Crewmate, there are two impostors among us…

Of the original eleven crewmates:

Fran, Sonoda, and Hiiro have been eliminated. Green, Lime, and Pink.

Seizo, Koko, Takumi, Shiro/Kuro, Mari, Ichiro, and Clara remain. Blue, Red, Black, White, Brown, Orange, and Yellow.

Unbeknownst to the crew, Takahashi, the Cyan suit, has been eliminated

If Pink was indeed one of the impostors, who's the last impostor?

The remaining crewmates - sans Takahashi - sit in the cafeteria, worried.

No one's said it but it's getting pretty clear.

The Ultimate motherfucking Pilot, Jirou Takahashi, isn't reporting to the cafeteria even though Clara pressed the buzzer.

That probably means the Ultimate motherfucking Pilot, Jirou Takahashi, is dead.

But where is the Ultimate motherfucking Pilot, Jirou Takahashi?

Seizo stands up and clears his throat. "Alright, everybody, let's go split up and look for him. Use the announcement function if you find him." he says. "I know he was the worst human being on the planet, but we should at least confirm that he's dead."

Ichiro raises a shaky hand, "S-Sorry, um, you want us to go off on our own?" he asks.

Seizo rolls his eyes, "Of course not," he says. "Seven of us are left, we'll split into three and four." Seizo says smartly. "Sh*ro, T*kumi, K*k*, M*ri, and I will investigate the Weapons side and the four of you will investigate the Reactor side."

"That's five!" Clara protests.

Seizo waves her off, "Please, Clara, I'm in high school. I think I know how to count." he says dismissively. "now, let's move out!"

Clara and Ichiro cling to each other as they wander down the southern hallway from Weapons.

"Please no dead body, please no dead body..." they chant in unison.

Kuro, back in control, rolls his eyes. "So much for 'Long Island Iced Tea for life'." he says, shooting Koko a look.

Koko bristles. "Hey! We don't actually know if he's dead!' she protests. "The testament still stands!"

"The testament still stands even if he's dead." Takumi points out. "What, does the guy automatically stop being our friend when he's six feet under? Where's the friendship in that?" he frowns.

Seizo nods approvingly. "Exactamundo, Kumi-"


Mari's terrified screech fills the hallway between the Upper and Lower Engine.

Without another word, the four of them follow the sound of Mari's disgusting voice and find her in Security.

Takumi grimaces and pulls out his PDA. "Everyone, report to the cafeteria. A body has been discovered."

"So, alibis. Let's get that out of the way first." Seizo says.

Takumi raises his hand. "Actually, the author doesn't remember and no matter how many times she reads the previous chapters, they won't stick in her head so we're going to skip that part and get right to the nitty gritty." he says.

Koko crosses her arms. "We won't be getting to the nitty gritty of anything." she says. "No voting on seven."

Clara blinks. "Pardon?" she asks, confused.

"No voting on seven!" Koko repeats.

Ichiro presses a button on his PDA and everyone turns to look at him.




Everyone presses a button on their PDA.

The remaining crewmates of the HFH Enterprise, Seizo, Takumi, Mari, Koko, Shiro/Kuro, and Clara watch as Ichiro floats away in his orange suit.