Things did not turn out well for me and Twilight. After she had calmed down, she stormed up to me. "Sunset Shimmer! How dare you steal my boyfriend!"

I looked at Twilight. I was trying to control my temper. Keep its lid tight. But I couldn't take it. I yelled, "What did I do to you?! Honestly, I don't even know you!"

Twilight glared at me. "Yeah, exactly! And now everyone knows you're... You're from the other side of... OF CANTERLOT!"

"Whoa!" I cried, surprised. "I didn't do anything! He just... fell for me. Anyway, I'm sure Blueblood will love you. You're just perfect for him."

"Oh really, Sunset Shimmer?" sneered Twilight. "Then why don't you prove it." she hissed.

"Oh, Rarity said Blueblood's looking for someone with beautiful purple hair. Like you," I said, trying to be friendly. "Go on."

"I'll give him a try," said Twilight, stalking out of the dorm.

Applejack came in. "Wow." she said. "She's angry. As angry as a bull on a rodeo, ah say."