Three centurys ago, a baby was born in Qingchin, China. Nothing out of the ordinary in a world of over seven billion people, except for when this child was four years of age, she started emitting light and from that point forword, children all around the world started devolping these 'quirks' of sorts when they were four years old. With these new powers, inevitably, these powers were used to harm others for personal gain and anarchy decended upon the world. With this new development, the profession people dreamed of for years was born and HEROS came to be.

Now in the year 23XX, seeing a Hero on patrol or fighting crime is almost garenteed when doing something as simple as getting your mail. The Heros presence in everyday life made the people feel safe. After 95 years of stability, the world will be taken by storm at the hands of a determined boy from Mufutsu, Japan.

Izuku Midoriya is seen playing in the park with Katsuki and his friends. Chasing each other and laughing with childhood happiness until they all need to catch their breat.

"Deku, we're going to the forrest to explore and play hero! You coming or not!" Katsuki walks towords Izuku, being followed by a tall lanky boy with stringy black hair and a slightly pudgy kid with a buzzcut shave.

"Maybe, what time is it?" Buzzcut kid pulls out a phone from his back pocket.

"It's 12:25, why do you ask? Got something planned today Midoriya?" Izuku flashes them a wide smile.

"I have my quirk test guys!" Izuku walks over to Katsuki and the boys. "I'll play after school tomorrow!"

Katsuki, having walked up to Izuku, gives him a noogie while grinning. "You better have a cool quirk Deku! You've got to be strong enough to be my sidekick." Izuku manages to wiggle his way out of his friend's headlock, only to receive a hug from the explosive blond as he whispers. "Remember to stay positive Izuku, no matter what the results may be." Katsuki then slugs him in the shoulder with a smirk. "But remember you'll never supass me Deku!"

The two other boys come up and give Izuku quick head pats and wishs him luck."Thanks guys, I'll make sure to tell you what my quirk is as soon as I can." Izuku turns around to walk away, but looks back one last time. "Oh, by the way, Kachan, by tomorrow I will prove to you that I'm no Deku, but Dekiru." As Izuku walks towards Inko and Mitsuki he hears the two boys lightly teasing Katsuki. As he gets close to the, two mothers, he hears a his father's name and stops to listen to their convirsation.

"I'm scared Mitsuki... Hisashi has been more aggresive lately as Izuku's quirk takes longer to develop..." Inko's face adopts a worried expression.

"Inko," Mitsuki looks into Inko's eyes, "Hisashi is a good person. We went to college with him and you've been together for 6 years. Sure, he can be quite iratable, but I bet he's just worried about Izuku's future. He wont try anything physical, he never does."

Inko smiles at Mitsuki. "You're right as always Mitsuku, thank you for listening to me."

"Inko, we're basically sisters at this point. I'll help you with anything, all you ever have to do is ask." Mitsuki looks right at Izuku and grins. "It looks like we have an eavsdropper." Izuku sheepishly scratchs the back of his head as his mom turns to him.

"Izuku, I've told you before that it isn't polite to eavsdrop on people." Inko picks up Izuku and sets him down in her lap.

"You were talking about otasan, okasan, I want to know if something is bothering him so I can help." Inko and Mitsuki coo at his adorable honesty.

Mitsuki smiles and gives Izuku head pats. "I wish my brat was as sweet as you my little nephew."

Mitsuki gives Izuku a kiss on the forhead, Izuku adopting his tomato impression. "Okay my sweet Izu-Kun, let's go to your quirk appointment." Inko sets Izuku on her shoulders, waves good bye to Mitsuki, and walks towords the cliniqe.


"The test results have come back, but they're quite peculier..." The docter walks out of the a back room looking at what could only be Izuku's test results.

Inko gets a panicked look on her face. "Is my son alright? Are the results bad?"

"There seems to be no reason for alarm, but I need to draw a more clear picture. I know you already wrote the information down already, but would you mind telling me your's and your husband's quirks?" Asks the semi-short bald docter with a very bushy mustache. Izuku, in his excitment to hear about his parent's quirks again, dropped the All Might action figure on the floor.

"Of course docter my quirk is limited telikinesis," Inko demonstrates this by levitating the All Might toy to her hand with a pulling motion, "I can lift anything 10ft away from me with a weight of 2lbs or less. My husband's quirk is fire breathing, he produces a flamable gas in his lungs instead of carbon dioxide and at will he can light it in his throat to propel it out of his mouth." Inko quickly responds to the docter.

"That's even more confusing then..." The docter strokes his mustache curiously,"Well first thing's first, the xray shows that your son is missing a joint in his pinky toe, so he does have a quirk-" Before the docter can continue, Inko breaths out a sigh of relief and Izuku starts to vibrate in excitment.

"Please try to calm down, I wasn't finished." The docter gives a little frown before continueing. "Now where was I... Oh, yes. Midoriya does have a quirk, but it is unknown. A rare mutation happened in his genes, so his quirk will be nothing like matriarch's or patriarch's. We know that his quirk is a Transformation and Emitter type, as well as being extremely strong. So strong in fact, that it wont activate till an unknown trigger event takes place." The docter floods us with information then stays silent for a couple seconds to let the info sink in.

The docter adopts a serious face as the Midoriyas feel as if the tempature in the room had dropped a few degrees. "Now the is very critical that you take this next piece of information to heart, do you understand?" Inko and Izuku quickly nod their heads and adopt their own serious face.

"Trigger events always happen in their own time and are mostly non-disruptive. But trigger events that are forced have disasterous consiquinces. Both the quirk user and everyone around them is at risk of danger in such an event. That being said, I expect both of to be paitent and come right back to this clinic when it happens." The docter adopts a friendly smile. "Don't you agree?"

"Of couse docter, doing so would put my precious son in danger and that is not a risk I'm willing to take." Inko's strong conviction in her voice suprises the docter, leaving him satisfied with confirmation.

"Now if you have no other questions, I should be on my way." The docter walks towords the lobby to attend to his next paitent when a shout suprises him yet again.

"Wait!" Both adults look at Izuku as he tries to put his words together. "Can you please make me a copy of those results please. I realy like to analize quirks.." Izuku trails off as the docter chuckles.

"Of couse! I'll be right back with your copy shortly." The docter leaves the Midoryas and Izuku beams at Inko with wide green eyes.

"Okasan!" Isuku jumps off of his chair and into Inko's arms. "I have a strong quirk!

"I'm so happy for you Izuku!" Inko catches Izuku and smothers him with a hug.

"Can we call otosan and tell him?" Izuku asks excitedly as Inko releases him.

"Why don't we surprise him tonight instead?" Izuku's face brightens and he rapidly nods his head.

"Here's your copy Midoriya, I hope you have a wonderful day." The docter leaves just as quickly as he came.

"C'mon Izuku," Inko hauls lifts Izuku onto her shoulders as they walk out of the clinic, "On this day very special day, we're going to have your favorite meal tonight."

"Katsudon?!" Izuku smiles so bright, it could outshine even All Might.

"Of course, anything for you Izuku."

"Oh Yeah! This is the best day ever!" Izuku hugs Inko's head and plays with his action figure all the way home.