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So, this chapter [and probably the next one as well] focuses on Darkwing Duck. I'm finding writing this fanfiction I can address all sorts of things that I find interesting, but that neither the original show, not the reboot will touch. [Probably]

For instance - what exactly does happen to Gosalyn should Drake die?

And with that question you may realise we're heading into slightly darker territory. Please enjoy.

See chapter one for the disclaimer and let's crack on.

"So, what exactly are you trying to tell me, Mr Mallard?" Zan Owlson asked, after Darkwing had finished his rather lengthy explanation.

"I'm telling you I can't deal with this!" Darkwing said, waving his arms around to better illustrate his point. "I'm telling you that Liquidator was about THIS close-" Darkwing held his fingers about an inch apart. "-to KILLING me, do you not understand!? I was nearly dead!"

"But Mr Mallard." The mayer-ess said, not unreasonably. "You're a super-hero. You surely realised that nearly dying comes with the territory?"

"I did." Darkwing said, matching her calmness. "But when I was making a list off the top ten ways I may die, I was imagining that DROWNING ON LAND would be one of them!"

"Well, what do you want me to do about it?" Owlson asked, still keeping the calm demeaner. "Our police force refuses to go anywhere near them - which I agree with. They would require a substantial pay-rise if they were to add fighting super-villains into their abilities. I can't recruit from either Mouseton or Spoonerville for the same reason. The army may work - but it could cause a large amount of panic which I would prefer to avoid. That and I'm not one hundred percent sure it would work. That leaves you, Darkwing Duck. Darkwing Duck - Superhero. The terror that flaps in the night. And unlike our police force you are being paid more than enough money to be expected to deal with this."

"But-!" Darkwing began.

"-Unless-" Owlson said, talking over him. "You are telling me you want to retire?"

Drake spluttered. "Of course I don't want to retire! I'm not even thirty!"

Owlson shrugged. "Well there you are. Look-" She said, seeing the look on Drake's face. "I'm not saying it's easy. But look at it objectively. You are a superhero. You signed up for danger. There is now danger. With danger comes a risk of death - it's a simple fact. A sad fact, but a simple one. You cannot have it both ways. You cannot say 'I will be a super-hero, but I refuse to deal with evil people.' That's doesn't work. St Canyard NEEDS you Darkwing. And rest assured-" She added, seeing Drake was mulling it over. "You WILL be paid well. You'll be able to move to a posh house, of you want to. You'll be able to pay for healthcare. You can pay for your own funeral-"

"-Now there's a cheerful thought." Drake muttered, making random shapes on the table with his finger.

"-You'll be able to pay for Gosalyn to go to a private school-" Owlson said, carrying on like he hadn't spoken.

"Yes, there's a thought." Drake said, interrupting her mid-flow. "If I...you know..."

"Die?" The mayer-ess helpfully said.

Drake cringed. "Well, yes. What would happen to Gosalyn?"

The mayer-ess looked briefly confused, then thoughtful. "Well, I suppose it would go to whoever you named in your will." A pause and then an almost acussary. "You HAVE got a will, haven't you?"


"You're a super-hero and you haven't got a will!?" Owlson looked horrified. "You need one! Write one immediately!"

"What now?" Confused Drake started opening dwares. "I haven't got a pen. Or any paper-"

"Not now now!" Owlson snapped, then took a breath. "I don't believe you sometimes, Drake. That is topmost priority! Do you not realise that if you die and you havn't got a will Gosalyn will go to your nearest relative? And you won't have any choice in who that is?"

"I haven't got any relatives." Drake muttered.

Still she heard. "That's even worse! Gosalyn will have to go to a children's home or a foster family. No - you must come down to SHUSH headquarters tomorrow and their legal team can help you with the details."

"What is a SHUSH?" Drake wondered aloud.

"SHUSH is a secret agency. I would love to tell you what it stands for but it appears that it's so top-secret that no one except the people at the very top know, and even that's debatable."

Drake let out a chuckle which he immediately regretted when Owlson slammed her hand on the table. "This is no laughing matter, Darkwing!" She snapped, then lowered her voice. "Tomorrow I need you to be ready for ten o clock exactly in the morning. A car will appear outside your house to take you to SHUSH headquarters. So as not to appear out of the ordinary it will be a blue Cadillac. Have you got that? A blue Cadillac. The driver will be a man called Agent 52. He is a duck. If anyone asks, he is your cousin Jack who you have recently gotten back in touch with. Any questions?"


"Good. Try not to look to classy. But at the same time not to shabby either. Right. The driver will see you tomorrow then."

"Wait!" Drake called, as her hand went for the hanging-up button. "Will you be there?"

She looked at him in a manner that indicated she was surprised to be asked. "Of course not. I am a mayer, you know. I do have more important things to do. Now. Goodbye Darkwing." And with that she signed off.

Drake sighed as the screen went black and put his head in his hands.

What had he gotten himself into?