When Principal Celestia married the Great Flash Magnus, they banished all the villains to the other side of the city to the worst school, Crystal Prep. No discipline. No rules. Nothing. Not one person. Now, you are about to meet me. My name is Sunset Shimmer and I am the daughter of King Sombra and Principal Cinch, the 2 worst villains in all of Canterlot. This is my personal diary and you have just met me. Well, let's meet my 3 best friends. Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Wallflower Blush. Rainbow Dash is the daughter of Wind Rider. Wallflower Blush is the daughter of Queen Chrysalis and Rarity, well, she's the daughter of Discord. Well, our story starts at Crystal Prep, where the first step of villany started and the place where our lives changed.