"

"Yes Ted, I'm real," Tony opened the front of the suit and let himself fall into the fire escape. Ned squealed like a fangirl and opened the window while Peter shrunk back into the corner, embarrassed.

"Nice room you got here," Tony commented. "Thanks!" Ned stammered. "It's usually cleaner, but I forgot to clean it this morning."

"Good for you, Ted." Tony walked over to Peter. "You wanna tell me what you're doing here?"

"Mr. Stark, if really isn't a big deal? Why are you here anyway?"

"Kid, it became a big deal when Aunt Hottie called me in a panic, saying that you and your suit had disappeared from your room at 8:45 at night."

Peter cursed himself for bringing his suit. He would have to remember to scold Karen for selling him out later.

"She also told me that you got an interesting gift from your Uncle, and you seemed pretty shaken up. Is that what this is about?"

Peter nodded and Tony walked over to the table, where Ben's letter was sitting. "Comparing the handwriting. Smart. Is it a match?"

"Yes, sir," Ned squeaked. "Ben definitely wrote this note."

"Can I see it?" Peter nodded and Tony picked up the letter. After reading it, he turned back to the teens. "This is interesting. I want to look at it more at the lab, if that's okay. Why don't you both stop there after school tomorrow?"

Ned's face lit up. "Best day ever!"


After school, the teens waited anxiously for Happy to pull up at the school. When he did, Ned's face went red and he let Peter lead him to the backseat.

"Hey, Happy." Peter greeted the head of security. Happy merely raised his eyebrows to acknowledge them.

"Buckle up." Peter reminded Ned, who looked down and realized that he had been so starstruck that he had forgotten to put his seatbelt on. After he did, Peter turned back to the driver. "Ok, ready!"

Traffic was surprisingly light that afternoon, and they reached the newly relocated Avengers facility. Even though Peter had been there after his fight with the Vulture, he was still in awe at the absolute excellence of the building and everything in it. Ned, of course, was also amazed, with his face pressed up against the window (just enough to not get it dirty). The teens and Happy pulled into the huge parking area, where Tony and Rhodey were waiting for them.

"Hey kids, thanks for driving up. This is Honeybear Rhodes, my personal black sidekick." Tony smirked.

Rhodey rolled his eyes playfully. "Ignore him. I'm Rhodey, pleased to meet you. And it's nice to see you again, Peter."

"You too, Mr. Rhodes sir."

Rhodey sighed. "Close enough."

Tony looked surprised. "You guys know each other?"

"Besides fighting together at the airport? Yeah. I saw him on the Subway yesterday."

"Yesterday? Rhodey, you said you were going for a walk!" Tony scolded his friend.

Rhodey smiled sheepishly. "I did walk. Then I got tired."

Tony laughed and ushered everyone inside. "The lab beckons us."