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Nala walked through the grassy fields of the Pride Lands, a bit far from Pride Rock, she knew today would be an eventful day. A few days ago, her closest friend, Nirmala, had told her that she would be leaving the Pride Lands in search of a better life. But Nirmala was expecting a cub a few days from then. She had asked Nala to raise the cub as her own. Nala was hesitant at first, she felt guilty that the cub would never know it's real mother. But eventually, Nala accepted. Nala understood why Nirmala was doing what she was. A while back Nirmala had fell in love with a lion named Roho, a member of the Sun Pride, sworn enemies of Simba's Pride. Nala held nothing against Roho, as he was very kind, laidback, and overall fun to be around. Roho was the only kindhearted member of his pride.

Nirmala was forbidden to join Roho in his pride, because Sun Pride simply wouldn't accept a lion from Simba's Pride. And Roho couldn't join Simba's Pride either, for two reasons; One, when they come of age, lion in the Sun Pride must swear an oath of unwavering loyalty to the Sun Pride, and Sun Pride only.

Nala gathered her thoughts and made her way to the den Nirmala temporarily resided in.

"Hello?" Nala called into the enterance, looking around.

"Nala?" A voice called back, the voice of Nirmala. She was laying in a soft, grassy spot in the middle of the den.

Nala walked into the den, it was small and cozy. The rocks inside it were smooth and couldn't potentially hurt a newborn cub. About a third of the flooring in the den was soft, cool grass. The moment Nala walked into the den she felt a warm breeze blow against her fur. It was warm and comforting. The moonlight shone outside, giving the den some light.

"Nala," Nirmala said again. "Come meet him," Nirmala then gazed warmly at a newborn lion cub, his fur a rich gold color. Nala looked down at the bundle of soft fur in between Nirmala's front paws. "He's beautiful," Nala congratulated her, then leaned forward to lick the cub on his forehead. Nirmala gave Nala a grateful glance.

"He looks just like his father," Nirmala said, a hint of grief in her voice. Nala felt very sorry for Nirmala, as she had been through so much. And now, she was giving up her only cub out of despair. Nala had tried to talk some sense into Nirmala before, but she had refused to listen.

"So," Nirmala spoke, breaking the silence. "How are you going to convince the pride that this cub is yours?" She asked Nala. Nala thought for a few seconds. Easy! "Simba will have no trouble believing that I had two cubs instead of one." Nala replied simply. Having given birth to her cub, Kiara, earlier that day, while the entire pride was with Simba trying to make a peace treaty and build trust with one of the enemy prides called Imani's Pride, no lion except Nirmala knew Nala had given birth to her cub yet.

"Alright then," Nirmala spoke, her voice now thick with grief and sadness. "I guess this is goodbye." Nala looked at Nirmala, both of them had tears streaming down their face. Nala had prepared for this moment, for this sadness, but now that it was here, she couldn't bear it. "Goodbye," Nala said through tears at she hugged Nirmala one last time, then scooped up the cub by his scruff and exited the den. She started walking home, her face still damp with tears. She couldn't bear to see Nirmala leave the den, and permanently cross the border of the Pride Lands, and never ever come back. So she didn't dare look back.

Nala picked up her pace, she needed to hurry if she was going to be back at Pride Rock before the rest of the pride arrived home. Another chilly breeze blew towards her, ruffling her fur and making her shiver. She felt the soft, cool grass beneath her paws as she hurried towards Pride Rock.

Nala kept walking, her worry turning into relief with Pride Rock came into sight. Phew! She thought to herself. She then walked into a corner of the den and placed the newborn cub next to her own, which was a few hours older then Nirmala's.

Apparently she had gotten home just in time, because as soon as she settled herself and the cubs in a corner of the den, the pride walked into Pride Rock. They all seemed exhausted after the day. But their exhaustion seemed to disappear fasted then a spooked gazelle, because as soon as they laid their eyes on Nala holding two newborn cubs in her paws, they all rushed over to her, congratulating her.

Then one lion shoved his way through. It was Simba, Nala's mate, and her one true love.

"I can't believe it!" He exclaimed quietly, obviously trying not to disturb the cubs, now sleeping comfortably in Nala's front paws. "I'm a father now!"

"Yes," Nala replied cheerfully. For one moment, the sorrow about Nirmala leaving the Pride Lands and the guilt that came with her lying to the cub and the pride, saying that herself is his real mother, that guilt and sorrow left her for one moment.

"What will we name them?" Simba asked Nala, gazing warmly at the cubs, with the same happiness, warmth, and light that shined in Nirmala's eyes when she looked at her newborn cub.

"What do you think?" Nala asked Simba.

"Hmm..." It was obvious that Simba was thinking. "I've always liked the name Kiara," Simba finally replied. He then nuzzled the girl cub, the cub that was truly his and Nala's. "What about the boy?" He asked Nala.

Nala thought for a moment. "I think we should name him...Kiongozi. It means leader," she replied. "Then Kiongozi it is." Simba said with a smile on his face. They then shared a long nuzzle. Nothing could take away this happiness tonight.

Though Nala still felt guilty deep down, that she, and only she knew that Kiongozi wasn't really her son.

A while passed, Kiongozi and Kiara were getting older, and everyone now referred to Kiongozi as 'Kion,' because everyone thought the name Kiongozi was too long. Kion had assembled his friends for a very important job, to be on the Lion Guard, Protectors of the Pride Lands, and Defenders of the Circle of Life. Originally the Lion Guard was supposed to be made of lions, The Fiercest lion, the Bravest lion, the Fastest lion the Strongest lion, and the Keenest of Sight lion. But Kion was never one for tradition, and he assembled Bunga the honey badger as the Bravest, Fuli the cheetah as the Fastest, Beshte the hippo as the Strongest, and Ono the egret as the Keenest of Sight.

Nala replayed the events that happened the night of Kion's birth. She still missed Nirmala dearly, as she was like a sister to her, and Nala thought of her very often. Oh, Nirmala, I hope you're safe, and that you've found peace, she said silently. Nala must have looked very upset and troubled, because the next thing she knew, Fuli, Kion's best friend and the Fastest on the Lion Guard, came up to ask what was wrong.

"Your majesty?" Fuli asked. "Are you okay?" She asked, obviously concerned. Nala quickly snapped out of her thought's and replied; "Yes, I'm alright, thank you Fuli."
Fuli, clearly unsatisfied with the answer she had gotten, began to walk uncertainly away. "If you say so...Your majesty," then, right before walking away, Fuli cast a worried glance at Nala. As desperate as Nala was to hide it, she knew that Fuli knows something is wrong.

Fuli had pestered Nala for days, obviously out of worry, but to the point where it started to annoy Nala. Though, deep down, Nala was grateful that Fuli cared so much. For what seemed like the one thousandth time, Fuli walked into view. Nala didn't even know how troubled and stressed she had looked in the past few days "Your majesty...erm...are you alright?" Fuli stumbled out awkwardly, now obviously knowing that her worry was starting to annoy Nala.

Nala rolled her eyes and replied, sternly, "Fuli, I understand that you are worried, and your kindness and concern is appreciated," Nala stated formally, then continued. "However, I have reassured you that I am alright and that nothing is wrong," she finished, raising her voice on the last part. Nala thought she saw Fuli flinch, but she had tried to hide it. Before Fuli could argue, Kion walked into view. "Hey Fuli!" He greeted her. "Hi Kion," she replied through a purr. "Have you gathered the crocs and antelopes at Pride Rock?" He asked her. Nala was confused. "What do you mean Kion?" She questioned. "Dad hasn't told you?" Kion said, surprise evident in his voice. "There's going to be a big attack on the Outlands tomorrow." Nala could sense excitement as well as fear in his voice. "Attack the Outlands?" Nala said nervously. "Yeah!" Kion replied. "And all the Pride Landers are coming too."

"Is this true?" She asked. "Yeah," Fuli confirmed.

Nala was nervous at this, she was worried about her son. Adopted son, she corrected herself. She then came to a realization - Kion might not come back from this battle. She couldn't bear to think that, but the possibility was there.
The possibility that she might never ever see Kion again after tomorrow, this might be the last night that he was here. The thought struck Nala like lightning, that Kion could...die. She couldn't lose another son, adopted or not. She had already lost Kopa, the memory fresh in her mind. Kopa had died at the claws of Zira, a lioness who was very close to Scar, Simba's uncle and an evil, manipulative ruler that ruled the Pride Lands before Simba became king. Zira wanted revenge on Simba for killing Scar... so she killed Kopa to make Simba feel the very same pain she had felt when she lost a loved one.

Apparently Kion and Fuli sensed how tense Nala was, because the next thing she knew, she heard a voice ask her "Mom, are you alright?" Kion asked concerned. Nala quickly replied, she knew if she hesitated, Kion and Fuli would know something was wrong.

"Yes, I'm alright Kion," she replied, trying to sound reassuring. She didn't know how, but somehow, Kion was convinced. "Okay," came his simple reply. She knew his mind was elsewhere, trying to work out the best battle tactics he and the Lion Guard would use.

"Well, I have to go gather the crocodiles and antelopes for the attack on the Outlands tomorrow. Goodbye, Your majesty."
"And I need to go do battle training with the Pride Landers." Kion said. "Bye Mom!" He then sped off towards Pride Rock where the Pride Landers were gathering.
"Bye Kion." Nala said, but Kion was already out of sight. "Oh, and Fuli? Just call me Nala."

"Okay, Nala," Fuli replied. "Bye!" She then sped off towards the antelope grazing grounds, now only a speck in the distance.

Now that Fuli and Kion were out of sight, Nala pondered her thought's again, she felt bad that Kion was living a lie his entire life, she felt bad he would never know his real mother. She didn't know what choice she should make, what was wrong? What was right? She didn't know. I just hope that when I make a decision, it's the right one. She silently prayed those words to the Great Kings and Queens of the Past, then made her way back to Pride Rock.