Cathy in her human form is one thing, her alien form is something to get used to. When Danny saw her as a mollusk-like alien with tentacles and a furry tail, he is amazed this, even calling her beautiful which made her blush. Considering that he has a large appetite and getting into trouble at school like her, it's quite obvious of how he felt about her. It's mostly the people with common interests who get good compliments.

As they thought about what are they going to do next in the clubhouse, they got a tranmission from the big screen, and it's none other than Karma.

"Karma?" the MBC members, including Elton, are surprised to see him appear on the screen.

"So this is your hideout, huh? A clubhouse... that's impressive," the redheaded teenager said with an impressive smile.

"How did you know where to call us?" Sam asked a question.

"And why aren't you in your cell?" Elton asked next, earning himself glares from three human kids and his cousin who is in her alien form. "Well, he's talking to us from the Commander's ship."

"From the Commander's ship?" Chris repeated, then he realized what that means. "Did you hijack his ship?"

"Yes, I did," Karma replied brightly.

"Are you crazy? We're gonna be in big trouble when the Commander found out what you did!" Sam exclaimed.

"You're afraid of him? Well, you shouldn't be. I taught him a lesson for that rule of his."

"You can't morph, you can't stay on Earth," Elton realized what rule is Karma talking about from Zubin.

"Exactly, and what's your name?" Karma asked him.

"Elton. I'm Cathy's cousin," was his reply.

"Oh, okay. Anyway, I'm going back to Earth. Let's meet up at that statue where you last saw me," Karma suggested their meeting place before turning off the part of his transmission.

"Right, let's go!" Cathy exclaimed with one tentacle raised in the air, and everyone followed her.

Karma got to the Addison Single statue first with Zubin's spaceship. He leaned on the statue with his arms crossed, waiting for the MBC to show up and they did in some vehicle.

"Well, there you are," he said as they got out of the vehicle.

"How did you even hijack a spaceship this big?" Danny asked.

"I got help," was the reply as aliens appeared from behind him.

"They helped you?"

"He inspired us to stand against the Commander for that rule he made," Norman stated.

"So you made a rebellion," Elton realized what it means.

"Yes, I did," Karma said with a smile on his face.

"Impressive. Who knew you could be so charismatic?"

"Okay on topic, who is behind with the aliens losing their morphing ability?" Karma asked the obvious question.

"It's Nossida," Cathy answered. "We all thought he was good, but he's not."

"I see... Do you know where his hideout is?" he asked next.

"We got his location," she replied next.

"Good. Norman, keep the unmorphed aliens occupied. I'm going with them to confront this Nossida alien personally," Karma ordered his blue, lanky alien friend.

"As you wish..." Norman nodded, and he takes command on the unmorphed aliens.

"You sure did a great job making them rebel against the Commander," Sam commented.

"What can I say? I'm a mastermind," Karma admitted.

In no time, Elton is able to create a portal to where Nossida's secret hideout is, and Karma goes along with the MBC to stop that alien while Norman keeps the unmorphed aliens in line.

Once they go there, they confront Nossida himself. It is revealed that he's making the aliens unmorphed to fulfill his father's legacy of having them live free without having to disguise themselves as humans. He is the son of Addison Single.

"Okay, Nossida if you want to have a world where aliens can be in their true forms without having to disguise themselves, what would you do when the Commander tries capturing those aliens for that?" Karma asked.

"Well, I... um..." Nossida tries to think of an answer to the question which leaves him confused.

"Wow, he got him confused," Cathy said with an awe.

"And all it took is a single question for that to happen," Sam couldn't agree more.

"Looks like you didn't think for that to happen. I saw what happened in his spaceship when I sacrificed myself for Cathy. I saw the unmorphed aliens inside, and I freed them by having them rebel against the Commander," Karma told them about what he did.

"It seems to me that you and I are not so different after all," Nossida grinned, being impressed with what that human did.

"At least I did better, unlike you."

Karma and Nossida are glaring at each other for a few seconds before the former reaches for his BB gun to shoot the alien in front of him. Nossida flies away from the seat.

"He's getting away!" Cathy exclaimed before something fast stops his escape.

"No, he isn't," Karma said with a knowing smile on what stopped him.

Anyway, he let the MBC capture him to stop his plans once and for all.

Despite this, there's one that isn't fulfilled yet.

"I still can't morph!" Cathy exclaimed.

"Oh don't worry, I have that fixed already," Karma reassured her.

"You do?"

"Yes, may I see that flower on your wrist?"

"My Forever Flower? Why?"

"Just do it."

As she raised her tentacle where the flower is, he immediately removes it from her wrist. In an instant, she's back to her human form.

"I'm back! I can morph again!" Cathy exclaimed happily.

"Sure you can, Cathy," Danny said, being happy for her.

"So you knew all along she can't morph from the Forever Flower?" Sam asked.

"Then why didn't tell me this before?" Cathy asked next.

"Because you should have some time in that form as well, not just in your human form. Do you think you can be in your human form for the rest of your life?" Karma stated his reason.

"Well, I... uh..." the blonde girl can't think of an answer.

"That's what I thought," the redheaded boy said with a smirk on his face. "You being chased by these two could have been avoided if you showed them your true form before you founded the Monster Buster Club," he said the statement, pointing his thumb at Sam and Chris who looked ashamed for their action of chasing and attacking their own friend without recognizing her when she's in her true alien form.

"He's right about that, Cathy," Elton joins in.

"Okay okay, I'll have some time in that form," Cathy said in exasperation. She couldn't believe her cousin have the guts to tell her off about not showing her true form to her human friends before forming the MBC.

"For your first time aiding us, you sure took well in seeing real aliens," Chris commented.

"Let's just say I got used to sci-fi horror, and I have a yellow octopus for a teacher," Karma replied nonchalantly.

The moment he said that, the same force that stopped Nossida showed up. It's a yellow octopus wearing a black academic dress.

"Ready to go, Karma?" Korosensei asked.

"In a while, teach," the redheaded boy said before turning to the group.

"I guess this is goodbye, huh?" Elton realized.

"Come visit us again," Cathy suggested.

"I will," Karma promised.

"It's a shame that you'll never get to see what my true alien form is like," Elton said with confidence.

"On the contrary..." Karma puts the Forever Flower on his wrist, and the redheaded alien is forcibly transformed into his alien form. "I can see it right now."

"How did you do that? I was wearing my anti-morph pajamas!"

With a smirk on his face, Karma reveals the anti-morph pajamas in his hands.

"How did you took off my pajamas while I wasn't looking?!" Elton demanded while looking embarrassed at his pajamas being removed without him knowing it.

The only reply he got from the redheaded human is his tongue sticking out which means he will never know. The MBC, including Cathy, laughed at that very moment.

"Who knew this guy can be a trickster?" Danny said amusingly, and Elton removed the flower from his wrist to change himself back to his human form.

"Well, I gotta get going now," Karma said as he turned to Norman next. "Take care of yourself and your family, Norman."

"Oh, I will, Karma," his alien friend who is now in his human form replied with a smile on his face, especially when he has his family by his side.

Karma runs up to Korosensei, and the latter wraps him with his robes as they leave Singletown.

The MBC and the good aliens will never forget his part in saving their town from Nossida.

Author's Note: That concludes the story. As for what Elton's alien form is like, I'll leave it in your imagination. I'd rather not type down on what is it like in my perspective.