"It really is you... Cathy?"

Sam lowered her laser and took a step forward, her face softening. Chris stood still beside her, his mouth open in shock. Both couldn't believe that the alien they're chasing in the whole afternoon is one of their best friends, and she's in her alien form, her true form. Cathy and Sam slowly took a step forward toward each other. Wide gold eyes met blue eyes for a short, split second moment - until...

"Look out!"

A redheaded teenage boy comes running to their direction to push Cathy out of the way, just in time for the blue tube of light to hit him instead of her. The unmorphed aliens near the statue are being hit with the same light and are being dragged to the sky above. Of course, the boy is going with them.

Once the lights disappeared, Chris and Sam looked at their fallen alien friend with concern on their faces.

"Cathy!" they exclaimed together, running to her side and kneeling closer to her.

"Are you okay?" Chris asked first, putting a hand on the alien's back to help her feel comfortable.

"I think so," Cathy replied.

"If you're still here, then who was it that took your place in the light?" Sam wondered.

"I think I know who's that," Chris realized, and the girls have their eyes on him. "It's that boy from Japan with red hair, and he's a delinquent. We've met him this morning."

"Karma... Karma Akabane..." Sam realized who was it that was taken by the light instead of Cathy. "He sacrificed himself for Cathy?"

"I guess so," Chris confirmed the outcome. "He may be a psycho delinquent, but he really is a good person."

These turn of events made Sam feel guilty.

"Sam?" he asked, concern on his face and Cathy has the same expression.

"He's right," she said. "Karma was right. We lost our way as MBC members, and this is proof."

Chris realized what she is talking about. It's about what they did this whole afternoon, chasing after Cathy just because she's in her true form and they didn't recognized her, believing her to be an alien who kidnapped their friend or worse.

Yup, that's proof they have lost their way as MBC members, and they never thought Karma to be proven right on the matter despite his attitude.

"Cathy..." Sam continued, still having guilt on her face.

"Yes, Sam?" her alien friend asked with concern.

"I'm so sorry about not recognizing you in that form and attacking you," she said her apology.

"I'm sorry about that, too," Chris apologized as well.

"Can you forgive us?" she pleaded.

"I already have," Cathy wrapped her tentacles around them for a hug. It's heartwarming and, at the same time, awkward. Sam and Chris felt like they were hugged by not one, but by two tentacles each. This is one thing they will start to get used to.

Feeling better, they let go of the hug, and they stand up from the ground.

"Now let's go fix this mess. We can't let Karma's sacrifice be in vain," Sam declared with energy.

"Right!" Cathy and Chris agreed together.

"I just hope he's okay," the alien girl said with concern.

"Knowing him, I think he's going to be okay, Cathy," Sam reassures her.

"Yeah, he knows about us being MBC members and you being an alien, so I'm sure he's going to be fine," Chris reassures her as well.

"Let's hope so."

The three friends started their run to the clubhouse to think about their next move. As they did, Chris and Sam took notice of Cathy being in fours while running. This is another quality they have to get used to when she's in her true alien form, and so is her having a long, furry tail. Sam felt the need to hold it, but this isn't the time for that now.

For her part, Cathy is just glad to have human friends like them.