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Royal Woods, Michigan, a quiet town in the Midwest. The early Monday sun was just barely over the horizon as the denizens began to awaken. We witness the dilapidated structure known as the Loud House as the occupants begin to rise from their slumber. The first to awake being the 20-year-old Leni Loud as she shuffled out of her room in a sleepy stupor and into the bathroom, ready for a nice hot shower to start her day. Despite her potential, she willingly chose to attend community college, so she can better care for her younger siblings. With 3 years of experience, she hit it off very well, being a strict but very fair, and fun, caretaker to the younger girls, and male.

Soon, a couple of the other sisters would leave their rooms as a small line formed. The 18-year-old Luan Loud, who was just barely awake at all, was the first in line. A high-school senior on her way to graduating, she still continued her comedy routines but recently has been leaning more towards the performance stage arts. While her puns have gotten much better, she usually does not overdo them like she used to, much to the relief of her family.

The 12-year-old Lucy was right behind her. While still a goth with an interest in the macabre, she was steadily stepping out of that phase as she began to explore more interests. From comics to world history and even video games. If anything, she only still looks like a goth simply because she's obsessed with the fashion style of it. Luckily the other goths have accepted this and still remained her friends. Additionally, she became rather developed for her age over the years, already having a B-Cup chest, much to the envy of the resident athlete and rocker. And speaking of said rocker.

Behind her were the 19-year-old Luna, a natural-born musician, and the total wildcard of the family. She's loud, energetic, brash, a huge fanatic of Anglo culture. She is currently in a band named the Moon Goats alongside her friends, which while it's still a small-time band, the taste of fame often goes to her head as she's gotten older. The caused her to cast aside the need for college and banking her hopes on becoming a famed musician. Unfortunately, this led to some... minor issues.

Soon the other Louds would leave the comfort of their rooms to ready themselves. The somewhat mellow but still brash and rude 17-year-old Lynn Jr, the twins, 10-year-old Lana and Lola. The young and energetic 5-year-old Lily would soon come sprinting from her shared room with Leni, already bouncing in place due to really having to relieve herself. Noticing the agony the youngest sibling is in, everyone allowed her to cut to the very front of the line right as Leni emerged from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel for her body and her hair.

"All yours sweetie," she said to her baby sister in her usual cheerful tone. Not having to be told twice, the young girl dashed in as fast as she could much to everyone's amusement. Only two remained unaccounted as Leni did a headcount. "Can someone be a dear and wake Lincoln and Lisa. I can't be late for my classes nor do I want them to be as well, thaaaank you." Leaving the sisters to themselves to debate among themselves who should wake them, they were soon distracted by what can only be described as a very soothing melody of Chinese origin. Emerging from his converted linen closet was the only brother among them, Lincoln Loud, playing a traditional melody on his recently acquired erhu.

His shoulder-length white hair tied in a ponytail as he cheerfully smiled at the girls. "Morning everyone." the 15-year-old said with a voice that is almost through puberty, before noticing Luna glaring at him. "Morning Luna." he said with indifference ceasing his music, much to Luan, Lucy, and Lola's dismay, only receiving a grunt of annoyance from his older sister. Over the years, the sole brother of the Loud siblings became entranced in traditional Eastern Asian music and even began producing music of such, much to Luna's frustration on account she feels he's "Invading her territory" as she puts it. The two siblings have not been on decent speaking terms because of this, due to her own jealousy over the younger musician, who had already amassed a decent-sized following all on his own.

Even though things gradually calmed down, there was still ongoing tension between the two. At one point they even had to enact the Sibling Fight Protocol, renaming it once it became clear that even the patient and composed Lincoln could lose his temper and hold quite the grudge, much to his dismay. He felt it'd cause more problems than it could fix, a sentiment that even Lucy and Lynn shared. Lisa even went as far as to get rid of the entire thing and urge her parents to settle things like parents should, to no avail. Soon he resumed playing as he carried on his way down the stairs. When the tense air finally clearing, Lucy volunteered to wake her younger sister, seeing as no one else was even considering it, and Luan still wasn't fully aware of her surroundings.

Lucy entered the young genius's room and flipped the light switch on. "Lisa dear, it's time to get up!" she said in a motherly tone, to no response. As she grew, Lucy gradually mellowed out and began showing a more affectionate side of her that the others were surprised to witness over time. And while she behaved in a more mature manner now, she was more affectionate and motherly towards Lisa for reasons she never got into. "Lisa..?" She said as she approached her bed and pulled back the sheets, only to find a miserable and pouting Lisa, looking quite defiant and refusing to get out of bed.

"Lisa, you're going to be late for school, everyone's lined up waiting to get ready." "Good, maybe if I'm really lucky I'll miss school completely." the 8-year-old said in a bitter tone. "Why's that, sweetie? I thought you enjoyed learning." Lucy says as she sits on the edge of the bed, stroking Lisa's hair to help calm her down. "I have multiple degrees, I've done presentations for some of the world's greatest minds, and yet the fact I still have to attend that hooligan playground you call school is an abomination," Lisa said seething, her once radiant blue eyes now filled with malice.

"I see, school hasn't been treating you well, huh." "It's not only the fact a genius like me was stuck learning how to color and sing my ABCs back in the day, at least those moments used to be fun when Darcy was there..." "Darcy isn't there anymore? What happened?" Lucy asked, more concerned now.

Lisa grew visibly upset, the air in the room becoming unsettling. "Those confounded bullies, and the idiotic, corrupt principal and teachers who only care about sweeping everything under the rug to preserve their good image to the public. Meanwhile, people like me suffer so much bullying, and Darcy the poor dear got so depressed and hurt, her parents had to pull her out to homeschool her." a deep scowl on her face before she calmed down quickly, her expression becoming downcast.

Lucy felt heartbroken to see her sister so broken from school. "And even worse, I lost her number when the bullies broke my previous phone, she probably thinks I'm avoiding her," Lisa added as she cried. Lucy laid beside her, hugging her sister to comfort her. "I know things are rough, but they'll get better. Tell you what, after school, we'll help you find her number and you two can get back in touch. Then we could do whatever you'd like after that. But first I just need you to get out of bed, okay?" Lucy said, trying to console her as best she could.

"Fine... I'll do as you say. Best I get this over with as soon as possible, at least I'll have something to look forward to after the daily torture is over with." Lisa said, hopping out of bed and proceeding to head out into the hall to find her place in line at the bathroom.

"Sigh... What has become of the school system, and here I thought I caught it rough being a goth at her age." Lucy thought to herself, shaking her head and wondering what more could be done, but for now, she had to get herself ready as well as she followed Lisa into the hallway. Eventually, the usual chaos during the bathroom rush was beginning to brew, what with Luan taking her time now. Because of her quick thinking, Lucy managed to defuse everything with a compromise that Lisa, Lana, and Lola, albeit the latter with hesitation, agreed to, as all four siblings rushed inside once Luan emerged, deciding to share the bathroom all at once to finish faster. Not the easiest thing to do when Lana refused to bathe and promptly had to be held down by both Lucy and Lisa while Lola scrubbed her down.

Once the bathroom rush and the proceeding breakfast chaos was done and over, everyone, with the exception of Luna, got dressed appropriately for the early spring weather and headed out the door where a sky blue 2005 Honda Civic and a white 1986 Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-Apex sat together in the driveway. During preparations for community college, Leni assumed it was better to get her own ride finally especially with Vanzilla eventually being decommissioned. Luckily for her, she was able to set up a great deal to get her hands on a used gunmetal grey 2005 Honda Civic that was about 5 years old but still in moderate condition. While there were some issues with it, Lana was able to fix it up, and, to her family's surprise, Leni was able to pick up everything Lana explained. To this day the now sky blue car has been single-handedly maintained by the ditzy blond.

Meanwhile, Lincoln's car was gifted to him by Mr. Nakamura, whom he extensively worked for last summer. Once Lincoln was able to obtain his license, he began working very hard to make extra money, even going as far as helping out the Casagrandes and their neighbors during his visits to Great Lakes City when visiting Lori or Ronnie Anne. His summer-long effort paid off when Mr. Nakamura happily gave him his old car, stating how at this point, he's too old to keep such a machine, and would rather give it to a young lad, than to let it sit in a dusty old garage at his relative's place. Despite its age, Lana and Leni were able to replace all of its old parts, making it run far better than all the newest cars on the market.

"So.." Lincoln began whilst buttoning up his white sports jacket over his orange polo. "As it is each day, who's riding with who?" "Must you ask that each time?" "Yeah we always go with the same drivers each day." came the twins' snarky comments, glaring at the white-haired teen. Putting up his hands in defense before shrugging it off and heading over and inside the Trueno, Lincoln began his car before shouting over to his usual group.

"Alright you lot, hop in." Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily all climbed into Lincoln's car, Lisa climbing into the passenger seat. But before the twins and Lily can complain, Lucy quickly shushed them, before climbing in the back. While it became common knowledge that the passenger seat is comfier than it looks, Lisa just wanted to sit there to be closer to Lincoln; Often blushing when looking in his direction before averting her eyes to avoid his gaze. Her older brother gave her a soft smile before patting her head and driving off. "Seeya in P.E. Lynn!" he shouted out the window. The athletic sports girl gave a big grin, already eager for a decent sparring match during P.E as she got into Leni's car along with Luan, ready for a boring day with an enjoyable ending.

With all of her siblings gone for the morning and her parents on a honeymoon vacation, Luna had the whole house to herself and proceeded over to the sofa. "Finally, now to just sit back and relax-huh?" Before she could even sit down, she noticed a note on the door. "Oh please don't tell me..." Snatching it off the door she noticed it was Leni's handwriting and read out loud

"Hi Luna; Since Mom and Dad are out for the next 4 days along with the rest of us not arriving home until the evening, I have provided you with a list of chores to do around the house. I expect at least half of them to be done by the time we return home, otherwise, I will have to punish you, 3 Leni Loud PS, No friends, no exceptions." "Great... Lori 2.0 pulls me down once more." As much as Luna adored her sister, she still couldn't stand the idea her airheadedness has almost phased out and replaced with more authority, no doubt from her Supervisory Manager position at Reininger's. "Well may as well save the easiest for last" Grabbing a duster, she got to work right away, not very eager to tick off Leni after what happened the first time she pushed her luck.

As Lincoln drove down the street, the atmosphere was quite pleasant. "Hey, move over you're on my side!" Lola bickered. "Hey, I'm just trying to hear this baby roar down the street. I installed a new exhaust yesterday so I wanna listen to it better!" Lana replied, though not to anyone's surprise or annoyance, as most of them giggled at the twins going at their usual shenanigans. Lily was amazed as always to see the sights, as Lincoln would usually take different routes just to give everyone something new to look at or to spend more time together if they were ahead of schedule.

"Hey Lincoln, would you mind driving us around a bit after school today?" Lucy asked. "Oh sure, anything for you guys! Lemme guess, you wanna go to the Burpin' Burger huh?" Lincoln replied. Lucy let out a quick "No..." but was overlapped by everyone else shouting "YES!". "Ahem, well yes, but that's not the main reason." "Aww!" The twins and Lily said in disappointment. "Hehe don't worry you guys, I promise we'll have a good meal later!" Lincoln added, much to their delight. "I'll tell you more later, but trust me it'd really make your sister's day," Lucy added, as Lisa managed to crack a soft smile as she sensed her brother looking at her. "Anything she wants, I've got it covered!" he said, filling Lisa with a sense of warmth. After that, the mood began to lift overall, as the siblings all continued to converse about various topics during their drive. They had so much fun chatting together, that before they knew it, they were nearing the school.

After the cheerful and uplifting chat during the ride, Lisa's mood improved more. Even if today might end on a bad note, she still has many things to look forward to. Bidding a short-term farewell to Lana, Lola, and Lily,. Lucy quickly pulled her aside. "Remember Lisa, if anything at all happens, please let me know okay sweetie? I'll do all I can to get you home for today." Signing, the young genius gave a big inhale, calming her nerves as she was still on edged. "Right, Hopefully, it won't come to that," she said, giving her older sister a smile, receiving a pat on the head. "That's the way, I'll see you after lunch." The two would split off to prepare for the day. Once getting to her locker, the young scientist began her usual preparations.

Opening a small panel on her locker, she inputs a passcode which revealed a scanner. Ever since a few unruly classmates broke into her locker, she began taking her personal security very seriously. Lifting up her glasses, the device scanned her eye before the lock released. "Least I can still rely on this." As she collected her supplies, she inhaled just ever so slightly through her nose before grimacing in pure disgust, her body shaking a little as her breath shuddered, muttering under her breath. "Why now...why did it have to be now..." her sensitive nose picking up a very familiar scent. Turning around, she sees the two girls, one tall and the other short, she's really not in the mood to deal with.

Becky and Tammy. Many of the student body sees them as many things. Well off, very pretty, and even quite talented and smart. But to the Louds, they are the meanest girls to ever grace the school. To make matters worse, because of their wealth, their parents have enough influence around town, and Principal Huggins, being the spineless old man he is, does nothing to cease their bullying. It's because of their actions in fact, that drove Darcy to a nervous breakdown and had to be pulled from the school by her parents, but not before the Helmandollars said some very unsavory things to the principal.

The endless inaction is the core reason behind the suffering for most of the girls of Royal Woods Elementary, but as of recent, their favorite target has been Lisa for a while. Either it was her abnormal intelligence, her short stature, or her general mannerism, the young girl could never figure out. All she knows is how much she abhors the two wannabe divas. Looking up at the two girls with a look that can kill one thousand times over, she hissed in a very venomous tone. "What do you both want now?!" "Like, is that any way to talk to school mates Lisa, we just wanted to say hi for once." the taller one said. Rebecca "Becky" Anderson, despite being just barely 10 years old, was pretty tall for her age. A head flowing with long red hair, suggesting an Irish or Scottish ancestry, she was considered one of the prettiest girls in the school.

"Yeah we just wanted to see how our favorite troll been doing." the shorter, dark-skinned girl said in repetition. Tammy Roberts was a lot shorter than her friend, only being a head taller than Lisa. In terms of looks, she was more average looking but due to being better wealthy, she was allowed in Becky's clique and quickly became her best friend. Lisa simply huffed in annoyance before collecting her things and walking off. "Well I'm doing fine, now if you excuse me I have a class to attend." But before she can get far, the neck of her sweater was grabbed and she found herself yanked back against a locker door, pinned by Becky. "No one told you to walk away while we're talking to you." "YEAH!" "Now listen here Troll, our grades have been slipping a little, and we heard from some gossip that you will be able to assist us."

Her face showing an expression of disinterest "And pray tell on how you believe I would assist?." Lisa monotoned. Leaning down and placing an arm around the short girl, Becky continued. "So, You just need to change our grades is all." "Her dad says she needs A's and B's." Tammy was quick to interrupt before a glare from Becky told her not to do that again. "As my friend was saying, I'm getting D's and F's in subjects I don't have time for. So you just need to change my grades."

Sighing as she deadpan, she repeated. "I ask again, In which again, how you believe I would assist?."

Beaming, she went into further details. "Okay so, like, you just have to hack the school records since someone told me how good you are with computers, and then-" she was quickly interrupted. "No, I mean WHY would you believe I'll help a neanderthal like you?." Lisa exclaimed, her anger beginning to show, as Becky looked at her surprised and recoiling back. "Wha-"

Once more the bully was interrupted. "Have it occurred to you that I wish to not associate with you in any manner?" Pushing herself free from the taller girl, she continued her rant. "Let me remind you of our previous encounter last Friday, where you believed it was 'comedy gold' to leave me strung by the collar of my shirt on the coat racks in the gymnasium. Had it not been for the custodian, I would have been locked in that fungal infested sweatbox!" Calming herself down, she began to walk away. "So if you want help, you should have thought that maybe, juuuust maybe, you shouldn't bully the smartest student in this school."

Before she can step farther, the taller girl grabbed the genius by her hair, before pulling her back towards her, all the while Lisa struggled in vain to get her to let go. "Oh no, you don't." "You're hurting me.." "YOU Don't make the demands, I Do, And I'll be damned if I let a fat little troll like you boss me around thinking 'Oh I'm so smart, I can do what I want.' So don't think you can talk back to me, understand!" she hissed, her outburst catching the attention of a few bystanders who decided not to intervene.

The young brunette continued to struggle, falling to her knees, her hair getting tugged even harder. "I Said do you understand!?." As much as she didn't want to, Lisa accepted the fact she'll have to swallow her pride if she wants to get out of this situation, but before she could speak, unexpected help arrived.

"Say hey there, What be this tish." Everyone looked towards the source of the voice, Becky and Tammy blanching at the new arrival, whereas Lisa was relieved but she didn't show it on the outside. "I've arrived just as I hear the commotion, And true enough, I see the a'll typical Becky and Tammy." His accent a thick heavy British. His hazel eyes looking in disappointment at the two girls, before noticing and recognizing the girl they were harassing. "You two really do be a glutton for punishment," he said under his breath.

The boy was dressed in black dress pants and matching loafers. A beige dress shirt with a black tie, his long black messy hair somehow complimenting his overall appearance. A look on his face that screams 'I want to die' with his dark rings only adding to it. What also stood out was a noticeable scar on the left side of his neck.

Taking advantage of their stunned silence, Lisa tugged back with strength she forgot she had, her shoulder-length hair becoming more unkempt than it was before as most of her strands were pulled from the root once freeing herself, causing discomfort in the process.

Giving the two bullies a hateful glare, a noticeable twitch in her left eye, she began a tirade "I won't comply with you neanderthals ever! Not with how you been treating me for the past year." she quickly calmed her breathing before she continued. "Put in the effort yourself and you may learn more than orally stimulating the mentula of a pedophile in your backyard! Yes, I'm fully aware of what you do over the weekends," she ended before approaching the older boy, staring up at him. The two simply exchanging glances for a moment, her blue eyes now cold and indifferent, and his judgmental eyes.

Sighing, she broke the silence between them. "I thank you Luigi..," she said averting her eyes, her shame preventing her from looking at her intellectual rival in the eyes.

Luigi Lombardi. Born and raised in London, before he, and his family, moved to the States. Generally, disinterest in everything, he developed a passion for Science in his younger years and as a result became a fierce rival and friend of Lisa. Currently, he serves as the Hall Monitor and works as an assistant to both the Principal and Vice-Principal despite being only 12 years old. Include the fact that he's quite a strong kid and there is a reason even bullies are afraid to encounter him in the halls. However, due to this being his last year as a student of Royal Woods Elementary, the bullies have become bolder.

"You need to do bett'r in these confrontations. Especially with this brass," he whispered to her. "I'll keep that in mind." she whispered back before glaring at the girls again. "With that said and done. I'll be seeing you never." With her mind at ease, she continued on her way. Remembering Lucy's advice during the ride to school, Lisa began to mutter her mantra. "Today is going to be a happy one, today is going to be a happy one.".

The boy continued standing there before he handed both Becky and Tammy citations. "This is your final warnin'. Cause trouble again and it's the bird. Daddy will be proud." he mocked as he stepped away to attend his duties.

Once out of sight, the tall redhead began having quite the tantrum. "UUUGH WHO DOES THAT FAT TROLL THINK SHE IS! I swear when I get my hands on that THING.." "Calm down girl, we'll worry about her later. Especially since I might have a plan anyway." "OH Then tell me, WHAT is it!" "Weeell". Huddled together, the two would giggle a bit maliciously, with Becky having a big smile. "Wow that would be perfect for the troll. But how will we even do it." "You just leave that to me. I have my ways of getting a plan put together. All I need are the others." the two girls continued to converse before they split off to do their own things, setting up the means to ruin the day of the genius.

Lisa continued to repeat her mantra to herself despite the chaos happening all around her. She mainly kept to herself, ignoring all the gossip around her and all the jeering comments. No matter how much she tries to make sense of it, she still cannot comprehend why everyone seems so hostile towards her. Is it because she's short for her age? Are they nasty towards her because of their obsession with health? No, it couldn't be that; a couple of the students in her class are obese whereas she's simply a little pudgy. She was so lost in thought she didn't realize her name was being shouted by the teacher before the teacher had to slam a book onto her desk, startling her. "GAAH!.. huh?" Frighten, she looked up before making eye contact with a pair of heterochromia eyes, belonging to her chubby teacher, dressed in her fancy formal attire. "Welcome back. At first, I thought I had to contact NASA to establish close contact." The teacher said in a jovial manner, arms crossed, her Italian accent prominent. "Hehe..sorry Ms. Almedio, I have so much on my mind.." Lisa replied, feeling a little embarrassed, her comment only causing laughter among the students.

"Okay class settle down." The class continued laughing at Lisa's expense but the teacher wasn't having it. "SILENZIO!" she loudly shouted, slamming the heaviest book she has on her own desk. The class soon became silent right away. "As I was saying, Lisa, solve for X.," the chubby woman said, revealing the math problem on the board to the little girl who finally noticed it. If Lisa had to be honest, Ms. Almedio has proven to be one of the few teachers she openly admires. A tough but fair woman who rather challenge her students than giving them an easy time. On the chubby side and dark-skinned along with a head of chocolate brown hair and heterochromia eyes, one amber, the other a light blue, she is quite the looker. Ms. Almedio also possessed an intellect that even surpasses her own; suffice to say, Lisa has nothing but respect for the woman.

Studying the complex equation presented on the board and quickly doing the calculations in her head, she came up with her answer. "The answer is 14 ma'am." "That's correct, excellent Lisa. You solved that one in approximately 3.14 seconds." While the pun was unintentional it did get a giggle out of Lisa although a groan from the class.

"Of course SHE solves it, you really expect NORMAL kids like us to answer that!" came the voice of a blond girl. "Yeah we're not a nerdy freak like her!" a black-haired boy said, visibly upset, though not as much as Lisa was becoming. "And who's fault is that?" came Ms. Almedio's harsh comment. "Class, need I remind you, this IS 3rd-grade material here. The fact you lot are struggling suggests your own intelligence is rather average which I find lacking. If you want to pass this grade then you need to push past the limits of your mental acuity." the class glared in response. "And don't even get me started on your actions. You have the brightest child in this entire school among you and you never bother to ask for a study session. What does that tell me hmm?" All the students were silent, not knowing how to answer.

"That what I thought.." the woman said in a stern tone, a very small hint of venom, before writing down the next equations. "These are going to be harder ones. You either get it right or I'll be forced to give you extra work that can better teach you. You are to write down your answers along with how you solved them. You have 5 minutes. Begin." With gusto the class began working and to no surprise to anyone, Lisa finished first, getting all the equations correct. Giving a loud whistle, the teacher was impressed with her star student. "I'm gonna have to start giving you much harder equations and exams. Up for the challenge?" "You're darn sure I am!" "Good, now take it easy, once everyone else is done it'll be time to head to lunch." Feeling a lot better now, Lisa retreated back to her seat, ignoring all the glares her classmates were giving her. She resumed her mantra, "Today is going to be a happy one" as she began writing down random math problems and theories just for the fun of it. After a span of 10 minutes, the bell for lunch finally rang, all the children spilling out of the room. "And don't think about lollygagging, I want you back in this class at 12:30 pm and not a minute later!" Ms. Almedio shouted at her students.

Usually, Lisa would spend her lunchtime in the library, and while she wasn't hungry, she still decided to head over to the cafeteria just to mingle with either the friends she has left or with her sisters. Not far from her however is a girl no older than 10 keeping a close eye on her before taking out her phone, texting someone. Meanwhile, in the lunchroom, many of the students have already gathered, some having their own lunches and others getting something from the school menu. Lucy has just sat down with her two remaining goth friends, as the others attend middle school, a small bowl of a salad dish she put together quickly. Her mind has been on her younger sister all day, unable to get over her despair. It didn't help that she heard gossip about her encounter with Becky and Tammy, which worried her more due to how much trouble they cause and continues to get away with it with no punishment at all.

'Sigh...this is getting worrisome. This school has already gone to hell and then she ran into the two biggest brats. I really hope they don't try anything stupid, because unlike Huggins, I'm not afraid to teach some discipline.' as she monologued in her thoughts, her closest friend, Haiku, kept trying to get her attention. "You with us Lucy?!" She said in a louder voice surprising the younger goth. "Oh I'm sorry, a lot is on my mind." "So I've heard," Haiku replied, looking towards the entrance to the lunchroom where she spotted both Becky and Tammy. "Those two are up to something, I just know it," Lucy said, still concerned for her sister. "You really care for her do you?" Observing Lucy's demeanor, Persephone couldn't help but ask such an obvious question.

"Well it just, I care for all my sisters, even the older ones, but Lisa isn't the type who'll confront conflict. And these bullies are ruthless." fiddling with her food, she continued. " I just found out her friend Darcy was bullied and tormented so much she ended up having a nervous breakdown. She has been homeschooled since. I still wonder why Lisa never told anyone." "Maybe she wanted to handle the issue herself and find a workaround. She's a lot like Lincoln in that regard," Still looking at the girls, Haiku made a glare at them. "But even that not enough against the two hellspawn." "I know. I just hope this day does end well; I even promised her that we'll try to get in contact with Darcy after school." "That's very sweet of you." "I know.." The trio continued chatting among themselves though Lucy was still worried, she did her best to push her worries to the back of her head.

Later on, Lana and Lola joined the trio to have their usual sibling chat during lunch. As this went on, no one noticed the small group of girls gathering at the entrance, the group being lead by Tammy.

"Okay so I got a text saying that the troll is coming to the Lunchroom rather than the library, this is the perfect time to get your payback," Tammy said, the last part she said in malicious glee. "Finally, maybe now that fat little bitch will think twice before talking back to me." peeking around the entrance, she noticed Lisa walking down the halls towards the cafeteria. "Okay she's almost here, you all know what to do," she said to the group of girls, all holding food trays and various bags. Once she was satisfied with their confirmation, she stepped to the side so as not to take the blame for what were friends were about to do.


Lucy was feeling a lot better and was under the impression that her younger sister was in the library as usual to avoid the usual lunch rush. Unfortunately, that hope was dashed when she heard the one sound she was praying she wouldn't hear, that sent a shiver up her spine.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAGHHHHHHHHH!" Lucy turned around to where the sound came from to witness six girls, one of whom being Tammy, pelting her little sister with trays of food and trash, the young girl recoiling in surprise and disgust, turning herself to the side to avoid any of it getting on her face till she stepped in a puddle, slipping and falling face-first on the floor, all the while Becky sat to the side laughing in joy at the sight. "Not only an ugly troll but a messy piglet too!" More than half of the cafeteria erupted in laughter while the rest sat in shocked silence, mouths agape. Even though they weren't too fond of the genius of the Louds, they wouldn't push things that far.

To say that Lucy, Lana, and Lola were very angry, would be an understatement. The twins were seething and were preparing to take action before feeling the air suddenly become very dense, a sense of dread overcoming them. Lucy especially felt it as she eyed her sister at a distance. For a moment, Lisa laid still on the floor, before pushing herself up into a kneeling position; her now broken glasses falling to the floor, her blue eyes showing no emotion what-so-ever nor reacting to the bloody nose she has now, she just continued to sit there staring into space. Eventually, the laughter died down, the entire cafeteria becoming unnerved.

Lurching forward, her hands covering her face, her body began shaking before the unmistakable sounds of sobbing became present. "..Why..." she spoke in a whisper, her voice cracking in distress. "W-what did I do to deserve..," she choked out, but couldn't finish. Springing to her feet, the messy girl quickly ran out of the room and down the halls, crying along the way.

"What a drama queen am I right!" Becky said with no remorse at all still smiling large, many of the students laughing once more. "Is that so?" the redhead bully would quickly find herself pinned to the wall by an irate Lucy, the older goth pressing her arm into her neck. The cafeteria becoming completely silent once more, all unable to comprehend how Lucy managed to not only seemingly materialize from thin air but to pin the redhead to the wall before anyone noticed at all. "YOU! I should just END you right here, right now for doing that to my sister!" Becky was panicking now as Lucy began pressing her arm into her neck even harder. "Just what the hell she even do to deserve all this. Are you that petty to torment one girl for no real reason!" the redhead bully began to struggle, trying to get the older girl's arm off her neck.

"Don't have anything clever to say now don't you!" Lucy was getting ready to say another retort before feeling a slight sting to her cheek. Becky, with as much strength as she could muster, threw a punch to Lucy's jaw, but the goth applied even more pressure, cutting off her air intake. As lanky as Lucy appeared, even with her black hoodie on, many people often forget that she's a lot stronger than she looks and can even throw down with most of the athletes. So of course Becky's punch had no effect at all. Seeing how badly this will end, Haiku quickly got from her seat and rushed over to her friend, grabbing her by the arm in an attempt to get her to release the girl. "Lucy stop! you going to kill her!" "Well, maybe I should. Would do us all a favor!" "Listen to her Lucy, you have to stop before," Lola began, keeping her distance from her enraged sister. "Before I get here!" Lucy turned her head towards the source of the new voice, one of her eyes partially visible, intensely glaring at the old man before them.

"Put down that girl RIGHT NOW Loud OR ELSE!" Principal Huggins demanded the goth. Lucy simply turned her head back to the bully who been tormenting her little sister for so long, before wrapping her hands around her neck, completely ignoring the principal. "Not until she lies dead at my feet.," Lucy she snarled with murderous wrath. "Are you TRYING to get expelled, Let her go right now!" bending over to grab her by the shoulder, he would soon regret that as Lucy quickly released Becky before jerking her body around to deliver a fast sucker punch to his groin.

Doubled over in the worst pain possible before crumpling to the floor, all the males in the cafeteria visibly cringing, some instinctively holding their hands over their crotches. Even the girls winced in discomfort. Lucy calmly stood over the old man, her hair parted, revealing both her silvery-grey eyes and the malice within them. "Fucking touch me again and I'll rip them off," she said with a tone that sent shivers up the spines of everyone present, before looking at the rest of the cafeteria. "And if any of you mess with my sister again." she began, pointing her thumb to her neck before sliding the tip across it, before leaving the cafeteria to search for her young sister.

Once freed, Becky began trying to catch her breath. She had no idea it would come to this, but in the end, it didn't matter, as she felt very humiliated on account she noticed many people, even her own friends murmuring about her. This only filled her with more rage and even more contempt towards the Louds in general. As much as she wanted to take her frustration out on the still present Lana and Lola, she was too afraid to move. Too afraid that the second Lucy finds out, there would be nothing she could do to prevent the older girl from potentially killing her.

The twins simply stepped past her, Lana giving her a disapproving glance, and Lola giving her an intense glare. "You brought this on yourself wannabe." both girls left the cafeteria whilst the bully was forced to sit there to wallow in her rage. Meanwhile, inside the girls' restroom, Lisa was letting out her rage on everything she sees within, thrashing the entire room, unable to take this torment anymore as she became filled with even more negative emotions. She hardly has done anything yet she has been mercilessly picked on since the 2nd grade and it only has gotten worse since entering the 3rd grade. She still questions why she's even in school considering she even has a doctorate degree.

Soon, the overload of emotions was too much for the young genius, before she felt very sick. Before she even had time to get to the toilet inside the nearest stall, she ended up vomiting over the floor, but this only enraged her. "Gifted with this intellect and I can't do nothing but cry like an injured animal. Is something wrong with me!" More rage came as she finally lost it and began pounding her fists against the stall, putting a dent in it upon the first blow, the dent getting larger with each repeated punch. Eventually, though all the built-up rage would dissipate, leaving the young girl drained as she simply sat down in the stall and slumped back.

"Dammit all!" Was all she can finally say before she could no longer keep her energy, as she sat there and rested. Not far outside was Lucy trying to find where her little sister ran off to. Right as she was getting frustrated, she noticed small droplets of blood on the floor and noticed there was a trail of it. Following the trail as fast as she can, she saw that it leads right to the girl's restroom much to Lucy's relief. "Oh Thank goodness.." Walking in and looking around, she noticed the restroom had some things tossed about and such, no doubt from an enraged Lisa, she figured. "Lisa?" "Whoever is currently present within the lavatory," came a very soft voice. "Please leave." Just hearing the voice was enough to shatter her heart before she rushed over to the stall to check on Lisa. "Lisa? It's me Lucy." there was a long pause "Proceed.." The older girl didn't have to be told twice as she rushed inside and saw the state of her sister.

She was still covered in food and garbage from the harsh prank, and her hands looked pretty bruised. Lucy glanced over to the right and figured out why once seeing the large dent in the stall wall. Stepping forward, she almost slipped and quickly looked down to notice the stepped into a small puddle of vomit. "Gross.." "Deal with it.." came Lisa's sarcastic response. "Sorry.." "Don't be." The sisters would do a bit of small talk before Lucy stepped closer to the young brown-haired genius.

Lucy kneeled next to her sister, placing an arm around her, although Lisa did not seem to appreciate the gesture, as she tried to inch away. "Lisa..." "I... Don't want to hear it. I've seen and heard enough for one day. I just want to go home. I want to tinker with my things. I... Want to reunite with my best friend." Lisa said, losing her composure before breaking down crying. Lucy tried once more to embrace her sister. Lisa did not fight it this time, she had given up and felt more vulnerable than ever. All the emotions that had built up were too much to bear. She cried into her sister's chest, soaking her hoodie in the process. "Lisa..." Lucy tried to speak once more, stroking her sister's hair and holding her as close as possible, however, she couldn't find words, as nothing she'd say could truly fix what happened. She waited a moment for Lisa to cry her frustrations out. When Lisa finally pulled away from Lucy's chest, she wiped her face free of tears.

"This is so humiliating, not only am I subjected to torment in this godforsaken place, but now look at me." "Look, it's okay." "It really is not." "Sigh... Lisa, I promise you, sweetie, we'll get this sorted out. I'll do whatever I can to see you through this. Don't ever forget, we love you. Me, Lincoln, your sisters..." Lucy said. Lisa sniffed as she wiped her watery eyes. "Thank you..." "And remember, after we leave this trash bin of a school, we'll go out for a nice meal with the others, and we'll reunite you with Darcy. You two need each other more than ever." Lucy said, assuring her that things will be okay. "And Lucy..." "Yeah?" "Please don't tell Lincoln about this." "But... Well, if you insist." Lucy began to question how she'd explain Lisa's current condition.

Lucy stood up, grabbing Lisa's hand to help her up, giving her younger sister a warm smile. "Come on dear, why don't we get out of this dump? Let's get you some fresh air, we can go anywhere you'd like." As Lisa stood and began to accompany her sister, she couldn't help but notice herself in the mirror, and looking down at her bruised and filthy self, not to mention the loss of her glasses. "Oh no... My glasses, my hands, my clothes... Oh no, I can't go out looking like this, and what if Lincoln sees me this way..." Lisa said in dismay. "Up you go!" Lucy said, lifting her sister onto the counter near the sinks. Just then, the door began to creak open, to which Lucy gave a swift kick, shutting it tight in their face. "OCCUPIED!" she said in annoyance, not wanting any intrusion while she tended to her sister. "Ow... Jeez, fine, I'll use the other one..." the person said as they walked away.

Lucy turned her focus back to her sister. "Now then," she says, pulling a cleaning cloth out of her backpack she'd carried with her. Soaking it in some water she began to clean her sister off, wiping away the food and blood, cleaning any wounds, and applying bandages where needed. She did her best to wipe her clothes off, which were now stained but were at least cleaned from the food caked onto them. She even removed her shoes to rinse the soles of them off to clean away the vomit before putting them back on.

Lucy continued to nurse her sister back to normal, cleaning her up and casually chatting the longer it went on. Lisa was finally starting to calm down, with help from Lucy's care and attention, and the conversations they had struck up about what they planned to do after leaving school. After a good 20 minutes or so, the sisters were feeling quite uplifted by one another, even sharing another warm embrace, this time with Lisa initiating it.

As they were about to leave she realized one more thing. "Wait, shoot... My backpack, and my glasses, oh no..." "Hey, calm down. The twins already took care of your belongings. As for your glasses..." Lucy says, reaching into her backpack, pulling out a spare, brand new pair of Lisa's glasses for her. "Wow... They're brand new, you had these on hand? But why..." "I always come prepared, after all, if we're gonna go out in a moment, naturally I want you to be able to enjoy the sights too." "Thank you..." Lisa said, in an almost whimpering tone, feeling so grateful for her sister's incredible support. "Now, how's about we head out now? I feel the day can only get better from here on out. It's just you and me now sweetie." "Yeah, let's."

The pair left the restroom and went straight to the administrative office. It was the only place they can go to that will allow them to leave early without getting in any trouble, especially since Lucy has a justified excuse to do so. Once walking inside, they began hearing yelling coming from the Principal's office. "BUT ITS WRONG!" "Look I just-" "YOU'RE THE PRINCIPAL!" "I Get that Ms." "BUT IT'S THE WRONG THING TO DO!" All Lisa could do was smile big as she recognizes that loud voice. "LISTEN TO ME RIGHT NOW, We are NOT sweeping this under the rug, you either discipline that girl for pulling such a prank, or I take this to the Superintendent." "Now now Ms. Almedio, I don't think that is necessary, We'll just give Ms. Anderson a 3 detention and suspend Lucy Loud for the rest of the week. Sounds fair?" Once hearing that suggestion, Lucy began to seethe once more, before looking over to Lisa who began pressing her hands to her ears, knowing just how loud her favorite teacher can get. "THAT'S IT! CONSIDER THIS YOUR FINAL DAY!" came Ms. Almedio's booming voice. Even Lucy winced at how loud the woman's voice is. Soon things became quieter once they heard a young male's voice intervene and eventually the two administrators resumed their conversation though their voices now muffled but it was clear it was a heated argument.

After a few seconds, the two noticed Luigi leaving the office. His dull eyes locking onto the sisters right away, his face slowly turning to a scowl once noticing Lucy. Soon the two would be face to face, Lucy only having to look up just a little.



Lisa quickly noticed how the tension in the air became very thick which made her a little distressed. "Whatever conflict you have with my sister, please let it go.." she whined, wanting to leave the school asap. "Very well, a barney in the office wouldn't be a good crack."

Despite his friendship with Lisa, Luigi is pretty hostile towards the goth due to her rebellious nature. The hostility became so bad that the two eventually traded blows which left Luigi with the aforementioned scar on his neck. To this day it still a sour topic. Rubbing his neck, he took a glance at Lisa and noticed her bruises and stained clothes. "That slag is a moron, I swear.." he said once seeing how far Becky went this time. "Anyway, It is obvious you intend to leave early, as such I suggest you step over there," he said pointing to the office right behind them.

Giving a genuine thanks, Lucy escorted Lisa over to the Attendance Office to request an early dismissal on the grounds that her sister is too mentally unwell to resume the rest of the day but still need supervision from her older sister. Once the dismissal was granted, the pair finally left the building, enjoying the early afternoon air as they went on their way towards home. Having to walk home since Lisa isn't too eager to tell Lincoln what happened, the sisters simply enjoyed the trek home in calm silence.


Soon Lisa found herself getting tired from walking. Lucy noticed this right away and hoisted her up onto her back giving her a piggyback ride. "We'll be home soon, then you can take a nice warm bath and get some clean clothes," Lucy said to her sister. "That sounds very relaxing already... Can there be bubbles" blushing brightly, Lisa only barely squeaked that last one out. "Of course, anything to improve the day," Lucy continued on for the next 20 minutes before seeing their house in the distance. By then Lisa has already dozed off, so Lucy continued walking slowly, not wanting to awaken her sister. Walking up to the front, she opened the door only to grimace once noticing it wasn't locked. "Dammit Luna..." she cursed under her breath.

Ever since she graduated High School, Luna has gradually gotten lazy and irresponsible. It's no wonder Leni is often at her wit's ends. And now she's leaving the front door unlocked whenever she leaves. "I should just snitch, but Luna is as stubborn as Lynn half the time." Peeking back at Lisa, she smiled to herself. "Least we have the place to ourselves for the next..." Looking over to the clock, she noticed they have almost 3 hours to themselves. "Well, that's a good sign."

Locking the door and laying Lisa down on the sofa, she went straight upstairs to the bathroom to prepare her bath whilst allowing her to rest a little more. She readied the bath with nice hot water, which she knew would be cooled to a comfortably warm temperature by the time she finished getting everything ready. She scooped in some bubble bath soap and swished her hand around in the water to get it started bubbling up, letting the pouring water from the tap do the rest. She readied some clean towels as well as some washcloths, and after letting the water fill up high, she turned off the tap. The bath was full of so many bubbles by this point they rose above the rim of the tub.

She then headed back downstairs to retrieve her sister. Lucy almost hated to wake her up, as she looked so adorable and content resting there. She sat in front of the couch with her back against it. "Lisa, it's time for your bath!" she said, to which Lisa slowly awakened. Though she was a bit tired still, she yawned and latched onto the back of her sister once more, being piggybacked up the steps and into the bathroom. Once in, she kneeled down to let her younger sister down, to which her eyes immediately lit up with excitement upon seeing how many bubbles were in the tub. "Wow! There are so many! Did you put in extra for me?" "I sure did, I felt it was a special occasion, so you deserved as many bubbles as possible!" "Eeeee, I can't wait!" Lisa squeaked with joy as she began to undress.

Lucy proceeded to lock the bathroom door, turning back she couldn't help but blush a bit, seeing her little sister taking off her clothes. She started by removing her sweater, followed by her shoes and socks. "Gyah! These pants are a bit stuck, it's so hard to get them off when they're damp..." Lisa laments given they were still a bit wet from when she had her messy clothes wiped off from earlier. "Here, let me help you, dear," Lucy said as Lisa flopped on her butt, lifting herself slightly with her hands as Lucy tugged her sister's pants off and tossed them into the growing pile of clothing. "There you go!" "Hey, Lucy..." "Hm?" "Would you mind helping me take off these panties too?" Lisa requested in a shy tone, blushing as she glanced to the side. "Anything you wish, sweetie," Lucy said, much to Lisa's excitement as her older sister grabbed her panties by the waistband and tugged them off completely, leaving herself fully exposed as her bare butt slapped down against the floor.

She quickly grew a little embarrassed, but Lucy's presence was one of comfort and non-judgment, so she quickly loosened up, springing to her feet in a much more elated mood now. "Ah, freedom! Now to treat myself to a nice comfy bubble bath." She said as she started to climb into the tub, Lucy sticking her hand in just before to make sure it was just the right temperature, which it was. Once she got in the tub, she signed in content at the soothing water; lowering herself all the way till she was sitting down, the bubbles completely enveloping her as she began collecting them in her hands. Tossing them about, clapping her hands together making them fly around, and so on.

Once getting her hand lathered up just right, she formed an "O" with her index finger and thumb and began to blow an exceptionally large bubble, which she popped no sooner it was formed. Seeing her little sister enjoying herself finally made her smile as she discarded her hoodie so it won't get wet from the water. She walked over to the tub and noticed that Lisa has fully submerged herself into the water before rising up suddenly, surprising her for, but a brief, moment. "In a way, I can see why you do that, it is fun." Lisa giggled, her tone childish and full of energy. "Ha ha," the goth replied sarcastically, but still smiling as she grabbed one of the washcloths and prepared to help wash her sister down. Lisa then leaned forward exposing her back to Lucy who began washing it for her.

The sisters were silent for a while, Lisa's giggles dying down. It would stay like this for about a minute before Lisa finally spoke. "Lucy... am I, ugly?" There was a pregnant pause as Lucy ceased all of her actions, sighing to herself as she planned her words carefully. "Lisa, sometimes I'm tempted to just bend you over my knees and give you a spanking for all these negative thoughts. There is nothing ugly about you at all." "But-" "But nothing, those girls, all of them, are such superficial morons. They value what poorly written magazines dictate them on, and they follow them like the sheep they are."

"So why do I feel like this, what is it about me that makes them lash out." Lucy tensed just a bit, not too thrilled that her sister is having negative thoughts again. "From what I see, all of them are envious. They have nothing but material possessions. Meanwhile, you have Mom and Dad, your sisters, and of course, Me and Lincoln. They know they can't compare to such a smart girl like you." giving her little sister a light boop on the nose with her finger, she continued. "Never let them put you down. Besides," Reaching down to remove Lisa's glasses, to stare into her eyes. "I'm not going to lie, you're easily the most adorable girl I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. And nothing will change that," Leaning forward, Lucy finally decided it was time to express just how much she feels about her little sister, giving the young girl a kiss on her lips.

Lisa was surprised at first but began blushing even more, before Lucy leaned in a second time for another kiss, one where she prolonged it this time, locking lips with her. Their hearts thumped rapidly in their chests, as their feelings for each other were finally being set loose, especially for Lisa who was naked whilst doing so, which added to her excitement. The two kissed for a minute straight, but no sooner than Lucy could pull away to speak, Lisa leaned forward, refusing to want to break the kiss. "Sorry, I just had to sit back and stare into those pretty blue eyes some more." She said, causing Lisa to blush even harder. Soon after, the two embraced once more, kissing each other's lips as they enjoyed the cute sounds of each other's gentle moans.

After a moment, Lucy realized she had gotten her shirt all wet from embracing the soaking wet Lisa. "Well that's all wet now, let's get that out of the way so nothing comes between us," Lucy says, removing her top and tossing it aside. Lisa was in awe seeing her sister's pale chest in full, eyes unaverted as her older sister stands topless wearing a smile. "So... Would you mind if I joined you?" "N-no, certainly not! There's plenty of room for two!" Lisa replied with a perverted smile, her heart racing in anticipation. Lucy giggled as Lisa watched intently as her older sister stood up and began to take her clothes off. She couldn't take her eyes off of her, watching her reveal her pale body more and more. As she got down to just her black and white striped panties, Lucy turned around and tugged them off slowly, giving her younger sister a grand view of her pale butt. Lisa's felt genuine arousal for her sister, as Lucy's body was like a work of art to the bisexual young genius, and she only grew more excited as she stepped towards the tub.

Lucy stepped into the tub, and immersed herself in the warm, bubbly waters. Lisa sat on the opposite end, having a gay panic as the older female sat across from her. Lucy relaxed as the warmth enveloped her body. "EEK!" Lisa was startled a little, as she felt Lucy's foot touch hers under the water as she stretched out. Even the slightest physical contact her anxious, yet more eager as she shared the tub with her sister. After a brief silence, Lucy spoke up. "Well, are you just going to sit there or are we gonna pick up where we left off?" Lucy held her arms open, inviting Lisa to come closer. "Don't be nervous. I just want to bathe together with the cutest girl in the world is all!" she said with a grin. Lisa was speechless, as red as could be as she crawled through the water towards Lucy. Nervously, she slipped forward in the process, landing face-first against her sister's chest. Lucy embraced her immediately, holding her still as she nuzzled the top of her younger sister's head. "That's more like it. Now let me see more of those blue eyes," she said, as Lisa shyly looked up, at a loss of words as her heart raced with euphoria. Lucy gazed into Lisa's eyes, stroking her cheek as she pulled her in to kiss her once more as Lisa shivered with excitement, before falling into a state of blissful comfort with her sister.

Lisa became lost in the affection as she relaxed against her older sister, feeling a sense of peace she longed for. Lucy trailed her hands down her backside to give her sister's butt a gentle massage, as she broke the kiss, causing Lisa to pout and let out a high-pitched whine. "Sorry," she said in defense. "It's just, I'm now seeing what Lola meant years ago. You still do have a large butt." she ended with a sly smile as she continued to massage Lisa's butt under the water which only made the younger girl's face turn a deep red in embarrassment. In the end, Lisa gave in, leaning against Lucy's chest whilst the older girl continued to play with her rear. As self-conscious she has been about it, she found the attention to her rear more arousing than it should have been.

Lucy quickly caught onto Lisa's demeanor. "Oh I see now, those drecks teased you for that too, didn't they?" Lisa could only respond with another high pitch whine. "Well worry not dear, this is an asset you shouldn't feel ashamed of." What was initially a high pitch whine became a groan of annoyance before Lucy realized what she just said. "Oh?...ooooh..No pun intended." "Leave the jokes to Luan, my dear sister," Lisa said with a chuckle. "No promises." Still content, Lisa decided to reposition herself, turning herself around to relax against her older sister, prompting Lucy to embrace her from behind as the two were once again, in a calm silence, their subtle breathing being the only audible noise.

Lucy held onto her younger sibling as they lounged in the water, taking the time to be at peace together as Lucy reached over for a bar of soap to lather onto her hands. "Let's start getting you cleaned up now." "Go right ahead. I must say I haven't been bathed by someone else in such a long time. It really takes me back to simpler times." "To be honest, I miss sharing a tub with my siblings. Perhaps, I too have been in need of a moment like this." The two sisters conversed as Lucy rubbed soap all over her younger sister's torso under the water. What began as a simple bath proved to not only cleanse their bodies but their souls as well. This put the girls in a much needed serene state they longed for. "Mmhh... Your hands are certainly adventurous, dear sibling." Lisa said with a soft moan from the sensual attention. "Heh, sorry. You're just so soft, I can't help it." Lucy said, letting go of the bar of soap underwater and continued to caress her sister's body. She trailed her slippery hands across Lisa's bare chest, past her tummy, and all the way down to her inner thighs, massaging them slowly which prompted Lisa to let out soft moans of pleasure from the sensations.

The young genius felt more of her stress melt away as her body began to fill with more and more pleasure from Lucy's attention. "Lucy..." "Yes, sweetie?" "You're a little off your mark dear sibling, perhaps you should bring your hands a bit closer together," she said, subtly hinting for Lucy to bring her hands towards the center of her lower torso, right on her sensitive pussy. "Aww, is my little genius getting aroused?" "One could say the same about you, given the trajectory of your hands this whole time." the two giggled as Lucy obliged her request, as she was eager to lay hands on her sister's smooth pussy. As she guided her hands together, Lisa began to squirm more and more, before letting out a sharp gasping moan as Lucy's hands met together right on her sensitive pussy. She smiled and gently massaged her sister's smooth labia, adoring the feeling of her soft naked body squirming against hers. "That's my good girl, just relax, your big sis will take care of you," she whispered, rubbing her pussy more firmly as she trailed her middle finger between her labia, sliding her other hand back up to rub Lisa's flat chest.

Lucy rested her head atop Lisa's, immersing Lisa in an unrivaled sense of comfort, security, and pleasure all in one from her sister's adoring attention. She could feel her stress and anxiety melting away as the soothing warm waters, loving affection and erotic pleasure were putting her into a serene state like she hadn't felt in so long. "Please, do not stop..." "You think I'd ever stop when I've finally got you where I've wanted you for so long?" "You... You've been dreaming of doing this to me?" "Hey, I wasn't exaggerating when I said you were the cutest girl in the world." the two conversed in a soft, sensual tone as Lucy began to slide two fingers inside of Lisa's pussy, which caused the younger female to tremble uncontrollably. "Gyah!" she squealed out as she felt her sister penetrating the most vulnerable part of her body. "Does it feel good?" Lucy said, knowing the answer was obvious, but she still wished to hear her sister admit it out loud. "It f-feels so amazing! I can't even think straight, ahh..." the young genius moaned it, relaxing her body to the fullest in Lucy's grasp as she enjoyed the heavenly sensations.

"So, you've never done this before?" "Well... Kind of, I usually tease my genitals because it feels nice, but I've never gone much further." "So you've never had an orgasm before...?" Lucy questioned, feeling quite surprised that Lisa had never experienced an orgasm despite her perverted fascinations growing up. "Afraid not, it always felt too intense, and I couldn't bring myself to go through with it," Lisa said. Lucy chuckled softly, finding her sister's lack of experience adorable. At the same time, it filled her with a sense of pride, knowing she could soon be the first to ever make her sister climax. This prompted her to finger her younger sister at a faster pace, now that her vaginal walls had adjusted. "Well, how about we changed that right now?" Lucy said, making Lisa feel a bit shy, stuttering into a loss of words. She felt nervous, but it was out of her control. Though female sexuality was one of the countless subjects she studied over the years, it was much more different experiencing it first-hand. She didn't know what to truly expect, but her mind was drifting into a total fog of nothing but the thoughts of joyful pleasures. "Shh, just be quiet and let me spoil you dear. You deserve this, trust me, it'll be the greatest feeling you've ever felt." Lucy said, reassuring her sister. As her middle and index fingers massaged the wet insides of Lisa's entrance, her thumb and palm were rubbing firmly against her clit, which only amplified the sensations. The motherly young goth kept a firm hold on her nerdy little sister, giving little kisses atop her head and whispering in her ear. "I want you to cum nice and hard for your big sister," she said, which made Lisa blush so hard.

Lucy's fingering had picked up such a pace to the point more bubbles were surfacing in the tub from her rapid hand movements. She couldn't get over how amazing it felt to hold her naked sister so closely and deliver to her one of the greatest sensations life has to offer. "Oh gosh, this is too much! Lucy! AHH!" Lisa trembled hard, her limbs thrashing a bit in the water as an extremely intense sensation filled her body to the brim. Lucy, completely lost in the fun herself, still massaging her sister's smooth chest whilst going to town on her virgin pussy. She leaned in to kiss at Lisa's neck, playfully biting it in arousal as her movements against her body had been stimulating her pussy for some time now. Lisa moaned louder and thrashed around even harder until finally, the sensations peaked, letting out such a loud, prolonged, grunting moan of pure relief as the most powerful feeling of pleasure she'd every experience overtook her, squirting so hard from her first orgasm that Lucy could practically feel what could only be described as a jetstream of fluids blasting against her hand under the water. "You want some more?" Lucy asked rhetorically as she continued fingering Lisa's squirting pussy. "L-Lucy!" Lisa yelped out, almost in a tone that begged for mercy as the sensations grew intensely overwhelming. However, she couldn't bring herself to tell her to stop, as she didn't realize anything could ever feel so incredible. A few minutes passed by, as Lisa endured a 2nd orgasm, followed by Lucy blasting Lisa's backside with a jetstream of her own juices, having reached her own orgasm simply from the excitement, and the stimulation of her sister squirming against her naked body.

A few more minutes went by, and finally, Lisa experienced her third orgasm in a row, leaving her completely spent. She felt as though she was floating on a cloud, numb to all of the problems of the world as she enjoyed her afterglow. Lisa turned around, facing Lucy once more as she planted a passionate kiss upon her lips, grunting out an excited moan into her mouth as the experience turned her deep admiration for her older sister, into a burning romantic passion."So, did you enjoy that?" Lucy said with a smile, as Lisa nodded, still panting. "Despite my overwhelming knowledge of the English language, I simply cannot find a single word that expresses just how much I loved that." "So that's a yes!" Lucy chuckled, finding her sister's nerdy ramblings during such an intimate moment all the more charming.

"I do like how we've been in this bath for so long, and we still haven't fully cleaned ourselves off... Not that I'm complaining." Lisa said. "Baths are supposed to be relaxing! If we wanted to get clean in a hurry, we would've just showered." Lucy said with a chuckle. "Shower, you say..." Lisa added, giving her signature perverted grin at the thought of them taking a shower together. "Sounds like we've got plans for next time then!" Lucy replied with a grin of her own. "I already can't wait!" Lisa said. "Likewise! But first, let's get cleaned up... For real this time." "Wanna bet, dear sibling?" The two laughed as they resumed taking their bath, chatting casually together.


After finishing their bath, they exited and drained the tub, then began to dry themselves off before walking to their rooms naked, since nobody else was home. Lucy opened her drawers to get out a pair of black and white striped panties before being snuck up on. "Ahh!" she exclaimed, recoiling in shock once turning around seeing Lisa right behind her. "Sorry, dear sibling, but it's a talent I've learned from you over the years." "Right, hehe. But I thought you were going to get dressed?" "Weeell, about that... I kind of just wanted to look at you like this for a bit longer." Lisa said in a shy tone, which prompted Lucy to blush and smile. "Then how about we make like Lincoln and just wear our panties around the house?" "As much as I would love to continue to lay eyes on your bare posterior, I'd say that's a fair compromise. If we get caught, we'll just blame it on his influence!" Lisa said as they both giggled.

"Now go put yours on and we'll head downstairs into the kitchen," Lucy said as she put hers on. "Why the kitchen?" "I was thinking we could bake some cookies for Darcy to give her later." "Oh, she'd be so thrilled! I'll meet you downstairs then!" Lisa said, heading to her room to slip on a pair of dark green panties quickly as she proceeded to follow Lucy downstairs. "So, what kind should we make?" Lucy asked. "I recall chocolate chip was her favorite." "Ah, simple enough. Let's get started." they conversed as they began to prep the cookies. Some time passed as the two bonded, preparing a large batch of cookies, some for Darcy, and some for the Louds themselves. Lisa sat down as Lucy handled the baking portion, watching her sister in adoration.

The house soon smelled of fresh cookies, as they set them out to cool, and portioned them off. "Gosh, it smells delicious in here," Lisa said. "I'm sure it especially does to your sensitive nose!" Lucy added as she finished up with the cookies, grabbing one each for herself and Lisa to eat."Hmm, it's still early in the afternoon, Lincoln won't be home for a couple of hours." Lisa said. "Why don't we just take it easy for a while, since we got the place to ourselves?" she added. "Sounds good to me." Lucy said as they opted to flop on the couch together and watch tv.

Meanwhile, Lincoln had just received a text on his phone from a seemingly distraught Lola.

"I think you need to check on your sister." she texted.

"Which one? And why?" he replied.


"What happened to Lisa?" panicked and anxious now, he tapped away in a near frenzy.

As Lola was texting, Lana scolded her for her tendency to overshare. "Lola you moron, we agreed we weren't going to tell him what happened!" "I wasn't going to tell him! I just told him to check on her." "Yes, but now you've got him all freaked out. Lucy had things under control." Lana argued with her twin, as Lola's phone vibrated constantly from an anxious Lincoln trying to figure what's going on. "Ugh, fine I'll give him an excuse. Besides, Lisa will thank me later I'm sure." Lola said smugly. "Uh-huh." Lana rolled her eyes.

"She just was feeling a little bit under the weather is all." Lola texted Lincoln back finally.

"I thought something terrible had happened! Don't scare me like that!" he vented at his younger sister, albeit relieved to hear it wasn't anything worse.

"So, is she sick? Why'd you need me to check on her?" he messaged back a moment later, as Lola scrambled to figure how to work her way out of the corner she had written herself into.

"Oh sorry, I didn't know how bad it was but Lucy texted me saying she just has the sniffles!" she added.

"Well, okay then. Talk to you later." ending the exchange, and letting out a sigh. Lincoln was tempted to text Lisa or Lucy to figure out what happened since it was clear they both went home together. Despite being told that things were fine, he still had the nagging feeling in his mind to go home anyway to check on them. He slipped his phone into his pocket and asked to be excused from class, as he had a home emergency to tend to. He was excused, as he hopped into his car and drove home. Back at the Loud residence, Lucy and Lisa were still sitting on the couch, relaxed and watching science shows as per Lisa's request.

"Huh.." putting her hand to her chin in deep thought. "So all it takes is just iron and then boom?" "Precisely, due to the atomic structure of silicon, when that fuses the only thing it can create is Ferrum, street name; Iron. As it absorbs energy, it will require tremendous force to..." As her little sister rambled on, Lucy couldn't help but admire her more. Just seeing her happily going on and on with her favorite passion was music to her ears. "Therefore, in theory, iron could be further fused but the energy required is incomprehensible. Ironically it during the nova itself where such possibilities..." The older girl simply lounged back whilst she listened to the young scientist, most of what she's saying going over her head but nonetheless she still listened. "Ah, I understand now, crazy how that all is," Lucy said once Lisa finished speaking, though in actuality Lucy haven't a clue what she said.

"Uh.." once hearing her confused tone, Lisa simply smiled. "Never change my dear Lucy." reaching her hand up to give the older girl a pinch to the cheek. "So anything you'd like to watch. I'm quite eager to see your additional passions." Hearing this, the goth girl developed a deep plush. The fact Lisa was so true to herself, made her realize that she should do the same. Picking up the remote, she braced herself before changing the channel, already knowing what was airing at this exact moment. The moment Lisa saw all the colorful ponies on the TV, she had a realization, one that took her 4 years despite her constant spying on her siblings. "Sooooo..." she slowly began, trying to carefully word her next statement. "Yup...he has been taking the fall for that all these years.." Lisa was quite stunned. This entire time she never realized the lengths Lincoln was willing to go through just to keep them all happy. "I always knew he just want to be a good brother, but to go that far for so long." Lisa said out loud. "And that just makes me adore him even more." she finished in her thoughts.

"Yup, it's my biggest secret. I use to say that I need a break from the darkness but to be brutally honest, I just adore this series. I even still watch it, mainly when Lynn will be out all night." Laying herself down on the sofa, she relaxed, placing her arm over her face, a habit she developed when nervous. "So go ahead and laugh, you have my permission simply because I love you that much." The young girl simply crawled over on top of the goth to cuddle with her. "I won't laugh, to be quite honest myself, Lily actually got me into this show as well." Parting her hair all the way, revealing her eyes to her younger sister, the older girl smiled big, her silver-grey eyes full of emotions. "You really are everything a girl could ever ask for." "I get that from you." Leaning her head closer to her sister, the two once more shared a passionate kiss.

As the two cuddled and shared their passions, they didn't notice the sound of Lincoln pulling up in the driveway. It wasn't until he opened the door when his eyes locked straight onto his two practically naked younger sisters on the sofa, the two still making out before Lisa noticed her older brother staring, blushing a deep red as she sat up, completely still. A prolonged high cracking squeak emanating from the back of her throat as her shocked brain continued trying to process what was happening. "EEEK!" Lisa screamed half a minute later as she grabbed a blanket to hide under. She wasn't expecting Lincoln home so soon, let alone him seeing her undressed, especially once being caught making out with their sister. "Please do not look at me, I'm not decent!" she shouted as she ran up the stairs, at surprising speeds, and slammed the door to her room. Lincoln was beyond confused, not to mention his conflicting feelings seeing his sisters undressed. While an arousing sight, it was still unexpected, and only confused him further.

As Lincoln tried to process what was happening, Lucy wasn't phased, as she casually lounged on the sofa once sitting up, as she greeted him. "Welcome home, you're back early." "Uh, yeah... Lola texted me and said I needed to come check on Lisa." "She WHAT?" Lucy said, lunging forward as her eyes became visible, filled with rage under the impression Lola exposed what happened. "Whoa, calm down, she just said Lisa wasn't feeling so well, so... I came to check on her," Lincoln said, which prompted Lucy to compose herself. "I see, sorry. It's just she can be such a gossip sometimes. If you'll excuse me, I need to... let her know you made it home." Lucy said, a restrained smile framing her face, walking away to grab her phone as Lincoln just stood there in silence, still unable to make sense of what was going on. Eventually, his focus shifted to the cookies that sat in the kitchen as Lucy began scolding Lola over the phone. "Look, I didn't tell him what happened, okay? Get off my case, sheesh." "Be glad you didn't, Lisa is under enough stress as is, we don't need to drag Lincoln into this. You know how she is towards him." Lucy lectured, as the two continued to argue before finally working things out.

Meanwhile, Lisa sat in her room, embarrassed. "I hope he didn't see me, well, he obviously saw me, but I wasn't expecting to bare myself to him this early. What if he thinks I'm ugly? No, calm down, I can't let this get to me now. I just need to get dressed and go down and act as if nothing happened." she said, taking deep breaths to calm herself as she put her clothes on. "Phew, all dressed. Now to go back downstairs..." she said to herself, having calmed down.

She headed downstairs and greeted Lincoln, who had been stuffing his face with cookies. "Hi, Lincoln!" she said, smiling bashfully as she waves at him. Lincoln walks over to her and gives her a hug. "I'm so relieved you're okay!" he said. Lisa blushed at the sudden affection but practically melted into his arms with a deep sense of joy. "I'm fine, especially now that you're here," she said, stuttering a bit as the moment overwhelmed her emotions. As the hug soon broke, Lincoln patted her head and smiled. "Now that we're both at ease... Did you girls make these cookies? They're amazing!" he said, grabbing another. Lisa longed for more affection with her brother, but the sudden change in subject charmed her in a way, as did his compliment, to which she nodded in response.

Lucy stood back and smiled. Even after the bond, she shared with her little sister, she knew full well nothing could compare to being with Lincoln. Though she had genuine feelings for her sister, she also wished to bring her closer to her brother. "They're Lisa's recipe, I just put them in the oven for her," Lucy said, passing off her efforts to give focus to Lisa. "Wow Lisa, your food tastes amazing! Five stars!" he said. Lisa looked at Lucy in surprise, but then gave one of the warmest smiles she'd ever given after realizing what she was doing. "Thank you, so much..." the young genius said, which was subtly aimed at both of her siblings. "She wanted to bake them for Darcy when we go visit her later," explained Lucy.

"Oh yeah, I haven't forgotten! Which reminds me, we could head out now if you wa-" as he was speaking, his phone began to ring. "Hello?" "DON'T YOU DARE GO TO THE BURPIN' BURGER WITHOUT ME!" Lola screamed through the phone. Lincoln distanced the phone from his ear to spare his sense of hearing from the mercy of her vocal cords. "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten!" he said. "Good. Buh bye now!" Lola said before hanging up. "How on earth did she know what I was thinking..." he wondered out loud, before Lucy looked and realized her phone had still been on the whole time and Lola had been listening in, before hanging up to call Lincoln. "Uuh, sister's intuition?" Lucy said jokingly as they all laughed it off.

"Well, looks like we'll be waiting then," Lincoln said as he went to go put his things away. The three siblings proceeded to go about their business for the next few hours before they all hopped into Lincoln's car finally to go pick up Lynn and the twins. Stopping by the school, Lynn, Lana, and Lola hop into the car. "Woohoo, I've been looking forward to this all day! I can't wait!" Lana said in excitement. "Ugh, Lynn, why do you always take the middle. You know that's my spot!" "Well excuse me, princess! I've been practicing extra hard today, I need the extra room to stretch out." "Guh, fine, have it your way, but you owe me some of your fries when we get our meal." "Not gonna happen!" "I beg your pardon? Need I remind you, that I-" Lola pauses, as Lynn puts on a devious grin, reaching down to her shoelaces. "Wait, wait, WAIT! Okay fine, I'll sit in this seat, jeez..." "Hehehe! Works every time." Lynn chuckled, knowing the siblings would do just about anything to avoid having her athlete's feet turning the interior into a toxic cloud. "If you all are quite finished..." Lisa scoffed, Lincoln just smiling and shaking his head. "And we're off!"


The siblings soon arrived at the Burpin' Burger, enjoying a filling meal before heading back out to the car. "Wait a sec, you know the drill," Lincoln ordered, as everyone let out any pent up burps before getting into the car. "Thank you." "Man, sometimes I miss riding in vanzilla..." Lana lamented though she respected Lincoln's wishes not to be gross in his car. After all, she hoped she'd inherit it someday herself.

They headed back home to drop off Lynn and the twins, informing them that he and the other two had one more stop to make. As they drove off, Lincoln couldn't help but notice Lisa seeming quite anxious. "Hey, don't worry Lisa. We've both got your back. Darcy will be thrilled to see you again. I promise!" he said, Lisa couldn't help but blush. She would always get so flustered around her brother, and hearing his kind words of encouragement really gave her butterflies in her stomach. Lucy leaned forward in the back seat, placing her hand on Lisa's shoulder and giving her a smile as well. "Thank you, siblings..." she said, feeling more of her stress melt away.

They drove around for a bit before driving up an empty lot. For a moment Lincoln was very confused since he recalls this being Darcy's address before he heard a groan of frustration. "Curse my continuous lack of foresight. I completely forgot to tell you that Darcy's family moved to a different house 3 years ago." Lisa lamented. "Usually mother would take me to her house. No wonder I can't remember.."

"Can't we just call mom then?" "It seems like a good idea, but I don't think mom would want us bothering her when she's on vacation." Lucy input. "If I recall, she said she does not want anyone bothering her or dad." Groaning in exasperation at their parents' fickleness, the white-haired teen thought for a moment, before remembering a talent Lisa had.

"THAT'S IT, Lisa, your photographic memory. Do you recall at least the street's name and the details of the house?" Thinking hard, a light bulb went off in her head. "AH, the street name was Delano!" "Avenue or Boulevard, there are only two routes with that name." "Trying to recall.." the young brunette continued thinking, trying to recall the details of the surroundings. "Try to think of anything that stood out. Was there a specific road nearby? A nearby park?"

Right then, that when she remembered. How mesmerized Darcy was during the bloom of the sakura trees last year. "THE CHERRY BLOSSOMS!" she shouted in delight. "Delano Boulevard!, Not that far from J-Town!" "She lives near Japantown? ugh lucky.." Lincoln said, quite envious. "But now I know exactly where she lives. Just guide me for her house."

Heading straight towards Northern Royal Wood, it didn't take long for the trio to notice the sakura trees which were in a semi bloom, many of the petals littering the streets. The siblings were quite stunned at the beauty, but couldn't pause to gawk as Lisa further instructed Lincoln on what he was looking out for. While this was going on, we skip over to a nicely decorated living room, and in the middle of the room was a dark-skinned 8yo. She was wearing a blue shirt with a flower symbol on the front along with yellow overalls. She was mostly silent as she stared out the window, glancing at her phone every so often.

Darcy Helmandollar was a lot of things. A ball of sunshine, an energetic sweetheart, and one who refuses to give up hope. Darcy just finished her assignments for the day and decided to do the usual thing she does each day. Stare at her phone, hoping for a call or text or anything from her best friend Lisa. Ever since her nervous breakdown due to bullying earlier in the year that resulted in her being homeschooled, Darcy would either sit at the living room window to look at the sakura trees or stare down at her phone. She has been doing this for the past month and a half, just hoping for anything. Her parents were under the assumption that Lisa abandoned her but only due to them becoming more protective. But Darcy would relentlessly defend her friend, under her own assumption that something must have happened that distracted her a lot.

Seeing how stubborn she was during all this, and knowing she's still recovering from her breakdown, her parents backed off after a while but still didn't like how she mostly stayed glued on her phone. Currently, the young girl was still focused on her phone, watching various videos on the internet, sighing in boredom. She seen these videos more than 20 times. She wondered to herself what she could do, but she was still hopeful that her friend would call any time now. She placed her phone down, screen first, her way of trying to resist looking at it for hours at a time. She turned her head towards the window, her arm supporting her head. She watched as various cars went back and forward, seeing all the squirrels happily prancing from treetop to treetop. For a moment she begins to feel sleepy, before noticing a white car pull up in front of her house.

This confused her since she doesn't recall any visitors showing up today, and she's sure none of the neighbors have a car like that. "Moooom...are we expecting anyone today?" her mother answered back. "Not that I recall sweetie." She was getting a little worried now, thinking these are strangers up to no good, but what she saw next, threw her for a loop. Stepping out of the car was a girl her age. Rubbing her eyes, making sure she's not having another hallucination, she focused on the girl. The green turtleneck sweater was a major give away. She quickly rushed to the door, but before she could open it, she heard voices on the other side.

"I...I can't do this..." "C'mon Lisa, you were looking forward to this." "I know but, it been almost 2 months...what if she hates me.." "This is Darcy we're talking about. She doesn't have a hateful bone in her body." The aforementioned girl could only frown at that. Truth be told she has a deep seethed hatred for the girls who tormented her and Lisa on a daily basis. She even told her therapist, much to her horror, that if any of them suddenly died, it'd be the happiest day of her life. Lisa also shared this sentiment as she glared at her older brother. She loves him so much but he can be such a fool sometimes. The teen would realize what he just said and suddenly felt bad. "S-sorry.." "No no, it's fine. But you're right..she wouldn't hate me..." Prepping herself with controlled breathing, she stepped closer to the door and was preparing to knock till she saw the knob turning.

Bracing herself to see her friend scowling, instead what she saw was a teary-eyed Darcy, smiling in relief and joy. Without saying a single word, the taller girl leaped forward, embracing her friend. Lisa was momentarily surprised at first but soon returned the embrace. "I missed you so much..." Her glasses fogging up from tears of joy, relief washing over her, knowing Darcy never hated her at all. "I missed you too, Darcy." The two friends remained silent, enjoying each others' embrace.

"I told you she needed this," Lucy said in happiness. "And you weren't wrong." "Let's give them a moment," the two siblings walked back to the car, leaving the friends to themselves.

"I honestly wish I had the means to contact you, but my phone ended up broken, and I couldn't remember your number." "So that's what happened." the taller girl remarked, breaking the hug. "I was wondering why you never called or texted me, but it makes sense. Figures those meanies caused this." "I can hardly believe it, we have so much to catch up on. So much has happened since last time." "You should tell me about it. but firs-," she was interrupted. "Actually before you say anything else. We made you these." Suddenly she completely forgot what she was going to say, her eyes beaming in pure joy once seeing the bag of cookies. "COOKIES!, Chocolate chip too!, Thank you Lisa!" grabbing the bag to take a cookie from it and stuffing it in her mouth, she was very surprised by just how delicious it tastes.

"And I thought my mom made amazing cookies." reaching for another one, she offered it to Lisa. "I know you made them, but you know me," "Indeed I do." The two kept to themselves, conversing together, enjoying the cookies, whilst Lincoln and Lucy watched on. From Lucy's perspective, this was easily Lisa's worst day, but things quickly brighten up, and now knowing she been reunited with her first ever, and best, friend put a huge smile on her face, much to Lincoln's amusement. "Wow, Lucy Loud smiling so big." "Don't ruin the moment big brother.." "Sorry."

Things are finally shaping up for the young genius. Even if she encounters more issues, Lisa is very much well aware that there is always a silver lining. You just gotta keep your chin up and persevere. The two siblings would notice Lisa and Darcy entering her house and that was their cue to get extra comfortable in the car since they know full well this will take a while.

Once the two were inside, Darcy turned to her longtime friend, remembering to ask her a big question. "Soooo...did you tell him yet?" she said, giving Lisa a wink. All Lisa could do was blush hard in silence, not sure how to answer that. "Heh, always bashful I see." nudging the stunned girl, she grabbed her hand. "Well c'mon, I have a lot to show you."

'I Guess I had nothing to be worried about after all. Even the worst in life can become the best. Least now I have more additional support now.' Eventually, she smiled, eager to see what her friend have to show as they retreated to her room for a day of childish fun.

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