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"Elle?" The girl in question looked up from the book she was reading,

"Hey Gin, What's up?" She was twitchy, skittish. Something wasn't right.

"Take it. A diary shouldn't talk back to you." The diary?

"It speaks?"

"It writes back. I woke up the other day with my hands covered in feathers! Things aren't right Elle, and then with what happened to Filch's cat..."


"You think the book has something to do with it. I'll send it to Uncle Moony now, tell him not to write in it. Then we'll figure out what its been doing to you."

"What's that-"

"-You've got there?"

Again? Really?

"Don't you two have else where to be?" Were the twins stalking her?

"Not really." They said together


Thank you for sending me the diary, I'll start looking into is asap. No I won't write in it.

I wrote to Xeno, seems you've forgotten to write. He wants to know how you're doing, you'd perhaps be best to answer him than me.

And the Weasley Twins. I say tell them. From what you've told me, us Marauders are their idols, they'd most likely treat you like a Goddess. It would be good to have a couple of Gryffindors at your back, but then I am biased. I want you to be happy Elle, but sometimes that means letting people in.

All the best, and I look forward to seeing you at Yule.

Uncle Mooney.

Hey Dad,

I'm doing great! Hogwarts isn't as bad as I thought, though the petrifications aren't the best. But Luna, Ginny and I will be safe, the apparent heir is only targeting Muggleborns and halfbloods, and we're all in Slytherin so nothing to worry about.

Reggie and Dora are doing well, they enjoy when I have care of magical creatures because they get to come with me. It's not like they don't get enough attention, most of the school knows who they are. Kind of ridiculous really.

Can you check on Uncle Mooney after the full moon for me? I'm worried that Mooney won't like being alone and might hurt himself.

I miss you Dad, I can't wait to hear all about whatever adventure you've been on when we come back for Yule!


The twins were following her again, and Uncle Mooney's words were still ringing through her head.

"Alright! Fine! I'll tell you what you want to know if I can see the marauders map." She gave in. Frankly, she would be glad when they stopped following her around.

"How do you-"

"-know about the map?"

"Gimme the map." She said, hand held out. Reluctantly Fred (?) pulled it from a pocket in his robes and handed it to her.

"Thank you," she said, before unfolding the parchment and saying,

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." Quickly checking that her path was clear she started off,

"Well? Are you two coming?"

"This place isn't on the map."

"How do you know where it is?"

"We didn't even know it existed!"

"The house elves call it the 'come and go' room. It's more commonly known as the room of requirement."

"How did you know the password to the map?"

"Oh, boys, it comes with the perks of knowing the marauders."