Just another shot on Harry Potter using my storylines as Harry as a single parent.

The story bellow takes place around Halloween, in two parts. The Italic part, takes place in the past, while the normal one, takes place in the present.

Also, there´s an OC i create here, Harry´s neighbor, Mrs. Blum, a squib based on the flying nanny Mary Poppins, but without magic.

There´s not much to talk about this story, but i hope you still enjoy it.

ChibiDawn23 thanks for the idea!


It was Halloween morning and Harry and Ginny were preparing to go to the Burrow to spend the day, however, their children, James, Albus and Lily, who still studied at the Muggle school, were thrilled to spend the day with them, the Muggles, to play Trick or Threaten, the way they did.

''Please, Mother, why we can´t go this time?'' 10-year old Jimmy asked.

''We always go to Grandmother´s to celebrate Halloween!'' 8-year old Albus and 6-year old Lily protested.

''Children, I said no, its dangerous!'' Ginny scold the children.

''What is happening?'' Harry asked as he approaches.

''Harry, the children want us to take them to Join the Muggles on Halloween!'' Ginny said annoyed and in response, Harry just smiled.

''Gin, the fewer I know about Muggle Halloween, its isn't dangerous at all, its just kids walking around asking for candies.'' Harry said ''I don't think it would be cause any harm, if we join them for tonight''

''Harry, they are Muggles, we could be exposed!'' the wife said annoyed.

''Don't worry dear, they all will be dressed in costumes, nobody will notice us'' Harry said ''I think we will be safe for just a walk around the block''

''Please Mother, Father, can we go?'' the children asked anxious.

''We can'' Ginny said ''For just one walk around the block and we will stay together!''

''And no pranks, d you hear, Jimmy?'' Harry give his son a hard look.

This way, the five Potters left the house for their different trick or threatening and as promised, Jimmy and Albus behaved as best as possible. Meanwhile Ginny, after the first walk, seemed to relax a bit and even allowed the children for another walk around the block.

When they return home a few hours later and the children set around to share their candies, Harry and Ginny kissed and planned to do the same things the following year, as the children enjoy that very much.

This way, every Halloween for the past three years the five Potters took the time for their own party, before join the rest of the family till…

_/_ _/_

''Mr. Potter… Mr. Potter, are you listening? MR. POTTER!'' Mrs. Blum´s voice pulled Harry back to reality ''What are you doing there, sitting like a wax statue?'' she asked.

It was Halloween night and Harry Potter found himself siting alone in the porch of his house, contemplating the neighborhood children play trick or threat, collecting candies around the houses, including his.

Early that evening, Ron and Hermione came to his house, to invite him and the children, to go to the burrow, for an especial celebration, as after what happened last year, the Weasley boy decided to throw a huge party, to cheer their parents up. Still, despite of letting his children go with their uncle and aunt, he instead to stay, as he said he need a time alone to think.

''Mrs. Blum!'' he exclaimed surprised ''Nice costume'' he pointed to her devil´s costume, complete with tail and everything.

''You decided to dress as a wax figure, Mr. Potter? And where are the children?''

''The Children went with their uncle and aunt to my In-Laws house for the Halloween party.'' He said ''I didn't few like going, Mrs. Blum… I was thinking about Ginny, a year gone already and I wish I could change time and bring her back'' he said mournful.

''Time doesn't work that way, Mr. Potter'' she patted his shoulder with sympathy. ''Changing the past doesn't change the future.''

''What you mean?'' Harry asked confused looking up to his friend.

''As a wizard, you should know that doesn't matter what we do to change the past, it wont change the future at all, there is nothing you could do, Mr. Potter'' she said ''Now, have a nice evening and go enjoy the Halloween with the children, tell them I said hi.'' With that, she left.

Alone again, Harry smile slightly, Mrs. Blum had been a very good friend the past year and he couldn't help but think she was right, it was time to start enjoy life again, after all, he thought, Ginny would be very upset with him, if she could see him feeling defeated.

This way, following his friend´s advice, Harry put his best robe and me his way to the Burrow, to join the rest of the family, with a light chest and good perspectives for the future.

He just couldn't wait to see the Children´s face when he arrived there by surprise, with a basked of candies jut for them.