A.N. (4/28/21) - So... I have some kinda bad news.

I'm going to be changing several parts of this story, and one of the major changes will be that I'm removing all aspects of Persona in it. Basically, this is going to only be a DNAngel story from now on.

Not to say that it doesn't exist in the universe anymore, but I'll be shifting my focus from a DNAngel/Persona crossover to just a DNAngel story.

See the bottom for spoilers on the in-universe explanation for how this is so.

The reason why I'm doing this is that I don't want to focus too much attention on the Persona side of things. I'll see if I get back to it sometime later once I flesh out my SI in the DNAngel universe.

And yes, Nagi will eventually get involved with the Persona side of things again. But not for a while now.

Because of this, I'm starting a new story where the rest of Nagi's adventures will continue. Check it out if you still want to read about Nagi's adventures with Daisuke and everyone else.

And with that, this is the official end of Lost Artworks in the Moonlit Hour. Thank you for enjoying this up to now, and if you're still interested, check out its sort of sequel/soft reboot.

EDIT: New story is posted, check it out under the title [Lost Artworks].

In-Universe Explanation for Why Persona Won't Be Mentioned Anymore:

During the events of PQ (which I haven't quite figured out yet), Nagi somehow gets rid of the Dark Hour in his time, causing all the memories associated with it to be erased from his mind. This is similar to what happens at the end of P3.

Takuto Maruki moves away during his third year at Azumano.

Any memories relating to Persona stuff, like Nagi's memories of Misaki or his meeting with Daisuke, will be modified so that they will fit this new version of reality without the Dark Hour.

Note that the Dark Hour only no longer exists in Azumano.

Nagi loses his powers relating to Persona.

The mysterious being who talks to Nagi won't appear for a while anymore.