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"Don't go," Sam grabbed her brother's arm as she caught him swinging his leg over the balcony.

"I have to go Sam, I promised," Tom said, trying to shake his sister's hand off.

"Mom will find out, we'll drop this cover and head for the hills. Then you'll never see your girlfriend again," Sam said.

"Look mom is busy with the whole party thing, she might not notice… I don't know Sam, I just have to go see her, she'll worry if I don't show up," Tom said.

"I'll worry if you go. I have a bad feeling about this," Sam said quietly. "Please."

"God Sam, just let go, just let me go! I've spent my whole life in this train wreck of protection because you just couldn't keep your mouth shut! You owe me this." Tom said, his sister had scared him and he reacted by hurting her. It worked.

Sam withdrew her hand as if she had been stung. "Then go."

He looked at his sister, wishing he could take it back, wishing he could make their lives fair. But he couldn't so he climbed the balcony, leaving his sister all alone.


"You made it!" Cassie threw her arms around him.

"Yeah, a little worse for wear, I had to climb some fences…" Tom said.

That brought reality crashing back real fast. "Oh Tom, what are we going to do? Can you even go back? Should we run away together?" Cassie asked, some part of her still clinging to some romantic notion of adventure.

Tom sank down next to Cory's headstone, "Come here Cass," he opened his arms to her and she settled between them. "I have to go back, I owe it to mom and Sam… And I wouldn't want you to live a life on the run, I can tell you, it's no fun at all."

"But… But what if we can't see each other anymore?" Cassie asked.

"Then this is goodbye."


"He's gone," Sam said, joining her mother in the kitchen, about an hour after her brother had sneaked out.

"What do you mean?" Chris asked, knowing the answer even as she asked the question.

"He sneaked out again," Sam said, not meeting her mother's eyes.

"I should've seen this coming…" Chris said, shaking her head.

"You trusted him, even after he sneaked out, you still trusted him," Sam said, angry at her mother even though she could not really say why.

Chris didn't respond, just went to the intercom and broadcasted across the entire house. "Epsilon."

"Bubba will take care of you, I'll go fetch your wayward brother," Chris said, giving her daughter a quick hug.


Tom saw four men entering the graveyard down below. Their suits were well tailored… They'd have to be to conceal the holsters he had no doubt they were carrying.

"Cass, give me your phone, run to the back to the graveyard and hide," Tom said, his tones clipped and tense.

"What?" Cassie looked confused.

"Now Cass! Those guys mean business. Give me your phone and hide," Tom said, never taking his eyes off of the guys walking up the slope. They had seen them and were heading directly towards Tom and Cassie.

"But…" Cassie said, even as she fumbled in her bag for her phone. "What about you?"

"I'll take care of me, you take care of you," he snatched the phone out of her hand and gave her a gentle shove down the other side of the hill.

He dialled the number he had memorised since he was just five years old.

"Tom?" His mother asked.

"I've got four hostiles and no way out that won't get me killed. I am going to surrender. I have no tracking device on me," Tom hurried his words as the goons were nearly on him.

"I'm coming for you," Chris said, hitting the gas and hitting her own alarm button so the guys at the house would know to get Sam to safety and another team would assemble to help her get Tom out.

"I love you mom," were the last words out of Tom's mouth before the phone was ripped away from him.


Chris didn't allow herself a single moment of weakness. She dialled Bubba as soon as the connection with Tom had cut out.

"Tom's taken, I'm going to get him out. They'll be coming after Sam, keep her safe," Chris informed him. "Have they scrambled the teams?"

"Affirmative, your team's ETA is 20 minutes. I promise to keep our girl safe, Bubba out."

Chris crashed her SUV through the graveyard gates.


Sam heard the alarm and before she had time to think about what that meant she was swarmed by the undercover agents and hustled into one of the three armoured cars that pulled up. "Is Tom alright?" she asked as Bubba pulled a flack vest over her head.

"Chris's got him," he said.


"Well this can't be right..." One of the phone operators said as she finished a call.

"What?" TC asked, just passing by.

"Reports are coming in about a car in a graveyard and shots fired... What is this world coming to? A graveyard!" The operator said.

TC immediately had a bad feeling about this. "Any reports on who's involved?"

"None sir," the operator said.

"Tell all available units to meet me there."


They were stacked into a tiny cottage, Sam felt like pacing her nerves were shot. But there was no room to pace with the twelve agents in there with her. A thirteenth was just coming back in, putting his phone back into his pocket.

"They recommend baby duck," the young man said.

Bubba nodded, baby duck was the code name for a diversionary tactic, three female agents dressed up like Sam would exit the house, each guarded by a contingent of agents while Sam would stay in the house with just two agents. It was a good plan right now when the number of guns didn't matter but mobility was key.

"I'll stay with her," Bubba said, to Sam's relief. It'd be good to have one familiar face around her at least.

"No, they know you, they know you'd never leave the girl," the young man said. "Johnson and I will stay."

Bubba hesitated for a moment. He knew the other agent was right, but all his instincts were screaming at him to stay with Sam. Finally he nodded again. "OK."

It didn't take long for the teams to move out. Leaving Sam all alone with the two unfamiliar agents.

"Stay down kid, we want whoever is still watching this place to think it's abandoned. We'll go out through the basement when we get the all-clear from mission Ops. And don't worry, Roland and I will take good care of you," Johnson said.

And then Roland shot Johnson in the face.


Chris had shot two of them before they even got their guns out. She didn't bother to look for her son, she had trained him well enough to know when to get down. The two other goons had taken cover behind some headstones and were shooting at her.

Good, let them spend their bullets here, she thought. At least they're not shooting at Tom. She drove the mangled car up the hill as fast as it would go, keeping the men who held her son distracted so he could creep away to some cover while she tried to hit them with her gun or car, either would do.


Cassie had been trying to move to the gate as stealthily as she could when the car came flying through and started spewing bullets. She cowered behind some bushes, hoping her dad would come save her. The body of one of the dead men was rolling down the hill, slowly at first, faster as it gained momentum.

She figured he still had to be armed...


Sam screamed and dove forward. Roland had expected her to cower or hide or at least be in shock, so for a moment he was overpowered and she wrenched the gun from his hand and tossed it across the room.

Roland managed to her arm in a lock but she kicked at his kneecap. He screamed and pushed her off, cursing himself for forgetting she was a trained martial artist. He dove towards his gun and managed to point it and pull the trigger just as the girl was jumping him again.


Cassie watched in horror as Chris drove over a headstone and the man hiding behind it. She didn't even slow down! But then the last of the four men who had come for Tom grabbed the boy by the hair and dragged him upright, holding a gun to his temple.

Chris abruptly stopped and got out of the car, almost absentmindedly putting a bullet into the mostly dead guy who was still hanging on the back of her car.

"Just give it up," Chris said.

"Screw that!" And aimed the gun at Chris, shooting her just a moment later. Tom took advantage of this distraction. He planted his elbow into the guys ribcage and dove behind Cory's headstone for cover.

Cassie shot, she was crying as she did it but she shot. Her father appeared out of nowhere and actually hit the guy.


His aim was too low, he hit her in the hip. The blow of Sam landing on him jarred the gun from his hand again. Her hands went for his neck and started squeezing. He tried to dislodge her, he tried to claw her hands from his throat, he tried to plead. And then he died.


In a hospital, in a cleared and thoroughly secured wing, TC, Tom and Cassie waited to hear about Chris and Sam.


In a hospital, in a cleared and thoroughly secured wing, Sam and Chris where wheeled out of surgery. They were immediately rolled to the back exit and loaded into ambulances.

Bubba, still covered in Sam's blood from when he carried her out of the supposedly safe house, put his hand on Tom's shoulder. "It's time."

Tom looked at Cassie and didn't know what to say. He had risked everything for her and his sister and mother had paid the price, but so had Cassie.

"Tell your mother that she can take as long as she needs, she'll always have a friend in me," TC said.

Tom nodded at him, then gave Cassie a nod and then he walked away.

TC put his arm around his crying daughter.

The End

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