Hey, Roxy Goth here. So I've seen Let's Get Dangerous...and LOVED it! I liked it so much I put some headcanons on Tumblr about the Fearsome Four [BEFORE seeing this episode].

However that wasn't enough, so I came up with this story/bunch of loosely connected one-shots which form an AU.

The first bit is from the episode, I hope you enjoy it.

I do not own either Ducktales or Darkwing Duck or anything connected to either show.

"I can't turn it off! He's not here! The rift has been open for to long, I can't turn it off! it's gonna destroy everything - unless..." Gosalyn trailed off.

"Unless what!?" Darkwing yelled back.

"You ruined everything!" Taurus Bulba bellowed, grabbing Darkwing roughly by the neck.

"Keep looking!" Darkwing gasped.

Gosalyn looked at the machine and knew what she had to do. With tears in her eyes she stepped back and aimed her crossbow.

"LIQUIDATOR!" Bulba yelled, seeing what she was planning.

"I'm afraid I'm going to have to cancel your transaction." Liquidator said, smoothly, proppeling himself full force at Gosalyn.

She gasped as he hit her full on the side and sent her flying into the wall. The arrow clattered uselessly to the floor.

"Gosalyn!" Both Launchpad and Drake cried together. Launchpad ran forward to the girl while Drake swung his foot out kicking Bulba straight in the stomach.

Bulba folded immediatly and Darkwing landed on his feet, feeling a brief wave of dizziness as he did so.

"It's playtime!" Quackerjack launched himself at Darkwing who dodged it quickly. While those two fought, Megavolt picked up his electrogun and aimed it at Launchpad.

"Launchpad watch out!" Dewey yelled.

The pilot swung round and leapt out the way of the ray of electricity.

"No fair!" Megavolt whined. "Stay still so I can fry you!"

Gosalyn, meanwhile struggled to her feat and looked at the machine. It's hue had intensified and she may not be a scientest, but she could TELL the thing was ready to collaspe any second, grandad or no grandad.

Almost without thinking she leapt onto the control board and yelled. "Hey! Liquidator! Come and get me!"

"A deal like that is to good to resist!" Liquidator said, barrowling towards her.

"NO YOU FOOL!" Bulba yelled so loudly the windows shook.

But by then it was to late and the Liquidator was going so fast that even though he realised what was going to happen there was no way he could possibly stop it.

Gosalyn waited for the longest two seconds of her life before leaping out the way. The Liquidator sank into the machine and the whole thing started frying, flickering and smoking as everyone, except Bulba, watched transfixed.

"No, no!" Bulba was practically red with rage. "You've ruined everything!" It was unclear if he was yelling at the Liquidator or Darkwing Duck.

The Liquidator put himself together and looked at Bulba with an almost comical level of bewilderment. "You told me to get him." He pointed out.

"That's true, Sue." Quackerjack-as-Mr-Bannana-Brain said.

The bull spluttered, then screeched. "THAT DIDN'T MEAN YOU HAD TO DO IT, YOU IDIOT!"

Liquidator frowned, then said, dramatically. "In that case then we must come to a partneship dissolution-"

"YOU WERE NEVER MY PARTNER!" The bull bellowed.

The Liquidator blinked, stepped backwards and then said. "In that case, I bid you farewell as you try recoup your losses. Goodbye Bulba." And with that The Liquidator sank out of sight.

"Wait Licky!" Quackerjack looked around wildly before running out the doors in pursuit of him. "Wait for me!"

"Yeah!" Megavolt ran after Quackerjack. "We don't want to work for this guy either!"

Bushroot gave a screech of affirmation before gliding after them.

There was a very long pause after the villains had legged it, during which the only sound was Gosalyn crying on Drake's shoulder.

"...Something tells me our life has just got a lot more complicated." Drake muttered to Launchpad.