Hello everyone, and Happy Halloween! Here is Halloween One Shot I have been working on for a while.

This one shot will have no connection to my other stories and is used only for fun. I will not make any sequel to this either. Also, this is set between the Oracion Seis and the Edolas Arc. This is a parody/humor fanfic, so don't take things serious here.

Hiro Mashima is the one and only owner of Fairy Tail. I don't own a thing. That goes for all the references to their respective owners in this one shot.

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Halloween of the Fairies

In the cold night of October, in the city of Magnolia, the citizens prepared this year's Halloween, and so did the Guild of Fairy Tail.

Within the Guild halls, the Fairy Tail Guild members decorated the guild in different kinds of Halloween decorations.

From pumpkins with different shaped holes as expressions, fake cobwebs on the walls, roof and different areas like pillars or tables, skull shaped candles, miniature figures of different monsters, black, ragged curtains and chains as party ribbons.

As the Fairy Tail Mages prepared the Halloween Party, Team Natsu, consisting of Lucy, Happy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Carla and Natsu, talking about their current subject.

"Alright you guys, as Halloween is coming up soon. What are you gonna dress up as?" Natsu asked. "Well, I was thinking of being dressed as a fish." Happy said. "So that you can eat yourself?" Carla asked, arms crossed. "What? Then what would it be left for me if it ate myself." Happy said, making Carla sweatdrop and sign at the same time. Erza was the next one to speak.

"Well, I was thinking first to be dressed as a princess, but then since Lucy is considered as one, I was thinking of a knight. But since I am basically already ones, and you all have seen me wearing armor almost everywhere, but I finally came to a conclusion." Erza said.

"And that is...?" Lucy asked. "Well, that´s a surprise I will have for you later." Erza said, making the blonde sweat drop. "But for me, I am gonna be dressed up as princess." Lucy said. "Yeah, but why bother, you always end up naked somehow." Gray said. "You are the one to talk, you pervert!" Lucy shouted at Gray, who was butt naked.

"Gah, when did this happen?!" Gray shouted, while Carla covered Wendy´s innocent eyes with her paws.

"But seriously, who are you gonna dress up as Lucy?" Natsu said. "Well, not because of Erza, but I am thinking of dressing up as little Red Riding Hood." Lucy said. "What a coincidence, for myself, I was thinking of dressing up as a werewolf." Natsu said.

"Anyway, don't you think we are missing something here?" Gray said, only in his pants and shirtless. "And that is?" Erza said. "Every year, we do the same thing. Dress up, devour candy, party and get drunk. I am not complaining about that, but I am thinking we should do something different this year." Gray explained.

"And your idea is?" Erza said. "This." Gray, taking out a photo, causing the others to look and see what was it was off.

It was an abandoned, three-layered, wide, old mansion, with dark wood, shattered windows, cracks on its wand wool, broken pillar on the railings, and was surrounded by dead, gray, lifeless gray and very spooky, leafless trees.

"Frank Van Steins old Mansion?" Natsu said. "Isn't that the man who were forced to leave the town for selling illegal potions?" Erza said, causing the others to shiver at the memory of the Potion Incident they had, causing major chaos within the Fairy Tail Guild.

"But you think we will be afraid by some haunted mansion? We basically fight thousands of enemies, gigantic monsters and supernatural disasters daily." Natsu said.

"Well I thought of that, which is the bet I came up with. The ones who chicken out, are to do exactly like the last one, in other words, the winner, says for a month." Gray said.

"For an example, Natsu must tell me nice things for a month." Gray explained. "Hey, you are dealing with your death here." Natsu said annoyed.

"Lucy will let me come at her place without complains." Gray explained further. "Aren't you and the others already doing that, you pervert?" Lucy said.

"And Erza will not yell at me for fighting Natsu." Gray explained. "Hey, you think I will let you do as you please because of a bet?" Erza said.

"Well, these were just examples, and I thought you were tougher than that, not just a bunch of cowards." Gray said.

"Are you taunting, Gray?" Natsu said, starting become pissed. "Natsu, please calm down." Lucy said, as she and Wendy tried to make the situation not go anywhere worse. "Erza, please take some sense into this." Wendy said.

"YOU THINK I WILL NOT HANDLE SOMETHING SIMPLE AS THIS?!" Erza shouted, her boot on the table. "I WILL MAKE SURE TO THE SURVIVE THIS ORDEAL THROUGH THE NIGHT! YOU WILL BE BEGGING ME BEFORE YOU KNOW!" Natsu declared loudly. "THAT´S THE SPIRIT, TOO BAD YOU ALL WILL BE TASTING DEFEAT ONCE THIS IS OVER!" Gray shouted, as he, Natsu and Erza head butted against each other, causing the rest to sweat drop at the scene before them.

"Please don't let this be any weirder..." Lucy said, anime tears running from her eyes. "Why do I have a bad feeling about this...?" Wendy said, crying anime tears as well. "I sometimes worry about their mental states." Carla said sweat dropping.

Much later, in the night, the Fairy Tail guild was celebrating Halloween, with a party.

The Fairy Tail mages were in their own respective costume for Halloween, each which they either have bought or made themselves.

At the bar, Team Natsu were at the bar, wearing their respective costumes.

Wendy wore her witch costume, consisting of a pair of black shoes with red strings, long stocking, the right being black-orange striped, while the left was dark blue with black bats, purple cat heads and stars on. Her witch dress consisted of a black, short skirt, a white dress shirt with a red vest and orange bowtie. On her arms were long, orange gloves, a long, black cape with a high collar and a wide, black witch hat with a orange ribbon on.

Carla, consisting of a vampire suit, the White Cat´s suit were of a long, black dress, black gloves, black heels and a black, high collared cape.

Happy´s suit was of a ghost, wearing a white blanket, covering his entire figure, completed with two holes for his eyes.

Natsu wore a pair of black pants, black shoes, double belts with a zig-zag pattern, a tank top, a long coat with a golden chain attached the left side of the collar, and a black cap with a golden button and golden hand to the left.

Lucy´s outfit were of a white dress with a frilly bottom, a white ribbon around the waist, long, white boots, a white jacket with a frilly opening, frilly sleeves, a tuffled collar and a snow-flake emblem on the back. Lucy had summoned Cancer earlier to make her hair longer, and white, plus kept it in a side ponytail to the right.

Gray´s Halloween Costume were of a black suit with white stripes going vertically, a pair of black shoes, a white shrit and black bowtie that were in the style of a bat. On his face, he had made up making him like a skeleton, as well similar white skeletal gloves.

Erza wore a pair of black shorts, with a red skirt tied around it, leaving a long, red lash behind it, black belt with a picket on the left, and golden emblem on the right, long, golden leggings, black, heeled boots, a golden chest plate, showing her cleavage and shoulders, black long gloves with a golden, long bracer on the left arm, a ring on her mid-shoulder, a golden choker on her neck, and bronze circlet on her head. She had her hair in a ponytail and carried a red spear with golden decorations in her right hand, while a circular, golden shield with missing sections on opposite sides, on her left arm.

"As usual, the party is in full swing." Erza said, she and the others looking around the other Fairy Tail Members partying in their various costumes.

Elfman, having coloring his skin green and ad his white hair turned flat, had stiches across his face, including his forehead bolts on his neck, wore a dark brown shirt, black, tattered pants, black, tattered jacket and black shoes.

Mirajane´s costume was that of a bunny girl, wearing a pink jumpsuit exposing her shoulders and clevage, long, black garter stockings, white heels, a pink bowtie around a white collar and white gloves.

Cana, wore a blue dress with puffy sleeves, a necklace with a horseshoe, a white apron with two, small symbols on the pocket, the right being the symbol of Eris, while the right were the symbol of Jupiter, were covered in stains of fake blood, and had large, white bow tied to the back. Lastly, Cana wore a pair of long, black boots tied by ribbons, and black-white striped stockings.

Gajeel wore a something similar to knight, being that of silver armor underneath a black suit, covering the chest, legs, knees, shoulders, and forearms, had a white fur collar, a pair of boots, gloves, carried a swords and a shield, and most notably, a helmet with a red plume and a furnace-like visor.

The only thing the recognized it was Gajeel was his voice and signature laughter.

Levy, who was with Gajeel and Panther Lily. The blue-haired girl wore a long, white robe with golden lining, a blue front as well blue interior, long, white boots with black lining, a white hat with gold and blue lining, as well a golden symbol on. She also carried a golden, khakkhara like staff.

Panther Lily was dressed up as a skeleton, wearing making and body paint while wearing his ordinary, green pants.

Droy was dressed like a mummy, wearing white bandages that covered his entire body, head to toe.

Droy wore a something that of a futuristic knight, wearing white armor of a white breastplate, white bracers on his mid-shoulders and forearms, white boots with a golden engine pipes on each of the boots, and a white helmet completed with a mask.

With the Fairy Tail Members in costume and partying to their fullest, it was sure something as expect for the Guild to be able to host such a great party.

"Man, we sure do have a great party every year." Gray said. "Like we always do. But you haven't forget the bet, right?" Erza said. "Of course I haven't. I am not gonna back down, unlike you cowards." Gray said proudly. "Ya calling me a coward, Ice Asshole?" Natsu said in a menacing tone.

"Yeah, you will be running away before you even spend a second in the house." Gray said, which the two rivaling Fairy Tail Mages began to argue like kids, until a well known, red-haired knight decided to stop their battering.

"Stop. Your. Fighting. Right. Now." Erza said, giving off an aura like a demon, making them stop the second she started to speak, as each word were filled with more anger than the last.

"We are not fighting!" Gray said in a terrified tone. "Not at all! Not at all!" Natsu said terrified.

Erza sighed before then speaking in her normal tone. "Anyway, shall we then be going to the Haunted Mansion, for the bet?" Erza said.

"Yeah, I am all fired up! I ain't gonna lose today to you!" Natsu said, fully pumped up. "Yeah, but I ain't gonna lose!" Gray said. "Then let's go!" Erza said, with the others going towards their destination for their bet.

"Why do I feel like this is going to go super crazy?" Lucy said. "Yet you are following them." Happy said. "Did it look like I had a choice?! You think I can stand against a challenge, as well when they included me? You think I could have been able talk against them?!" Lucy said, before the sighing. "There is really no stopping them when it comes to challenges." Carla sighed. "That´s our team for you!" Happy said.

But unknown to the group, they were following by a figure as they all exited the Guild.

The group of Natsu, Lucy, Happy, Gray, Erza, Wendy and Carla all walked in the roads of Magnolia, coming across several children with their parents in different to go trick and treating.

The streets were decorated for the season, like rubber bats on the windows, fake cobwebs and rubber spiders on the walls, and pumpkins with carved face on either at the doorways, or on the fences.

"If you guys want to quit now, you better do it now. Cause there won't be a time to quit once you enter the house." Gray said.

"HA! You are only telling that because you are gonna be the one who is running away! I bet you are already shaking right now as a matter of fact!" Natsu said, pointing at Gray.

"You wanna fight, asshole?!" Gray shouted. "Unlike you, I am not afraid of you!" Natsu said, with the two of them now head-butting, but then a dangerous aura was rising behind them, immediately realizing it belonged to Erza.

They quickly went from worst enemies to best friends in literally seconds, although Lucy, Happy, Wendy and Carla clearly knew that they were sweating like crazy in fear.

"When are they gonna grow up for once?" Lucy said sweat dropping. "There is no point even thinking about that, Lucy. You know that´s impossible." Happy said.

"Do we really have to do this bet?" Wendy said. "As much I don't want to be in this to, it's impossible to quit when it involves these three." Carla said, referring to Natsu, Gray and Erza.

"But I am most surprised Natsu wasn't the one who came up with the idea, this time." Carla sighed.

Eventually, they were in front of the haunted mansion, as bats were flying across the air, a black, red eyed cat hissing at the Fairy Tail group, and owls howling in the tree.

The winds blew the autumn leaves in the air, with the group of Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Happy and Carla were standing in front of the tall, black iron gates of the mansions, as it they were seemingly opening by themselves.

Lucy, Wendy, Carla and Happy were gulping; Erza had her stoic, serious expression on her face, while Natsu and Gray grinned at the challenge before them.

"Alright, here it is." Natsu said. "The Mansion of Frank Van Stein." Erza said. "Well, here goes nothing. You know the rules, right? The one who is last standing inside the house is the winner, and the losers must do what the winners say." Gray said.

"Hehe, you are talking to the winner here, as you better prepare for the things I have in store for you all." Natsu said with a grin. "As a Fairy Tail wizard, I am not gonna be backing down for a challenge." Erza said.

"That´s the spirit, Erza!" Happy cheered. "But you do realize you will go in too, right?" Carla said. "Aye..." Happy said deadpanning.

"But for now, let's head inside, and start the challenge." Erza said. Without any words, the Fairy Tail Mages walked towards the abandoned, spooky buildings.

They looked around as they saw different things on the dark colored grass, like broken gardening tools, an old, rusty bike or a torn doll.

Wendy looked to see a swing slowly moving while the wind blows towards it.

Soon enough, they were within the door in front of them, as Natsu then went to grab the handle of the door and with a creaking sound, the door was opening.

Without hesitation, and even if Lucy and Wendy were shaking, they still entered the mansion, looking around the interior of the buildings.

As expected, it was dark; it was cobwebs everywhere and had crack on the floor, walls and even roof.

An eerie sound was hard, until the door was slammed shut behind them. In silent, they group stood there until one of them finally spoke.

"Okay, but then shall we split up now?" Gray said. "Please tell me you're kidding!" Lucy shouted. "I'm not, we may not know if we see something cheating here or not." Natsu said. "That's not what I meant!" Lucy shouted.

"But if we split up, we might be able to move forward. And we don't have to go alone, but in groups of two to three." Erza said.

"Then I shall stick with Natsu!" Happy said, who wanted to be with the one he had known his entire life. "I shall go alone, as unlike Flame Brain, I don't need company." Gray said, as the said Pink Haired Mage got a tick mark. "Hey, I need to look after Happy sometimes you know!" Natsu said.

"But I shall go alone as well." Erza said. "Then let's move on and show what we are made of!" Natsu said, before then running off with Happy at his side, into one of the hallways of the mansion. A trail of smoke was left behind Natsu and Happy.

"Hey, don't just run off like that!" Lucy shouted. "I cannot help it. I will make a move to!" Gray said, running into a corridor. "Don't leave us here!" Wendy shouted with comical, anime tears.

"I will not show any signs of cowardice either!" Erza said sprinting toward another room. "Oi." Carla said in a dead panned tone.

Lucy, Carla and Wendy were left standing alone silent, in the hallway of the mansions, before then Carla broke the silence by speaking.

"Well, since we three are left, we should then form a team by now. It cannot be that hard." Carla said. "Yeah, but I don't what is scarier? Being in this spooky mansion or having to do every, possibly horrifying thing they winner wants us to?" Lucy said, scared of what the others would if one of won.

"Well, then let's go our best and survive this ordeal." Wendy said. "She is right. Let's move on with this stupid quest shall we." Carla said. Lucy saw no reason to argue, as they all went upstairs.

Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy walked through corridors that had old paintings of different people in costumes, as well stone statures of heads, with crack and on pillars.

Happy with his wings were flying in front of the crack stone heads, this one having a bald top, but with puffs on the side, a pair of small glasses on his nose and a mustache so thick Happy mistook for dust.

"Damn, they all call this scary? It's barely any different from what we experience daily." Natsu said, as he stood in front of a painting of a man with a mustache, black hair, black eyes, and small mustache, a black suit, white shirt and blue ascot cravat.

"But you shouldn't underestimate the mansion. You can never know what will happen here." Happy said. "Like what? The painting right here uttering a word?" Natsu said, pointing his thumb towards the said painting behind, not know that suddenly.

"Men..." Natsu heard a word suddenly emitting from behind the painting, causing him to slowly turned around, but saw nothing but the painting.

As his eyes were widening, unable to think what just happened.

"Happy? Did you hear that?" Happy said. "Hear what?" Happy said, in front on a different stone statue, this time with a monocle and a top hat. But then again.

"...men..." Happy felt he got goosebumps and shivered like crazy, before then jumping back.

"Ok, I heard that." Happy said, hugging Natsu´s knees tightly. "Natsu, what is going on?" Happy said, looking up at Natsu´s face. "I don't know, Happy. This must be the work of an enemy Magic." Natsu said, feeling a menacing presence around him.

As Natsu turned around to see whatever danger was, as the ominous air were emitted around the area, and Natsu felt he and Happy were approaching a great danger.

But then calmed down, before then turning to Happy, who was still hanging on his leg. "I must have imagined things. I don't think there is any danger." Natsu said.

And when he turned around, a shadowed face were in front of him, and the next thing, a loud scream were heard.

In another part of the mansion, Gray was in a room that resembled the kitchen. The doors of the shelves were broken, having the cracked plates covered with spider webs, dirt and other kinds of nasty things.

In the door next to it, was a long room with painting on the walls, desks decorated with things like candle holders, small statues and The long table was covered from head to toe with a white blanket, the chandelier like the rest was covered with spider webs, and the candles was without light, and had melted, leaving long trails of hardened was trailed behind, hanging down like stalactites.

Gray walked around into the dining room, not knowing that there was a figure following behind him. The figure walked closer and closer, until it then put hands around Gray mouth, causing his eyes to widen in surprise. But then, a familiar, feminine voice was heard.

"Hello, my darling!" the female voice said, making Gray free himself and turned to see a familiar, water girl before him.

"JUVIA?!" Gray shouted, seeing Juvia in her Halloween attire. It was a patch dress having different colors, being in yellow, pink, black, blue and many others colors, patterns like swirls, stripes and dots, a pair of black heels, had her skin dyed lifeless grey, had stich makeup on her face, like the rest of the body as well, red lipstick and had her hair dyed red.

"Juvia is so glad to have you recognize me, Gray-sama!" Juvia said in a happy tone. "What the hell are you doing here?!" Gray said. "Well, since you were leaving the guild during the party so suddenly, I couldn't help to follow you and the others into the mansion." Juvia said.

"You followed us here?" Gray said sweat dropping. "Yes, and I looked so forward at the festivities we could do back at the guild, to prove our love." Juvia said, as a sudden thought came into her head.

"Don't tell me... you want us to declare our love by making love right here in this haunted mansion?!" Juvia thought, face blushing red and steam from her nose.

Confused and sweat dropping, Gray was unable to speak any word because of what Juvia was doing in front of him. "It must be so! In a cold Halloween, with the sky black, a shining, white, while making out in a forbidden place haunted by the dead, it's truly perfect!" Juvia thought while spinning around.

"What the hell are you even thinking about?" Gray said, but his eyes widen as he saw Juvia taking off her dress. "OI! What the hell are you doing?! You can't undress here!" Gray said, his hands on her arms.

"But Gray-sama, you are undressing too." Juvia said, and Gray looked down to see him in his boxers. "Ahh! Again?! When did this happen?!" Gray shouted, and put his clothes back on.

Once he was dressed again, Gray took a sign and went to speak with Juvia again.

"Look, Juvia. You are not supposed to be here. Right now, me and the others are in a bet. I don't want to have you involved with this." Gray spoke.

"But Gray-sama, you really think it's wise for you to leave all alone in here?" Juvia said and hugged Gray´s arm. He sighed as then looked around. "Alright, fine. But make sure not to screw anything up. And if they find you here, I can simply tell them you followed us. I don't think they would doubt that." Gray said, much to Juvia´s delight.

"But what are we gonna do now?" Juvia asked. "For now, we should make sure to handle the night. The promise was that whoever won by staying the last, was for them to let the winner do whatever he or she wanted." Gray said while looking around.

And then, Juvia´s mind felt like it had been emptied, and every word Gray just said were roaming inside.

Anything. They. Wanted.

The possibilities of what Juvia were coming through her mind of the prize, was enough to make this story M-rated if it was explained in details.

"JUVIA WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU AND I WIN THIS TOGETHER!" Juvia shouted in eager tone, clashing his hands. "Oi, what the hell are you talking about?! And besides..." Gray said, but a sudden voice interrupted the scene, something he knew very well as he recognized the tone.

"...Men..." The voice said, like it was taking in the form of the breeze that flew past it. "Gray-sama, what was that?" Juvia said, while Gray was paled in horror. "What... was that...?" Gray said in a horrified tone.

At the same time...

Erza were currently in a room that was the library, with dusty books being either on tall piles, or being the more-than-normal length shelves that reached even the roofs.

With a red carpet, some chairs, a table and a rusty chandelier on the roof, Erza walked around as the Red Haired Knight looked around.

"It must have been years since any of these books have been read." Erza said, picking up a book, which she blew off the dust and went to read it.

But before she read it, she then noticed a piano in front of her. Proceeded to put the book down, Erza walked towards it as she wiped the dust off the seat before sitting down.

Blowing off the dust the white and black keyboard of the piano, she looked down as despite the age, it seemed to be working.

With a smile, she moved hands towards the board and then once she pressed, instead of hearing what you normally hear from a piano, she heard.


Erza were silent as her eyes widened, and she quickly shook her head, thinking it must be her imagination.

As she went off to play again on the piano, expecting to hear music, it suddenly turned a different sound.

"Men, men, men, men..."

As every different press on the keyboards the "Men" sounds were heard in different tones and volume, and before she could think of what was going, she felt someone was inches away from her.


"What a wonderful perfume as usual." the voice were said, as Erza turned around, and saw something more terrifying than what she could ever hope for, making the pale Erza sweat like crazy.

At another part of the mansion, Lucy, Wendy and Carla walked around the mansion as they looked at the different furniture´s, long been abandoned from use.

The windows were covered by the dark curtains, having been blocking the light for years, the walls have cracks and water were dripping from the roofs.

The trio walked around, being close to each other within the dark room, they could never know what danger and horror would be coming for them.

"Damn, I this is Halloween, and this mansion have abandoned for years, but this is sure creepy." Lucy said, as she walked around carefully, but then.

"EHH!" Wendy said with a high shriek. "Wendy?!" Lucy turned around quickly. "What´s the matter?!" Carla said. "Sorry, it was a huge, scary spider I saw." Wendy said, pointing towards it. The big, black spider with its red eyes walked into crack into the wall.

Lucy sweat dropped while Carla sighed. "Wendy, don't overreact for things like that. You have been in far more dangerous situations like than this." Carla said. "Sorry." Wendy apologized. "Don't be like that, Carla." Lucy said and then looked around the room.

"But still should be careful, you might never know what we will encounter here." Lucy said. "Like what?" Carla asked, arms crossed.

"Well, for an example, it would be..." Lucy said, but in the next second she was about her to speak, her face paled, was filled with horror and her eyes felt like all life left her. "Uh, Lucy-san, are you okay?" Wendy asked in concern and confusion. "Is there something wrong...?" Carla said, as she and Wendy turned around too. But as they did so, they too understood why Lucy were terrified, paling in fear too.

Shaking like crazy, Lucy, Wendy and Carla couldn't stop looking at the terror that was now before their very eyes. And you could guess the reaction of them.

Back with Natsu and Happy, they were running across the corridors. "Natsu, what is going on?" Happy said as he flied beside Natsu. "I don't know, but things seem pretty hectic." Natsu said, before he saw a door at the end of the corridor.

But before they could walk in, it opened and in came Gray and Juvia, who were all shutting the door loudly behind them. Both Juvia and Gray were panting, until then Gray noticed Natsu and Happy before them.

"Natsu? Happy?" Gray said. "Gray, what's happening here? And why is Juvia here?" Natsu said. "It's a long story. But right now, we have currently a problem." Gray said. "Problem?" Natsu said. "Does the problem look like that?" Happy said, pointing towards the directon of the corridor.

Gray, Juvia and Natsu turned to see what Happy was referring to, before then being once again struck by horror.

Before them, were a group who all had the familiar hair, size and face of someone they know very, VERY well.

"Men! What wonderful perfume I smell." The voice of three Ichiyas, all wearing nothing but black thongs, and did poses that would even make the author sick if written down.

Natsu, Happy, Gray and Juvia eye were all shadowed as a minute of silence were going on, before they all screamed and shut the door behind them.

"WHAT THE HELL DID WE JUST WITNESS?!" Natsu shouted. "IF I HAD KNOWN THAT, WE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN THIS MESS!" Gray yelled, but then suddenly, their horror wasn't over.

Before then, were about ten Ichiyas, all wearing a black bikini on their bodies. All were shouted "Men" as they all did very weird poses, doing their best to look "erotic."

The second the group saw them, a loud scream were erupted at the same time, the door behind were busted open, with even more Ichiyas in thongs were coming in.

In horror as they turned around, Natsu emitted his fists in flames. "Damn, they are keep coming. Then I just need to punch them!" Natsu said, before then running towards them. "Hold on, Natsu!" Gray said, but was in vain.

"ORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!" Natsu shouted, punching the Ichiyas in their faces with his fire fists. As the punches struck the Ichiyas, they were sent away. But the second after they landed, it became twice as any Ichiyas as they were before.

"Good grief." Natsu said, as the Ichiya were coming towards him. But before they could reach him, they were strucky by ice lances. Natsu turned to see Gray, his hands glowing white.

"I told you to be more careful." Gray said. "Hey, I couldn't know they would multiply." Natsu shouted, but then about ten Ichiyas in bikinis and short skirts came from Gray. Luckily, a water whip came and strikes them all, sending them to wall.

Juvia stood with a determined and serious face, transforming the water whip back into her arm.

"Juvia won't let any of you to harm Gray-sama!" Juvia said. "Thanks, Juvia!" Gray said, making Juvia blush and turn around. "Gray-sama is praising me! Juvia is so happy!" Juvia said.

About a hundred of Ichiyas were surrounding the group, wearing bikinis, thongs and skirts, flashing and doing all kind of weird poses, all while saying "Men" repeadetly.

"But are we gonna do now, Natsu?" Happy asked. "It seems we gotta our best to survive, cause the bet just got tougher." Natsu said. "Yeah, and I still won't lost to you, Natsu!" Gray said. The two of were charging their Magics. "Are we still going on with that?" Happy shouted. "Yes, as Juvia and Gray-sama won't lose that easily!" Juvia shouted. "Since when did you enter?!" Happy said, before all the Ichiyas came rushing at them, each doing weird pose like having hands behind their heads, flexing their bodies and tweaking.

And as a response, the group, consisting of Natsu, Happy, Gray and Juvia, charged towards the horde of thong wearing Ichiyas.

At the same time, Lucy, Wendy and Carla all ran away from an army of thong wearing Ichiya, who had rabbit ears rabbit tails as well.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THIS PLACE?!" Lucy screamed while running away from the many Ichiyas. "I don't know, and don't wanna know! Just run!" Carla shouted, before then Wendy turned around and unleashed a torrent of wind from her mouth.

The wind torrent struck the Ichiyas, sending them all towards different directions. But in the next seconds, more Ichiya were once they had hit the ground.

"It´s no use, they multiple every time we hit them." Wendy said, before then multiple Ichiyas were towering over the Blue Haired Girl. "Wendy!" Carla shouted. "Carla, Lucy!" Wendy said, before then turned towards them. "I will handle them, while I give you time to run!" Wendy said.

"What are you saying?!" Carla said, before Lucy grabbed her and then run away with her. "Lucy, what are you doing!? We need to save her!" Carla said. "I know Wendy handle this. We both know that she is strong to handle this!" Lucy said, still running.

Carla then turned to Wendy, who was facing the horde of Ichiyas.

"Don't worry Carla." Wendy said and then brought up a thumbs up. "I will survive this." Wendy said with a smile. "WENDY!" Carla screamed, as Lucy carried her and run away from the scene.

Wendy then wasted no time as she then jumped towards the army of Ichiyas appeared in front of her, shouting "Men" and sniffing.

Back with Natsu, Gray, Happy and Juvia, the group fought the Ichiya, by either punching them in the face with flaming fists freezing, striking them with water or simply whacking them in the face with a fish.

"Natsu, there is no end to them!" Happy said, whacking another Ichiya in the face with a fish that he used as a weapon.

"God dammit, there are gotta be a way to stop them!" Natsu said, and punched a Ichiya in the face.

Gray froze a group of three Ichiya solid, but after some seconds, they all broke free as three of them grow bigger, taller and muscular, all striking a weird pose.

Gray couldn't help but to express disgust at the sight before him, but then the group of the three muscular Ichiyas then jumped towards Gray!

But before the very able to even touch Gray, a blast of water and struck them all, then sending them all to a wall.

"No one rushes towards Gray-sama like that but Juvia!" Juvia said as she struck several of Ichiyas that were coming after her, trying to smell her.

Gray sweat dropped at the sight before him, but shook his head, going back to focus, and continued to fight the Ichiya that were coming towards Gray and the others.

As they group were fighting the Ichiyas left and right, the roof under them began to break. Happy was the first to notice it. "You guys, look up at the roof!" Happy said. They others looked up at the crack roof, before it then broke up and down came Erza, her eyes shadowed and was surrounded by Ichiyas all wearing Maid outdits.

"ERZA!" The group screamed while they all ran towards Erza, and took out any Maid Ichiya in front of them. "Erza! Are you okay! Speak to us!" Natsu said, shaking her as he held her arms.

"Why...?" Erza said, crying anime tears, with the tears coming down her cheeks. "Why did this have to happen...? All I wanted to have a great Halloween with my friends, and instead I am facings hundreds of Ichiyas..." Erza said crying.

"Don't worry Erza, we will survive this." Natsu said, before the second he spoke, Erza got quick like a rocket, rage in her eyes.

"WHICH I WILL MAKE SURE THAT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WILL PAY THE PRICE! FEEL MY WRATH, YOU BASTARDS!" Erza screamed, before then turning on into her Heaven´s Wheel Armor, and slashed and sent his sword at every Ichiya that came in her way.

Natsu, Gray, Juvia and Happy sweat dropped at the sight that was Erza attacking the Ichiyas.

"To be honest, I would think that Erza is the one who suffering the most of us." Natsu said. "Aye..." Happy said. But then the door were loudly knocking, as if someone desperately tried to open it. The others turned around, silent of what to come, before then Juvia finally spoke up.

"I will take it." Juvia said, before then walking towards the door, and opened it slightly, before she saw a familiar blonde and a white cat.

"Juvia! Thank Mavis! I am glad you come to save..." Lucy said, but before she could finish, Juvia closed and locked the door.

"Who was that?" Natsu asked. "It was nothing, just a love rival." Juvia said, and then Natsu ran past her, before opening the door and let in Lucy and Carla.

"Lucy? Carla?" Happy said, he and the others comign towards them, even Erza who had down all the Ichiyas. "To think we would meet up with you again. What luck we have." Lucy said as she sighed. "But where is Wendy?" Gray said.

Lucy and Carla looked down on the floor in silence, and Carla was then the one to speak.

"Well, you see..." Carla said, but then suddenly Wendy came through a hole as she crashed into the scene. "Wendy!" They all shouted as they came running towards them, with Erza being to the one to pick her up.

"Wendy! Are you okay!" Erza asked in a concerned and panicked tone. "I´m sorry you guys, but I couldn't..." Wendy said, before then the doors, including the walls that surrounded it, were broken down, and out of the smoke, was a truly terrifying sight.

Before them, as a giant Ichiya, big enough to surpass the length of a tree, wide to stand before all his "Menliness". Wearing nothing but a pair of pink speedos, had pink stars on his nipples, had red lipstick, his hair was pink and in twin tails. On its face and body, including its foreheard, it had several stiches across it, and two bolts on either side of his neck.

With a loud, deep voice, he went on to shout a loud noise. "MEN!" as it echoed through the corridors.

Erza paled, Lucy, Wendy and Carla were silent in horror, Juvia was shocked, Gray and Natsu stood still in a serious expression and Happy dropped his jaw on the ground.

"CRAP! It's Frank Van Stein´s Monster!" Happy shouted in fear. "`Frank Van Stein´s Monster?!´ What the hell even is that?!" Lucy shouted in a comical tone.

"First Frank Van Stein´s Monster, and now this? What the hell is going on here?" Gray said. "You´re using it too?!" Lucy shouted. "Damn him, he makes Salmon Haired People a bad name." Natsu said. "That´s your problem and isn't your hair pink?" Happy said. "NO, IT IS NOT!" Natsu screamed.

"Guys, we have a lot more important to focus on right now!" Lucy said. "She is right. This must be their leader of those Ichiya, as well the Final Boss." Erza said. "Since when did this become a Video Game?" Carla said. "I think we already based the "Night of the Living Men" Ova on the Fairy Tail Video Game for PS4." Happy said, breaking the fourth wall.

But the Giant Ichiya then walked towards the group, they all activated their Magics and then prepared for attack.

"But if we don't finish this now, it might never be over! Let's end this in one shot!" Natsu said, as the others agreed in a loud tone.

Happy and Carla grabbed Natsu and Wendy as they fled into air.

The Giant Ichiya walked towards them, but then had its ankles wrapped into several whips of water each. Juvia smiled while holding Ichiya tight with her arms transformed into water whips, and Gray then took the chance to freeze the water whips one she had returned her arms back to normal.

The Giant Ichiya´s feet had his feet frozen on the ground, unable to move, and which then Lucy took the opportunity to summon one of her spirits with her Golden Keys.

"Open! Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus!" Lucy said, as once the giant bull man was summoned; it then jumped into the hair struck the Giant Ichiya in the chest with his axe. Once it did that, Taurus returned to the Celestial Spirit World.

Before The Giant Ichiya could react to the next attack, Natsu and Wendy went to strike the Ichiya´s face with their attacks.

"Fire Dragon´s Iron Fist!" Natsu said, punching the giant Ichiya in the face. "Sky Dragon´s Roar!" Wendy said, striking a roar of wind at The Giant Ichiya´s face as well.

"MEN!" The Giant Ichiya bellowed, as then tried to smack Wendy away. But before he could do that, Erza got in the way and used her shield to block the attack.

Erza then charged up energy around it, before she then:

"For interrupting with our Halloween traditions, and your lewd behavior, I shall bring you your punishment!" Erza screamed, before then throwing the her spear right at his forehead! "Take this, Frank Van Stein´s Monster!" Erza said. "Seriously, even Erza is using that name?!" Lucy shouted in a comical tone.

The Spear spun as it went towards him, even still spun as it strike his forehead, sending him flying at great speed.

"MEEEN!" Ichiya shouted as spun as well, before hitting the wall with a great crash and went through it.

The Giant Ichiya lied now unconscious on the ground, having several small Ichiya dancing around shouting "Men" around his head.

The Spear went back to Erza, as she and the others stood before the defeated, gigantic Ichiya.

Wendy was the first one to speak. "So, is it over now?" Wendy said. "It's seems so." Carla said. "I am so glad that´s over. It was so weird." Lucy said as she sighed.

"It was weird indeed." Ichiya said and struck in his signature pose. "I am glad you agree with us, Ichiya." Natsu said.

Seconds of silence before then the entire group then erupted in a scream.

"What?! What is the matter, Men?!" Ichiya said, as Erza then took out her spear and pointed it inches away from Ichiya´s nose.

"ALL OF YOU, WAIT A SECOND!" Ichiya said. "No! We have it enough with the Ichiyas, and we won't even spare a single one!" Natsu said. "But I am the real Ichiya! Men!" Ichiya said, striking another pose, and silence were once again emitted.

"You´re the real Ichiya?" Gray said. "But should I strike him anyway?" Erza said. "Well, it seems I have some things to explain to you." Ichiya said and then went on to tell his story.


The group was walking besides Ichiya, who told him his story while making poses.

"Men, as you see, I am searching for something here." Ichiya said. "Searching?" Happy said. "Yes, which is the reason a I came her in the first place. However, since it the mansion was large, I thought I would have a hard time finding it, so I took the liberty to take my Clone Perfume, in order to find what I search for better, Men." Ichiya said.

"That explains a lot." Carla said. "Yes, and it would seem that when many merge into one, gigantic version of me." Ichiya said, as everyone got mentally disturbed as they all imagine many Ichiyas "fusing" together.

"Men. But eventually, I managed to find the location, but I got distracted by the sound of my clones fighting, so I ran towards the direction, and found you there." Ichiya said, and then they were all in front of what seemed to be a bookshelf.

"But what is you searched for?" Natsu asked, making Ichiya smile. Ichiya then grabbed one of the books before pulling down, before the bookshelf opened and showed a room.

"Why don't you have a look, Men?" Ichiya said, as the Fairy Tail mages first looked at each other, before they all walked into the room. The second they entered, the lights were on, and boy were they in for a surprise.

Silence could only be made, and Ichiya smirked.

"Ah, as expected as a reaction. But I will now explain it to you. Back then at Sorcerer Weekly, I had them take pictures of me in some wondrous clothing and poses. But sadly, the publishers said they were too beautiful for public eye to witness, and I shouldn't have understand that, due to the photographer went blind because of my Beauty. After that, they were gonna hide it, as I never had the change to have them. However, I managed to eavesdrop to hear that they hide it in here, Frank Van Stein´s Mansion." Ichiya said, before then turned to the Fairy Tail wizards in the room.

"So, what do you think?" Ichiya said.

At the same time, outside the mansion, as a second went past, a huge explosion was made; being tall as a tower and the Mansion was destroyed. It was something Magnolia would never forget.

The next day...

The Police and the Rune Knights were gathering around the ruins of Van Stein´s Mansion, looking around for clues of what could have happened to caused it, but to no avail.

They managed to find an unconscious Ichiya, who had lost all memories from what had happened.

At the guild, were things were going normal, with the Guild Members taking down the decorations.

But however, Natsu, Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, Carla, Happy and Juvia were all curled into a ball, sulking in a ball.

"Hey Wakaba, what's the matter with them?" Macao asked. "Hm, I don't know. But maybe they must have been encountering something scary last night." Wakaba joked. "Oi, don't say that." Macao said.

"`Too beautiful for the Public Eye,´ my ass..." Natsu muttered, head on his knees. "I felt we did a good thing to destroy every single last one of the pictures, to make they never see the light of day again." Erza said in a low tone, despite somehow the others sulking alongside her. "You guys... if I ever come up with a bet like that again, please stop me okay?" Gray said.

"Agreed." The others said.

Another Halloween was over, but it was another shenanigan for Fairy Tail.

And that concludes for this story! What do you think of this? Good? Bad? Please review, favorite and follow.

In case you wonder for the costumes of the costume I had for the characters here:

Wendy = Witch

Carla = Vampire

Natsu = Jotaro Kujo (Jojo Bizarre Adventure)

Happy = Ghost

Gray = Jack Skellington (The Nightmare before Christmas)

Juvia = Sally (The Nightmare before Christmas)

Erza = Pyrrha Nikos (RWBY)

Lucy = Weiss Schnee (RWBY)

Elfman = Frankenstein

Levy = Priestess (Goblin Slayer)

Gajeel = Goblin Slayer (Goblin Slayer)

Panther Lily = Skeleton

Cana = Alice (American McGee´s Alice)

Jet = Tenya Iida (My Hero Academia)

Droy = Mummy

I had Lucy dress up as Weiss Schnee from RWBY, because of their many similarities when I was watching it.

Being both rich girls with misunderstood past, having a dad who doenst think about them, having run away from home, joining the heroes to prove herself a fighter, able to summon warriors with their respective powers, and even haivng side ponytails.

For Erza, I had her dress up as Pyrrha Nikos, also from RWBY, since I realised both are red heads who are brave, strong warriors who have large impact on the story.

I had Gajeel dress up as Goblin Slayer, while Levy Dressed up as Priestess, both being from Goblin Slayer, as I thought why not? Gajeel and Goblin slayer both are tough, hardened fighters who both fights with Iron (Goblin Slayer using Sword and Shield, as well wearing armor and helmet, while Gajeel can turn his body into iron, and even eat Iron). For Levy as the Priestess, both are small, timid people who can fight and help Gajeel and Goblin Slayer with their Sorceries.

For Natsu as Jotaro Kujo from JoJo Bizarre Advanture, I just wanted to do a JoJo reference in this Story, even having Natsu do some JoJo references here. XD

But that´s all for now, I hope you liked the story, (which I even had Happy reference the Fairy Tail PS4 Game), but until then, see you all later, and a Happy Halloween!