Relationship: Pre Alonzo/Munkustrap

This chapter does include some very mild drug references, honestly not enough to get too excited about, but thought I'd say something. Use catnip responsibly, folks.

Laughter. Lots of it. A distinctive giggle that could only belong to Rumpleteazer. Automatically Munkustrap was inclined to check it out. It was the end of a long day and he should have been headed home to get a good night's sleep but the laughter was too curious to ignore.

To absolutely no one's surprise he found the Rum Tum Tugger, Rumpleteazer, and Mungojerrie sitting in a semicircle with their backs to him. The scent of something familiar wafted through the air. Was that catnip?

"Munk! Buddy! Brother of mine!" Tugger called, waving him over. "Join us!"

Against his better judgment he drew closer. Yes, it was definitely catnip. A lot of it, judging by how strong the smell was. Now, Munk would freely admit that he indulged himself from time to time, but usually in the privacy of his own home and not with a crowd. And certainly not with his brother.

"Tugger, where did you get all this-" The words died immediately in his throat.

Alonzo was literally laying before him on a silver platter. His sleek black and white fur was covered in catnip, and, judging by the lazy smile on his face, he had consumed quite a bit.

"Hello, Munkustrap." Alonzo purred, gazing up at him through half lidded eyes.

Oh, Heaviside help him. There was no going back now. If Munk ignored this opportunity then the Everlasting Cat herself had full permission to strike him down.

"As you can see, I have stumbled upon a wealth of catnip, far too much for me to have all for my own." Tugger gestured grandly to the pile before him.

"Hey, give credit where it's due." Rumpleteazer giggled.

"Yeah, we worked hard for this stuff." Mungojerrie added.

"Of course, of course. How inconsiderate of me." Tugger shook his head. "These fine associates of mine stol-"

"Acquired." Jerrie quickly corrected.

"Yes, right, 'acquired' this catnip and now it is my honor to share it with you. As you no doubt have noticed some of us have had more than their fair share already." Tugger said meaningfully.

Not a word had reached Munk's ears. He was too busy staring at Alonzo, who was doing some very interesting stretches in the catnip that left very little to the imagination. How was it possible for a single cat to command all of his attention by simply rolling around in dried plants was beyond him.

In fact, a lot was beyond him at the moment. For example, how could he possibly walk away from the single most arousing thing he had seen in a week, with the previous event being when Alonzo decided to have an involved self grooming session in the middle of a particularly gorgeous sunrise, the sun bathing his luscious fur in beautiful golden hues-

"Munk!" Tugger barked.


"Are you going to join us or what?" Tugger raised an eyebrow as Teazer giggled.

"Fine, I will." To everyone's surprise, including his own, he sat down. "But not a word of this to the kittens."

"My lips are sealed." Tugger grinned. "Good to have you join us."

"Not often we get to see you in such a relaxed state." Jerrie added. "Come to think of it, this is the most relaxed I've seen Lonz as well."

"I have to admit, I didn't think he could get any more slinkier, but here we are." Teazer nodded appreciatively.

"Want some?" Alonzo purred, stretching out on his back to display the catnip spread all over his fur.

Everlasting Cat help him. Munk summoned all of his legendary willpower, poise, dignity, and whatever else he could muster to try and tear his gaze away from the sight. If it was just the two of them he would have seriously considered taking Alonzo up on that offer.

Not that he still wasn't considering it…

Tugger suddenly laughed, breaking him out of what was possibly the most intense staring contest any of them had ever witnessed.

"Ease up on the seduction, Lonz, you're tempting even me." Tugger shooed him off the platter, which turned out to be a tin plate dredged up from the junkyard.

"Now, we can't be havin' that." Teazer said, sharing a knowing look with Tugger.

Normally it was a look that would make Munk instantly suspicious, but Alonzo was currently draping himself all over his lap and it was difficult to focus on anything else.

"Where's Bomba?" Munk valiantly tried to steer the conversation as far away from him or Alonzo as possible.

"Oh, believe me, I tried to get her in on this, but she said she had better things to do." Tugger sighed. "Apparently Demeter is more important than me tonight."

"Hey, you're soundin' like we're bad company." Jerrie complained.

"I'm just saying that if Bomba were here then we'd really have a party. You think Lonz is relaxed, you should see what she's like around this stuff."

Again they had lost his attention. Alonzo was just too distracting. Munk found himself admiring the stark contrast between the black and white fur, the blatant lines that gave him his distinctive harlequin coat. It would be so easy to trace those lines with his tongue, forge a delicious path all the way from the tips of his ears down to-

Alonzo was staring at him. Tugger, Teazer and Jerrie were also staring at him. He was way too tense for this. If he didn't do something he was going to act on his instincts and then have a lot to explain, and there were some things he could not bring himself to discuss in present company. Or any company, for that matter. That subject was far too complicated to deal with as of now.

"Nevermind, this was a bad idea." Munk gently pushed Alonzo off his lap and left the group.

As expected, Alonzo immediately followed, stopping him just out of earshot of the others.

"Munk, wait. Was it something I did?" Gone was the seductive tone, completely replaced with concern. "I was just… just playing around. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"No, no, you did nothing wrong." Internally he was screaming. How could Alonzo be so composed when, just seconds ago, he was being the most seductive cat on the planet? It wasn't fair how easily he could drive Munk up a wall without even realizing it. And it wasn't fair how much Munk enjoyed it.

"If you want, we could go somewhere else." It was not a suggestive offer. "There's a spot just outside the junkyard where I go to think sometimes. No one would find us there. Or, if you want, I could show you where it is and leave you alone."

It was amazing how quickly Alonzo could calm him without actively doing anything. The offer was tempting. But it had been clear that Alonzo was enjoying himself with the others, and that wasn't something that Munk wanted to interrupt. The thought of him being responsible for ruining Alonzo's enjoyment just because he couldn't control his own libido was too painful to consider.

Inhibitions be damned, Munk was going to enjoy himself tonight. And if there were consequences he would deal with them responsibly in the morning. He had made up his mind and he was going to stick to it.

"I want to go back." Munk finally said. "Just needed a moment to clear my head."

"If you're certain." Alonzo turned away to head back to the others.

"Hold on, there's one thing I need to do." Better move before the impulse left him.

"What is it?"

Gently he held Alonzo's shoulders to keep him still. Then, purposefully slow, Munk licked a straight line up the back of the other cat's neck, making sure to get as much catnip as he could. The sound Alonzo made was priceless.

"Now I'm ready." The taste of catnip on his tongue was not responsible for the warm tingle that spread throughout him. "Let's go."

"Welcome back." Tugger said, raising an eyebrow at the two of them when they returned. "Change your mind?"

"Yes. I'm allowed to do that." Munk sat down again, gesturing to a still bewildered Alonzo to join him.

"No worries, you didn't miss anythin' worth talkin' about." Teazer said as she licked catnip off her nose. "Just Jerrie already succumbin' to his innermost desires."

The tom in question was sprawled out in a comfortable slumber, mouth hanging open as he snored.

"Poor guy got a little too relaxed." She giggled.

The rest of the evening passed by without further incident. Eventually Teazer and Jerrie took their leave, the former winking at Munk as she dragged the latter off to their home. Munk was puzzling out just what the gesture meant when his brother decided to intervene.

"So." Tugger said, sprawled out under the stars and giving Munk his best uninterested look.

"So." Munk said, careful to stay focused. The catnip had left him feeling warm and fuzzy and not at all prepared for whatever Tugger had in store for him.

"I noticed that you changed your mind pretty quickly after deciding to leave."

"This coming from the cat known for being unable to make up his mind."

"Yeah, so if I call someone out on being indecisive then you know it's a big deal."

"What do you want, Tugger?" Munk sighed. "I thought I was supposed to be relaxing."

"I'm just saying that I noticed that after Lonz disappeared you two came back awful quick."

"Good job noticing that Alonzo was more persuasive than you." Idly Munk traced the line between the black and white fur in his lap, smiling a bit at the pleased trill his actions produced. It had taken no time at all for Alonzo to resume his previous place across Munk's legs. It had taken even less time for said cat to fall into a doze, the relaxing effect of the catnip finally catching up to him.

"Also I notice that you seem to be experiencing the effects of the catnip without actually having any." Tugger said meaningfully.

"I did." Munk could play this game. "Just not from what was on the plate."

Tugger's eyes darted down to the cat sprawled in his brother's lap. The cat that was still covered in catnip, save for a very obvious spot on his neck.

"Wow." His eyes widened. "Wow."

"I don't know what you could possibly be referring to." Munk said, grinning a little too widely.

"Remind me never to interrupt you two when you're alone with each other." Tugger rolled his eyes.

"There's nothing to interrupt." Munk's smile slipped a little. Noticing his brother about to comment, he quickly asked, "How did you get Alonzo to join you anyways?"

"Hmm?" It took Tugger a minute to process the shift in the conversation. "Oh, Lonz showed up after me and Teazer and Jerrie got started. Seemed kind of wound up about something so we invited him to join us. Didn't take as much convincing as I thought it would."

Munk looked down at the blissful look on Alonzo's face. Whatever had been bothering him earlier was definitely not bothering him now.

"You know, it's kinda nice, just hanging out with you." Tugger remarked. "And Lonz. This doesn't usually happen."

"It is nice." The quiet of the night settled in around them.

Taking time to simply sit, breathe, and relax with his brother and his best friend was something that Munk realized he needed more of in his life. Maybe the catnip was unnecessary in the future, but that was something to wonder about later. Although he wouldn't say no if Alonzo offered to share some with him again….

Ignoring his brother's curious look, Munk stretched out on his back and stared up at the stars, allowing the lights to blur together in front of his eyes as he fell into a peaceful slumber.


The next morning came far too quickly. Alonzo groaned, feeling distinctly like he been thrown into a pile of garbage. Which, given that he was in the junkyard, probably wasn't too far off the mark. His usually pristine fur stuck up in every direction and was absolutely covered in catnip.

Normally catnip, in small amounts, left him feeling relaxed and refreshed. Unfortunately he did not exercise restraint this time around. Even more unfortunately he remembered everything he had done the night before, including presenting himself to Munkustrap and inviting him to lick catnip straight off his body. What the hell was he thinking? Friends didn't invite friends to lick them, he was sure of it.

More importantly, how the hell did it work? Unless he dreamed it, he was certain that Munk had sensually licked the back of his neck, an action that was going to stick within his mind for weeks, no, years. Even the brief recollection made him grow uncomfortably warm under his fur.

It was time to go. Thankfully there was no one awake so he had plenty of time to achieve his usual elegance before anyone saw him in this sorry state. Forget elegance, at this point he'd settle for any amount of composure he could muster.

Something shifted to his left. Tugger's mane hit him in the face.

"Argh, get off, pft!" None too gently he shoved the fur away, the movement rolling him into a cat on his right.

To his simultaneous horror and delight he had rolled right into Munkustrap's arms.

"Mmph. Too early. Go back to sleep." Munk drew Alonzo closer to him and buried his face in his fur.

"Er." Was all he could say as Munk began to purr.

"You smell nice." The silver tabby sniffed, then sneezed catnip out his nose. "Sorry."

"Will you two keep it down?" Tugger grumbled. "Some of us don't wake up at the crack of dawn."

Maybe elegance and composure could wait. Alonzo settled back down and closed his eyes. For now he would just live in the moment.